Thursday, 21 October 2021 12:44

"Why I cant sign up again"

I was recently chatting with a girl Lucy - who I blocked earlier this afternoon. 

Its the usual BS with her of not replying to anything (except what suits her), it's the usual nonsense about "I am tooooooooooooooooooo busy all the time", the usual crap about "there's always a reason I dont reply directly to questions you pose" - and so forth. 

I got sick of it eventually, and blocked her - not so much in a pique, but AFTER explaining all this to her, much like I did with Dani the other day (to her credit, Dani responded as I expected her to, in a sane and calm manner, of course, she's someone with brains, not some Bozo like this Lucy whose apparently into "sleeping around" or some nonsense - nah, I'd rather stay away!) ... 

A few hours later, I unblocked her. 

Blocking people is something I rarely do, as oppposed to the majority of people out there who will simply up and block people, and wont give them a chance to reply. 

Like people saying something, then just "blocking" so you canot reply. 

It's JUVENILE, my friend - childish to the extreme, and usually happens when the other person is in the wrong, which she was here (to me, I can tolerate everything and any preference, but rudeness and disrespect - someone trying to curtail my freedom of speech (like former friend Charles) - dishonesty - backstabbin (Bozo, all of the above)) - that is a RED LINE FOR ME. 

But I unblocked her, just to give her a chance to reply, though I knew it would be some BS. 

Sure enough, I got a "smile" - followed by a "recall" message i.e. a feature WeChat has where you can send the other person a message, then they can "take it back". 

Another one of those chilidsh, idiotic features, in her case, it was to see if I unblocked her. 

Which I had, of course, she wouldn't answer anything I had addressed before that. 

So I let it rip, let her have it, and of course, she bailed . Hehe. 

Which is fine ............. 

I dont know what has happened to people in general, especially over the past few years - just STRANGE is the way people are acting. 

Including other agents etc who apparently are always too busy making excuses about being busy to DO any real work ... 

Anyway, I've been known for removing people from my life - and WITHOUT EXCEPTION, once the stale energy goes, better comes. 

So like I've been sayng, I've been doing a cull on this list. 

I've been paring down the over 13K (at this point) list to something far more "niche and manageable", and MORE curated than it already was... 

Because if I'm sending you all this, if there is NO action from your end on anything then really, and I have said this before, it is pointless for you to be on the list. (free reading can be done via the website, but people just dont do the right thing and unsubscribe themselves if they have NO intentions of ever "taking action" and doing something i.e. buying anything). 

So I took matters into my own hands, and sure enough, the complaints started. 

Look, if I've removed you from the list there has to be a damn good reason I DID it in the first place. 

And if I've blocked you from signing up - that reason multiplies by 10. 

Sure, you can still EMAIL me - thats fine. 

But the list - no - it's a highly curated list, and I'm getting tired of certain people on it that DO NOTHING - just ... I dont know, are little more or less than "bumps on a log". 

Same thing with my life. 

And it's pretty much what I'd encourage YOU to do too, my friend ... 

OK, enough of this. 

But if you're getting a "not allowed to sign up" message, now you know why. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The 0 Excuses Fitness System is right HERE

I gotta be brutally honest about this one, all the news I see on this is so hopelessly either politicized, or goddamn WRONG. 

And missing the point - boat - entirely by a country mile or so forth. 

Politics aside, this won't be one of my typical "conservative" pieces either by the wya - let me roll up my sleeves, and give it to you straight as someone whose been there, done that, way back in the day - and it was a lot better, the overall situation back then!

The libs for one keep pushing back against the assertion - which I believe holds TRUE to a large degree - that giving people huge amounts of aid (in a comparitive sense) -  over and over again does nothing but enfroce the feeling that "Big Government will always be there to help", and end of the day "the government will do something". 

Sometimes, this can be good. 

I believe Trump did the absolute right thing when he announced those initial COVID checks and aid but it's gone on for way too long, my friend. 

The piper has to be paid sometime, somehow, and a lot of people - NOT all - but a lot - simply got accustomed to getting paid for doing nothing - and therefore, they aim at just that. 

As the great Jeff Bezos rightly said, human beings are naturally lazy - and they'll find a way to do LESS no matter what (or get the job done in an easier manner no matter what). 

Laziness aside, yours truly is the perfect example of the latter - finding ways to creatively make more money as opposed to slogging through broken glass on my elbows tthrough the figurative field to deposit checks in an account, hehe. 

And I'll take it!

But the aid, or lack of it NOW is NOT the main reason in my opinion. 

Does anyone ever talk about what these businesses are OFFERING? 

Crappy wages that haven't risen in forever, and the minute the employee wants more, they start looking around for a replacement. 

Or, per hour employment "ad hoc" with no health insurance, no benefits, nothing ... 

Or, as some companies do, be cheap on wages by saying "we offer you free housing, free this, free that!" 

Hell, son, I dont want your free housing, I tell 'em. I'd rather have the CASH IN HAND and figure out what to do with it and where to live MYSELF!

They complain these days about people saying they'll show up for interviews, then never showing up - or showing up, getting the offer, and then bailing. 


How it feels funny when the shoe is on the OTHER FOOT!

BAck in the day, I'd ask people EXACTLY what people are asking now. 

i.e. can you pay me what you want, and if you can't, then it's a waste of time me even coming in. 

More than 11 years down the line, people are only starting to ask that, and employers are already up in arms. Haha. 

Hell, I remember some interviews I went to where I knew it was a waste of time. 

I went anyway for the long drive. Hehe. Or to get out of the house. 

