Tuesday, 20 July 2021 10:55

Puff, buff, tom tom BLUFF ...

I think I mentioned recently the See Xi Pee threatened to nuke Japan - "remorselessly and without stopping i.e. non stop" till they capitulated, if they even put "one soldier on the ground to defend the great nation of Taiwan" 

Which needs the worlds help, to be honest, and the world is starting to stand up - big time. 

Australia, Japan, India ... and of course, the US of A. 

And of course, the See XI Pee keeps following the Trump dictum of attack no matter what. 

Maybe that works - and indeed it does, if you're in the right. 

But when you're squarely in the wrong, each bluff in that direction - and it's bluff and bluster, nothing else, achieves the opposite impact of what is desired (by Xitler and cronies). 

Por ejemelo, if I tom tom the 0 Excuses Fitness System as the best, most results producing, and most revolutionary ever in many regards and I do it, to be honest, I'd be right. 

But if I wasnt and kept doing it, I'd look like a fool, and accomplish that "goal" - or, I'd look like I was bluffing. 

Ditto for my no refunds policy etc. 

No refunds no matter what bro. Simple fact of life. 

Very clearly stated on the refunds page as well. 

But either way ... the latest is this - 

PLA buff channel calls for breaking Japan into 4 countries if it tries to defend Taiwan

source - PLA buff channel calls for breaking Japan into 4 countries if it tries to defend Taiwan | Taiwan News | 2021-07-19 18:26:00

"buff channel". 

Duff channel? 


Puffers and buffers? 

Reminds me of buffoon Central to be honest. 

And part of the denizens there are the puff n buff morons. 

I mean, really. 

Does China really think with its army nowhere near the US - with a restive population sick of the CCP - with an artificially propped economy ready to tank anytime, and all this just off the top of my head - could actually do what its saying? 

True, it could nuke a neighbor if it really wnated to. 

But what about the neighbors with nukes ? 

Of course, talking logic to a bunch of lunatics helll bent on world domination no matter what and with their heads so firmly up their asses they can't see any light except for when they "bend over" ... 


But thats the CCP for you a bunch of retards and thugs mostly to be honest. 

Sending posses of police in to take 65 year old professor (a single man at that) captive. 

And of course, stomping down feminism. 

Bravo, CCP, Bravo. 

Even Xi would't have foretold the limits he's indeed slipped to. 

Anyway ... enough said on that one. 

But here's the thing. 

Puffing and buffing workout wise - the most useless thing ever. 

REAL fitness, strength, and health from the inside out is wehre it's at. 

And in case you're even in the least bit interested in the above, then go HERE - and grab the System now. 

And no, I wont be crawling after you on my elbows through broken glass either to get it. You either do, or you dont, and both are fine by me. 

But ifyou do, you know which side you're on! 

Alright, I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Tuesday, 20 July 2021 07:42

On losing focus, and more . . .

I should have said "more on losing focus", because I think I've written about this before many times. 

But something that is oft ignored in terms of success, even when you talk to DOERS - real doers - and especially by the shamians that strut around claiming to be self help experts advocating "meeeeeeeeeeeeee time" and "feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel good advice" (and let me tell you, if it feels good, youre probably not even halfway, or even one step along the road to real lasting success - not permanently at least) ...is this. 

What to do AFTER the success. 

Now, different people have different definitions of success. 

Different goals dictate this too. 

When I was focused on getting into the best shape of my life, my friend, the compliments came in thick and fast. 

I'd get called a movie star. TV "personality". You name it, and I was called it - and still am - both good and bad! (but never "fat and unfit" now)

(and sure, I'd get called all the above before too, but now x 100). 

My students would literally marvel at the overnight weight loss. 

Girls would flock to me - even more so than before (while that might sound like Tom Tomming - it is i, but it's also TRUE) 

And I'd just keep getting in pinker of health so to speak. Lifelong injuries vanished - without a trace - never to return. 

Lifelong health problems disappeared without phat phock docs telling me "dont go swimming". 

And so forth ... 

It would have been easy for me to lose focus and turn into a phat phock. 

I didnt. 

Neither did I lose focus on several other goals I had. 

But lifewise, I've been guilty of this on more than one occasion. 

Reach the summit - pause to "rest and relax and enjoy it" - but then end up sliding down, because the enjoyment stretched out for a bit too long. 

Business wise, there are reasons this is happened to me. 

In 2019, for one, I didnt devote near as much time to my writing as I should have - and the results showed. 

I was going through a tough phase in 2018, of course, that I've written about, and when I finally resolved it, I wanted to take time off to "savor my success". 

Perfectly understandable, and in my case I didnt really take time off. I was focusing on the wrong biz. 

But I was also taking time offf, and not hitting it as hard as I should be on this one - or as I am now. 

Right now, I keep pushing myself to remember one thing. 

Conquer one summit - then move to the NEXT. 

The minute you're idle, my friend, or dont have a goal is the minute success, as Claude Bristol rightly said in the Magic of Believing "grows wings and flies away". 

It is indeed a fickle beast - many waiting to enjoy it!

True, if you're a billionaire, you could probably focus on enjoying life more once you get there, but beware - those stories hear of overnight crashes, fortunes coming tumbling down - all very true!

Look at the real doers, Jeff Bezos for one - they dont stop! 

They understand that achieving one goal is cause for self congratulation, but also time to reflect and know that "the real work lies ahead". 

