Thursday, 11 November 2021 05:40

Is life "online" superficial?

I believe that was what my mom told me, i.e."thats a very superficial existence" - back in 2003 when I told her how I did everything online, etc. 

No reason given, of course. 

"Because she said it". 

Now, despite most of everything else I says - this one? 

I think it DEPENDS - on the PERSON. 

Let me start out with a quote from a girl Helen I often chat with online. 

"Why is that every conversation with you starts out easy, then descends into SUPER SERIOUS stuff I dont even talk about with my husband"? 


I think not... Hehe. 

Or, the various ladies in various sorts of relationships I've chatted with ... been with ... and so forth ... 

I know, I know. 

"Lothario", as I've been called. Hehe. 

Or, as Helen told me. 

"you're really so bad!" 

Bad boy I've always been, since birth. Hehe. 

Maybe I attracted so many women to me, because I never tried!

Thats the secret right there, except no-one will believe it. 

Anyway, point of this .. 


These days, we're seeing people trot out the "we like to meet offline" and talk "in person" nonsenseical excuse, now if they really MEANT IT? 

I would agree. 

Trouble is, they dont. 

If you talk to them in a way it benefits THEM? 

They'll talk to you online all day, and never ever want anything offline. 

Try it, and see. Hehe. 

Money, business whatever it is. 

It is the fact that business is down, people are panicked and scared - and many other things that people are not acting normal, and are making all sorts of silly excuses about not getting back to messages, etc. 


These SAME people that are too busy are watching videos on Instagram from morning till night - THAT is what people are really doing (or the Wechat equivalent). 

THAT is what it turning people - into more of a Bozo than ever before (remember, videos, dumbphones- all of this kills your imagination). 

But more than that, back to superficial. 

Is the phone superficial, Mom - I wanted to ask her at the time, but never did. 

Is flirting online superfiicial? 

Is flirting to begin with superficial? 

I dont know why I used flirting as an example, but you can replace it with what you want . . . 

The answer is, NO. 

It depends upon the PERSON. 

True, in most cases for the Bozos out there, meaningless conversation. 

But if everything not in person is superficical, then why not discard the good ole fashioned phone too, where you literally twirled the "lovely" dial and "dialed up people"? 

I'm dating myself, I know. 

But I'm sure YOU guys remember those days!

My grandfather had one of them on his desk, I'd often call my aunt, I dont know, old fashioned, but with the "HMT" watch he gave me, it will always be a prized memory!

Old school, old fashioned I am, but UBER modern too in most regards. 

Therein lies the dichotomy, or perhaps none. 


I'm just too brutally honest, which is why people cannot stand me - the vast bulk. 

Those that can, dont just stand me - they love me. 

And on that note, I'm out. 

Be sure and pick up the MOST NON SUPERFICIAL, yet results producing (and how!) fitness system right here

And remember, these superficial comments come from people who imagine life "to be a grind" and "nothing comes "easy"". 

And so forth ... 

Apparently the easy life is "bad". 

Again, two sides to that coin. 

Nothing comes easy, but the goal should be to work your tail off so it DOES come easy! 

Fact of life, and if you sitting there reading are saying you want a life "we have SOOOOOOOO Many problems!" - as opposed to a hassle free existence, well, I'm sorry to say, but you;re lying. 

OK, out for now!

And that link again!


Rahul Mookerjee

Thursday, 11 November 2021 05:27

On the days of dial up internet, and more ... !

Does anyone even remember those days? 

I'm sure a lot of us old timers here on the list do, but not sure about everyone else!

The days where you got "free internet" almost willy nilly from AOL for one ... those lovely CD's you got, hehe, damn near everywhere that you could just pop into your laptop - wait, laptops werent even there in 1998! Hehe - and voila, you were online for a free 30 day period. 

No credit card required, nothing, just a phone line and you were set. It would cost you nothing but what a phone call would ... as you'd dial in locally to a local number!

I still remember lugging up my bulky desktop computer I got second hand from She Bay with a friend "Rujul" (who looked like a dud, wanted to be a stud, hehe, and ended up being a bit of both!) ... five floors up to "Bond hall". 

Pre fitness days, that got me out of breath, big time!

But, many thanks to Bruce Clark and his mom that gave me their address to have it delivered to. Hehe. 

"My mom gets enough spam anyway" he laughed, when I asked him about the promotional mailers etc (remember those days, when you actually, you know, checked a physical mailbox??) that would follow... 

Those still come, by the way!

There's a damn good reason behind it, just as there is a very good reason I offer not just digital versions of my books on the site, but PAPERBACKS - and HARDCOVER TOO! 

Something for everyone, and the latter two really hit home. 

Most of my best customers prefer the latter two!

I feel you, folks. 

But anyway ... digital is great too ... 

I'm the guy they used to laugh, and still do, when I said "it can be done online!" 

Especially my Mom who would make fun of my Southern Accent hehe - and the twang . "awwwnnnline", she'd go. 

I'd laugh back. 

I wonder who is having the last laugh now, hehe. 

Always a visionary and a pioneer, yours truly. 

But anyway (she told me online wsa a very "shallow life" - for a woman that has no friends, has never really stepped out of the house...!) ... 

Those CD's. 


You could always extend their free service - just call 'em up, and in most cases, their reps would offer it themselves. 

Sometimes, they'd yell at you about "abuse" if the rep was in a bad mood. 

But I cannot recall paying a dime for interent all through college, hehe. 

came back home at the age of 23, got on ... ICQ, I believe it was? Or msn? Or Yahoo Messenger, YES! LOL - the groups, the messages - remember those guys??? with the girlfriend (still in the US) and a two hour long phone call culminated in Dad complaining about phone costs, which at the time in INdia were apparently a thing.  

Shortly thereafter, I got DSL installed, and paid the bill. Hehe. 

When I moved to China, they kept it... 

 I love recollections, friend. 

They're so ... to put it in "girly terms" - romantic!


And thats why I put out the book on recollections, which really, every serious fitness enthusiast must grab NOW. 

And old is indeed gold, as is evidenced by my training style - and the RESULTS, the sheer results, the CHEST THUMPING RESULTS - that follow!

I'll be back. 

