Been dealing with all sorts of issues as of late - wierd ones!

For one, a dumbphone that keeps restarting itself. Despite being in the "prime of shape" as it were, plenty of free space etc (hell, if 13GB out of 120 or whatever isn't free enough, I dont know what is!) - and of course, the "great" computer, and other strange issues. 

For some reason, this site admin wouldnt load when I was writing this - until now. 

Maybe the Bozo touch has touched it for just a nonce, hehe. 

Boozo, we should all call him! 

Anyway, one of the main rules I've ALWAYS had for business (that I've been guilty, I admit, of not always following in the past) - is "feed the business FIRST". 

Years ago, in the past, when I first started out in biz, I'd be thrilled to get payments in. Who wouldnt!

But I'd often forget to "feed the hand that was feeding me" - the business - or I'd do it later. 

My results were along similar lines. 

Today, NOW, EVERY TIME I make a decision business wise - financially - small or big - I ask myself that question - and DO accordingly. 

Feed the business first, friend, and it will feed YOU - more than you ever believed possible! 

Trust me, I should know. 

Pissing it away on "non essentials" may "feel good" for a while, but those aren't investments. 

Put your money where it will work for YOU, not the other way around!

Anyway, this holds true for life too. 

Are YOU giving your nearest and dearest, whoever that might be, enough time? 

Are YOU giving your children enough "attention"? Your friends? 

And so forth ... 

And of course, fitness wise, this applies big time!

Question for you friend - - 

What have you done today, or will do TODAY that adds to your fitness? 

What purchase or investment have you made in YOUR FITNESS today - truly the most important you can ever invest in? 

These questions should be asked daily, friend. 

No it doesn't mean you buy fitness books daily. 

I wouldn't want you to do that anyway - per person, I'd rather a person thinks - GETS a book - then DOES - then reports back to me with a great REVIEW - and then makes their next purchase!

But the question begets anyway. 

And it is a great one. Write back - let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The 0 Excuses Fitness System and Fast and furious Fitness (The Collector's Edition) are two GREAT books you must have. One builds upon the other, but they're both old time solid packed with training info manuals - not to mention five outstanding VIDEOS. Get ;em now. Remember, only two copies left for the Collector's Edition! (which you should get). 

It's nothing short of hilarious, friend. 

The Bozo has given (as y'all know) my email address to the chick he stole money from "Mandy whoever" who like many others was gullible enough to fall for the Bozos scammy words and such. 

And while I thought it was 5000RMB, now it's apparently 500000 RMB he stole. 

The 0's keep inflating like the Bozo's flatulent butt... LOL. 

Anyway, whats funny is he's given her my email address, as if "I'm in some way associated with the Bozo". 

No, my friend. I am not. 

The Bozo is counting on me posting these publicly to somehow "wriggle" out of the fact that he not only did drugs in China, Hong KOng and the Phillippines - he also looted money from women, made physical threats against many of them - and finally got kicked out of the Phillippines (though he would have been thrown in PRISON if it hadn't been for "Mandy" and his friend Charles). 

A certan Roya Saaednia will bear testament to this, as will many others. 

Here's what I just got. 

Hi, Glyn,

    I am very glad that you could talk with me peacefully this time.I have dreamed this moment for long time.
   I don't want to bother your future life,just saying good bye to old life.
 Here is my bank detail:

(Beneficiary Bank): ... 
(Beneficiary Name):....
(Beneficiary Account number):....
(Swift Code): .....
(Bank Code): ....
(Bank Address): ....
     The owned RMB50000 should be around pound 6000,or US$7800.You remitte to my above account as your convenient currency. 

     I bless your parents and Families are all good.And I pray you getting someone cherish you from deep heart. Wish your business better and better in the future. :)

    Best regards!


Truly, Bozo Butts should be in for Ponzi schemes or something ... 

... Except it's just too stupid, the Bozo's way of dealing with it is as follows - 

She emails "him". 

He calls her up after seeing the email reached the address he gave her (mine). 

And then of course, she emails back thinking its "Bozo's address". 