Bezos correctly emphasizes the day one culture at Amazon. 

The results show. 

Pity Google and most other biggies don't follow Amazon's example, but then again, thats why Amazon is pretty much the only conglomerate out there quietly growing - and how - while the rest stagnate. 

Sheer biz genius, superb customer service at the end of the day and then some. 

An obsession with the customer, as Bezos puts it. 

That, my friend, is something YOU need to be aware of. 

Fitness wise, if you're planning 100 fingertip pushups at a go, for instance. 

Tough goal, eh. 

Might sound undoable for you. 

But when you do get there, and you can if you do the thing , you probably wouldn't want to bask in the sunshine for too long, and pat yourself on th eback for too long - because if you do, that ability will fly away as quickly, or perhaps much quicker as you GOT IT. 

Muscle memory notwithstanding. 

Thats just an example, of course. 

Key thing - think in advance. 

Always plan your life - fitness wise, or otherwise - out by a few years. 

Have goals - then have goals. 

Focus on one - but keep the rest in mind too as you do so. 

And you'll do just fine!

It's one of the principles not directly, but indirectly mentioned in damn near EVERY Commandments in the 10 Commandments of Physical Training and Success in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and lifewise, in all my motivational books and courses

And rightly so ... 

Think about it - how does it apply to you? 

Write back. 

Let me know!

I'm out - back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

Women, my friend - are a strange, strange "creature". 

And the line between a "feminist" woman and a Nazi feminist woman these days is so thin that it might not even exist. 

True feminism is about equality, or as much equality as possible. Give and take. 

Yet, that movement died out almost as quickly as it started in the 1960's, to be replaced by Nazi femnism which is what the title of this email suggests. 

And which is what I'm completely against - it's always been goose and gander for me!

"With women my experience has been it's heads she wins, and tails you lose!" 

Can't win for losing. 

Or, whatever terminlogy you use, but this great customer was so right. 

You'll get blamed anyway!

Case in point being every time I complain about something, or, according to my "wife" "dare" to say something .

"How dare you say anything to US!" she'll holler. 

Note the usage of the words "dare" and "us" - both classic Nazi feminist words in terms of guilt trippping the male (the one that does get guilt tripped, or falls into the never ending trap of responding back directly and honestly)

(which can be done, of course, in certain situations but most situations - not - simply because "they're women" and how dare you, because of course, unless there's witnesses, they'll accuse you of abuse for just opening your mouth to speak, while they of course can run riot with whatever nonsense they so choose). 

When I complain about my computer to her, she claims "he yells at us" (which is utter nonsense, the "us" thing - she pulls my daugher into it even when she is NOT involved - quite obviously so!)

The most ludicrious of course, is when her own computer crashes, and I have to fix it "because I know how to". 


I could list 10 things right off the bat she does too, and never does and did for me ... 

I could list 10 things right off the bat my wife is actively plotting against me on... 

(I'm sure she would say the same thing - but facts speak!). 

Not to Nazi feminists though (facts dont speak). 

And back to computers, its insane, but her computer crash - I got blamed for it despite not having (quite obviously) even touched the damn thing. 

My daughter apparently did something with it, they had to restart it or what not. 

But it's familiar, this "getting blamed for everything" and usually when I have NOTHING to do with it, and am not even physically present there!

Anyway, two things - 

One, the guilt trips - and the usage of the word "us". For Bozo Schofields and Nazi feminists (notice how they use the same terminology), they will never take responsiblity and say "I". 

Instead, theyll try and pull others on their side by proxy as it were, to back their own non existent arguments up (when those others have no clue). 

And two, winning - or combating this scourge, and benefiting from it....

YES, you can do it - but fighting back directly isn't how. 

You CAN turn the guilt trips on their head ... but the way to do it is NOT how most men approach it. 

And Just so you know, it's not the following eitehr - 

Indirect caustic comments made to her. 

Ignoring her is part of it, but not the whole shebang by far. 

(She bang ... I dont know if that gives you a clue! Hehe). 

And it's not even writing books on it and then selling them. No. 

Not arguing with her. NOt doing more housework or laundry. Not turning into a whiny Bozo. None of the above, my friend. 

There's far better ways, my friend, and I cover 47 of them HERE in a manner that has never ever been done before in history. 

Truly one for the mgtow crowd, but even if youre a real man thats sick of all the BS, and women acting like they're men but not taking an inch of male responsiblity - well - you'll want to read this book. 

I'd say every real man owes it to himself to read this one!

I know. 

I wrote it!

Anyway, I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee


Truly ... well, two things. 

Even the sewers don't want CERTAIN things residing in them. 

I aint referring to so called giant crocs/alligators in the NYC sewer system either!

I'm referring to that huge log in the Brum sewers that had been chokin it up for months ... 

It finally seems to be out, as you can see from the fact that the troll of the century or millennium (not to mention "El Tubbo" x 1000) is back - yet again. 


Or maybe he's been back all along, and I just didnt pay attention to him!

But it's a nice day to talk about him. Hehe. Very nice day indeed!

And the second thing up there - why the Bozo is such a loser? 

The main reason - if I could nail it - ONE reason? 

It isn't so much his wierd fetishes, his trolling , the insane fits of rage he flies into when yours truly needs to bitch slap him down (ugh) - it isn't so much the fact that hes always on the toilet every second beer he drinks (ugh!) (dont ask why he tosses those bottles down from the 11th floor of his apartment in China, then complains about why he gets notices not to do so - not everyone wants beer bottles raining down on them "out the ass" if you get my drift) or his blatant racism, or even the fact he' stuck in a dark, deep room right now he'd do ANYTHING to escape. 