Get you some NOW


Rahul Mookerjee

It's interesting, with my own injured forearm that I wrote about yesterday - really starting to hurt like a SOB now, hehe, but then again, its not going to stop me from going about my daily work! - and us grip maniacs - well, we're used to it - the REAL grip trainees, not the idiots sitting on the bench at the gym posing with heavy weights in hand (dont get me wrong, there is a right way to train at the gym, but preening with the "third peak" of the bicep popping up "under the bros shirt" isnt the way to go about it) ... 

I wrote about that HERE

But, I wrote about something far more inspiring, a story from one of my best and greatest customers John Walker in the UK - where he quite literally did a Cliffhanger to save his nephew's (and likely his own too) life out on the cliffs (in the UK John? I dont know, I never asked him - but I'm sure it must be out in the country there in Wales somewhere? John , if you are reading this, write back and let us know!). 

That was written HERE

But if you've seen the Sly flick Cliffhanger, you know what happens at the beginning. 

Three (or was it four?) people are climbing dizzying heights somewhere in the US - was it Montana??

And Sly of course is being Sly, "hanging out" under cliffs where he's not seen, and when his girl asks him where he is, thats his response. 

Anyway, his friend and his girl are there too. 

And while Sly, the friend, and Sly's woman are all experienced climbers, the other girl isn't. 

And disaster strikes, when her harness comes aloose (they were traversing the space BETWEEN cliffs, which looking down below, hell, I wasn't comfortable myself seeing it on screen - never been one for heights, though it's gotten better as I've grown older - so I can understand why in the movie SHE was nervous  - with her not being an experienced climber) - and Sly shows up, of course, on the line, and catches the girl just as she is about to DROP. 

Trouble is, he catches the glove, which slips off, and then so does, unfortunately the girl. 

Thats how Cliffhanger starts. 

No such unfortuante occurences in John's case - he literally ... well, let me paste his story again, like I said last night, it's just too inspiring not to keep sharing. 

Truly an unsung hero, a "real man" that trains hard and heavy - the right way - and well... here goeth again!

(his story was in response to something my old friend Charles was bitching about in terms of "how dare Rahul make it sound like grip strength is more important than breathing")

Hello Rahul

​Oh yes, I get the picture, it’s the same stupid logic the idiots use when they tell you they’re using lifting straps because their backs are so much stronger than their grip, well done geniuses, you’re now lifting something with your “inbuilt” safety mechanism overridden (you shouldn’t be able to lift what you can’t hold on to) and you’re only making the disparity between the two even greater, now that sounds like a devastating spinal injury waiting to happen to me.

​An example of why grip training is as important as breathing (to me anyway) is because it can save not only your own life but also someone else’s.

​I was climbing a 100ft cliff without any safety equipment because I know the cliff well I’ve climbed it many times before and I know the safe route up the cliff, however my teenaged nephew had never climbed the cliff before so I warned him not to try and follow me as it was too dangerous, nearing the top of the cliff I’d thought he’d listened until he was suddenly beside me with a huge grin on his face but that grin did not last long because as he passed me he grabbed hold of a large chunk of rock which immediately dislodged and he was hurtling down the cliff, in the split second that it took for him fall I managed to grab his left wrist with my right hand, so I had his whole bodyweight in my right hand whilst I was holding on for dear life with my left, I managed to stabilise myself by pressing my body flat against the cliff face, with every ounce of strength I could muster I curled my nephew with my right arm which allowed him to reach for the top of the cliff with his right hand, once he’d established a firm enough grip with his right hand I was able to let go of his left wrist so he could grab a hold of the top of the cliff with both hands, now that he was holding on with both hands I was able to place my right hand under his butt and I was able to push him up to the top of the cliff where he managed to scramble to safety and I (at last) was able continue up to safety as well.

​I tell you this not to make myself look like some kind of hero (I’m not) but to illustrate why I believe grip training is so important, if my grip had not been “rock solid” that day (no pun intended) I believe the sudden jolt of my nephew’s bodyweight hitting my right hand grip, would have been too much for me to hold on to, I also believe it would have also jerked my left hand grip away from the cliff face and we both would have gone hurtling down the cliff to the rocks below.

​People who neglect their grip are not only risking their own survival but also of those that they love and care for.
Buying the cart before you buy the horse would be one way of looking at the problem, another way of looking at it would be, if you’ve put the “cart before the horse” i.e. in front of the horse you’ve got things back-to-front, “horses pull not push” so neither the cart or the horse are going anywhere with that setup if you catch my drift.


​Warmest Regards

Now, that my friend is a story and a half - and a true one at that!

When I read it, I couldn't believe my "eyes". 

But, he did it!

John Walker keeps telling me he is not a hero, I keep telling him he is - an unsung hero - one of many! 

Much like the story of Sig Klein who saved the day (mentioned in Gorilla Grip (Advanced)) and countless other UNSUNG heroes – you – ARE a hero!

​Mucho kudos!

​Yes, as for the Bozos that claim “we’re big and not fat” and all that, well, enough said – I’ve said plenty in that regard, and so have you.

​I gotta share this with the fellas NOW – this is truly, truly inspirational!

Now, unsung heros... 

I've always been very effusive in my praise of cops, firefighters, first responders, and other people that DO - i.e. the day to day work we all take for granted, services we need - but never think about in terms of who is providing them ... 

The very people that are always talked about, blamed (often for things that aren;t their fault) - yet when we need help, who do we call? 

These very people. 

Doing a fine, fine, job out there on the streets - usually UNNOTICED and UNHEARD. 

Dont get me wrong, there are some bad apples everywhere, this applies to the above category too, but for the most part - outstanding and fine people! 

And Charles Mitchell, another one of my great customers responded back to the email about "Cliffhanger" with this. 

(he's an ex cop from NYC, as y'all are aware) 

Impressive story!  What's also impressive is that John was able to curl his nephew's bodyweight with one arm!  You're not going to be able to do that if your grip strength is not at the top of its game.  Good job John!


Here is part of what I replied with - 

Yes, not easy curling that sort of "moving" weight with one arm - not to mention the situation, which even though he was an experienced climber with a head for heights and everything else, that sort of life or death situation - requires not just rock solid grip strength - but superb OVERALL body strength to "pull-jerk" the person up - and most of all, a rock solid nerve!

John keeps saying he's not a hero - to me, thats one of the most (albeit) unsung hero stories I've heard of till date, and thats saying a lot - so I keep sharing it!