I'm sure either the Bozo or they're both waiting for a response from me.   (though it seems it's the Bozos's usual drunken trolling goin gon) 

It won't come, hehe, but I'll keep YOU guys posted on the sorry tale... 

Anyway, it jives with a piece I was reading recently about trolls and how they are pretty much the modern day of success. 

Yours truly has dealt with them all my life, and it's like the other dude said "from the age of 24, from blog to blog, success to success, the trolls followed me, desperate for attention and spreading their lies". 

Except Bozo "Boozo" Schofield isn't just desperate for attention. 

He's plumbed the bottom. 

Clearly the 5000 or whatever he stole has run out.   (I dont know, I Thought it was 5000 yuan he stole, maybe that was from another person! Seems he stole a far larger amount from this chick. 

Or, I should say "essentially stole") ... Fraud, basically. 

Now he's "on the lam". 

And should be reported to the UK authorities anyway - wasn't he on the lam anyway on bail for drunk driving anyway? 

Yes, I believe he was - if they'll look it up, they'll find it. 

Anyway, Bozo Glyn, Jeez. 

Man the eff up, "be a man for once in your life" and at least deal directly with the girl on email ... 

But then again, that would require balls, which he ain't got. Hehe. 

Anyway - I'm out. 

But - Animal Kingdom Workouts, my friend is truly the BOMB! 

And an anti troll course if there ever was one in more ways than one. 

Grab this now, you the REAL trainee will love it!


Rahul Mookerjee

Monday, 02 August 2021 10:56

The Steve Austin quote thats my FAVORITE!


I can hear the glass smashing, I can see the Texas rattlesnake come out to kick McMahons' ASS!


And now is a good time as any to say his second most used quote. 

First was .. 

And thats the bottom line, because STONE COLD said SO!


And this here "redneck" from Texas says the following i.e. yours truly - 

(he'll borrow a quote from Steve). 


To a certain Gorilla Girl Sophia, that will sound like "Rahul's drunk". 

He ain't. 

But he is. 

Ain't on liqor, is on LIFE!

While the world is the polar opposite, sheeplesville... 

Oh well. 

cant change those that dont want to. Those that do though? 


Quote of the day, this one!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Get the course that will turn you into a raging beast and remove any and ALL TRACES OF ANY FEAR that hideth within - become a REAL MAN (or woman) and more with ANIMAL KINGDOM WORKOUTS!

Monday, 02 August 2021 09:26

Mandy and the Bozo

Great things are happening - and will! I keep seeing the number NINE everywhere!

OF course, for someone who plays great, great emphasis on his GUT, soul and everything else - and "coming full circle" which I've written about SO OFTEN in all my books .. well, the non fitness related ones, I believe, but the message is there nonetheless. . . its important!

Maybe not to you readers, I dont know. 

But anyway, I once knew a girl named Mandy. 

An older lady. 

Hehe. Snicker. Cougars on hills and stuff, I know, but she is NOT mentioned  in the book on recollections - not THIS ONE!

There's another one in which she IS mentioned. 


Just recieved this. 

Subject line - Best regards from Mandy China

This is Mandy from China.
I am still not sure this e-mail is your personal e-mail.Whatever from the day I rescued you from Philiphine ,I didn't care about the ending between us.
Everyone has joyful and depressing monents in different life periods.Whatever still glad that you are finally prayed by God and get normal and stable life.That's the best wish from me from the beginning.I have once prayed thousands of times.Now it's the day.
I adore you for one thing you could keep walking as long as you could do everyday.That's good life habit.Keep the insisting and be yourself,follow your heart.
Hope you don't break my dream to come back to home to visit my mom, helping me the first time and last time from you.

Best regards!


I thought this was the Bozo who sent this. Hehe. 

Anyway, the "Rescued from the Phillipines" where he was drowning in drugs - I think they were getting ready to kick him out - and then she contacted Charles (his friend) to fly him back. 

Dont know, but thats suspiciously what it sounded like to ME, heh. 

And it doesn't seem to be Bozo who sent this, or wrote this. I can feel it!