A room where he's constantly living by Mommys rules for one. 

A room where he's stuck without most of the things he WANTS. 

A room where ... ah, but you get my drift. 

There is being a caveman by CHOICE. I'v written tomes on that before course. 

Then of course, you have Glyn Bozo. 

Minus the ass in nose, or nose in ass from what it seems from the fit he's worked himself into right about now ... 

Poor Glyn. 

Main reason though, isn't any of the above. All of that Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde stuff adds up, yes. 

But its mainly because this guy is one of the laziest guys you could ever see!

Or meet, or read about. 

Truly, the guy is so lazy that waking up in the morning (or in the PM) and taking a shower is too much for him - or brushing his stained teeth (no prizes for guessing what he does with his electric toothbrush - ugh again). 

He's too lazy to even troll right. 

I mean, think about it. 

For years, he's been bullying me (so he thought, hehe) after first blocking me on WeShat when I couldnt smack him one. (he would have bawled like a baby, so I probably wouldn't have, but still). 

Then of course, his insanity in the wechat groups, and the horrible racism he spread about me. 

Truly a horrible, horrible person this Schofield is. 

Just plain NASTY, as you can see from what he does to others - and what he tried to do to me, including, most tellingly last year when he thought "he'd go public". 

Poor Bozo - his tactics all backfired. 

Spectacularly, if anything. 

yet, think about this. 

If he had enough the slighest amount of real brain, he'd ape me - and try to LEARN from me to get the same results!

Truly, he's got a Master at work in front of him. 

Pun not intended, Glyn. 

ANd since you're a lazy phocker, I dont mean "bodyweight exercise guru" either. 

I mean a marketing genuis, expert, and master. 

But of course, it all takes work. 

Building your own site, class quality products that noone out there can begin to match, real results, a track record of very satisfied customers, all this didnt come overnight. Hehe. 

It certainly wasnt apparent to the Bozo when he made them stickers. Heh again. 

But all of that is something the Bozo could do, if he wanted to. 

Trouble is, he's too lazy, so he showed up at Amazon. 

I hope he does again, hehe. 

Anyway, if there's one thing I cannot stand beside Nazi feminism, it's LAZINESS. 

And losers like Bozo. 

Enough on that, but thats the reason - j ust thought I should tell you! 

It DOES hold a few valuable lessons on success as well. 

And on that note, to join the ranks of the truly "elite" - those who REALLY got what it take to succeed - well, jump aboard the exclusive community here - the 0 Excuses Fitness Ship

And, make sure you get a regular dose of the solid fitness system we're on - truly a global phenomenon!

The 0 Excuses Fitness System - the best for the best, truly!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Sunday, 18 July 2021 11:00

Gotta ask you this, friend!

This is going to be a short one, but I've gotta ask!

In the future, we're planning on putting out 0 Excuses sports wear - and on the menu as of now - hoodies - and T shirts!

Of all sizes, shapes and sorts - colors too possibly (athough I prefer simple white and black, but we'll see). 

I have written before about the nightmare it is for me shopping for clothes - both upper and lower body. 

First thing you know, sizes these days ain't standard anywhere. 

Second, what is XXL around the waist - is, for me, and all you trainees likely too - WAY too tight around the shoulders!

Recently I ordered another one of those XXL T -shirts. 

They fit me nigh perfectly, and don't billow around the waist like some of my other shirts do. 

But look at me trying to get into - and take the damned thing off, you'd think I was trying to rip the arms off, thats how much of a struggle it was!


There's snug fit, then there's EXTRA snug fit!

Especially in hot weather (A/C and everything not withstanding). 

And here's the thing - what I personally would like to find? 

Some manufacturer that makes things for peopl ethat workout - not phat phocks that dont. 

Some manufacturer that understands "slim fit" is fine, but those shoulders should be a size larger! 

Some manufacturer that is truly a 0 Excuses style trainee himself or herself - so he or she - knows the struggle!

Write back - let me know your thoughts. 

I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahu Mookerjee

PS - Two courses, if used in conjunction that'll make the top buttons on your shirts pop like nothing you've ever done before - Battletank Shoudlers - or Shoulders like Boulders! if you're starting out. 

And of course, Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness - very close to completion. Get your pre-order in NOW my friend - special gift for all those that DO!

And why I am indeed uniquely qualified to talk to you about freedom, and my almost fanatical quest to promote the concept of personal freedom and liberty above ALL - and support those that promote it - and truth be told, given the way the loony radical liberal left is spreading their control tactics globally, there are precious few of us left!

We're indeed torchbearers. And so we shall continue to be. 

People as a whole are tired - and people are SICK of the madness. People want NORMLACY. A calm life. Peace! 


Anyway, one reason is - growing up - some of what you would consider to be basic freedoms were severely curtailed for yours truly growing up - on the whims of, of course, my nazi feminist mother. 

I mean, who in their right minds wakes their kids up at 7 am on Sunday mornings of all things "to go play tennis in the blazing heat - around 930 AM -1130 AM, almost the hottest part of the day in India summers for that matter!"  when those same kids would like to relax and enjoy their Sunday - do what THEY please - I still remember complaining about not being able to watch my favorite war shows due to that madness, and my "white knight" father hollering at me in the car "how dare I". 