As an ex cop, you probably have some stories like this too - even if it's in "the city" as it were - feel free to share, and I'll share 'em with the world!

Now, think about this for a minute, my friend. 

First off all, the SITUATION. 

Even if that situation didnt require grip, or any strength, and was simply a mental game (which it ultimately all boils down to mental - dont get me wrong - the tools are necessary, but the MIND is what controls all) ... think about the REFLEXES John employed. 

Think about the "way" in which he did it - much like a leopard jumping on to it's prey - he did the same - in a split second - holding on to his nephew for "dear life" while trying to save his own - in that situation!

That doesnt just require rock solid NERVE - it also requires years of training - the right way - which develops your instinct - KILLER INSTINCT - and survival instinct - and GRIP AND CORE STRENGTH - real strength - and most of all, that SPEED with which he moved. 

Think about it, friend. 

A split second literally was the difference between life and death - and it wasn't over even then. 

Think about pulling up a "live, moving" weight like that - Ive no idea how much his nephew weighed, but I'd bet it wasn't anything pithy! - with ONE arm - suspended off a cliff (while HE Is hanging on for dear life) - think about the grip - but also the CORE and trap strength required for something like that. 

Or, try and do it at the gym - I dont know what they call the gym equivalent, the real equivalent - was it the "bent press"? (not the bench, hehe). 

Arthur Saxon would know!

But just try and do something like that WITHOUT The duress for one, WITH safety and such, and so forth ... 

John - you indeed are an unsung hero, I've said it before, I'll say it again!

And as I keep saying, grip strength, my friend is maybe not "as important as breathing", but damn near as ! 

And training wise, grip, core and legs - the MOST important. Train those areas right, you cannot go wrong overall. 

Training like an ANIMAL - much like I advocate in Animal Kingdom Workouts - and Advanced Hill Training - you CANNOT go wrong. 

Anyway, as an aside, I remember an instance in the Indian Himalayas once where an army man gripped my hand to shake it. 


He wasn't necessarily a big guy, or even overly strong or anything, but he had that grip, the same "pull" to the grip that my buddy from the Marines says I do. 

That "unnatural pull to your grip" which people pooh pooh as being "not required". 

But THAT,and your mind, my friend, will save you in life and death situations, or any situation for that matter, be it a fight in real life - or a street fight ... or, I dont know, ANY situation that requires some real strength,coordination and/or RESILIENCE. 


When the going gets tough, the tough give it the BOOT .

Anyway, to Charles ... if you have such stories, and you probably do - share 'em with the world! I, and many of our readers, most I'd say - hold the "men in blue" in very high regard - and I'm sure you have stories you can share as well!

OK, this has been a LONG one. Hehe. 

Grip wise, here are the two books you need to get - Gorilla Grip, and Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) - or just the compilation if you so choose. 

And dont forget the tips. 

Last, but not least, and this is something we do EVERY year - we'll soon have an annoucement where I'll be re-directing ya'll to a link which has other fitness authors, people into bodybuilding and such on the page. 

I am NOT affiliated with or make any money off any of the products mentioned there in any way - but it's a "share" (quid pro quo) thing we ALL do every year to build our lists, and to share the word about other stuff to our lists - so I'll be doing it again this year. 

Starts on the 11th - Paul Becker, thank you - you're a great, great guy!

Much like the famous Boris Becker who I much admired, even when he climbed up to the referre's chair to "get in his face" about a tennis ball being called out or something, hehe. I believe that was the French Open I remember!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - If you're talking GRIP? 

Tennis will build it!

But, those guys often have unbalanced development - especially the ones that hit the backhand and forehand one handed. I've always hit both with two hands, despite being told it was "girly" to do the backhand with two hands. 

I dont get it, why not? 

I mean, the more strength you put into the shot, the better it is!

Anyway ... I was once called "Michael Chang" on a tennis court. More on that later, but remember the tale of the tennis player that gripped my once injured right hand and I literally screamed with pain? 

That, and many other instances growing up are what caused me to have the grip I do TODAY - and teach things the way I do TODAY. 

Trust me, the courses above just work - they flat out WORK. 

Just read what John for one has to say about them if you "be doubting". 

And last, but not least - please leave reviews!

I am SO glad I have the picture on the cover I do now for that book! Hehe. 

Although it attracts the most number of idiots, trolls, price wankers and such - it attracts real customers and real men too !

And I'd rather have ONE of the latter, along with 100 of the former, which any of us (the latter) could swipe away with one grizzly bear like paw if we wanted to ... 

... SOmetimes I dont. 

(as for the former, well, I've shared pleny here - the latest "belchworthy" rant, Bozo Keith James claiming "the author looks like he never trained" - just hilarious eh - and many others!) BUT!

My eyes goggle at the latest lunacy Glyn bozo posted on the book - something so blatantly hilarious and abusive both that Amazon promptly removed it - much like the hilarious, weepy rant - and abusive too if you can believe that (yes, Bozo makes it possible) on Fitness Pioneer Volume One

This one was even more ludicrious. 

I dont know if Bozo is drunk or high on , I dont know, bleach that he poured down /up his hoo haa... 

But it's something my friend (also an erotica writer and hes constantly checking for his book reviews on Amazon etc) sent me via screenshot. 

My reaction? 


Before "LOL" ing (laugh out loud) out loud, it's so inane. and INSANE!

But it's Glyn Faggoty Bozo to a T. 

Here is the review, if you can call it even a pseudo review. 

"Horrible fellow!" was the title. 

"This book was written by a faggot. He likes Chinese <bleep>. Do not buy Rahuls' book, he knows nothing about training!" 

There was more - in Chinese. 

Something about a toothbrush and some unprintables (yall can guess) and clear "copy and paste translation" the Bozo is using to "appear Chinese", and a host of other abusive, racist words. 

None of which bothered me. 

I rather hope the review comes back, hehe. 

But thats OK, but that was the review. 

Now, trolls and inanity aside, lets look at this. 


As an outsider. 

As someone that knows Rahul Mookerjee - or doesn't. 

As someone who is gay, or bi, or in between, or whatever they call them these days (no disrespect, promise). 


Let's even assume you're the Bozos's best pal, and looking for ANY sad excuse to "rant" against me. (I know you ain't, I'm just sayin...) 