These days, heck, if I were in that position, I'd save my cash - and gas - and get a six pack instead. 

Then you have a lot of employers quietly getting fat on their stock options, bonuses or what not - do we EVER hear about them saying they're "doing well"? 

No, it's always "cut throat margins", we're under a lot of pressure etc. 

We woul dnever know Jeff Bezos's worth if it wasn't for the internet, given how little the man, who is by far the businessperson I admire MORE - speaks about his immense and WELL EARNED, truly DESERVED WEALTH.... 

Think of it from the employee's perspective though when businesses use every excuse to extract that last bit of flesh from the employee "pound of flesh". 

Then apparently people "dont want to do the grunt work". 

I got a solution. 

Offer them enough, they WILL!

Hell, this has been going on for a long time, friend. People dont want employees with BRAINS that will demand more, that will want just rewards for their work, and so forth. 

That caused me to entirely drop out of the workforce years back - and that aint gonna change - ever - no matter WHAT. 

And another bottom line, there are simply too many people int he world, and too much, as I've said before, "me , me, me!" going on!

Attracting what I want - OK, great. 

But when everyone is focusing on me, it aint gonna end up purdy in the long run ... 

Anyway, what do I know. 

I'm just the fitness pioneer and in many other areas too - where when I first started, I had ONLY Digital products - NO paperbacks or hardcovers!

EVERYONE told me that wasn't the way to go. 

Everyone pointed me to the gurus, how they "shipped hard copies of everything". 

Aint nothing wrong with that, friend. 

But there is a time and place for that - and customers that want that sort of thing - and theyre great customers, dont get me wrong - but NOW? 


I'm SO glad I continue to operate as a one man show (which Charles once famously derided "you know nothing!" - apparently one's worth or biz success is determined by how many employees one has) ... with VERY little overhead - other than my own time, labor, input, and expertise, an dso forth. 

And therefore, yours truly is sailing through all of this relatively unafffected. 

think it's just me doing this? 

Think again!

There's people now on Amazon literally packing stuff in bags you'd expect to find at Walmart - and shipping them out that way to save a buck. 

I was horrified when I ordered a product, and saw it packed that way - true, it wasn't a product that needed fancy or even extensive packaging, but still!

But that, my friend, will keep happening... 

And last, but not least, this goddamn supply chain crisis? 

SOME of it is inevitable yes, but I truly believe a lot of the so called crises are man made. 

And getting back to biz, and businesses not being able to find employees or what not, I'll quote ole Boris in the Uk when he said businesses basically need to stop relying on low cost labor and actually , you know, PAY their employees a bit more!

So goddamned true, my friend, despite him being pilloried from all ends, he's HIT the nail on the head. 

Sometimes, employers do need to get their GAME in order. 

Anyway .............. 

Thats my take on it. 

And if you have another, write back, tell me!

And of course, remember that a solid, strong immune system is the very best thing you can do for yourself NOW. 

This linK HERE will get you what you need right NOW- The 0 Excuses Fitness System. 

I'll see yall!


Rahul Mookerjee

And it's a mistake I've made in the past, NOT focusing on this business as much as I should have - though I never quite "gave it up either". 

But middling effort in the middle years meant, well, middling or declining results, and now, well, the results show. 

But anyway ... I've spoken a lot about a lady named Carol. 

Others too. Hehe. 

Yes, so sayeth the man "with no sex life": - "and too much of it" - depending on how you look at it, LOL! 

You know what this girl Carol asked her "center" once? 

(where I was badgered into doing a Sunday morning class, which to be honest I accepted only because of the girls, hehe). 

Carol was a student there, that is how I initially "met" her. 

I forget her face, of course, and the second time I met her she was in a mask. 

So, I couldn't recognize her - and she oddly enough recongized me (HA!). 

Yes, my face stands out in a crowd - always been that way - good or bad - and when Chinese immigration cannot recognize me on my passport, I've always wondered WTF. 

Of course, each of my photographs is decidenly not photogenic or perhaps a lot so - depending on how you look at it (I've been accused of "Stealing pictures: too. That picture you see on the INspiratonal Fitness Recollections page - a certain idiot Maggie accused me of stealing it! LOL). 

I forget her face (Carols) again - and the first time she met me outside class, was oddly enough, when she was helping me find a "cleaning lady" (not Glyn, no!). 

Bozo was raising hell in "Keeping it real in China" at that point. 

But I couldn't recognize her, and she giggled. 

'I like it when my teacher recognizes me!' 

This girl Carol till date has been one of the two women - or perhaps the only one - that without trying (I doubt she knew it herself) BROKE through the wall (in many regards) that I built around myself from a very young age, and let nary a person through. 

And she did it so damn expertly, no wonder it happened and turned out the way it did. 

but anyway, she asked the "boss" at the learning center this behind my back (when she thought I wasn't looking). 

"How can he be native English speaker, his skin not white color, he brown!" 

(right down to the grammar. LOL) 

Now, credit to her - after "three months with me" - she was speaking English better than me perhaps, a better "education" than she could ever have paid for if you get my drift. Hehe. 

As she later said. 

"Because I have no choice!" 

She didnt. Hehe. I spoke English to her, none of the sissy crap about "I'll learn your language Ma'am" like a lot of Bozos keep doing. 

Nothing wrong with learning another language, but, well, you know how it goes!  

Anyway ............. 

That question by itself, of course sums up exactly what I hate most about ESL, other than the Bozos there, and why I dont do it despite being propositioned almost daily to do it (big bucks). 

It's not so much about the moronic factor - well, it IS. 