True, Dad, you were right in that I had a talenf for tennis and swimming. 

But did it ever occur to you that maybe what I wanted was what I'd really excel in

I could be - and am talented in probably way more sports than just tennis. 

But just beause Mom wants to put on the "upper society" face "we play tennis, look at US, the educated middle class!" (back then in India tennis was the preserve of the elite. It still is, to be frank!) ... doesn't mean I need to play along, no? 

What I wanted was to be one of the boys playing soccer. 

Of course, that never happened. 

"He thinks he's so strong!" 

Of course, how dare I be the alpha male, eh. 

But let's take swimming - something which is one of my favorite things to do. 

If I truly had talent, and you wanted me to "excel", then you sure didnt show it much via your actions, Dad. 

Dumping me in a crowded, packed pool on Sunday evening "because Mom wanted to go then" doesn't exactly inspire confidence. That pool was so packed you could barely swim an inch in it, let alone laps... 

Think about this though Dad. 

In the Kolkata summers, I'd wake up - on MY OWN - with NO CAJOLING - at 430 AM in the mornings. 

Think about it. 

Rahul Mookerjee, the caveman, early int he morning!

But I did it. 


Because my grandfather never forced me to do it. He never shoute dup a storm at me. 

Most importantly, I enjoyed the swim!

I enjoyed swimming in the pool - the wild lake - all of it!

Hell, even my cousins wouldn't wake up at that ungodly hour. I still remember my Aunt saying "not today" sleepily from the balcony because it was too early. 

At least she cared for what her son thought. Hehe. 

Paradoxically, of course, my younger cousin would show up. 

Not surprisingly, my Mom hated that younger cousin. 

"He sits at home!" I can still hear it. Hehe. 

He never goes anywhere! He's always SITTING A THOME!

Poor guy was just going to college, Mom. What else would he do BUT sit at home after college? 

(and not like his sitting at home impacted YOU - he was in a room - my room - thats all!)

Of course, if he'd go out drinking etc that would be an issue too 

How dare he enjoy life. How dare any man. How dare anyone!

Anyway, this lunacy persisted ... till adulthood. 

Till now, of course. 

t's truly the SCOURGE that needs to be PURGED, my friend. 

Part of it of course is the idiotic and inane "power competion": and "we have more money than YOU!" drama (while furiously trying to find out how much money you have, hehe - and checking your parcels - trying to figure out whether it's bank cards or credit cards you're getting in the mail) that is common to control freak Nazi feminist morons. 

When I bought my wife a dishwasher, my mom pestered me up and down for days because apparently "it was a big investment". 

I was 30 years old. 

Like Mommy, I can figure out my own damn finances without your meddling - without so called input from a person thats never earned a dime in her life. 

Apparently the logic on that one was "This is India! We hire maids - annoying ones at that that show up at 6 in the morning to clang utensils loudly and never piss off when they're done" etc etc. 

Then of course, when I installed satellite TV instead of the silly ass "cable tV" that was all the rage back then in India. 

(That was again for the wife - yours truly doesn't watch the boob tube, as you know - and that was during "happier days with the wife". Do I miss it? Sometimes, but given how it's turned out, nah - I dont miss it at all! I'd rather be the single dog!) 

Mom wept up a storm about "how her son doesnt listen to her". 


WTF ? 

Then of course, the crowning glory of all this -w hen a phat phock of a Doctor once told me not to swim and drink beer so "my liver could recover". 

It never did. 

Years later, it did - and how! (at the age of 36 plus, when most had given up on it - and indeed, me, hehe). 

And it happened by methods of my own choosing, not what some phat phock Doctor that didnt follow his own damned advice told me to do. 

And of course, Mommy went behind my back and cajoled him to write "no beer" on the prescription he handed me. 

He was almost embarassed writing that. 

I asked him politely just why he'd do such a stupid thing. 

"Your mother....: " 

His voice trailed off.

Given the area he works in (Nazi feminist Central hub) - he probably deals with a ton of these maniacs daily. 

But really, my friend. 

You can laugh, or you can curse when all this is happening to you - and I bet it has, or is, or will at some point. 

Unless you're lucky enough not to be dealing with Nazi feminists in some way, shape or form. If you are, great - I salute you!

But believe me, the best thing to do? 

Is to combat it - and WIN against it - take your freedom BACK - and of course PROFIT in ways these Bozos never thought possible. 

And no, with Nazi feminists, going out all guns blazing will backfire. 

Remember "they're women so they can get away with bloody murder", but if a man says something, he's automatically abusive. Hehe. 

Thats how it works, friend. 

But thats NOT how it was supposed to work - or SHOULD work. 

Goose and gander!

But since they wanna play it this way?

We'll play it OUR Way too , my friend. 

And the book on combating Nazi feminist behavior, and PROFITING IMMENSELY from that - well, it's 85% done, and I'm planning on having it out this coming week. Lets see how that goes, but I truly think thats the next one out!

For now, place your pre-orders HERE

(And for all those that have already placed a pre-order for Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness" - another book in the works - a huge, huge THANK YOU for your support! Thank you - we couldn't be doing all this without you! 

And for those that haven't, please place a pre-order now for the book - linked above). 

Remember - your support doesn't just count. It helps - and matters - a whole hell of a lot!

So thats something to digest. 