Let ME put myself in the eyes of the BEHOLDER. 

(And, despite what I say in my own books about looks not being everywhere, despite me being a chameleon, despite me saying how the most outwardly "alpha" males have "different" preferences in bed often, despite all that) ... 

The EYES OF THE BEHOLDER! Do it, ...  

... I just did, and I'm struggling to figure out how that MAN on the cover of the book is "faggotty"? 

You could call me many other things, many people do, some warranted, most not. 

All believable to a T, but "faggot"? 

I mean, look at the picture. 

Then tell me!

I dont think so, hehe. 

It's so bleeding obvious, and the Bozo is getting desperate again apparently "lack of attention in Socksford most likely". 

Not to mention his latest deal is some nonsense about a Chinese guy he met somewhere and he's now salivating after him - now those, I DO have the screenshots, and i'll share 'em, maybe. 

Maybe Bozo felt guilty? 

But really, its insane. 

Anyway, this is a great book, my friend. 

And if you've bought the book - which many have - BE SURE AND LEAVE A REVIEW!

I've gone hoarse saying it, this is YET another reason we need decent - and REAL reviews 

And Glyn, like your friend Chuck says (or former friend). 


So sayeth the horrible fellow. 


Anyway ... 

The next book in the progression, and a REAL BEAST - and MEANIE of a book is BAttletank Shoulders. 

If you haven't got that book, along with Animal Kingdom Workouts, you're missing out - and you must get 'em! 

And again, please leave reviews!

Alright, my friend, I'm out. Twitt erfollowers will see Bozo's latest review in all its lunacy very soon!

At least he posted under his real name (his new account) this time. Thank Bozo for small mercies. 



Rahul Mookerjee

Thursday, 04 November 2021 11:37

I done forgot my manners again ... hehe.

Well, after that last email I sent y'all, a rather long one I believe (short by my eye watering standards though) - I remembered. 

I was going to just put this out as email, somethign made me post it here too. 

But anyway, much like one never forgets to take presents to birthday parties, hehe, one shouldn' forget to wish others happy whatever - even though I might not necessarily "celebrate" any of it myself. 

So, a very happy - and prosperous Diwali to ALL Of you reading - and may 2022 bless you with ... well, whatever your heart may desire - wishes, gold, Bozos, whatever you want, hehe. 

Freedom to all is what I really want to say, I realize all may not agree, but that is my take on it. 

And, while yours truly doesnt celebrate Christmas, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Eid, or any of it - I believe in the Universe, Universal spirit, and I damn well enjoy the holidays. 

And "Glutton Papa" as I keep telling my daughter, hehe, she never fail to crack up "my FAT FIT Papa" she calls me (she LOVES the fat me, and the fit me both hehe) (when she was young, I literally used to hold her on the then burgenoning and humungous tummy, hehe) ... surely does his bit of gluttoning on all festivals. 

come to think of it, I do it damn near every occasion I can. 

Eating up, drinking up, living life kingsize, the only way to do it. 


Along with king size bouts of WORKOUTS!

And, before I forget my manners again - well - Happy Diwali! 

Whether you celebrate it or not ... 

And remember to check out the rewards page too, bro. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - If there is a discount you WANT, but do not SEE on that page, email me, I'll see what / if I can do about it. 

PS #2 - Daughter is more right than she knows, you CAN be fit - and "fat" at the same time - but you can't. Hehe. 

I dont know if this makes sense? 

But a lot of people with normal body fat - that do 0 Excuses Fitness - are FAR, FAR, fitter, stronger, and healthier than the idiots spouting 12 packs at the gym and pumped pecs, yet, get them to climb a flight of stairs and they drop dead from heart attacks when trying to fix photos on walls. 

Not EVEN kidding you. 

That isn't an excuse to be "Glyn the phat phocker", but I'm just saying, there is a Corrugtated Core, and a healthy core - and an unnaturally waspish NOT healthy one. 

In other words, NOT all about looks. 

But then again, if you're on the list, you know this by now, eh! 


I truly never heard the end of it. 

Funny part, actually, the NORMAL part - this is how it happens when you truly honestly "forget" - I had the gift all ready and packed. 

I was like 10, I think ... neighbor's birthday party or something a few houses down the block. 

"Anshul" was his name, I believe? 

I dont know how that name popped up in mind, or why - there's probably a reason!

But anyway, I forgot his gift - and remembered when I got there. 

Turned back, but unfortunately, my Mom wasn't at home - door was locked, yours truly did not have the key either. 

So, I had no choice but to walk into the party bare handed. Hehe. 

I apologized to my friend, he could care less. 

"I'm not greedy", I still remember him saying, and I remember feeling dumb - obviously no-one wants to or likes to forget those things. 

My Mom though when I got home, my word. 

You'd think I commiitted a sin of the gravest order, or murdered someone by the way she reacted - for DAYS after the event. 

Including explainining the meaning of the word "etiquette" to me - i.e. you "dont forget presents when going to someone's party!" 

Maybe you dont, Mom ... 

I agree. 

But then again, I REMEMBERED, and would have come back and got the damned thing if the door wasn't locked. 

Happens to the best of us, and I never see women complaining later about the numerous times they forget the keys in the apartment. Hehe. 

That, for some reason has happened to me - sum total of ONe time in my life, and my phone died. 

Luckily Carol was there with me, so I could input the real estate agent's number into her phone, give him a call ... 

He came, pried open the damn lock so easily by jiggling a wire in it I wondered what I paid 100 RMB for. Hehe. 

(And thats a lesson to those of you complainig about book prices and such - expertise COSTS money my friend. That is just how it is! It may or may not be easy for me, but I worked my butt off to get the skills I now teach, I should not even have to explain this shit anymore, but since there are so many Tom Tom's complaining anyway, I explain it anyway! When I'm in a good mood that is, otherwise I just tell these people to basically sod off elsewhere). 

Anyway ... some things, you gotta give kids leeway. 

I never got much, if any growing up. 

I still remember my mom coralling me against three walls, literally cornerning me because I committed the even graver sin of throwing up in a horribly nasty anyway swimming pool, fille dto the brim with folks peeing in it secretly for one - during an afternoon lesson after lunch. 

I mean geez, Mom, I was like what, 3 ? 

Anyway, Bozo apparently lost his keys all the time. 

