Monday, 19 December 2022 05:36

Workouts that make you QUIVER - and shiver ... maybe. Hehe.

They literally do - and I dont mean people starting off with dips and pushup -where simple isometrics done in those movements, as I showed you in the case of my friend Prem the other day - and as I told you about Marc the African Silverback Gorilla when he was getting into the dips position to HOLD FOR TIME - those are indeed workouts that will make people at that level "quiver" like a maple leaf in a Toronto breeze (Marc is FROM Canada, by the way. Hehe). 

The "African" part, well, I'll get more into that later, but can we say massive, mammoth shoulders for one. Hehe.

Anyway - this morning I was supposed to go out and do some more filming - specifically, the last video in the paid series for Jump Rope Mania! - squats and jumping rope - if there ever was a more brutal combo for the legs, I'm yet to hear or experience it. 

Done right, these are leg sizzlers. 

Done right, you wont be working legs hard for the next day or so either. Hehe. 

And therefore, with a slight case of the sniffles I seem to have picked up, I know my body well enough to recognize when it's saying - train hard - but train something else. 

I dont blame it, with all the roadwork being piled on it as of late too ... 

But anyway. 

While thinking about clubs etc, I picked up a tool - or implement, I haven't again, like the jump rope, used in like ages. 


Or, ab wheel as it's called. 

And I did some isometrics with this - the roll outs - and so forth. 

I Was going to film it all, and put most of it in a paid download for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, but there comes a time you have to take care of yourself first my friend. 

With all the filming going on as of late, both for the free youtube channel and my paid stuff, with all the work on the other business where even the affiliates are doing ROARING business, handling it all from a tech and sales perspective, plus all the other crap a real man has to deal with in terms of women etc -well, it was getting to be too much - and I'm sitting here drinking TEA right now. 

No doubt I'll be working out again later. 

But point of me telling you this - first off, the ab wheel shows up in the book above - rightfully so - if you're into training with implements, this one probably should be at the top of your bucket list along with Indian clubs. 

MUST you get them - or implements in general? 


But if you want 'em, cash permitting - do get 'em by all means! 

And not from me either at this point - although I might sell clubs and maces at some point, I dont now. 

But I could point you to some very reputable sources for getting the indeed, straight from India at that, sheesham wood. 

Anyway - the ab wheel - I had two of these. 

One was fancier, wheel encased in some blue casing but it broke, so I tossed it - bought a new one (I think I tossed it, not sure). 

The wheel was fine, wheels actually, I think I still might have it SOMEPLACE, I dont know - it was beginner level ab wheel. 

This one is the regular one with two wheels in the center and a handle on both ends, and man, as I did my isometrics with these, I felt muscles I haven't worked in a while begin to literally quiver. 

Not to mention I torched and smoked my grip in a manner I haven't for ages either. 

And shoulders too! 

You'll be wanting to wait and see what I have out on Youtube for this - as well for the paid section of Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness (those of you that love the youtube channel, well, you ain't "Seen nothing yet" pal, hehe). 

For now tho let me tell you, these aren't a beginner's tool. 

And you'll want to get damned good at the "extended arms pushup" I mention in Pushup Central before you even try the full ab rollouts I do. MAN!

Talk about building stability and strength through the core and shoulders - and grip. 

And truth be told, that above exercise is all you really need to do, but ab wheels, well, they work the GRIP and shoulders differently - perhaps a little less of lower back and lower abs than the pushup, but do BOTH if you can is my advice. 

And thats that - I'll be back soon with more!

PLACE your pre-order for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness NOW my friend. 

And if you have not yet gotten Pushup Central and the 0 Excuses Fitness System FIRST - well, you'll want to get 'em NOW. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - NEVER, never, EVER make the mistake of thinking implements replace bodyweight. 

Newsflash - nothing replaces bodyweight training. 

You can take it to the NEXT LEVEL Though with these sort of training tools and implements! 

But if you, like many people think "oh thats great, I Can skip my pushups and squats" - no you can't either my friend. 

Kettlebells are another immensely useful tool I use occasionally too - I'll cover that soon in upcoming emails. Stay tuned! (and the book, of course).