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Last night, I knew it - yet, I went to sleep in that position anyway. 

I knew when I turned over on my side "something was off". 

And this morning, I woke up with a STIFF, sore neck - the likes of which I haven't seen for months, barely able to turn my head sideways if at all. Hehe. 

We've all been there, along with the stiffness at the BACK OF THE HEAD TOO! 

Traps, etc. Now, maybe some advanced exercises contributed to some of it, but it was poor posture last night, stress, and so forth. 

Most would think "massage" as a remedy that works for this, and deep tissue massage does work, yes (there is a reason why I Dedicate an entire CHAPTER in 0 Excuses Fitness to massage - it deserves it!). 

But what if you dont have someone to massage the knots and kinks out, or just plain prefer not to go for a massage? 

Some of those idiotic machines (the foot massage machine my wife so loves - ugh) might do the trick, but they dont long term - thats UNNATURAL massage. 

(by all means use machines if you have to - no problem, I'm just giving it to you straight, just like machines at the gym - all of it is unnatural). 

The neck bridge explained in the book above (0 Excuses Fitness) is an excellent way to keep stiff necks away but you gotta work up to it my friend. 

And one remedy that works instantly - is something I've shared in the Ship before, a TOP secret method not shared before with anyone outside that group before, yet, I'm sharing it with you on this list now. 

It's so simple you'll "shake your head in amazement" - if you can right now that is. Hehe. 

And you'll feel like a bazillion bucks once done. 

It is this - simply move your head in the  opposite direction from which it's sore. And apply pressure with your hands - as much as you can - in the reverse direction. 

So, you move your head towards the left, but your hands stop it, moving it towards the right. 

This "push of war" between two sides works the neck muscles - or any other you so choose (no, not the one down there, lol) - ISOMETRICALLY - statically - and the principles of dynamic tension apply. 

The more you work the muscle, the more impurities RACE out of it, and fresh blood pours into it - and thus you feel better almost instantly. 

Works in all directions too - up, down, sideways - and so forth. 

And there's plenty of other means too - so simple people pooh pooh at these methods, but the simplest means always and often (not in that order) work the BEST! 

Thats yet another benefit of Isometric and Flexiblity Training - you recover from aches, sprains, and those annoying niggles a LOT quicker when you incorporate these techniques into your routine. 

Remember this the next thing you're sorer than sore, either from poor posture or a tough workout (or too much computer screen/dumbphone time - especially the latter) and barely able to move ... 

And get the above book NOW

Start learning, and incorporating into your routine TODAY. 

Thats that. then ... 

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee (PS - Yes, I'm applying the same techniques to myself right NOW too!). Haha. 

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They literally do - and I dont mean people starting off with dips and pushup -where simple isometrics done in those movements, as I showed you in the case of my friend Prem the other day - and as I told you about Marc the African Silverback Gorilla when he was getting into the dips position to HOLD FOR TIME - those are indeed workouts that will make people at that level "quiver" like a maple leaf in a Toronto breeze (Marc is FROM Canada, by the way. Hehe). 

The "African" part, well, I'll get more into that later, but can we say massive, mammoth shoulders for one. Hehe.

Anyway - this morning I was supposed to go out and do some more filming - specifically, the last video in the paid series for Jump Rope Mania! - squats and jumping rope - if there ever was a more brutal combo for the legs, I'm yet to hear or experience it. 

Done right, these are leg sizzlers. 

Done right, you wont be working legs hard for the next day or so either. Hehe. 

And therefore, with a slight case of the sniffles I seem to have picked up, I know my body well enough to recognize when it's saying - train hard - but train something else. 

I dont blame it, with all the roadwork being piled on it as of late too ... 

But anyway. 

While thinking about clubs etc, I picked up a tool - or implement, I haven't again, like the jump rope, used in like ages. 


Or, ab wheel as it's called. 

And I did some isometrics with this - the roll outs - and so forth. 

I Was going to film it all, and put most of it in a paid download for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, but there comes a time you have to take care of yourself first my friend. 

With all the filming going on as of late, both for the free youtube channel and my paid stuff, with all the work on the other business where even the affiliates are doing ROARING business, handling it all from a tech and sales perspective, plus all the other crap a real man has to deal with in terms of women etc -well, it was getting to be too much - and I'm sitting here drinking TEA right now. 