Though with him, knowing his madness, he probably lost them trying to unlock his hoo haa after dumping bleach down it - or up it, if you get my drift. 

I still cannot believe it, how STUPID some people can be. 

All Trump said was "the virus does a number on the lungs, now if we can maybe get some powerful UV that kills germs in there - you docs figure it out ..." 

And he spoke about disinfecting the lungs. 

Truly, that is all he said. 

And Bozos globally, including a certain Schofield for one ended up in the emergency room for dumping bleach up their hoo has. 

I wonder where Glyn is these days. 

Haven't heard from him in a while - that last trolling he did for Shoulders like Boulders had his name written all over it, though ... 

It's supposedly Diwali in the subcontinent today, hopefully Bozo hasn't shoved firecrackers up his wazoo or something. (last when he was drunk, I remember him posting a video of him - NO KIDDING - with "fireworks hanging out his tail" if you get my drift, and daring others to do it. If you've seen Tik Tok, you'll believe there are folks idiot enough to do these things, Bozo included). 

So glad I ain't on Tok Tok ... 

Anyway ... (Tok being "sour" in Bengali, hehe) ... forgetting presents, and such. 

Good news is, HERE? 

At 0 Excuses Fitness? 

Always a party, my friend, and I NEVER forget to hand out the presents. 

They're all there here anyway!

I view YOU as the invited guest, and do what I can - my best - to make checking out the most fun and comfortable process ever - checking out i.e buying. 

And online makes it all the more easier, of course.

So, to recap - 

It's November now. 

And I've updated the rewards page accordingly - be sure and check it out NOW. 

Some great, great rewards and discounts in the offing, including for Animal Kingdom Workouts, and Battletank Shoulders, two courses it seems nigh EVERYONE wants. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Mere words do not explain the way I feel about this. 

While I wouldn't go so far as to say "I would kill for this" - I FEEL that way when someone TRULY disrespects me. 

This morning, I truly "lost it" - though most looking at me would never guess what the Black Mamba was thinking. 

This ties into all the calling I do out for Glyn Schofield for one, who better hope he never sees me in person again. 

As my friend from the Marines once told me privately. 

"Rahul, they better hope they dont see me HERE, on MY SOIL!" 

He was referring to some Chinese who were bullying him with the "This is China" crap - so now he's in the US, and he's issued an OPEN CHALLENGE to them. 

Needless to say, they never took it. 

In the movie First Blood, Part IV i.e. "Rambo", in my opinion one of the best of the lot, they had this thing about Stallone sharpening a knife that gets longer with every installment of the movie, hehe - and uttering these words. 

"When killing is as easy as breathing ... " 

"God didnt make you this fighting machine. It's in your blood!" 

"You didnt kill for your country! You killed for YOURSELF!" 

"God's never going to make that go away!" (for reference, there was this missionary sort in Rambo that the Vet WARNED not to go into Burma, she did anyway, and well, y'all have seen the movie, I'm sure! LUMBERJACK!) 

Carrying on from what his old mentor and Colonel said about "we never created this fighiting machine - we just chipped away the rough edges". 

That, to me, typifies yours truly to a T. 

I can tolerate a lot, my friend. 

And I do. 

But disrespect - I draw the line. 

I lost it this mornig with a guy I've been doing business with - for years and years and years. 

I've always treated him fair, paid up BANG ON TIME EACH AND EVERY TIME for the services he rendered. 

Yet, since this July, he's been giving me the round about on something he is supposed to do - and still hasn't done it. 

Broken promises, never answers calls, when I do, he disconnects, and wont call back for months . 

I can feel his thinking. 

"This guy has no options, so he's stuck". 

Oh yeah? 


No options? 


No I ain't either pally. I'm simply doing what I do for everyone, give them a very long rope, once I do biz with someone, once I find reliable people, I don't just swtich at the drop of a hat. I'm in it for the long term. 

Most apparently aren't. 

Anyway, it drove me insane this morning - so much so that I was almost literally sharpening an actual knife which most dont know, but I know very well how to use. 

I better not write anymore. 

On that! 

But disrespect I just dont tolerate. 

Especially blatant and RUDE sort. 

I've told the dude plenty of times if he doesnt want to work with me - then fucking SAY IT!

I've told him bazillions of times, RETURN what I gave YOU - for business! 

And if you dont want to do even that, at least SAY IT!

The ROUNDABOUT and DISHONESTY is what I cannot stand, much like Marc the African Silverback Gorilla once told me as well. 

I cannot for the life of me understand why folks can't be DIRECT!

Never getting back to anything, always "avoiding the hard questions" - I mean, just effing SAY IT!

Anyway ... 

Maybe it's because I've been hit behind the head - literally - all the time growing up. 

Maybe because of all the bullying I endured, never got a word of support, when I fought back, it was always "they are right, you cannot fight back!" 

Sounds insane, I know - but many of YOU have gone through the SAME damn thing. 

As an adult, perhaps and admittedly I went to the other extreme physically. 

But I'd rather that than ... you know, be bullied ... 

It's just - disrespect, I cannot tolerate it. 

And that red hot flash of rage - a lot of you  know what I mean. 

Of course, I'm hardly the maniac who like in the recent Russell Crowe movie makes it a point to "kill everyone he can associated with the person". 

I have my moments, then I calm down ... 

But disrespect, I cannot tolerate. 

This idiot promised me something to be done "within the next hour" 

Let us see if he does it. 

And on that note , fitness wise ... never tolerate anything less than the BEST my friend. 

And the best of the best is what I bring YOU in the 0 Excuses Fitness System

Go get you some now. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Ive always been this way, by the way. Fighter to the core, like my friend said, "you're one of the toughest hombres I know out there". 

And he knows plenty. 

I dont know why I felt compelled to put that bit of history out there, of course... 

I've written a post on wokeism here - an immensely popular one. 

But before we proceed, a bit on the "royal Cock up" as Phil ... we'll get into that, just told me. Hehe. ... 

It means "f up" for those not in the UK, or without an imagination. 

And obvously, for you on this list, that means I was not just talking to YOU on this list, but also my erotica (one time) publishers - but it's the most amicable split ever, they still sell my books on their site, and I love those guys - GREAT guys - common sense galore, and I've always supported them, and will continue to do so!

Yes, I'd have written all those books on the other site, 85 plus anyway. 