And I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee 

I saw a post the other day somewhere - I believe on WeChat about China complaining that "the US is being too strict by banning student visas etc in increasing numbers from china". 

They were pretty blunt about it, and did not use polite language either (China) as they never do (of course,when WE call the China plague what it is i.e. the China plague, they throw a hissy fit!). 

I think they said "cultural warfare" or some nonsense. 

Typical Global Times Tom Tom b.s.. 

A person commented as follows 

"Yet, students from overseas still cannot return to China". 

So true!

Neither can most people even if they want to. 

You have to have the vaccine for once. NO CHOICE! And to add insult to injury, it has to be the China approved "Sino" vaccine which to me is utter hypocrisy and a case of, much like the much Tom Tommed security law in Hong Kong last year, China trying to impose it's will upon the entire world in general. 

That law says amongst other things you could be sitting in the US writing an op-ed on China, and not say what the CCP tom Tom's (all BS) - and they'd be within their rights to arrest you upon landing in HK the next time. 

Of course, they claim the law isn't "intended" for that purpose. 

Somehow I beg to differ, given the reality of what is going on in Hong Kong. So sad to see whats happening there!

Anyway ... 

Goose and gander is an alien concept for China, and many companies too I believe. 

One of them being Payoneer which I often use - though not for super important payments etc. 

Always have more than one option, and I showl do. 

But, I still use 'em, and they're important to me, but I knew - as soon as the logo changed to a "rainbow" logo that "bad" things were in the offing. 

They recently went big, and public I believe. Which I applauded them for! 

They did it in 2020, I think. 

But anytime this in your face tom tomming the "rainbow" spirit goes on, there's trouble brewing. 

If just for the liberal mindset behind it. 

Not saying Payoneer is this or that, just saying ... 

But lets stick to facts!

Inexplicably, they blocked my account a couple of days ago. 

I emailed them. 

It's been 3 days, and no-one has bothered to get back to me other than a stock response I got on Twitter after raising a bit of Cain, but even that, you could tell they dont really care. 

I swear, customer service everywhere! It's become much like companies telling you "dont ask for customer service" because first thing you know, they dont tell you anything you do not already know by looking at the site or whatever (will orders come today? Will they be delivered? Customer service spits out the same thing that the computer in front of you is right now, so where and what is the point??)   ... and second, theyre increasingly being manned by copy and paste robots from God knows where (actually I know very well. Hah). 

I sent them POLITE emails 

Nothing rude at all!

And of course, they never got back. 

I'm sure they'll get back with somethig about being too busy or "the plague from China". 

How dare I say that, they might even say. 

Well, guess what - thats what it is, and thats what I WILL say no matter who tells me not to. 

And I done got the red ass today... 

A couple of days ago, I logged into my Payoneer account, and it wouldn't let me login with the "account blocked" error. No incorrect password attempts made, nothing at all out of the ordinary - I've been using Payoneer for a few years now, but haven't ever encountered this issue.

No biggie, I thought. Probably random system checks or something - it happens - so I figured I'd email them and see.

Given the appalling level of customer service I've received thus far from several big companies (companies you'd think were "bulwarks" in this and other regards) i.e. customer service these days is like talking to a "bot of sorts" that simply spits out the same damn information you can see on the screen in front of you, I was a bit leery of doing this with Payoneer.

But, the last I contacted them I believe in 2018, their service was fine - a bit slow, but ultimately OK.

It seems to have changed now.

Not only have my emails not been answered/acknowledged for three days plus at the time of writing this, but my Twitter etc have also all gone unnoticed.

Since Payoneer doesn't appear to be much interested at all at looking into this, I'm posting here - any ideas why this could have happened? No transfer out of the ordinary, nothing at all to be quite honest ...

Speaking of which, I wonder why one has to sign up twice i.e. once for Payoneer itself, and the the "community"?

I read recently that Payoneer went public - not sure if this is what happens when a company goes "Big", but I've seen plenty of cases of it happening, them forgetting their customers that GOT THEM THERE - and then crashing. Sad if that happens to Payoneer, but guys (Payoneer!) - please at least GET BACK TO ME on this - this delay is most appalling and something I can't quite comprehend.

(yes, I know, Covid and so forth, but we are ALL dealing with that!).

Please let me know.

Rahul Mookerjee


Now, I'm sure some - especially the shrinking violets and lily livered poltroons would tell me "caution!" 

Dont call 'em out - they handle your money!

Much like when I had the issue with HK immigration with them stopping me willy nilly for something that was THEIR Fault, period, THEIR fault - I believe I've explained it all here - I was told then "dont file a complaint! Your money is in Hong Kong!" ... 

Um, sorry, but no thanks. 

If I feel I've been wronged, I could truly give a rats ass less. 

And a short while after the above post, which was curiously "subject to moderation" - the Twitter guys piped up with the stock response. 

Dont you just hate it when customer service gets back with "Hey! Hang in there!" 

Like fix the damn problem already and THEN get back to me with solid results, not airy fairy nonsense about "Hi How are you" and long flowing lines about empathy - all thats all good, but results are what count, friend. 

I was amazed though to see the warning I got from Payoneer privately. 

Please note, that it is prohibited to start discussions related to customer support issues specific to your account. These discussions will be removed from the forum. All customer support inquiries should be submitted directly to Payoneer Customer Care.

You can search for a solution in our Support Center, or here on the forum and if there is no answer you are looking for, you will see a contact us button. Or you can contact on Twitter or Facebook.