No doubt I'll be working out again later. 

But point of me telling you this - first off, the ab wheel shows up in the book above - rightfully so - if you're into training with implements, this one probably should be at the top of your bucket list along with Indian clubs. 

MUST you get them - or implements in general? 


But if you want 'em, cash permitting - do get 'em by all means! 

And not from me either at this point - although I might sell clubs and maces at some point, I dont now. 

But I could point you to some very reputable sources for getting the indeed, straight from India at that, sheesham wood. 

Anyway - the ab wheel - I had two of these. 

One was fancier, wheel encased in some blue casing but it broke, so I tossed it - bought a new one (I think I tossed it, not sure). 

The wheel was fine, wheels actually, I think I still might have it SOMEPLACE, I dont know - it was beginner level ab wheel. 

This one is the regular one with two wheels in the center and a handle on both ends, and man, as I did my isometrics with these, I felt muscles I haven't worked in a while begin to literally quiver. 

Not to mention I torched and smoked my grip in a manner I haven't for ages either. 

And shoulders too! 

You'll be wanting to wait and see what I have out on Youtube for this - as well for the paid section of Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness (those of you that love the youtube channel, well, you ain't "Seen nothing yet" pal, hehe). 

For now tho let me tell you, these aren't a beginner's tool. 

And you'll want to get damned good at the "extended arms pushup" I mention in Pushup Central before you even try the full ab rollouts I do. MAN!

Talk about building stability and strength through the core and shoulders - and grip. 

And truth be told, that above exercise is all you really need to do, but ab wheels, well, they work the GRIP and shoulders differently - perhaps a little less of lower back and lower abs than the pushup, but do BOTH if you can is my advice. 

And thats that - I'll be back soon with more!

PLACE your pre-order for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness NOW my friend. 

And if you have not yet gotten Pushup Central and the 0 Excuses Fitness System FIRST - well, you'll want to get 'em NOW. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - NEVER, never, EVER make the mistake of thinking implements replace bodyweight. 

Newsflash - nothing replaces bodyweight training. 

You can take it to the NEXT LEVEL Though with these sort of training tools and implements! 

But if you, like many people think "oh thats great, I Can skip my pushups and squats" - no you can't either my friend. 

Kettlebells are another immensely useful tool I use occasionally too - I'll cover that soon in upcoming emails. Stay tuned! (and the book, of course).

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I really should create a new category on the site "stretching" along with many more. Project on hold for now though - maybe soon! So much to DO . . . so little TIME . . . Hehe. Gotta prioritize!

Anyway, I dont know if Van Damme patented those splits, but he might well have.

It's also basic training in Karate, Taekwondo etc (part of basic training) - if you haven't done it with partners forcing your legs open (no puns please) - then you ain't really trained any sort of martial art, period.

Unless you consider boxing to be a martial art where it's not heavily emphasized...

But anyway - this one stretch, my friend - I've been taking it easy for the past couple of days, and haven't done a lot exercise wise (though what I did do is enough to kick most people in the can anyway) and so something was off, I felt it today.

I did squats, pull-ups - and animal kingdom workouts - felt great - but something was still OFF.

I couldn't pin point it, then instinctively I dropped down into the splits. Something I could never ever even start to do - not even when I was training Taekwondo as a kid without being assisted, let alone properly.

Today, I can get almost all the way there myself (side splits).

And the key isn't just "getting there" - its how you do the damn exercise.

If you're slouching while doing it, you ain't doing it right.

The focus should be there and felt on the groin, hips, lower back and core - truly the seat of POWER in your body!

You might not think its a lot.

Let me tell you though, those of you that haven't done it, even sitting in that position with a straight BACK - will have your heart beat go UP within no time at all.

If you bend any which way - caution. You might feel muscles you haven't worked in years as beads of sweat trickle down your sides.

Wait a minute, you say.

There's no cardio here, it's just splits!

But trust me, my friend, it isnt just that.

You BREATHE right while doing any exercise, it becomes cardio to an extent, and when you're in that sort of position, and get good at it, you will understand why it's needed to execute those flying kicks and such - but also the way it works EVERYTHING in the entire body.

