Thursday, 25 August 2022 08:45

The new and politically correct dumbass way of saying "exam".

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I'm learning new and progressive ideas daily, progressively most RETARDED buffoon created "ideas" too.

For instance, I had no idea you were supposed to use "three pronouns" when referring to women - apparently men too - apparently calling a man "him" and a woman her and saying there are only two genders is the most politically incorrect thing you can do these days.


A certain VP Harris clued me, the cluestill onto that BS.

And on Whatsapp as I view my daugher's examination schedule, it's called "evaluation".

Or "greater evaluation" or some bullshit.

I scanned the entire message from head to toe, not a mention of "exam" anywhere.

When I asked my daughter to prepare and told her how to, the answer was "well, we just need rehash what we already did in class".


In other words, exams are basically given in class as HW, the students hardly ever write it down so it comes home to Whatsapp so they can stay glued on even more to their damned devices - Moms apparently love it and allow their kids to become dumbphone addicted with the "everyone does it excuse" (not all moms though - I know several that limit their children's screen time, but you'd be a fool to expect something like that from my daughter's mother) ...

... and the school itself is closed half the time, every time it rains apparently the school is closed, every little thing, they find an excuse to shut down the school - and increase fees - which "everyone gladly pays" ...

And so continues the clown circle.

It ain't just in India either, this politically correct madness has swept the world.

It ain't just my daughter's school either, I suspect they're all like that.

And I know no-one bothers to say anything about it, people like me that do are the idiots for saying it.

Ah well.

To me, I'd rather be old school as I always AM.

Always will be, regardless of how much I make or dont, how much I sell or dont ...

And thats that from me.


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps - And thats how my products are structured too. And thats one prime reason they get RESULTS. Have at - if you so CHOOSE.