Please do not start multiple discussions related to the same topic, comment on the same thing multiple times or post similar replies to various topics that are unrelated to your discussion. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

On the surface of it, you might agree, but ... 

Well - here's my reply!


While I understand what you're saying and am perfectly happy to abide by the "Regulations" on this one - here's a couple of other things -

1) What I posted wasn't just related to my account - I'm pretty sure others may have, or are experiencing the same thing as well.

There are also others that have posted SPECIFIC questions with regard to their account - see this (url chopped) - (see Yuri (Nov 2020) 's post) - but not sure if their posts were removed - evidently not?

2), and more importantly, the only reason I posted here is because no-one seems to be interested in getting back to the support request I sent in on Monday. It's now Wednesday (three days) - and other than a stock "in process" response on Twitter, I have not received a response.

Personally, I believe in goose and gander i.e. if someone is allowed to post certain content, then the other person should be too. Simply being "critical of Payoneer" (which is a good thing in that it helps any company improve their services) ... shouldn't be grounds for banning the post.

However, I'm not debating that so much as requesting you once again to get back to me on my support request.

Thank you!


For reference, the post in question that I was referring to ... was a post about an user posting an exact message he got from their customer care, verbatim, about a card or something not working. 

Except, he wasn't critical of Payoneer. 

This strike a bell, folks? 

Liberals, and the 'my way or the highway', anyone???

And to me, thats simply not acceptable. 

We'll see what Payoneer does on this one!

On another note, I've been recieving some ultra furious responses to my last email about "when the looting starts, the shooting starts". 

My friend, if you'd even READ what I wrote there, youd know it's the opposite of racist. 

Liberals don't do a good job if at all of either reading or comprehension. 

And here is the thing. 

True, it is likely CERTAIN elements in both BLM And the current madness in South Africa that are taking advantage of the situation. 

But then why don't we see the black community in general speak OUT against them - why don't we see the black community in general say "Hey, BLM started out along the RIGHT LINES, but it's morphed into anarchy, hurting the very people it claims to support. Not on!" 

Same thing for Islamic terrorists. 

Why don't we see more Muslims condemn Hamas? 

Oddly enough, when it's China and the atrocities in Xinjiang, they stay quiet too! 

Goose and gander truly is an alien concept these days. Truly so!

The last interaction with Payoneer has truly left a bad taste in my mouth. 

If they think thats how to grow a company, more power to them!

Anyway ... 

I'm out. 

But before that, remember one thing - as the Sheriff said in First Blood, part I. 

People start fucking around with the law, all hell breaks loose!

Of course, Sheriff was in the WRONG THERE.

Thats different. 

But Rambo my friend, did eventually get put in jail. 

The law, my friend, just must be followed - there are no two ways around this. 

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Almost forgot to Tom tom the best damned fitness system out there - eVER - here it is - the 0 Excuses Fitness System. 

Plenty of long videos included too!

I am sure this will get me a lot of flak - so be it - I've been wantin to say it for the past two days, now I am. 

It is nothing short of SAD - and PATHETIC - what is happenign right NOW in the great nation of South Africa!

Just as what happened to Zimbabwe, rightly known as the "bread basket" of Africa - once upon a time a prosperous and thriving nation that Mugabe destroyed beyond any repair it would seem, the same thing seems to be happening to South Africa, 

Two beautiful countries, so much nature, so many great people. 


No, I'm not an apartheid supporter, so those that are thinking that, please - don't. 

IT was reprehensible, and anyone with any sense will tell you that. 

But the point of the matter is ... 

In Zimbabwe, like it or not, it was the white owned farms doing the best - and providing employment etc to dozens if not more people - white, black , everyone!

Then came the protests and forced land seizures. 

Several great folk left Zimbabwe, Andy Flower, the great cricketer being one. 

He was very dramatically pulled out of South Africa I believe during the middle of a world cup match so Mugabe's henchmen couldn't get him!

There are no telling what heights he would have reached, say in Australia or perhaps even the UK ... 

He was a great and very underrated batter and wicketkeeper!

Anyway, cricket aside, point being (Henry Olonga, of course, the black guy with him was even braver - at least Flower had a British passport - Olonga had exactly F all in that regard, but he devoted himself to the cause! Today both are safel y residing in the UK) ... that the forced land grabs - and "returning land"? 

Exactly what is accomplished - well, "God only knows". 

Because they accomplished NOTHING. 

Folks in support of that say "well ,that needs to happen for the blacks to get thier land back". 


What needs to happen is everyone needs to work and be promoted etc on MERIT!

We cannot, my friend, keep clinging on to the past. 

Zimbabwe, and now South Africa is one prime example of the that. 

Apparently the former President Zuma was put in for contempt of court. 

I dont know just why the hell he didnt show up for the anti corruptipn hearings if he had nothing to hide? 

More to the point - where is the excuse to start LOOTING and rioting for this?? 

I mean , protest all you like, but much like the BLM and Antifa madness in the USA - it's hurting the very people the movement purports to support!

Dont get me wrong. 

Protest all you like. 

But do so LEGALLY and without harming others!

BLACK people - get this - and Ive said it many times before - were the most harmed during the BLM and defund police madness. 

And when faced with a mob intent on wreaking hell, there is but one way to deal with it, my friend. 

No, I dont support Tinamenn style putdowns. 

Neither do I support chaos and anarchy. 