I only did this for a few minutes before writing to you - I'll do it for longer later, but my lower back, core, all is aligned again.

And I feel great.

It isn't the only exercise by far that works the entire body.

The "Rahul Mookerjee patented" squat in Isometric and Flexibility Training - another one!

When I was young - my Dad once told me my back would hurt if I sat in that position.


I couldn't even get into it - ditto until the age of like 40.

Yes, thats right, I couldn't do it even when I was in the best shape of my life at 37 but today?

I can literally teach entire classes while squatting in that position, and not "feel it" at all.

Trust me, there is a skill to getting off that position using your legs alone and not your hands (try it the next time you rise out of your chair for one).

Isometrics, my friend - there is a reason the old timers relied on them extensively and used them damn near daily.

So should you, they work the whole body and take your health and fitness to newer, far more SUPREME levels.

Get started NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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Monday, 28 June 2021 13:47

The noises your joints make ...

One of my favorite overall body stretches, if not THE most used and favorite one (along with the downward dog position in the Hindu Pushup and the "patented Rahul Mookerjee" squat) in Isometric anf Flexibility Training is also one I use throughout the day. 

I use it when I'm tired - and feeling great. 

I use it when I'm low on energy - and when I need to stretch. 

I use it before - and after working out. 

I use it to warm up - to cool down - and in between. 

Most of all, to stretch - basically, I use it ... all the time! 

What is it, you ask? 

Well, it's a stretch done on one leg that stretches the butt and hamstrings (by extension the hips) - beyond belief. 

As your joints "lock" into place as they were supposed to be once again, you literally feel things start to :flow" again. 

This feeling is difficult to explain in writing alone, but those that have done it, and especially those of you with tight hamstrings will understand!

I've always had tight hamstrings (perhaps from an overreliance on "studies" and none on sports growing up except swimming, and swimming is great, but the calves and hamstrings need to be stretched a lot, and differently from how they're used in swimming alone!). 

And it feels great every time I do it. 

It also feels ... noisy!

Like literally, bones knocking into place but without the "grinding on top of each other" that happens when you're injured. 

Like, muscles and ligaments knotting back into joints ... 

Like, tendons stretching OUT - and the tension cracking out - kinda like when you crack your knuckles!

With that in mind, a reader from the U.K. Amy asked me this the other day. 

Hello Rahul, 

(there were a few questions on 0 Excuses Fitness that I won't get into here, but the last bit was...) 

My limbs seem to be make a lot of noise when I bend down in the squatting position, and especally when I stretch and move about like you told me to. 

(she's a personal coaching customer) 

Is this something to be worried about? 


Long answer short, in case you didnt get it by now - - no! 

In SOME cases, if it's excessive, you might want to check and see if you're doing something wrong .

But in most cases, the clicking, clacking, locking back into place and stuff - it all happens because things are realigning inside. 

Because ligaments and tendons are getting stronger - both when you train and stretch. 

This morning, when I woke up, I rested my weight on one arm unconsciously. 

And ... POP!

My entire neck / shoulder region popped. 

It felt loud as heck to me, even amidst the air con running ... 

But it felt great too without trying! 

Ditto for when I squat down occasionally, or do other stretches ... 

Anyway, this sounds like a simple enough thing. 

But believe it or not, many people have asked, so I'll address it now. 

I just did. 

And I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Truly the missing link that connects everything else I've written in my other books is the book on isometrics. Pick up your copy NOW. 

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Tuesday, 26 April 2022 09:48

Flowing isometrics, and more ...

Back in 2010 when I created this site, there was neither the amount of interest there is in isometrics NOW - nor did I ever know I'd be writing and selling ANYTHING beyond Fast and Furious Fitness (currently the Collector's Edition) - nor did I ever think of anything like that in my wildest dreams. 

I was just happy to make a $9.99 sale on the internet!

Much like Major General Michael, the "I could eat a couple of Lieutenants for lunch" friend I've so often referred to - when he first sold a copy of "Star Trek" online - he was just happy to have sold online!

Indeed, that was the price point at which I initially released Gorilla Grip, of course, it attracted price shoppers almost instantly - but I, to my credit, learned my lesson very quickly indeed (something I already knew, but had not practised). 