I can't stand FOOLS. 

It's about the disrespect too. 

And when I Do this business, or any others I do? 

Most people that buy my books do so either to "enjoy them" - or because (mostly) they want to LEARN the skills I have. 

"you can do things people can't, but want to, which is why people buy your books". 

and there endeth the discussion. 

And a few idiots, Bozos and price shoppers aside - most of you? 

Thats what it boils down to, plain and simple. 

You buy my stuff and learn from me - not because of the color of my skin or how long my hair or what not is, or how many hills I climbed (well, thats MAYBE one reason, hehe) - or how many women I've been with - or how many beersI downed - or ... well, you get the point. 

It's a simple BUSINESS transaction based upon MUTUAL RESPECT!

And thats what I always wanted to do all my life. 

Hence, I never stuck around in any job for long at all.  

My trading, my business here, the other things I write - people could give a rip less (i.e. real customers) about anything else other than what I BRING to the table, and thats a hell of a lot fitness wise. 

And, I would never let my guard down - or my standards down. 

Many women Ive been with wonder "why I dont care about them being with other men" (they think I dont know it. Hehe). 

I truly dont. 


Because I'm uber selective about who I really choose as a partner, as opposed to "bed fellow" if you get my drift. 


And the Carol sorts don't come along too often ... 

It's all about respect, to me. 

And its about intelligence. (true, Carols question was rather racist and dumb, but thats China, so .. gotta make allowances. She was actually and is blazingly intelligent...) ... 

And that, friend, is what I love most about doing real business. 

Back soon with more... !


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - 16 Inspirational fitness recollections (

Those long hot summers, those little birds (I forget the name) that trill ONCE in the heat and stop - I just heard one of them now. Celestial sign? I think SO!

Tuesday, 19 October 2021 06:53

"What you gonna do NOW?"

Marc the African Silverback Gorilla often had this to say when we were discussing "TIC" *this is China". 

"What you gonna do" he'd often say. Hehe. 

Which he was right, a lot of the "This is China" things... there's not much "a single person" can do. 

It's about collective thinking, when peoples mindset as a WHOLE changes - right down to the idiocy about skin color, foreign devils, dancing monkeys, idiotic rules set up to oddly enough, shoot themselves in their own feet ... and so forth. 

But I dont know, to me, it's also another memory, that of my Dad's friend once telling my Mom when she was (at the age of 17, before going to college) (as usual) "stop me from drinking beer" (which I hid and did anyway - including smoke fags etc - pun intended, and not, hehe - without anyone knowing about it. I suspect Dad knew a little, but as long as Mom didnt know, he didnt give a shit either way. oddly enough Dad's house was one when he was growing up, "all was allowed"!! Mine? Think AGAIN!) ... 

"How will you stop him when he leaves the house" was what this guy said. 

From a lifelong drinker and smoker, and quite like an Uncle of mine who passed years ago, so SAGE!

My Mom, of course, the next day complained about it.  

"What if it were his own son!" 

Well, he woudl probably have said the SAME thing, friend. 

True, his "own son" wasnt a rebellion "do it my way" sort. 

Much like my older cousin wasnt. 

And therefore, both of them were the "ideal sons" for my Mother. actually, everyone was for her - except me. Hehe. Bozo Schofield would be too, I'm sure!

But anyway ... 

I remember an instance in middle school where I was WHACKED - hard - by Dad (who claimed "I should beat you with an iron rod like the police do!") when I did nothing but "push back" against an idiot girl in school taunting me. 

Not being content to make me stand outside class for the whole day in the heat, apparently "she was a girl" "so she could do anything". 

And of course, my mom fed into this too, and growing up, in my family, it was all about "what made Mom happy". 

The sheer rage I feel NOW at it when I think? 

It isn't because he was physcially stronger than me at that age (physically my Dad has never been "strong" in any which way). 

It was the way in which that sort of thing shattered my self confidence. 

Right from the age of 3, when my mom pushed me against the wall - three corners closing in - I still remember it - for the cardinal sin of puking in the swimming pool (havent we all done it at some point??) - at the age of 3 - right after lunch (when I told my wife, she was like "jeez, at least go a bit AFTER lunch!") ... it was always that way. 

Now, why do I bring these two instances up. 

Because, as I've said before, a LOT of us feel this way ... 

A great customer of mine once emailed me saying he had an abusive father too - who once told him "not to take more milk" from the breakfast table. 

All the abuse caught up, and this guy, at the age of 13 bopped him one straight on the NOSE. 

Needless to say the abuse stopped thereafter. 

My own confidence was too shattered to do even that tho, plus I was always a "small specimen" (no, Vincent, I was not always a big dude, hehe) physcially... 

But it was things like "women can do it" but men can't that always amused me. 

In school us eighth graders would make boobs out of handkerchiefs, we got found out. 

Routine guy thing, you'd think. 

Yet the hammering I used to get at home for it - oh boy!

I remember asking Abhishek Raathi, a friend of mine about it - what HE got at home. 

Beyond the routine scolding, nothing. 

And dont get me wrong - I Dont condone disrespect - but neither do I condone NO goose and gander. 

Look, "just because he's a boy" doesnt mean he can be whacked and brutally punished - while women get away scot free. 

Especially if you're a kid doing what kids do ie PRANKS! 

But that was life for me growing up in a Nazi feminist household. 


If physically or otherwise attacked by anyone - woman or man - or in between Bozo - I'll go after them and then some. 

I could care less if they are weaker or stronger. Like Charles once famously told me. 