Anyway, the "ending between us". 

This was, if memory serves right, the same chick from which Glyn stole "5000 RMB" by acting all innocent and "the blue eyed boy that just lost his job", and other rubbish, and fleeced her money. Chinese girls can be so simplistic at times!

Wonder if Mandy is reading this. Hehe. 

Poor Mandy - she's still in La La Land from what it seems!

But anyway, from what the Bozos posted on Freakbook, he ain't planning on returning to China. 

Of course, he never posted the tale of his deportation. 

I'll do that someday!

- Anyway, just thought I'd ask Ya'll what you think of THIS latest lunacy. HEhe. 

Maybe he's trying to work some wierd fetish in with Mandy as he was with his friend's girlfriend. 


I'm out. Thought I'd update y'all! 


Rahul Mookerjee

P S-  I was going to do a Lumberjack workout, but saw this, had to send it in. 

But y'all should get the pre-order now, because IT WILL DISAPPEAR VERY SOON!!!!

PS #2 - The Mandy I knew was "Mandy Dong" 

Nah, the last name isn't anyting but a Chinese last name, hehe. 

The Mandy that sent this is a Chan, I believe. Not sure, she never sent her last name, which makes me think Bozo is up to being a "female" again, but hey. Who knows! But I think thats the name, hehe. Poor Bozo. Can't get the "dongs" he so lusts after even from email, hehe.

PPS - As for the poor MOther? Dont EVEN GET me started on butts and Bozos there, ugh. Talk "old and cruddy"! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

I can just hear the Tom Tom's and their tongues wagging. Hehe. Especially if they read the last blast. 

But really, I've earned the right - to call Qi Feng mountain "mine", I think. 

Now, before you think thats out of some insane urge to "keep an entire mountain" for myself (though it might be nice, hehe. I'd reintroduce some real wildlife on to it, and wouldnt let the Chinese gobble it all up!) 

But it's not out of "mountain lust". Hehe. 

Hell, I enjoy the gals on it for one! 

But this reminds me of ... well, first off, the irritation and annoyance I'd having during Chinese public holidays where the whole of China, for instance, seemed to have crowded intot he free park. 

So much for the myth of China having more money than Croesus...

And on the highways - for the first three days - when it was free (no tolls - thats something in China which is unique as far as I know, no highway tolls for the first three days of any national major holiday). 

I should know. Hehe. Remember that road trip?? And others? 

But anyway ... being a foreign devil in a crowd of Chinese is annoying. 

Regardless of how much the CHina Tom Tom's tom tom the Chinese as having become global, nothing has really changed in terms of "pointing fingers at" or "making comments about" or "remarking about why his eyes are brown and not blue because how can "Englishman from NY" as they called me have brown eyes" and other rubbish ... 

It's still a giant village in many regards, and you know how much I hate being pestered during my workout!

Maybe thats why I specifically always chose to go there during the DOWN TIMES. The off times. The hot as heck "afternoons", the rainy season, the ... 

But before that, I should say - unless I had a product to create! Hehe. 

Advanced Hill Training was created right smack in the middle of Lunar New Year 2018. 

Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD! followed shorty thereafter, as did Battletank Shoulders!

(now that I put in the links, I'm not sure. Maybe the book on pull-ups was right "before the holiday", a couple of days, or maybe after... either way, you get the point). 

But the hill, anyway ... 

It reminds me of marriage vows, whatever those are. I've never taken one. 

(I did mosey six times or whatever around an annoying ass fire in India though - apparently thats the "test of fire" or Agnee Pariksha in India - which is great form a culture standpoint, sitting in it, with uncomfortable clothes, lard ass "priests" goggling, and the damn smoke stinging your eyes! - hell, I remember the JOY when it was out of there and on to the bar with my new wife. Hehe) (and only one, dont worry!))... 

But, till death do us part or whatever ... 

hey, I respect those that took the vow and stick to it, dontget me wrong. 

but for me, I Dont think I can ever call a wife mine, nor would I want to. 

Girlfriend, hell yes. 

But nothing more! 