The law, my friend, simply must reign, and that was the Trumpinator's point, and guess what. 


Anyway, never a good idea to cling on to the past, but its always a good idea to RELIVE good things from the past, and Fast and Furious Fitness - the Collector's Edition is one of them. 

Two copies left, so grab them while you can. 

Once gone - they're GONE!

I'm out. BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

This morning, as I woke up, one of my first thoughts wasn't the hill - it wasn't my upcoming workout today - gonna be a sizzler - it wasn't Joo Tube or anything else either. 

It was this "it's raining! John Walker doesnt have to crud around in the garden today raking non existent leaves and can work on the car, or read, or whatever, instead of doing boring montonous repetitive work that probably isnt' there to be done anyway". 

I dont know why this thought struck me. 

I dont know why I fell asleep after waking up. 

And then "suddenly woke up" again, with the skies all dark outside!

But then I remembered he's in the UK - not in China - not in India - not in Japan - not anywhere other than good ole "Ole Blighty". Hehe. 

Anyway, the story he sent in a while back about how he literally saved his nephew's life - and if YOU on this list have not read it, then go HERE to read it. 

This should also be a long overdue wake up call for the Bozos who claim and whine about "Rahul Mookerjee makes it sound like grip training is as important as breathing!" 

Then, go HERE for "first part" of Unsung Heroes (which wasn't meant to be a first part second part third part email anyway; just how it worked out!). This I suppose is part two ... 

Rain, rain, rain. I once made an Instagram video about rain in China - Southern China, specifically, where it seems to rain ALL the time. I once made the joke about Dongguan having a competition with "Cherapunji" in India for the rainiest place in the world! 

Quite literally, it POURS in Southern China like nothing you've ever seen before. Roads turn into floods and rivers before you know it (yeah, despite the development in China - it's lopsides, and a lot of it is a mirage and smokescreen) - the Metro stations pour water - and it all happens!

And of course, trees fall on the hill I so love, and climb even in pouring rain . 

That bit is, or should be covered in 16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections. You guys will love that book. I could probably put out three more volumes on that right off the bat! Maybe I will. Hehe. 

But anyway, last night I wrote to you about the whiners, whangers, pissers and moaners that complain about "no-one cares" or "woe betide me". 

To them, I basically said - GROW up. No-one cares!

That email is there in your Inbox right now most likely. 

But I also thought about a lot of the people (and a lot of YOU) on this list that have been on it for years - that buy from me - that have supported me, been loyal to me etc. 

Real men. 


Do we ever hear about THEM - their stories? 

Sure, not all of them are the sort to publicly tom tom their stories anyway!

For instance, I spoke about what Charles Mitchell, retired ex man in blue from NY asked me about "Profound 70% Gorilla 30% Handstands" . 

Great question, but the point here is this - for people like him, do we ever hear them complaining about "how tough the midnight shifts were"? 

How many lives THEY saved? 

How many people THEY helped? 

You dont see these people wearing fancy clothes, make up etc getting on Youtube parroting silly lines about "do it for yourself, no-one else!" - or "feelings are what count!" and so forth. 

Or any of the other inanity that passes for self help these days. 

They get down to brass tacks - and do. 



Then we have a former Samurai in the UK on this list - whose likely done more training in his life than a lot of us have or will during our lifetimes. 

Former auto workers. 

That likely did a great, stellar job day in and day out in their companies!

Amidst all the babel the panderers, sissies and Mama's boys create - do we ever hear about THEIR stories? THEM? 

I often share what my readers write to me, because it deserves to be!

And if you have anything you'd like to share - workout wise - or life wise - shoot me an email - and I'll share it here with everyone! 

No real reason for doing so, except it gives you more of a "voice", and the entire community gets to hear your story, which doesn't always happen in "real life" if you get my drift. 

Personally, I'd rather hear from real men and doers rather than some Bozo on Joo Tube. 

The "unsung heroes" as I like to call them!

And in that spirit, I just created another discount code "UNSUNGHEROES" - which is valid and active starting as of NOW. 

25% FLAT discount on anything you buy off the site (with the usual $100 minimum purchase value required). 


Why so soon after the last July 4 discount I gave, which was a resounding success by the looks of it? 

Well, thats one reason!

And second, I dont know, seemed like the right thing to do last night, so I did it!

So - use the code - and order away - have fun! It's a three day code, and I'm pretty sure I wont extend it beyond the deadline! 

Now, what else... 

Ah yes, the sales page on the book on Nazi feminism. The pre-order for that. Thats coming soon too - perhaps by the end of today or tomorrow. 

And of course, the pre-orders we've got going on Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness

And remember, last thing, the "Fast and Furious Fitness - the Collector's Edition" - still a couple of copies left, so if you want in, grab 'em now. Autographed for YOU at NO extra charge as well! 

(I haven't Tom tommed that last bit enough, it seems. Hehe). So I am now!

Oh yeah. 

I knew I was forgetting something. 

That being, I might increase my youtube presence despite not really liking videos etc - because some of the questions I've been getting ,for instance, on the extended arm pushup - deserve it. 

Granted, most of what you need to know is covered in the 0 Excuses Fitness Videos. 

But, I dont know, like Lee Lowder said the other day - Kiddie Fitness would be even better with a video, which of course (at the time I wrote the book) i could never get my little one to do. Hehe. 

Maybe I'll try again. 