Today as I sit here with books being translated globally, in different languages, and my books on isometrics nigh popular like NO others - I just noticed something. 

In 2010, I created "tags" for this site, isometrics was one of them - despit eme not knowing or having much interest in the same back then!

Truly living in the flow I am - always am, and always will be. 

It isn't so much about writing vague numbers and "divine guidance" on forearms and touching the floor and saying thank you like my lovely (or not) significant other does - though I Suppose belief can be anything!

Indeed, chains, amulets and so forth. 

To me, it's been about the subconscious mind. 

Something I'd like to tell my wife, but probably won't - and somethign all the idiotic so called "here today gone tomorrow" guru shuru she follows will never tell her, that being the subconscious works in its own ways, it only works if you're patient enough to let it, if you REALLY want it (not "just want it" =- those that DO and know will KNOW what I mean here). 

Perhaps most importantly, it brings to frutition that which you want the MOST. 

No exceptions to this rule, most people dont get it, most self help gurus dont either, if they do, they dont tell you (so they can keep fleecing the sheep with stuff that doesnt work). (so they keep coming back for more). 


In the flow describes my isometric workouts perfectly. 

Now dont get me wrong, ALL The workouts in ALL my books are unique, and all flow together - i.e. the exercises go together, the combos are unique and they go togethter and benefit you that way too - but nothing encapsulates "flow" better than isometrics. 

I ain't even talking feeling. 

Though thats part of it, the LAST thing you want to do after hard workouts is jump back into another tomorrow or this evening, isometrics gets you in the flow there too!

I just did a mini isometric workout - to loosen up my stiff uppper body, exhausted legs and hamstrings, groin - and the calves. 

I flowed from one position to another - NO breaks. 

At the end of 5 minutes, not only did I feel like I got a workout in, but I Wanted to write this to you before my "ball buster" (no, not the Glyn Schofield sort) workouts. 

Or workout. 

THAT is really what if I had to put my finger on it - THAT is the benefit amongst all the other GREAT benefits in the book - that I'd like to bring to YOU - in my two books on isometrics, and I have. 

Feeling great, yes. 

FEeling on top of the world , yes. 

Attracting what you want, get rid of stomach issues, yada, nada, schnada, all explained on the sales pages for both. 

But most of all, it allows you to actively recover from those hard brutal workouts we all love so!

And that is what I wanted to talk to you about. 

back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - For those of you that have expressed interest in these books, there is a COMPILATION out there for you too! 

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Tuesday, 01 February 2022 18:13

Two sticks - better than ONE?

It's interesting, my friend - I've spoken galore about how the great Alexander Zass, renowned for breaking out of prisons (POW prisons during the War) by bending iron bars ... with his bare hands! -built up to that sort of strength (from his childhood). 

In a nutshell,by using simple exercises and movements the Bozos out there deem as being "too easy"! 

"Thats too easy, how can it work" 

But work it does, I've often gone hoarse saying the simplest things work the best. 

And I'm well warranted in saying this, because it's ...TRUE. 

100% plus proof TRUE. 

In fact, I'd argue that the simpler an exercise or movement is, the better it works your body - the more you can really "get inside your muscle" (and therefore the movement) - and experience benefits accordingly. 

Of course, if youre the sort that loves shelling out big bucks for gyms, equipment, fancy trainers, Ipod, pad, or what not - treadmills which end up being little more than clothes hangers at home - and so forth - then be my guest. No arguments from me there, I'll just tell you the oldtimers would have none of it and I'll leave it at that.

This afternoon, the daughter handed me a stick at the park. 

And this stick was sort of like the stick I use for my regular isometrics - a solid, stout bamboo stick which won't break no matter what (unless you're a modern day Zass, of course!). 

So I figured I'd try it for size. 

Picture my surprise then when after a few bends - the damn thing snapped completely in half!

Now, I dont think this boils down to the increased grip (and overall upper body strength) that my isometrics training routine detailed in "Advanced, PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training" (one of the tips even involves training with a THICK ass grip on the chinning bar, and no, it's not just about "just thick gripz") has resulted in. 

Perhaps some part of it, but I believe part of that stick was wet, perhaps a bit rotten to the core. 