I grow weary of telling the Tom Tom's NOT to marry. 

Anyway, they will never listen. So if someone wants to jump headlong into a pit of vipes and snakes, by all means!

But anyway ... 

I was on the hill during the hottest part of the day - when no-one would dare to come out, and even the birds hid. 

When it was so damn hot it was lik ebreathing FIRE climbing up that hill. 

When there was NARY A SOUL but me on the hill - early in the morning in biting cold at 5 AM - and also ar 630 PM "dinner time for Chinese as Carol said" - and when it was so cold the rain felt like SNOW - x 100. 

I was there the first time it snowed on that hill in YEARS in 2015. 

I have done every workjout on that hill. People, no people, annoyance, no annoyance, nothing doing!

I've done my pull-ups there galore. Pushups. I found a "spot" outside the bathroom - well, the building, to do ... you got it! 

Handstand pushups!

"Find a spot", I still remember my buddy from the Marine chuckling at me once night while drinking in a market in Nancheng. 

We found a spot. 

I pity the poor people who lived nearby! 

But thats China fro you - still. Hehe. 

Dont get me wrong. 

They've made giant strides since the 1940's, better than India for one, but you'll routinely still see people pissing on the highways, because as Carol once told me "if no toilet, where to go!" 

(I wonder how klong the poor ladies hold it in. Us men, well..!) 

So the idiots that make a big deal out of foreigners pissing on the road in Shanghai, well, get real. Goose and gander. 

I could and have made a big deal out of the Chinese lady that put her feet up at a Starbucks - on the table - and spat at a man that told her to take 'em down or the NAzi feminists slapping men at the border - in full view,and the Schofield wimps taking it. 

(and loving it). 

I could tell you ALL about the Chinese woman that took a dump in a subway station in Shenzhen, China. 

It's on CCTV too. Hehe. 

I could tell you about the ones changing nappies on - ugh - the TRAY TABLES in trains and planes! 

It's horrible!

My point - it ain't just foreign devils. 

Look for the truth, friend, you'll see it every damn place if you so choose but not if you're a bloody China Tom tom, of course. 

Back to it though. 

Name a time, and I've been there on the hill. 

With it, on it, along with it, when NO-ONE ELSE HAS BEEN THERE, and the entire world has, and in between. 

"You workout, thats all you do! It's your life!" said my friend in 2017. 

Nah. I did a lot more, but YES, that workout has ALWAYS been a huge part of your life!

So it should be for you. 

And you'll read all about it in 16 INspirational Fitness Recollections

Hell, you may even and probbaly will see a second VOlume out on the way!

And I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember, time's ticking as well for the pre-order on Lumberjack Fitness. It ENDS soon. And the price will go up, NO more pre-orders very soon. So if you haven't plonked down the moolah as yet, do so now, never a better time to DO than the present, friend!

And, of course, why learning from a know it all Bozo and an armchair wanker that does "F all" is a recipe for disaster. 

I ain't even talking Schofield here. 

Bozo Schofield is past being a "know it all". He's in the Universe of "dont even consider". Hehe. 

But I still remember, one of the shining, stellar, oustanding (not) reviews he left on Pushup Central. 

"a book pishups. Really! Boring. Poorly written too". 

Given the Bozo's fascination with nasty bodily fluids and excretions - I've got to wonder and wonder then if he left the misspelling in on purpose. 

Knowing his utter lack of knowledge on real marketing, probably not. Probably meant to say "piss ups", since pissing up beer bottles and then of course into the sewers is about all the Bozo can manage to do, if he can find someone to buy him the beer. 

The archetypical BUM on the street except this one, well, he loves bums too. 

You BUM!

 I still remember Rocky saying that. 

GEt a job, you BUM!


Bozo never will. 

But the know it all's - they never cease to amuse me. 

You hear it all the time, for instance, for those that successfully sell and market. 

Their "haters" (usually the know it alls) will prattle on about "oh, thats simple!" 

"Oh, of course, just marketing!" 

Politics wise. 

"Oh, but theyre politicians, they can do it, they can get away with it, we can't!" 