But there is always something about the first time, pun intended and not given the content of those books. And the first people you work for, your first job, and so forth ... 

Anyway ... the cock up on their end was something I pointed out to them (well, I was mostly asking about royalties from their end, although I sell myself for the past X number of years, and am doing extremely WELL, I still sell there too so ...) , but the cock up here is that we are, until Nov 1, apparently, down on email. 

No issues with the provider - it was a bit of a mess up at MY END. hehe. 

But, should be sorted soon. 

And wokeism aside ... let me just past the convo, it makes for better reading than anythng else! 

Hi Rahul

Yes, a right royal cock up! I had copied the site to play around with the Multi-Vendor option I’ll be offering sometime soon hopefully. Forgot to redirect the site and disable the newsletter programme!

Anyway, all good here and whatever is happening in this crazy f…..d up woke world just passes my by. Listening to one of my team who has just reached the magnificent age of 24 we are doomed anyway. Not a scrap of historical knowledge sits in his well-educated head let alone what life was like before social media and the sharing of everyday events that have become international news. Ah well, that’s life!

The website sales are moderate, Lulu distribution of our books is not as good as it was when we had Amazon direct. We have tried a number of pseudonyms to open new accounts but get found out everytime.

I’ll run a little promotion on your titles in the coming weeks and see how that goes.



OK, so yours truly .. 

Hi Phil

I have to agree, these young 'uns, social media addiction and dumbphones ... you are probably better off banging your head against a brick wall in that regard! (and as a customer said, that brick wall would likely make more sense, hehe).

Yes, this woke shit everywhere, this "forcing everyone to conform to some "big brother" BS or else", this "ostracization" of folks with INDEPENDENT thoughts ... Just pathetic to be honest but thats how it's all headed before (I believe, at least) "natural selection" finally does its thing (Darwin or whatever) and things get back to "normal" again i.e. what it used to be like in the 90's, that was the last time I saw anything remotely resembling normal, hehe.

Or, post WWII though I wasn't born then!

I'm dating myself by saying all that, I KNOW - LOL - no pun intended!

"Cock up", now thats the first time I heard it, and SO appropriate, hehe. Yeah all good buddy - was just giving you a "headsup" on that one. I'm sure those with their cocks already up would click through anyway! Hehe.

Thanks as well for the offer on the "mini promo" - my suggestion would be to try it on the<chopped> series, and perhaps the <chopped> books - or I dont know, maybe you could choose, but those are what are "appealing" to a lot of folks right now, especially in the UK and Germany for whatever reason. Haha. Always knew there was something about Hitler and why he wanted the swastika. LOL!

And, noted w.r.t what you're saying - yeah, Amazon accounts for most sales obviously, which probably explains the lack of or reduced loyalties. It's strange they de platformed yall, but thats Big Tech, and another reason I keep saying best to sell on your own site ...

(though Amazon, although they banned my account a couple of times for overly racy stuff, hehe - so they claimed indirectly - has never been an issue for me, so not sure why - perhaps it was something not related to the adult nature of the books, Amazon's algorithms can be strange that way i.e. the reason they ban accounts!).

Great to hear back - dose of reality as it were - and keep GOING!



PS - Don't EVEN get me started on panixations etc. LOL.

Well, that should explain my thoughts on it! And trust me, people are as tired of woke as YOU probably are reading this.

We just dont hear about the folks that are nigh tired of it, because their voices are never heard (though they're in the silent majority).

You will see why in the next conversation I quote!

But a coupla other things … and our friends from Germany will know this – the “Hitler” fantasy – either male or female is a surprisingly COMMON ONE – and as thought policing keeps getting more and more insane, “behind the scenes” people want a return to NORMALCY – desperately!

Dont get me wrong.

The guy was despicable and a madman, but as far as fantasies go, I dont think we – or anyone – have the right to judge anyone’s fantasies so long as they “conform” to SSC!

And of course, LEGAL and and of age …

Hey, those jackboots for one! Hehe.

I’ve written MANY a multiracial book - erotica themed – its never been an issue for me, and NO, it isn't the woke "colored over all"

It’s about the MIND!

And the workings of the mind that makes things, and life more interesting!

Second, of course, remember – and I’ve grown hoarse saying this on all my businesses.

Build your OWN business above all else.

Sure Amazon, Google etc might give you more sales short term or long short term.

But, Big Tech is notorious for deplatforming people – unfortunately, my last publisher was one of them – no plausible reason given either.

Just look at what Twitter did to a sitting U.S. President for one!

And one fine day, you’re doing GREAT On Insta with 1 million followers, for instance, next day you’re banned, and if you have all your eggs in that basked, you’re essentially screwed!

It's happened to me on the other business too, I got banned off Insta for ... posting NO nudity, not even close!

No reason given either.

Other than "sole of someone's foot" was deemed "NSFW" and fell under nudity! 

If you can believe that.

Some idiot like Bozo Schofield probably had a hissy because that is what he salivates after, it hit home, and ... well, you know how it is when things HIT HOME! 

Didnt bother me none, my site – which has always been my main focus - is going great guns, always will.

(the hell with Insta is what I said when I was deplatformed, despite my 1000 plus followers, all SOLID followers not finding me there, they've all come on to my email list there, "swelling it" WAY PAST 40K!)

IT's about giving people what they want. Period!

And third, but NOT least?

The books I suggested to my old publishers was the first series I wrote, it will always be close to my heart, "Madam" Jyoti was so NICE!

Those sparkly eyes, those pink flip flops … the shorts, of course. Hehe. All made for an unbeatable (PUN, lol, for those familiar
with the content of the books) - PACKAGE! (pun intended again, hehe, and not if you're Salivating Bozo Schofield, hehe - he loves those books too, hehe, though he can't GET NONE).

I suggested the promo on their site be done with those titles, because THOSE are what most people LOVE the most! (other than CHinese you know what, hehe).

And of course, WE hav e a lot of promos going on too for our cock up books – some expire at the end of October.

On the other site, people know about those! Hehe.

As we do for our fitness books - HERE!

Thoughts transmute, my friend, better than the written word ever could – provided we give them a medium.

No-one can really censor your thoughts my friend, try as they might - they FIND A WAY!

Anyway ...

Lets see what the great John Walker, one of my best customers had to say recently in an email about staying in touch.

