Friday, 02 September 2022 09:58

Why "bad jokes" are the ones that truly work, and are eternally remembered.

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Same thing for so called corny one liners - or movies choc a block full of them.

Before I dive into this one, think about it - what is the purpose of a GOOD JOKE?

To make you laugh like you never have before, or a lot.

And if slapstick jokes and/or bad jokes do it the BEST - which they often do?

Well they're the GOOD jokes then. Hehe.

What do I mean, well, Sly Stallone's movies are a perfect example of them!

Take for example the joke Rocky tells Adrian in Rocky I (or maybe II, I can't quite remember) - -

"Why do cows have bells?"

She doesnt know.

"Because the horns dont work".


Till this date it's never failed to arouse titters from my little one or anyone I tell this joke to, no matter how many times they've heard it - much like the movie itself, the joke is CLASSIC - because it's so so called "bad". Hehe.

Or, one liners...

The movie Cobra, for instance, where Sly offers a girl (the lead heroine) an apple.

She giggles and declines to take a bite out of the same apple he is.

"Dont like health food", he quips-cum-asks.

And that same theme is repeated throughout the movie where Sly's partner is shown to be the one gorging on gummy bears (whatever those are) and other "snacks" while Ole Sly does little other than drink coffee and munch on apples, not unlike what he did in real life at the time where apparently his diet was so pure that if he'd have a burger, his stomach would go into convulsions for days.

Not kidding either.

But those same one liners, similar jokes etc keep getting repeated throughout the movie...

An idiot wrote to me the other day about "like bad jokes, your emails keep selling, stop, stop, stop!"

He ain't the only one either.

But before we get to that fool who I did not even bother responding to, it aint just movies either.

"Drain the swamp".

Now, I'm pretty sure there's swamp on all sides of the political spectrum eh.

But that term sticks, people remember it, cheesy though it might sound - guess what - it WORKS.

It just flat out works.

The most natural things work best, and work all the time, period.

And they work the BEST you know when?

When you do as Claude Bristol says "repetition of the same chant, the same incantations, the same affirmations, leads to belief. Once that belief becomes a deep seated conviction, things begin to happen".

You could call it persistence and stickability no matter what as well.

If you've read Three Feet from Gold, you KNOW the agony felt by quitting something when you were within reach of GOLD.

(basically the story of a young man who got caught up in the California gold rush back in the day, showed up with his Uncle and borrowed money/equipment to mine the gold, struck gold almost instantly, but then the gold suddenly stopped.

They tried, tried, tried, couldn't find any more - and finally gave up - selling the machinery to an used junk man I believe, I can't quite remember.

Dude used to be an engineer, showed the maps the guys had given up to to another guy.

And lo, gold was found literally THREE Feet from where the guys gave up after trying for donkey's years, yet, one more try would have made them richer than Croseus, not the junk man).

There is a lesson to be learnt there (Darby learned it - later on in life he became a multi million dollar insurance salesman "I will never quit when a prospect says no!" became his motto - that was a solid, valuable learning experience indeed).

So to idiot who said what he said above, well, dude, I'd be a moron not to sell in every email.

I'd be a fool not to tell you to get the products NOW.

I'd be doing YOU a disservice if I were to do that, because I consider it my duty to pitch you products multiple times a day that will help YOU.

It's as simple as that, perfectly black and white.

And if after all the pitches you reply back with nonsense - the joke's on you my friend, and it aint either good or bad if you get my drift.

Similarly, if after all the noise people are making about it, and rightfully so, you have NOT yet gotten the 0 Excuses Fitness System - and if you have, if you ain't left a review?

Well, the joke's on YOU, pally, if thats the case.

And thats all I gotta say ...


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Those still on the fence - time waits for NOBODY - if you want it, and judging by the clicks etc, SO MANY of you do - then just freaking drop the ball and get it now, this "delay" and constant hemming and hawing mystifies me. If you're someone that takes donkey's years to decide on essential purchases, and fitness is as essential as BREATHING and life itself (the right fitness) - then you really shouldn't be on this list, period...