Or, maybe I'll put one out for Pushup Central - although the workout video in 0 Excuses Fitness is 85% pushups anyway, so those of you into pushups - just grab that! 

Then of course, pull-ups. 

So much to do, so little time. 

Come to think of it, I'm in a pensive (in a good way) mood right about now, so I'll end this here, and conitnue staring at my cup of tea. Hehe. 

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Monday, 12 July 2021 16:10

No-one cares, my friend...

Or, I could say, the hidden side of self-help - but a very necessary dark side indeed that nobody out there is willing to bring to you - except me. 

And I wouldn't say it, but several of the whiny form entries I'm getting on the coaching page ... well, let me just say a lot of those have prompted me to say what I am now!

In short - my friend - if you're aiming at something - if you're frustrated - if you're not getting where you wanna be - and so forth - and the thing that "gets you the most" is "no-one notices or no-one cares", well, then I've already told you about the values and virtues of vision, persistence, gumpton, sales and marketing and so forth ... 

... but what I didnt tell you is this, my friend. 

No-one freaking cares. 

Get used to it. 

It's a fact of life. 

It's how humans are wired. 

And it's especially applicable (me saying this these days) as its something the veritable barrage of mostly armchair self help gurus wil NEVER tell you. 

They'll post glitzy photos of themselves showing plenty of skin, usually tanned bronze like they were yoga contestants, hehe, or on some movie inspired vacation with their best make up on saying ... " do it on your own time!"

To the hustlers that contact them after hours, they'll whine about "family is most important", or "take time out for your mental health" and other such airy fairy feel good BS and garbage which has NO impact in the real world. 

Oddly enough, one of the people posting tripe such as this sleeps with her phone in hand when she's doing a new project!

The hypocrisy and foolishness, my friend, is beyond belief at times. 

I wont name her here. 

But it's just a case of getting more clicks for their own business etc is what these people are aiming at - not any real self help. If it was the latter, the focus would be on TALK - heavy talk - not all the garbage videos and pictures!

Not to mention, motivation works best when it comes from someone thats been in the trenches and shares their real story - the nitty gritties - the unsexy parts - and so forth - parts that I share, for instance, that most wouldn't dream of sharing on their sites to their lists etc. 

I do because ... its REAL LIFE!

Real success, my friend, involves something NO-ONE has ever wanted to talk about, even less so now. 

Plague or no plague, good economy or bad - there are two things constant - 

One, The GRIND as Mike Pompeo calls it in his new venture. 

You can call it the har dyards. 

the slog. 

Call it what you like, but ditching it in favor of airy fairy rubbish of "weekends are for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" aint gonna get you any closer to your goal - likely the opposite. Perhaps if you've already got to where you want to be, you can structure some flexibility into your routine ie. you own your biz, not the other way around so much, but before that - it'll always be a grind, and even after that if youw anna STAY on top! 

I cannot tell you the number of people that have risen - gotten complacent - and fallen again to greater depths. 

Yours truly very proudly ranks in that sort too! (at various points in my life thus far). 

But the grind, my friend is unavoidable, and the ONLY PATH to success. There is nothing else leading to lasting and long term success!

And two -no-one cares. 

Lets face it, friend. 

thats how we are wired as humans, to look for "whats in it for me". 

SO unless you MAKE your business, your life, whatever you do something that Impacts your target audience positively, guess what - your struggles or not, your up times, downtimes, no times, zero times, hehe - no-one CARES. 

That may sound especially galling to some reading this. 

"He's rubbing it in " they might say. 


So am I, I suppose. But it needs to be!

EVERYONE is in it for themselves my friend. 

My old bosses - Uncle J and the lot. Yours truly. You. Me. Donald Trump. Ultimately, we're ALL wired to function that way!

And those that understand it quicker, the better off they are!

More - 

You talk about people not caring, eh. 

Well, it's well known that the Trumpinator for one picked up the plague from China in 2020. 

You know that. 

But did you know that while Trump was roundly ridiculed for doing the sensible thing i.e precautions but not succumbing to panic, that privately despite his campaign never saying it - he was actually in bad shape there for a while ?

He was truly havin trouble breathing etc. 

True, he pulled through. 

He's a fighter - always will be!

But not for once did he allow his focus to waiver from the goal i.e. the elections at hand. 

Till date, he hasn't pissed, whined, or moaned up a storm about this silly thing ... and neither should he! 

He understands one thing very well. 

"No-one cares!" 

Thats the sort of positive attitude YOU need my friend - when times are down - bleak - tough. 

THOSE are the guys that eventually make it through to solid greener pastures - and succeed!

Fitness wise, same thing - tough times? Pushups too tough? Feeling exhausted and run down? 

Often times, you have to just push through it!

Much like most of my other advice, this sort of thing ain't sexy - and no-one wants to hear it. 

They're rather the airy fairy garbage the self help clowns spout. 

Fitness wise, they'd rather the "easy make me feel good" fitness books. 

So be it. 

Yours truly - well, thats one reason as I've said before, hehe, that I'm not as rich as Jeff Bezos as yet, LOL. 

But seriously. 

I'll never stop giving it to yo ustraight. 

It's what I'm known for everywhere, and I dont plan on changing!

Alright, enough for now. 

Be sure and pre-order Lumberjack "Lodestone" fitness HERE. 

And I'll see you soon!


Rahul Mokerjee

PS - Real world self help actionable tips and techniques HERE - Zero to HERO! - and here - Gumption Galore!

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