That "what the hell is going on email".


Thanks for reaching out, sorry for not staying in touch but life just gets in the way sometimes.

I'm not sure what's going on but I just feel that with all the pandemic shit that's flying about that it's really getting me down.

There is so much pressure being ramped up to force people to get vaccinated, we are bombarded every day with new restrictions like so called vaccine passports without which you're basically locked out of everything but essential shops.

All that is bad enough but when your sister refuses to speak to you because "you are selfish" for refusing to get vaccinated, well that's the last straw.

There are so many brainwashed people doing all the world's governments bidding that I'm struggling to see where all this is heading, that uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that we spoke about previously has not abated, in fact it is now a knot that seems to tighten with every passing day.

Please understand you are my brother from a different mother and that will never change.

If I go quiet from time to time it is nothing personal, I've always been a lone wolf even as a small child and sometimes I just need a pause to sort things out in my head, I'm sure you know what I mean.

Anyway mate enough about me how's life treating you? Well I hope.

All is quiet in the mainstream media with regard to India, have things improved to any noticeable extent?

Just know I love you man, take real good care of you and yours.

Warmest Regards


Yours truly - 

Hey John -

Great hearing back from you - and no worries, I was never doubting either the "lone wolf" part (I'm sure you've seen the emails on my Uncle for one calling me a "wolf", hehe) - I've always been that way myself! - or the "brother from a different mother" part.

Yes, I figured it was "everything going on" that has gotten you down big time, I understand; people in general are just not acting normally. Sometimes I feel as if I'm the odd one out acting "as if its all normal" - which it is, really, it's just the panic driven "sheeple" thinking that has brought the world to this "cross roads" as it were.

(and, as you probably figured out, the "where are you" email ... haha, there's plenty of people that needed to hear that!)

You are right to have the uneasy feeling in your stomach (as you spoke about before), but (and as you know) remember that OUR OWN thoughts are what create, and destroy, and that there have been men and women (and I believe I wrote about this in a recent email) that have not just survived, but thrived during Depressions way worse than what it is now globally (though it's all going south - rampant inflation etc is just the tip of the iceberg). . .

I know you know that, but we all need a "buck up" every once in a while!

Yes, I hear you regarding the guilt trips etc people give you about not getting panixated as I call it. I just laugh at them and say "yes, Im selfish" - because, there is literally no point reasoning with fear stricken (panic) people ... or sheeple. It DOES hurt when your own sister - or relatives dont talk to you, I guess for me, as you know, I've never once had any sort of real relationship with any family (my younger sister for whatever reason played right into my mother's hand of "ruining the son's life") ... so it's easier in that regard, I'm used to it from a very young age - but hey - I hear you - all I can say is "to hell with people who cannot accept rational thought and/or another opinion" - even if those are relatives...

I know, not the nicest thing to say, but there it is, my friend . . .

As for me? One thing after the other, but thats life these days, we strive for better PERSONALLY - and I've found what I keep telling everyone to be true - hang in there, and things will get better. Precious few people listen anyway even during good times, but now? Like zero, hehe.

But it's true ...

And that is that for now. Thanks again for stayin in touch John - much appreciated! By the way, and importantly, DID you figure out what book you wanted to get next (I remember we spoke about that in July)? Just curious, of course, some sanity if nothing else, and a real solid dose of it as you know i.e. REAL LIFE sanity!


Rahul (The book on training with implements will be done as soon as I can get the kettlebell section finished - other than that, for you? I think you've got a lot of my books already, maybe Advanced Hill Training, and a few others, not sure - but either way - if thats still "on the menu" - let me know!)

And that, friend is truly ... THAT!

Back soon (oh and yeah- note the part abotu the books above, applies to everyone!) 


Rahul Mookerjee

Beta fag, by the way, by Glyn's own persistent admission - every time someone calls him a bozo, he responds back with "Beta Fag Glyn" so forcefully that you gotta wonder, I mean yes, he's that, but it actually turms him to be called that. 

No accounting for taste, even if it's the Bozo we're talking about. 

Anyway, in response to THIS email of mine, I got the following pseudo-faggoty response - 

U have good info but u shld remember, not All uR customer are so RICH AS u!

apparently this was typed out on a mobile phone, or perhaps it was a drunk Bozo doing it, I guess. Idont know (Bozo himself, his typing is even worse, so who knows!) - and apparently not being content to start off with this, his email was a long rambling one about "why I didnt support the trans movement" more and other nonsense. 

He also apparently wants to know Glyn's address to invite him on some "pride march" or some rot. 


If theres one thing both faggotty Glyn and decidely NOT so myself are very happy that we DONT know? 

It's Bozo's actual address. Me, because I've got better things to fill up my "always lit up with ideas" brain and "perenially lit up" Glyn Bozo because well if I did, I'd have handed him the ass whooping of his life one more time by now. Hehe. 

Anyway, why I dont like selling to this sort? 

Before I get into that, and again, let me tell you one damn thing - I ain't got nothing, not one single damn thing against gay people - or bisexuals - or people with any sort of sexual fetish so long as its SSC i.e. safe, SANE and consensual and carried out between consenting adults. 

I could give a damn less what you do in your bedroom, and quite frankly, it aint none of my business. 

What a lot of these faggoty sorts do though is try and "force" the other person to "convert" to their way or the highway. 

And I aint gonna stand for that. 

Its THAT sort I'll go to the ends of teh earth to call out, not people who are normal, but have "different" preferences in bed. 

It's the Bozos, idiots, morons, harassers, pyschos, racist jerks, and ... asses (Glyn, I mean the braying sort) in general I dont like one damn bit, and rightfully so, and never will. 

Live and let live. Bozos dont get that, which is my prime grade A beef with them. 

Anyway, the other thing and why I dont like selling to this sort?

It's always about price when it comes to something useful. 

Always a rant about money. Which like Glyn, they NEVER ever have enough of, or at all. 

Like Chuck rightly said about Glyn, dont ever go out with him! You'll ALWAYS end up paying, because Glyn never ever does. 

And judging by what he did the night we met i.e. "the ATM was never there for Glyn" - Chuck was spot on. 

Thats OK, I dont mind .. its his other rot I dont like (Glyns). 