"I dont care who they are - woman, man or child - if they deserve a whack, they're getting it". 

Its sad the world has come to this, of course. 

But as my own wife said, people have no feelings anymore for anything - or anyone. 

And a lot of it is due to our experiences growng up and such. 

But anyway ... 

I grin every time I think of it "what are you going to do now" statement. 

It's so fuckin true ... 

And lesson herein for YOU with kids. 

REmember, you can beat them NOW. 

You can berate them until the cows come home!

(Speaking of which, my Mom oddly enough never said a word against the makers of the super hit Hindi Film Khalnayak which WOMEN loved too! - which really made the "boobie" thing popular in school at the time) 

(She took it out on me though for sure!) 

Anyway, you can do all that - now. 

But what exactly will you do once they grow up, friend. 

They're going to do what theyre going to do, and the more extreme the abuse growing up, chances are in many which ways, the more extreme the PERSON becomes. 

To me, I have channeled my own "anger" into succesful businesses - and indeed, when someone attacks me, my first thought is "how can I profit off this"

And I usually DO!

But not everyone is like that. 

Look at Glyn - look at the criminals globally - look at serial killers, the "worse than scum" paedophiles etc, one common thread amongst them all is a very unhappy and turbulent childhood. 

And, look at the successes - a LOT of them have the same thing. 

All depends on what you DO with life, and the lessons it imparts, but if you have kids, I'd say you should bear all this in mind, and then some, when dealing with them!

My Mom often asked me if "we should have let you run wild!" 

Oddly enough, the fascination I had with running wild would probably never be there if that were to be the case. Hehe. 

Fact, as the Bozo would say as well. 

Anyway ............................ 

Lifelong fitnes is another lesson ya'll should impart to your kids. 

And Kiddie Fitness does the trick very well indeed. 

Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Adult version of the above course here. If you want some, come GET some. 

Yes, like I said - I dont know how the title got so long. 

But lets talk training, let's talk books, lets talk - one of my best ever books (although I think the book on isometrics and Pushup Central would stake some serious claim to that title) ... if not THE BEST EVER - personally, if I had to choose, I'd probably choose this one just because how BRUTAL the regimes - or routines - which feel like regimes from the Colonial Era, hehe - are. 

Trust me, Battletank Shoulders is the book most talk about when they talk brutal workouts. 

But Animal Kingdom Workouts is equally, if not more brutal - and even quicker in terms of delivering results, and if you're sitting there thinking "it's too expensive", then you're a fool my friend, because this is one of the best books overall you can ever lay your hands on. 

Anyway ................. 

Here's an interesting Bozo review that came in last year ... 

Badly written, boring

I keep going back to Rahul's work as I have so much money to burn. Disappointment yet again. His writing style is very poor and the content focuses only upon himself.

Now, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to guess that this is the Bozo himself writing this -the way he puts the words in the subject line of his drunken review (he got toasted one night and left a bunch of hilarious reviews that I've been exploiting ever since, hehe - always the opportunist I am) (and also an expert in how to turn a troll's game onto himself or herself in a manner that truly makes the troll feel like what he is (in this case a grade A buffoon)). 

 Badly written? 

For the Bozo, yes, since it didnt involve me putting in "asses" in there (though the gorilla on the cover, well, as a 6'3" black guy "giggled" at me "some things are best left unsaid!

He also said some of my words (he was referrign to the erotica writing) made him "blush and turn pink though he was black". 

Which I get, hehe. 

Even the Bozo thats been downloading them off free off pirate sites or whatever hasn't complained about those books. Interesting how it works, the trolls actually buy the books they never claim to have bought, and dont buy the ones they so called troll (because the writer is so much better than they could eve be, hehe) ... 

But anyway, boring? Badly written? 

Most people LOVE this book - those that aren't put off by the price. 

Bozo was apparently, which hey, I get. LOL. 

Sitting in Mom's basement, with the plague from China havin taken his source of income i.e. scamming gullible Chinese women away, and of course yours truly calling him out and continuing to (on the Fitness Pioneer review he wept about how "what can I do to my friends!") ... 

Well, whatever I do, it doesnt involve butts Glyn, hehe .

But anyway, the "content only focuses upon himself" thingie. 

Lots has been made of this (in general, not my books or not). 

Apparently you should focus on the reader - THEIR NEEDS , THEIR ASPIRATIONS, THEIR DESIRES. 

Yet, here's the thing. 

There is a difference between selling - and executing. 

Yes, sales is 90% of the job. 

And in sales you do precisely what I say above. 

Or you'll never make a dime selling anything. 

Trust me, I'm a natural born "salesman" - the REAL sort that actually sells, and sells OODLES of not just fitness books, but many others. 

I've done it naturally - I;ve HAD to - since I was born! 

But in the book???


I dont sell in my books, friend, unlike some other idiots (in the fitness biz too) - that "sell you other books" in their books. 

Believe me, while I do have links to my other books at the end - in SOME of my books - thats the extent of it. 

Other than 0 Excuses Fitness, you do NOT need to buy any of my other books to benefit from anything I write in any book - and that too because it's a baseline of sorts, along with Gorilla Grip

Now ... 


Yes, hell yes, I focus on not me , but what I DO in the book. 

Glyn Bozo is just so stupid - but of course, for a monkey that equates teaching to showing up drunk in class, singing ABC and then pulling his pants down to take a dump right there in class (and no, I'm not making this up either - it's a TRUE tale - ask a certain "Roya" for one) ... it's all been well documented, including him getting deported, thrown out from Chuck's house in his underpants etc ... but he's just too stupid to get (and many are) - that it's about the teacher teaching, not, as in Glyn's monkey ESL jobs, the students teaching. 