I then took the halves, and tried to bend them by putting them together (an idea given by the little one again). 

Lo, they wouldn't bend!

No matter what I did - or sitting here NOW, do - they wont bend. 


There's always a way to make things harder, my friend - and the beauty of isometrics to be honest lies entirely in its simplicity. 

You dont get much simpler than pushng and pulling - or trying to twist - or trying to break with all your might. 

Further, kids love it too. 

You'll see a video of my daughter on Youtube doing her impersonation of the Great Gama against a young tree - which to her credit she did kind of manage to shake!s

Isometrics builds strength and flexibility like nothing you've ever done before - and the crowning beauty of it all? 

You dont need much at all to get started. 

Even if you're a beached whale right now that can barely hold in the pushup position - isometrics provides you with a starting point that you can start from - and feel comfortable doing so - and progress QUICK, while SEEING said (and tanglble) progress. 

Well, my friend - if something like that was in front of me, I'd jump at the offer. 

Dont know about you, but I would. 

And isometrics wise - if you haven't yet got the first book- get it now. 

If you have, get the ADVANCED book now. 

And if you want to save a "pretty penny", then go ahead and grab the COMPILATION I put out today NOW - truly "value for your $$". 

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. - Remember, "Advanced, PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training" not only makes you FEEL profound and on cloud n squared the whole day - but you also get to learn SPECIFICALLY about the techniques greats like Zass used to build that iron strength of his. Right down to the stick bending Zass did - it's all covered in the book. Get it NOW my friend - you will love it (if you're really serious about your health and fitness).

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Do me a favor, my friend. 

Take a pen and piece of paper right now. 

I'd prefer you WRITE, but if you want to use the computer, so be it (but please, no dumbphones). 

If you're one of the guys that requested me for the course on isometrics too - YES - this applies to YOU TOO! 

(You know who you are!) 

Increased strength. 

Hidden strongman secrets. 

The keys to improving your "rep counts". 

Extreme flexibility. 

Improving the flexibility levels you already have. 

How and why the Great Gama, Alexander Zass, Bruce Lee etc trained, and WHY . . . 

And so forth. 

.. . ..  ... 

Any others I have missed? 

Write back - and let me know, but those are the most common things, and yet, what is it that most people MISS? 

You might, if you're smart and a DOER write back and say "Hey, Rahul, they help HEAL from injuries too if you do 'em right!

I'd clap you on the back and say "Right-o!" 

But ... 

I'd ask you the same damn question AGAIN. 

The secret, my friend - that no-one talks about and/or MISSES? 

Well, it's right there under your very nose.  

And it's there on the Isometric and Flexibility Training page, in the second line I think. Or perhaps third. No more than that! 

It's the ... "F" word. 

No, not the F word the Bozo Schofield so loves. 

It's the FEE ... word. 

No, not the feet the Bozo so loves either. 

It's the FEEL ... word. 

No, not the feel the Bozos so loves . Ugh. 

It's the ... 

... way these workouts and exercises make you ... 




Let's face it, bro. 

Why do most people workout beyond the obvious (gain muscle, lose fat etc)? 


And if you got an exercise program that made you FEEL like a Billion Bucks - I've often written about how I'll take isometrics over SEX anyday, hehe - about how these workouts make you feel like you've got those oh soo skilled Chinese massueses rubbing knots out of your shoulders, and how even with hanky panky on offer, youre inclined to do nothing but sip beer, gaze into space - and RELAX!?

Would you not jump at it? 

And that, my friend, is really what YOU want. 

And is really the core of why I wrote this great book, in addition to all the other great benefits (and dont get me wrong - those are damn important too - but feeling?) 

Nothins beats FEELING, bro. 

Feeling is how we navigate through life - fitness - anything. 

You feel goo d-like a billion bucks - you ATTRACT the like into YOUR life. 

You get into FLOW. 

You get and become more spiritual (the Mighty Atom is a perfect example of a super strong person who was ultra and uber spiritual too). 

THIS, my friend is the KEY people miss! 

And this, my friend, is what it's ALL about. 

Jump on the program NOW, and see what the fuss is all about. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Again, here is the link. Given the demand, I might be jacking the price up on this too (for obvious reasons) - so grab this NOW while its at the price it is NOW. 