I swear, for instance, every time you tell the Bozo something he nods his fat nut as if to say "I know"! 

But while he may or may "know" some things, what does HE DO? 

Jack all, exactly. 

Well, I should not say the word jack around him. 

But basically, he ain't alone. 

Look at the armchair experts, their numbers only growing by the day claiming and making tall tales about "this is how you do something". 

The nuts who whine about "what do you know, you're just a one man show!" 

But what have these Wackos done? Have THEY ever been a one man show? NEVER EVER! (and no, depending on your woman for everything and the hard bits for you while you be a monkey ain't one man show - it's DEPENDENCY x1000!) (if the person who told me that really wanted to be a ONE MAN SHOW, do what yours truly does, has done all his life, THEN TELL ME!) 

Hell, one man show aside, have they ever done ANYTHING OF NOTE IN THER LIVES? 

Other than pass snide comments. 

Liberals, anyone??

And claiming to tell you "all about the secrets President Trump used to market himself", or some other utter rot. 

President Trump used a secret to market himself? 

It's so blindindly obvious, this secret, if at all it is, that I feel compelled to say what Napoleon Hill did all those years ago in Think and Grow Rich

You will find the secret in EACH page of the book, each chapter. 

It will jump out at you!

SOMEWHERE within the pages of this book you'll find the words that will "arouse" the seedlings of success in you (not the Bozo seedlings, hehe) 

I could tell you this secret now but that would deprive YOU of much of the beneift you would get if you found it youself. 

And soforth ... I'm "short paraphrasing" the great Hill. 

Napoleon Hill, though my hill is every bit as great too. 

I think I've earned the right to call it "mine" in many ways!

I've been there with it through thick and thin, when too many people have been on it, when no-one has, when the weather has been so hot nary a bird moved, when it felt like fire breathing into my lungs, when it was pouring in category 3 or 4 hurricanes ... when trees were crashing around me... 

I've earned the right!

And you'll read more in 16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections along those lines. 

Anyway, the know it alls will say "so what! Just recollections! We dont want this!" 

But again, have these idiots and Tom Tom's put out anything of their own? 

Written a single line? 

DONE anything of note with "what they know"? 

It's easy to be a spectator and comment, friend. 

The big money only goes to the PLAYERS THOUGH - both in sports - and in life - and in business. 

Sure, knowing how to do and learning from the right person - uber important. 

But you have to ultimately DO, friend. 

DOING is where the rubber meets the road. 

Fitness wise, if Bozos snort and say "just pishups!" 

Well, yes, just pushups it is - but can YOU do them? even 10 of them? 

Slowly, proper form? 

Hell, can you even get into - and STAY in the pushup position or dip position or any position that doesn't involves hindquarters in air like the Bozo's without quivering like an aspen maple leaf in Toronto? 


The answer to that question will tell you a lot ... 

Anyway, I'm out. 

But ponder this!

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Oops, almost forgot to say. PLenty of "hindquarters up in the air" in 0 Excuses Fitness System, except not the type you might associate with the Bozo. It's real man training, and it DOES help you in the sack too (thats  yet another reason Bozo can't do much with the pittance down there he's been gifted - not - with - he's just too damn FAT to even move properly, let alone move his you know what). 

Tongues are about the only thing that move for the Bozo. 

Anyway, here is a course that is guaranteed to resolve any and all problems in bed if you have 'em NOW - Animal Kingdom Workouts

YES, you'll truly turn into a BEAST in ALL regards if yo uget this. 

Do so now friend. Truly the best! (for the best)

Anne, my friend, an ex of mine from back in the day is one of these women that you never truly forget - and that never forgets YOU!

And she's just I dont know... one of these women that doesnt age!

Purr-fect match for a dude like me that doesnt eitgher, hehe. 

But Anne's not huge on workouts, so I dont know, but anyway, I saw a picture on wechat. 

She's trying to move a fridge. 

She can't! 

"Refrigrator cannot pull to open, still have to cook to eat, such a woman cannot have steel". 

I dont know, thats what it translated to, in a brand new house it seems... 

