Wednesday, 30 November 2022 06:28

Forward bends are so underestimated!

I'll tell you one thing - with my high rep workouts, I often wake up sore - so sore in the shoulders sometimes that I can barely put on my T shirt. Hehe. 

It doesn't "hurt" - but it's sore to the bone - there is a difference. 

Ditto for triceps, calves etc. 

Anyway, one area I'm not often sore in - but sometimes am - the lower back. 

Not so much sore as "stiff" occasionally - especially if it's cold and I dont stretch properly post workout (yes, post, not pre!). 

Now, people have come to me with lower back problems galore in the past, and I've ALWAYS told them - and still tell them - to get damn good at the "best damn exercise" ever and all it's variations. 

Along with bridging, there are few better things you can do for the lower back and spine ... 

Or are there? 

I need to come out with an advanced course on bridging - that reminds me, amongst everything else going on, but for NOW - remember this - while my advice is sage and WORKS - for me, for everyone that has used it the right way. there is something else to the equation - another side to the coin that is very rarely acknowledged, or talked about. 

I mention the FRONT bridge in 0 Excuses Fitness

When it comes to the lower back, for some reason, most people equate a stronger lower back with workouts and movements that have you moving BACKWARDS - bending the spine BACKWARDS. 

Now - there is NOTHING wrong with this at all, I myself advocate it... 

But if your hamstrings and hips are naturally weak - and tight - mine are - and lots of you fall into this category, then guess what - you MUST work in forward bends as well. 

In Corrugated Core, some of the FRONT bends are really what get your core working, lower back going, and FAT shifting. 

Dont get me wrong back bridging is damn important, I've said that before, I will say it again, but you must stretch both ways. 

In the past - and this was when I was fat (or big as some folks like to call it, but I'd say fat and big both - and yeah, the weights I lifted "showed" - but I'd rather the fat free frame I have now) - I used to bridge a lot, and it helped me - and I bridge even NOW. 

And it helps me even now. 

But for some reason, those reverse movements have been easy for me - even when I was fat. 

This won't be the case for most people. 

But it is for some, while the FORWARD stretches are much, much tougher for these folks - as it was me. 

And for a long time I ignored forward stretching. 

Today, with super sore shoulders, and a "stiff" lower back in the morning, these forward stretches are exactly what I did to get the blood FLOWING. 

Some mentioned in Isometric and Flexibility Training . . .

My point is this, my friend - YES, stretch backwards, BEND that spine as much as you can - but do the same FORWARDS. 

For some reason, again, way too less attention is paid to the "less fancier" forward bends, which in my opinion is a huge huge mistake. 

Calf and hamstring stretches are also ignored a lot of times, but especially the lower back (forward motions). 

In the future I'll even put out some brief videos of me doing forward stretches - for now, the books above are all you need. 

And thats the lesson for this one. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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