You learn from the MASTER. 

You learn from someone that has HONED his craft to perfection - so you can hone yours. 

When it's time to learn, you shut your yap - and LEARN - unless it's time to ask questions, which I encourage all the time in any class I teach, have ever taught, or will teach. 

REAL questions, not Glyn"s "Madam can you show me your soles" idiocy. 

Apparently according to him another reason beyond his wild fetishes is "my feet are like a girls'" (Glyn told me that). 

Like, Glyn, really, who cares... and back to his nonsensical reviews.. 

I mean, it's stupid - without telling you what I do - and how I train - how would you learn from me? 

Bloody obvious, I'd say, the Bozo missed the train on that one, as he does all the time (though whether the train ever showed up is debatable). 

And it is only by focusing on how I do things that I can focus on YOU - and tell YOU what to do - therefore focusng on YOU - to get in the best shape of your life. 

It's so simple. 

Glyn Bozo clearly doesnt know what training means (which I get - for him the tongue in ass is the only training he does). 

And neither can he differentiate between fiction and INSTRUCTIONAL MANUALS... 

Anyway, why me say it. 

Here's another review that truly NAILS it ... 



This is one of your best books to date, clearly you understand what it takes to create the perfect beast.

Mastery of one's own bodyweight is so much more important than some random goal of adding 10kg to your bench press.

Moving your bodyweight with strength, grace and power is how the human animal was built to move.

People, do yourself a favour and buy this book and learn the lessons in it so you too can join the ranks of the superhumans. Yet another masterpiece Rahul.

Glyn Schofield, you're a clown and quite clearly you've never worked out in you pathetic little life, because if you had you'd know what's important in a "training book" which is the training information it supplies not whether it has typographical errors, "I mean come on man training books are about training not writing style".

Warmest Regards

John Walker.

Now, that my friend, is a real review - and the bolded parts are what you should pay attention to - and if I had to really, really give you "why you should get this book" in a few words - THAT is the reason - or those are the reasons why. 

Or, you could read the LONG list here... 

And while the sales letter may have Tai pos, the book, probably not. Hehe. Though there might be the odd one, I dont know, and I dont care. 

Because "dats not"what it's about, friend. 

OK, enough talk from me. 

Just man up and GET the book already, a lot of you just keep looking at PRICE, I dont get why. 

you want it, you know it. 

I know it. 

And it's one of the best fitness investments you could ever make. 

So, just "effing" do it... 


Rahul Mookerjee

The chant just gets louder, doesnt it? 

Me, me, me ... 

It's always all about the person saying it. 

Never about what anyone else might think - or not - or never about how the person himself or herself treats other people, and always about "this is ME! He (or she) better put up with it - or else!"

As of late, this line seems to have become even popular than the line above - 

"I dont run after people!" 

"Whoever comes into my life comes, whoever goes, goes. It's up to them, never ME!" 

Which is fine until a point, but people have been taking it to giddy limits over the past few years, and it's only increasing NOW (when it should be the opposite). 

Look, it's fine to put yourself first. You SHOULD. 

Yet, there is a line, often a fine line between narcissism which can spiral into an extreme version before you know it - and putting yourself first. 

There is an even finer liner beyond NOT letting other people be a drain on your time and energy - and not letting yourself be controlled or taken advantage of - and doing the same thing to others, or worse. 

There is a fine line again, between wanting RESPECT - for you - but being disrespectful to others. 

A pet peeve of mine is when people dont get back to me. 

It's only gotten WORSE over the years, and it aint just me either. 

You send someone a message - they dont reply. 

You send them emails - repeated emaijls - they dont reply. 

When they finally find time in their so called busy schedules (busy watching inane soap operas all day or the male equivalent) - they'll reply with annoyance at your asking mildy "well, why didnt you get back to me". 

Apparently getting back is about "me" and "when I feel like it!" and "I'll get back when I can!" and "if you dont like it, get out of my  life!" 

Sad it's come to this. 

Whatever happened to basic human decency? 

This afternoon, I was wondering what happened to a person whose always been fairly good about getting to me via email. 

She's disappointed me - as I eventually figured she would - i.e. the same "no response", and no, in case you're thinking, ain't nothing romantic or near about involved here. 

If I ask her, I'm sure she'll get back with "I'm sorry". Or, "I need time off from the world!" 

OR, her latest and most inane excuse "I blocked my email accidentally!" 

When the truth is, she's frustrated about something, and just doesnt want to reply - but Jay Roy, a guy I once worked with (a conman who was from Cameroon and pretended to be from the US, though anyone with half a brain could see right thru it, but then again, not many people at that workplace had anything resembling a brain to begin with so they thought anyone who wore their hat backwards and used the term "whatsup boy" in a made up voice was a rap star or some rubbish) had the following to say about this. 

Send them a red packet, see how quickly they reply!

I.e. send them China's version of digital money. Hehe. 

But really, it's pathetic. 

Like I said, one thing to stand up for yourself, be yourself, and NOT letting others dictate to you how to live life. 

Quite another to lose all sense and sight and even smell, if there is a such thing of human DECENCY .. 

Rise up, folks, rise up, I grow weary of saying it. 

ah, I get it. 

No-one cares anymore, right ? 

Well, you SHOULD care. 

Anyway, thats that from me. 

Remember, folks, the BEST damn fitness system is waiting for you - a system that alongwith the stellar and ONE OF ITS KIND videos (nothign like this out there) will get you in the best shape of your life - in your living room. 