(she's married now). 

but, goddamn!!!!

As the Bozo so trolled me, Holy Smokin Jesus, Joseph and MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Lookin at that cute little girl standing there in short, legs on ful display, who gives a rats ass about fridges!

Hey, thats what guys with GRIPS are there for!

Here is what I posted on Wechat - perhaps not the most "sanguine" of posts, but I had to! 

(and there is a reason I mention this) 

"Anne, you'll give me wet dreams. SMOKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

She is! Was! And always will be, hehe. 

PERFECT 10! StilL1

Holy Mary, Anne. How could I make that mistake, and how could you. 

You dont need to pull anything except, well, you know... 

I'l lift and pull heavy things!


Gotta say it again. Goddess!

Anyway ... 

Goddesses aside, this post might be of interest as to WHY I wrote what I did - but really, I just did it. It's true, that I'll tell ya!

And trust me, Adam and Eve know each other very well on this one. HEhe. 

So whats the mistake you ask? 


Well, it ties into WHY I'm telling you this!

And the "email blitzkrieg" comment, my friend. 

Because 1) taking action is where the rubber HITS THE ROAD!

Way too few people these days take - action!

And it has to be said - repeatedly. 

But second, more importantly - COMMUNICATION!

Is always key, and the only thing that ultimatlely matters to me. 

Life. Relationships. Hot women which I attract like bees to honey or moths to a flame, take your pick - I used the latter expression on another site, but they both hold true. 

And books - and writing! 

Anne was an ex. 

Everything was great - in bed and outside. 

Except... She didnt speak English. Not a word. 

I didnt speak Chinese. 

Neither one of us were in the least bit interested in learning each other's language - not in bed, hehe. It wasn't needed there!

And talking, well, Wechat translate can only go so far!

But she did give me a book on learning Chinese which I made a gift of to Marc the African Silverback Gorilla. Wonder if he ever cracked it open. 

She was right in a way - and she was wrong. 

I was right - and wrong. 

Thats one of the decisions I made - to leave her - after the nth misconmmunication etc - I keep scratching my head over. 

She keeps apologizing for it too. 

Of course, Madam had a Chinese guy on the side "waiting in case I didnt work out". 

So she rushed off and married him! Hehe. 

But thats OK. I'm used to it.  I never wanted to marry her anyway, deep down inside, doubt she did either! 


Maybe she did. I dont know. 

SMOKING HOT describes the relationship on either side!

Anyway, studs and studdettes aside, that should tell you just how important communication is for me, why I write to you and so forth. 

and if you so choose, follow me on Twitter. 

I'll post the "Goddess's pic" there - she won't mind one damn bit! 



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Truly made my legs quiver, all three of them. Hehe. 

PS #2 - Bozo wil have kittens. Poor chap! 

PPS - Pull-ups from STUD to SUPER STUD - well, them workouts - well, enough said!


That wasn't the exact comment Chuck made all those months ago. He literally threw a HISSY at my post on pull-ups - it struck home, because I basically said phat phocks couldn't do 'em, period, and to do 'em you have to lose weight around the midsection. 

That was a hard, hard hitting post. 


Anyway, ;let's see if I can find Chuck's (probably alcohol fueled) rant against a post NOT aimed at him - at all - he wasn't even on my mind when I wrote it. 

Here it is

And this, friend is the original post which dear Chuck ranted against - Deadlifts and grip training and my thoughts on each, and both . . . (

Of course, he later batted that away by saying "but I just said that onwechat". 


Much like the Bozo is whining about "But I just trolled you on wechat with racist memes Chuck made". .  . 


I swear, the sense of entitlement lunatics like the Bozo have - and typical Tom tom's like him. And of course, liberals like Charles. 

Of course, he claims up and down "I'm not liberal or conversative! I'm sensible!" 

Yeah. Right. The paradigm of goose and gander, eh. 

Lets see, Charles, did I even mention YOU in the post? 

No I didnt. 

Lets see, Bozo Glyn. Did I EVER say one bad word about you - troll you - refer to your race - and then you respond with what, trolling and attacking me back x 10? 