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I wrote the book on isometric training a few months ago. 

And while I did that, I noticed something strange - that a lot of the exercises that you do when doing isometrics are also great in terms of flexibility training. 

They aren't just great - they are NEEDED - and they perform both functions (especially some of the isometrics I show up w.r.t the LEGS and hamstrings). 

Trust me, this is one HUGE missing link in most people's training, even those that train "exclusively bodyweight". 

You've got guys out there for instance, that can bang out 50 pull-ups in perfect form easy peasy. 

They can hike hills all day. 

Perhaps wrestle for hours a day. 

But amidst all this hardcore stuff, they forgot the "yang". 

And not necessarily willingly so. Hey, I know. I've been there too. 

The yin and yang basically, and the gentle and FLEXIBLE soothes the effects from the HARD and brutal, while the latter complements the fomer too. 

Truly a symbiotic relationship, my friend. 

And I'm amazed I had not written a book on isometrics before my great customer (one of them - the numbers are LEGION!) prompted me to do the book on isometrics (I believe it was him). 

He made other requests too which are all in various stages of completion as we speak. 

Lots to do and I'm loving it! 

But really - isometrics were used by EVERY great strongman of yore, and there is a reason behind this (as I say on the sales page). 

And ANOTHER GREAT customer of mine from the UK, John, just got this very book (in paperback format) - and said the following (bear the above in mind while reading what THIS man had to say) - 



Of all the excellent training information that you've written about in your superb training books I truly believe that the information in this latest book is the missing link that ties all the other books together.

It is no exaggeration that this book is a must read for anyone who wishes for their body to function as an integrated unit and not just a collection of uncoordinated body parts.

People, in this book you will find the secret to how calisthenics athletes perform such impossible looking feats of strength. Brilliant work Rahul.

Warmest Regards

John Walker

And he said it better than ever before! 

YES, bodyweight exercises do connect the entire body - even if you dont do isometrics. 

BUT, and this is a huge BUT. 

Your TRUE strength comes from the inside out, and so does your vitality. 

And if you're thinking that strong muscles are the secret ALONE, you're sadly mistaken my friend. 

They're PART of the secret yes, but by NO MEANS the MAIN reason. 

The main reason behind your strength and improvement in your strength training levels etc is - get this - your TENDON and LIGAMENT strength!

The strongest muscles in the world will do nary a bit of good if the "back up" system is weak my friend. 

And many a wrestler will testify to this. 

So will the "reformed bench pressers" and boobybuilders who KNOW how easy and painful it is to tear ligament upon ligament while piling more and more weight onto the bar in an insane manner... 

To truly learn the secret behind REAL strength - - to do it the way the old timers did - grab the course on isometrics NOW

Write back - and let me know your thoughts!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - John - thanks again for the great and kind words (and HONEST WORDS!). And folks - all of you - DO leave more honest reviews! 

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Some of the best books, my friend, just "happen". 

Despite a few customers asking me for a while about a book on isometrics last year, I thought - honestly - seriously - it would be the last thing I ever wrote. 

I mean, me, with all the "movement" I do - and isometrics

But one night, something CLICKED. 

Amidst all the movement I did, I paused - hit rewind - and saw HOW I did all of it. 

I looked at the stretches NO-ONE does these days. I looked at How I did those - how I breathed while doing 'em - most importantly what I thought both before - and after - and during doing 'em. 

And how I felt, better than a massage almost (done by GIRLS, hehe). 

I still remember going to a massage three years ago though done by a middle aged man. 

My wife shrieked. 

"By a man!!!!"

"How the hell did you even... " 

But it wasn't the oil massage she had told me to get (she was right. Hehe. That I got later!). 

It was a MEDICINAL massage. 

WITH clothes on. 

ANd the way I felt, like a billion bucks from pressing and squeezing - his, of course. 

The way he cracked my joints was like nothing else, yet, as he did, I recalled I'd been doing a lot of the same stuff myself, and anyway, isometrics? 

The Gama used them. 

Way simpler techniques that taught in the book, and along with other things, specifically, Luimberjack "Lodestone" Fitness - and the 0 Excuses Fitness System - look at the results it brought him - and me. 