No, it aint just pushups and squats, no, you cannot Google it and find it, no I dont provide "teasers" except on You Tube (i can just see people typing it in Google for "freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" hehe) and so forth. 

Did I answer all your objections as yet? 


I thought so. 

If not, let me know what I missed, and it shall be covered. 

And, that said, now the "call to action" for YOU - right HERE


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Another pet peeve of mine is idiots trying to constantly draw me into conversation with the "how are things" line - when they have no real intention of asking me how things are - its always to talk about them. 

I've lost track of the number of people who equate friendship with "shoulder to cry upon", but "never reciprocate". 

Sad it has come to this, aint it.

I knew there was a reason behind the ravens crowing, the birds chirping ... all of what I sent you earlier today. 

But let me give you yet another real life example of NEVER quitting, my friend. 

It may or may not seem significant, but it's TRUE. 

"As long as you keep fighting, never give up, the resources you need will be MADE available to you". 

This line keeps playing out in my head -has over the years, and only intensfies as I grow older!

And its always worked out that way. 

Houdini with nine lives didnt become houdini because he wanted to. He became because he trusted, and then DID. 

And told the world LATER. 

This here email is being written BEFORE the fact happens. And it will be sent out "later" ... 

a while back, my bank - one of the accounts I have, this bank headquartered in India, debited my account for a large amount - for no apparent reason. 

I checked, and the huge amount they took out was apparently for "ATM declined transactions". 

Now, admittedly, I had used my card (the debit card the bank gave me) on Amazon for certain declined transactions, admittedly they tried to charge my card quite a few times, like 20 or so - and there were fees associated (until I noticed my error, and changed it to the credit card which then got charged fine) ... but nowhere near the amount they actually debited, for about 10 x times that. 

Card issues are nothing new for me, hehe. My customers are aware of this too! Hehe. 

All works normally, but as always, I have backup upon backupon upon backup ... "just in case". 

So I complained to the bank. 

Their customer service - you got it - useless. 

I complained for three weeks or so, and simultaneously sent angry emails (though very logical) to their country head, regiional head, and their CEO too. 

Nothing happened, so it seemed. 

I went to the Reserve Bank of India - regulatory body over them. 

My complaint got turned down twice for some wierd reason. 

"You didnt give them enough time to reply". 

I replied back that I did with proof, but for some reason, nothing doing (which is strange - the RBI is pretty good about resolving this sort of thing if you explain what happened to them PROPERLY). 

Then, I went to consumer court - or the "online equivalent". 

I raised a complaint there, and some other places, nothing really happened. 

I complained again. 


After a month and a half, I "cut my losses", and forgot about the whole mess. 

But, things were happening behind the scenes, much like many things happen before that seed SPROUTS into a PLANT - and then a tree! 

That thought kept coming to my mind for some odd reason over the past couple of months. 

A couple of days ago, I checked that account which I pretty much stopped using since that happened, and there was a credit - a tiny one. 

I asked them what it was. 

IT was related to the issue above. 

OK, great. 

I forgot about it after that. 

Then out of the blue, FINALLY - two plus months later - a RESPONSE - from a real person came!

And they sent me a list of transactions for which charges were being applied, which I had been asking for for ages. 

Of course, it was just those 20 declined transactions. 

So, I told them that i.e. just  20, fine, charge for those, but not the amount you debited! 

No reply. 

Followed up. 


This morning, I got an odd - or maybe not - answer after doing handstand pushups. 


Dear Sir,

We are arranging the approval for whole amount reversal as a service gesture."

Along with that, another email showed up from support (tech support) on another organization as I wrote this (unrelated to this, but I didnt think they would be replying anytime soon either). 

Now, this isnt' about money. 

It isn't about what yours truly got - or will get - or whatever. 

IT's about the value of persistence. 

And never giving up, and never telling the world before it's DONE - when you have PROOF, as opposed to crowing about it BEFORE (it usually never happens then!) - and most of all ... 

Knowing it's NEVER over till it IS. 

And that, friend, is that!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - This email will be sent once I receive the final credit BACK to my account. Tell the world what you're going to do, but show it first!

PS #2 - If you love this sort of motivational stuff, then Gumption Galore! - and Zero to Hero! will be RIGHT up your alley. 

Further Volumes outcoming soon too. (oh, and 16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections as well). 


Let's time this one! I dont know why, but I gotta time it for some reason ... 

It's 6 minutes to the "half hour" "write now" Hehe. 

Anyway, the breaststroke and me have a long history, as do breasts themselves. 

I've spoken galore about how to cure man boobs - some of the exercises in Corrugated Core are TAILORED TOWARDS THAT!

It's a huge problem a lot of men face - lets face it.  

And it solves other issues too i.e bloated stomaches, bulging bellies, expanding asses - and more. 

when it comes to females though, I've never been much of a breast man - to an extent. 

I love them sometimes, but I'm mostly a leg man. Hehe. 

I dont know why ... 

Yes, derrieres too (Bozo did your ears perk up? Hehe) ... 

But anyway, that aside, I'll always remember what someone said about me doing breaststroke at a hotel (somewhat) pool I was using when I took my wife out for a weekend getaway in "Badhkal Lake" in India (the Northern part) in 2007 ... 

That trip was the first of many we went on together! 

(mostly to the Himalayas, different parts of the hills). ... 