Trying to destroy me? 

You thought I wouldn't reply, eh. For a long time I decided not to. 


When it biteth though, boy, it BITES. And it doesnt sting like a scorpion. It kills. 


STREET FIGHTER, as a big dude Aaron once called me!

Go for the jugular so people watching will KNOW not to mess with you said Donald Trump. So true!

My friend Rueben once said the following. 

I dont fight fair. I fight dirty - and I WIN!

He probably would, hehe. 

But like Trump, he's really the nicest guy ever. 

Just dont make the mistake of pissing him off. 

"Them damn women....." 

I'll never forget him in traffic, his trusty 9mm by his side (not Glyn's 9mm wang, lol) ... 

It used to be hilarious!

Some chick would cut in front of me, or slam on the brakes or something, and he "done got the red ass". 

I'll kill that motha............ he'd thunder, face all red!

Great guy!

And he'd have his gun by his side for added emphasis. 

Funny part, he knew, and I knew, he'd never use it. 

But it was good to have anyway ... Good ole Rueben! We love you!

But anyway, 

This ain't about my black Mamba for one, Bozo Schofield, so you can click away. 

It's about ... I mean, what do these loonies think? 

That they can make all the comments they like, including claiming "what I teach is gay" (sometimes, and then pad it away by saying "they were just kidding") - and I can't respond at all? 

I mean, here's my response. 

Is being a dancing monkey in China - a dancin gBozo, rather, any LESS gay or faggoty

I dont think so, brah. 

Tell them that though, they're up in arms. 

But apparently THEY can tell ME anythign they like, and I'm supposed to meekly take it!

Makes me wonder, did Charles really create those racist memes? Who knows!

I stil say no. 

But sometimes, I wonder... 

 Anyway, we all know whose advice works, and whose doesn't. 

Charles Mitchell said it best HERE

John Walker has been saying it forever My buddy from the Marines has. Panourgias has. Damn near anyone with half a brain, as Charles said, has... 

But anyway, why do I mention this. 

I dont know, I just got this email about ... 

The Blitzkreig of emaisl you're sending!

This was NOT meant in a bad way. 

Tomas is a 0 Excuses Fitness and Shoulders like Boulders! customer. 

He's considering Battletank Shoudlers as the next step. Smart dude! 

He had questions, I covered those, so what he said in terms of blitzkrieg was basically ... just that one line. The email was about something else. 

But it made me think. 

The left, and loonies in general complain, but do we ever see them complain about the blitzkrieg of BAD NEWS - idiotic crap that don't help you NONE that is Tom Tommed globally daily? 

For instance, this idiotic China virus. 

Or, the damn panixines. 

Or, the economy (ever notice how even when it's up, no-one says it is?)? 

Folks love to be the bearer of doom and gloom and the harbinger of BAD NEWS, ever see anyone say things are GOOD? 

Trust me, we attract what and how we think. 

You cannot escape thi struism, friend. 


Look at the world NOW. 

But anyway, I just noticed Governor De Santis in Florida made a great decision on making masks OPTIONAL in schools.

I cannot applaud this man enough. 


They're useless beyond a point, and it's personal choice. 

Kids can't make that choice. 



Governor Santis - great job!

Of course, Twitter came alight with the left attacking him of being a murderer, and worse. 

OF course, when asked about China - the country that SPREAD this (ccp) - no answers. 



I give up. 

Goose and gander is truly an alien concept these days... 

Anyway, my advice Works, friend. 

Take it or leave it, but you cannot dispute the results... 

And it will work for you too - if you let it! 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Grab the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW. 

PPS - Charles (the former friend) isn't exactly all for freedom of speech, of course, as y'all know, and can see HERE ... 

Glad to know the other Charles -a great customer - came out strongly against that too!!!!! KUDOS!!!!!


I recently sent out a Twitter note promoting my book Pushup Central 

If there was one course I could tell you to drop everything and get NOW? PUSHUP CENTRAL!

It trulyu IS THAT DAMN GOOD, proof's in the pudding!