Naturally, the Bozos will think I'm equating myself to the Gama. 

I ain't either. 

he's the greatest!

I'm simply the Stella Artois of Bodyweight Culture, par excellence - and I wasn't even the one that said that. Hehe. 

But anyway ... remember that foot injury I wrote to you about? 

Climbing and runing up and down hills galore - hence, I teach you HOW to do it right (no, it is NOT - I repeat - NOT - "just walking or running!") in Advanced Hill Training. 

It got so wierd at a time I had a golf sized lump on the front of my foot. 

Oddly, unlike my swollen foot years ago which made me scream in pain when I TOUCHED it (the whole foot was swollen big time) - you could squeeze or pummel away at this lump - I wouldn't feel a thing. 

Always extremes, yours truly. 

Life, fitness, everything. 

So it shall REMAIN. 

But that lump never went away, and kept re-appearing when I did Jump rope workouts for one. 

Yet, one of the stretches I teach you in Isometric and Flexibility Training, for one ... the "heels to butt" stretch which a lot of people cannot even do - stage one, that is - stage two will be in Volume TWO - another super stretch and strenghtener ... 

It cured it. 


Nothing doing, just a few minutes of sitting in that pose, then the patented Rahul Mookerjee squat, and calf stretches ... 

It's gone. 


Just like that!

Trust me, these exercises can strengthen weak links like never before - but they can also heal EXISTING injuries faster than almost anything else you've ever done!

Along with the books above, remember to get your mitts on the book on isometrics too - truly another "Special one" "in the flow" !

Thank me later if you so choose, hehe. Entirely up to you!

But DO BENEFIT yourself!


Rahul Mookerjee

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We had a bit of an issue with one of the sites last night that was a “blink and you'll miss it” thang of sorts.

And you probably missed it. Heck, I almost did myself!

But anyway, and either way, I've been chained to the keyboard pretty much since this past Monday.

And given the rest of the world (or in th eUS, anyway) is on Thanksgiving break, it seems apt that yours truly “contradictory as usual” chose THIS time to go full bore for another writing spree.

I thought (and on that note, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you no matter where y'all BE!) that Jump Rope Mania! Would be the end of it for now.

But it wasn't.

Another NEW course on another site followed.

Followed by a compilation.

And then late last night (or early this morning) I started the book on isometrics, and Ive been chained to the keyboard ever since, not to mention I've also NOT slacked back one damn bit on any of my other writing.

Which includes these daily (I promise daily, but it is usually three times a day!) emails.

Not just for this site, but another one too.

Coaching plans etc and “staying on top” of other business (sales, accounting, the whole shebang).

And of course, new books which I've not done for a while, but I am now.

And the good news is, the book on ISOMETRICS is waiting to be released.

Pictures need to be taken, but thats it!

 (and I need to tinker around with a few "new" workouts I want to put in there!) 

And right now, we are accepting pre-orders for the book – and of course, those of you that email meabout it before release – I'll make sure yall get a discount coupon in your Inboxes for the book!

Actually, for the site I should say. I haven't had a formal Thanksgiving sale in forever, but I've had two “sales” of different natures this week including this one, so ... that shoudl suffice!

By the way unlike last time, I DO have the book backup . I'm being over scruplous now with backups of any nature, hehe.

And just so you know that when my regular customers ASK, I listen – plyometrics WILL be the next one out too! ;-)

I should have titled that as the subject of this email.

But anyway, feeling great you ask?

When most would be feeling stiff and cranky and sore?

Well, I'm a bit sore – but thats it.

I did a few minutes (nay, seconds, I believe) of the very workouts I'm going to put in the book on isometrics – workouts that aren't really workouts, yet they are.

That don't feel like you're working out. 

Yet, you are.

And you're doing IMMEASURABLE BENEFIT to your body from the inside out!

Not to mention feel like a bazillion bucks overall!

Anyway, I'm back to it after some tea, but for now, the sales page is up right here – Isometric and Flexibility Training.

Take a gander, and shoot me an email in case you are intereste din pre-ordering, and we'll go from there.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – As always, it's an ebook – yours to download upon reciept of payment. Instantly!

PS # 2- And as always, if you want paperbacks, email me and we'll see what we can finangle ..

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