But I still remember everyone telling us NOT to go on the trip, my parents complaining about so called honor killings and so forth (I mean come on, yes, that was a bit of a risk, but nowhere near what they made it out to be - and plus - LIVE LIFE, dont RUN SCARED! - but of course, thats not what my parents thought, hehe "apparently it's good for those Westerners" "but not in India" - I mean jeez, even the Chinese are open enough about it, so as their favorite not President Biden says ... COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 

... My wife, of course never TOLD her parents. 


Perhaps I shouldn't have either. 


Anyway, he was ... 

(its 8 minutes so far. I was interrupted for 3 of those, I'd say!)

So, 5 ... clock's on again! 

But anyway, thoughts back to what I was doing ... 

That trip was pretty cool. It was a bit of a hilly area, but we never got to see any hills - basically it was "time spent together" - lots of drinking, eating, petting the stray dog who showed up every night to eat the "leftover chicken bones and curry" - he'd literaly lick it up and the bowl used to be so spotless we wondered if we should even give to the hotel guys for cleaning and what not!

Reminds of the two dogs in the hotel I so liked in Nainital in UP in India growing up (that was well and truly the Himalayas, of course). 

They'd follow me and my younger cousin around all over the place, and my sister would ask why these dogs loved these two so much. 

Dogs love dogs, hehe. 

But dog eat dog world aside, my Uncle had it spot on. 

"No, it wasn't the biscuits you guys keep feeding them", he said to no-one in general.

"it's all the LOVE you give them!" 

He was right. 

I love that guy! 

Not many others did though, hehe. But he passed happily in 2013, oddly enough, as I went to China yet again ... 

Smoked, drank, made merry his whole life - and I often meet him in my dreams!

This stream of consciousness is both longer and slower than I thought! Hehe. 

But anyway, there was a phat phock instructor there near the pool I was swimmign in, and he started to offer me advice - though to his credit, once I was DONE swimming. 

Apparently my toes while doing breaststroke were splayed out wrong or something, but the guy himself was so fat, I just wondered, this guy giving me advice???!

Of course, swimming is one of those things you can do when fat too - I've seen former swimming champs do the butterfly for one pretty well even with a huge belly (for one lap, hehe). 

I still remember a lady telling me in 2009. 

"you do it so well!" 

(Butterfly - which I taught myself how to do). 

Breaststroke, well, I was taught the "head above" version - the least ergonomic way of doing it, but boy does it build the shoulders, chest and traps!

But it's not what I'd recommend you to do - or learn - except for SURVIVAL. 

In a pool, you're far better off doing regular breaststroke in a streamlined position - looking at the bottom of the pool, not "ahead" - but of course, in a choppy ocean it comes in handy!

Believe me and this comes from yours truly "ironman" (there is a reason I've been called that!) - swimming in the OPEN OCEAN is way different from a pool, or even calm river, lake, whatever. 

You'll FEEL how - once you DO IT!

But that aside, I believe I mentioned Bozos in the email title? 

I dont know why I did that - that instructor maybe was acting like a bit of a Bozo. 

But also because of this great (not) review (so called) that Bozo Schofield once handed out in his Bozo like style on the great book on pull-ups I wrote (advanced pull-ups - Bozo has as much chance of knocking ONE of those out as he has of farting and landing on the moon) 

(poor moon). 

Terrible trash for Tom Tom's! 

The author claims to share how he can be a stud, I thought I would try it. My days would start at 3am with me walking 20 miles a day, and doing 25 laps of the swimming pool at the complex. The rest of the time, I was doing volunteer work or working with the local authorities. I was just a typical Tom Tom! I wanted to be a stud like Rahul who has no friends or sex life. Sure enough, the book was utterly drivel. I asked for my money back but Rahul launched into a campaign of threats. He is obviously a loner and we hope he will get help.

LOL ... 

Ive debunked this rubbish so many times that I won't do so again ... 

(do a Google, you'll find it. Hehe). 

But it's interesting, even when copying the part about swimming recollections from the great book on fitness recollections I wrote, he lowered the number from I believe 50 to 25. Hehe. 

Some things, even the Bozo has his limits. 

I still remember though, I'd keep going way beyon 50 in that pool in the Southern US ... 

Anyway, it be a day for flashbacks today? 

I dont know. 

Here endeth this 1063 (at the moment) word "rant". 

Took around 17 minutes all in all, being I was interrupted for 3 or so, 14... 

Not bad, I'd say!


Rahul Mookerjee

Monday, 11 October 2021 04:41

Would I do it again?

October 2015, perhaps the same "day" as I'm writing this today, i.e October 11, 2021... 

On a massive travel - during a National Holiday. 

Past the phase where I accidentally rear ended an idiot - not quite, but it left ONE scratch on his old car! - who saw fit to keep slamming on the brakes willy nilly on a highly congested highway in deep, deep, Southern China ... Guizhou, I believe, to be precise... 

Got semi-scammed by him .

Carol said it was no big deal, handed me the keys to the car again. 

'Twas around 8 PM then, I believe we reached our final destination around 3 AM ... 

Of course, no beer at that time, so I pestered the hotel owner. 

It's China - all available if you pester enough!

Sure enough, they got me the beer from a next door "machine" or something (no beer vending machines in CHina, so I didnt know what they meant!). 

They wanted my passport for a copy - normal procedure in China when checking into a hotel (for foreign devils) - but their photocopy machine wasn't working. 

Carol said "he want you to leave it here and tomorrow he return!" 

I didnt think much of the plan. 

"No way! I dont want them to lose it ...  " 

Then off to the room it was, the beer, and before collapsing I asked Carol this one thing. 

PLEASE let's get up a bit late tomorrow, and just "relax" a little - not run around the country helter skelter like a chicken with its head cut off!