Well, it is!  

In response to that, I got the following (he was asking about AB training, I think, but didnt mention it specifically) ... 

How about Sit-Ups ?

Yours truly - 

Sit ups are good (to an extent) if you do 'em right. Crunches though, the much tom tommed exercise - utter crap!!

But really, abdominal training goes SO MUCH FURTHER THAN just "situps" - trust me! Remember, core, not abs!

Now, y'all are well worsed with my thoughts on this, but just so you know - here are my thoughts on something else - well worth a read! 

My opinion on abdominal training devices and “gadgets” (

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee (and follow me on Twitter if you haven't already!) 


Gotta be fair. 

Gotta call a spade a spade - not so much the "spades" Glyn has fetishes about if you get my drift, but the real spade - heavy spade the Bozo could never actually "lift". 

Wow. I seem to be great at double entendre today... 

Moi ... what was that word? 

Hey, Ill take the applause is what I meant. Hehe. 

Anyway, I spoke about Glyn the Glutton for free in the last email, and I've said it ain't just that night either. 

As our old friend Chuck once famously said ... "He drinks all my beer, he eats all my food, he makes a mess, he doesnt clean up, he sits in a room all day long and trolls people! "

Of course, he left out the juicier and the more salacious bits - and yes, I know, you the reader, have a hard time believing some of this but it's all perfectly true friend and can be verified. 

Bozo stole his girlfriend's panties too. 

"I think K had some panties missing", Chuck told me once cautiously. 

Just - UGH!

Anyway, what did he get right that night? 

Certainly wasn't his inanity of "I want to sniff shoes" that he kept saying when drunk. 

I remember asking like "Glyn, what!" 

And he's just blink and grab his beer and say "oh nothing! That was just some thought!" 

My own brain was pretty fogged at that time, so I didnt make much of it other than whatever, some fetish he's got. 

All coming out when Dr Hyde is drunk... 

But anyway, while scarfing down his free meal (though to be fair, I paid for the beer today. Bozo had the sum total of one sad, sorry looking half town one kuait note and some spare change, all totalling up to less than $0.5 in his mangy, oversized, bum-off-the-street like pockets, so Charles and I kept taking pity on him - he even hitched a ride to Dongguan for free, what a fellow! Didnt even pay his bus ride over!) (and of course, a few days later went nuts at Chuck's home - that tale is well told, Ibelieve) ... he did do one thing right. 

Just one, friend. 

And that was this, despite the empty beer bottles and the half full one you see sitting on the table (well, not all of you, for now, just the Ship members see it) - Bozo didnt actualyl drink much during the year. 

Perhaps because he was too scared his rat meat would grow wings and fly away ... 

But whatever it iwas, he didnt guzzle a ton of liquid during the meal. 

That, funnily enough is what he did right. 

And I'm not talking just beer. 

You'll see peopl eguzzling water like it's going out of style DURING their meals! 

You'll see people pouring glasse of cold water down their gullets and eating pizza along with it. 

And so forth. 

Then they complain about bloating, 

Look, fella, I dont know if I mention this in the Simple and Effective Diet or not, but the correct time to drink water, or any beverage - is half an hour before a meal, and 2 hours POST the meal. 

If its execptionally light, maybe one hour. 

But no less. 

And if you HAVE to have something, SIP some water - don't guzzle it - during your meal. 

Simple enough tip, but most ignored, so I thought I'd bring it up. 

And yes, this sort of thing immesnely helps with digestion, and your digestive juices etc doing their job and unleashing their full might and potency as opposed to if mixed in with and diulted with a ton of H20. 

Funnily enough, the tim eyou need to guzzle water the most is when the LEAST number of people do it - it aint post workout either. 

It's during the day. 

And it's first thing in the morning - - I guzzle two liters everyday, and it's KEY to keeping myself in the best shape of my life. 

Yet, folks head for the coffee machine... 

Anyway, thats what Bozo got right - for a change. 

And thats the tips. 

I hope it helps!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Do pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System - the very best in fitness ever, nothing like you've even remotely seen before!

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