I said this in different words, but really - that is what we had been doing uptil that point!

It was only a few hours ago we were at "Huang Guo Shuo" waterfall - a good 8 hour drive away from where we were NOW - which turned into 14 plus due to traffic etc. 

I still remember thinking of messaging people etc I had to during the drive. Didnt do it... 

Anyway, there was way more to that "trip" than I'm letting on - and that night I'm talking about! 

But that chaotic period aside, that time aside - would I do it again? 


I fell in love - madly. Never happens to me! 

It fell apart. 

Big time!

If I had the chance, would I do it again? 

I dont know, as I look at pictures of Guizhou, I remember that ONE Spot where we sat down, held hands (I know, I know, I'll stop. Hehe). - and more. 

But the point being - WOULD I do it again? 

Or, lets flashback to say 2007/08 ... 

Let's flashback to all the Saturdays I would "take off work" so I could date my then girlfriend - wife - whatever you call it! 

Basically turned into a day long drinking session plus "going hither and thither" to whichever extent possible in India at the time, but she didnt mind. 

Neither did I!

That emotion, that sort of passion, it's different from "lust". 

I've only felt it on two occasions in my life. 

Would I want to feel it again? 

Probably not, hehe, but ya'll know it - never say never!

But again, point being ... 

Would I do it all over again given the chance? 

Carol said yes to that question in 2018. or 17, perhaps. 



All the crashes I've been through, the downtimes, the ups, all of it - if I had to go back and say "would I do it again"? 



Because the learning experience is what it's all about ... 

Thats the BEST thing I can give to my daughter too. 

Whether I'm there physically with her or not, there are a lot of things she picks up from me. 

Following your heart - and sticking to your guns no matter WHAT. 

Ultimately, it will all work out!

The value of persistence - and stickablity during the TOUGH - or tougher - or toughest times which may seem never ending. 

The ability to take on ONE challenge - best it - have two more thrown at you - best those - three more - keep going!

Most of all, I guess in life, and fitness wise, if it were Day one today, and I was "starting to climb that hill"? 

Guess what. (and If I KNEW the road ahead, the long hours I'd put in, and so forth? The ridicule, the scorn, all of it - the GOOD parts - the great customers - all of it?) 

I'd do it all over again - with vim, vigor, gusto - and GUMPTION!

That endeth this stream of consciousness from me... 

I'm out. 

Be sure and pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System here - remember, it WILL get you in the best shape of your life!

Also remember the various coupons etc we've got going on!


Rahul Mookerjee 

PS - I was going to write about the first weekend "getaway" I took my "wife" out to, and many others. Maybe later! 

Maybe that travelogue that has been pending for SO LONG!

My daughter often repeats the following to me (it's been going on for years). 

"Dad, I told my friends you climbed in Category 3 hurricanes!" 

Which is true, of course. 

Living where I did, hurricanes, typhoons - whatever you call 'em - as much a part of daily life in Southern China as in the Southern US! 

Believe me, I've seen monsters in China - and in the US. 

But most of the time, they were hyped up by the media - at least in China, where even a few drops of rain is enough apparently to send locals scurrying for cover. 

Which is wierd... 

In the US, at the age of 17, I remember this prime "lovely" advice given to me when yours truly used to get soaked to the bone, and didnt care. 

"This is not India!" 

"If you fall sick here, no-one will take care of you, and look at these people! "

Then this grade A idiot would gesture around him. 

"Thats why they protect themselves" ! (he'd show me a bunch of Tom tOms with umbrellas). 

Phock. Fooey. I'd rather General Michael who once told me "Real men dont carry umbrellas!" 

I dont like umbrellas. 

I like rain even less. 

But in a pinch, I've been known to choose the latter! 


Anyway, this idiot didnt bother to mention that no one would have taken care of me "in India" necessarily either. 

this idiot also didnt know China, years later, where it's the same so called "take care of family" culture (it ain't - hint - China is by far the most materialistic even in that regard, materialism truly taken to GIDDY LIMITS!) ,,,, well, that ain't exactly why they scatter when a few drops of rain hits them!

That aside. 

Back to hurricanes, hehe. 

I guess the Chinese to an extent are right about their warnings, especially in the area where I climb. 

I dont know if I mentioned this in 16 INspirational Fitness Recollections, but I remember a tree falling next to me - right NEAR ME - as I climbed up, the tree fell where I was a second ago!

So it can be dangerous. 

But it's also exhilirating!

And being able to stick to those workouts no matter what - it gives you a feeling of INVINCIBILITY - that you can handle damn near anything and everything!

Kinda like in the Special Forces where they toughen you up to that level. 

Anyway, daughter continued. 

"Their jaws always drop!" 

Which I can believe. 

Most adults, and even kids these days - making the nigh tortorous trip from "bedroom -> el commode" before the "geyser bursts" is too much to do. 

Let alone climb hills. 

If they by chance climb a hill - you tell them to do it again the next day? 

Like my Dad once famously said after a tough climb. 


Was hilarious, the sense of finality in his voice, hehe. 

But anyway ...................... 

Good thing for you, my friend, and I know this - you ain't necessarly interested in doing anything like that. 

Neither do you have to be!

I didnt start out attempting to climb hills 6 times a day - or do 250 pushups a day - or have a corrugated core (well maybe a little!) - or none of that. 

I simply started out to get in shape. 

And along the line, what took place was truly beyond mind boggling and astounding. 

You too, can get started on this road now if you so choose. 

Start by investing right HERE


Rahul Mookerjee

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