And honestly. Glyn, even when he got paid, he was usually broke the day after because he'd go berserk chasing over the hill hookers to "put his nose in their backsides (God knows what it is with Bozo and Chinese rectums, both male and female) .... and there went his dough right there. 

So pathetic, like Glyn, be a man for once in your life... but anyway, back to money. 

I mean, they never have enough of it do they - but talk about going bottoms up with the nearest cruddy hoooker on the street corner or the nearest seedy X rated bar, and they always have tons of it. 

Misplaced priorities, and I dont like selling to this sort, then dealing wth the price whinging. 

I mean, look. 

I've spent year and years in the trenches here putting together info you cannot find anywhere else, training info that is so valuable I'd equate it with GOLD in terms of your health and fitness - truly coming "from the Master", and I dont use those terms lightly, and given what you pay in gym fees, doctor and chiro visits, meds, and the whole shebang, my prices are a DOWNRIGHT STEAL. 

Trust me on this one (or calculate it yourself). 

Even if they weren't the info costs what it does, friend. 

If thats too much, too bad. 

Pay peanuts, get monkeys. 

You want "Michelin":, then you gotta PAY the tab as well. 

And it's explaining all this to the Bozos that never get it, and the vibes etc - I just dont want to deal with it. 

And therefore, I do all I can to REPEL this sort from myself and my businesses. 

He also sent this (another one off the top of my head)

"We r working class men here!"

Oh, God. 

Class, no class, like I've always considered myself "classless" - i.e. without any of this BS. (not "not classy")

Upper class, lower class, working class, pseudo class, ranting class, Burgoeise, Turqiose, Burgundy, did I leave any out? 

Put me in a room with any of them, I'll talk to them in MY language - THEIR language, which will both be the same. 

Identifying with people and getting on the same page with them regardless of anything else is what true sales, and anything in life, really is about. 

You nail that, you can do damn near anything. 

The only class I did attend, of course, the class of WHOOP ass, and I'm always ready to open a can or two of them!

All for now!

As far as Glyn, his latest is "I want to lick Dejon's ass". 

Apparently "strongman Dejon" was doing squats, and that was all it took for the Bozo, of course, nothing doing in terms of derreries and Bozo went back chastened (and wrote me a nasty email about "pubes in the gym showers" - I mean this guy, just UGH!) ...and then went on another bender. 

Happened last week, not sure if he's off it now. 

But anyway, thats why I stay away from these beta fags... 

Just not worth it, my friend. 

I suggest you do too. 

And I also highly suggest and recommend picking up the 0 Excuses Fitness System (those of you that have not already), truly the best fitness related investment you'll ever make.

back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee 

Saw the following gem of a so called review by a (you got it, Price shopper) on no less than Amazon - 

(for Shoulders like BOULDERS!

(it was absolutely hilarious, and I'll address it soon, but first, here is the rant) - 

His name "Amazon Customer" - which given he never BOUGHT the book to begin with (I believe he looked at the picture on the front cover, and got pissed off, and perhaps the free preview).  .  . seems suspicious. Bozo, anyone. Hehe. 

Here is the review: 

This is asinine. Everything this "author" has belched into this book can be learned for free on the internet. Research Logan Christopher, Paul Wade, and Beast Skills. Do not, under any circumstances, pay this charlatan $80 for information that can be found at no cost on YouTube.

This guy sounds suspiciously like one of the Bozo's friends, I must say!

And obviously, the last line - as it is with these idiotic price shoppers - ever notice ALL The price shoppers "end" their silly rants with price? 

Shoulders like BOULDERS! attracts a ton of these wackjobs and morons. 

Anyway, the "learn for free" part. 

First, if it could be learned for free, well, I'm sure the guy could learn it for free, except he was too lazy to put it together himself, and someone else did (though it certainly ain't free info - nigh NO-ONE teaches the handstand pushup the way I do in the book - not even the people he mentions) ... and he got pissed off about it. 

Second, the price ... yawn. We've covered that enough times. 

Third, Joo Tube, well, by all means, if this guy wants to learn from there - obviously it wasn't working for him? 

Really, and I've grown sick of saying this, whether or not you can find the info for free elsewhere hardly matters, does it? 

What matters is that someone has put it together into book format for you ... someone has put together a FAQ on the exercise for you (which this jackass never mentioned), someone has put together years of experience, and "read between the lines" in a book like this ... 

Again, I suspect it's the picture on the front cover that ticked him off. Hehe. 

So be it. 

It wil remain as is, where IS!

But really - "charlatan" ? 

This guy never mentioned, of course, what I keep asking such people - how many handstand pushups he can do, or IF he can even do one. 

Clearly he hasn't read Battletank shoulders, which is basically Volume #2 in this series - - those workouts would put many a grown man - used to physcial training - to SHAME - and clearly he hasn't gotten the memo about doing > 100 handstand pushups daily (yours truly). 

But I get it, I'm a charlatan. 

Climbing hills more than six times a day, doing the above workouts - doing Advanced Hill Training - going for long swims - all sounds like stuff a charlatan would do. 


Glyn Bozo and his pals may fit the charlatan category - or scammer

Yours truly - if there ever was ONE person that is the exact opposite of that category - it is me - and enough said on that one already. 

Now, last, but not least Paul Wade - i.e. Convict Conditioning? 

I've read the book, I've no idea if he's actually a convct - I liked the book by Charlie Bronson much better - but Wade's put together a decent book, but I felt he spends WAY too much time and "pages" on the simplest of things. 

I dont know, that - along with the "lights out!" and other theatrics aren't present in my books (dont get me wrong, I'm sure there is a reason Convict Conditioning has those) - and they never will be. 

I would rather go barebones and do it my way - and give it to you my way because that is what WORKS. 

I haven't seen Paul Wade teach anything spectacular in the book either - any of you have? If so, let me know!

And Chris Logan? 

He's great at handstand pushups, yes. 

Ive read his manual, but again, nothing that struck me as "so out of the ordinary" ... 

Of course, both of THEIR books are priced a lot lower. 

And given this jackass never BOUGHT the book to begin with - well - there it is. 

I suspect it's either Glyn Bozo or Charles, or someone of that ilk (probably not Charles, hehe, but perhaps a friend of the Bozo's, much like the "Keith" guy who popped up briefly in the middle for the same book). 

Ya'll have any thoughts on this, write back, let me know - and NO, the review will not be taken down. At least I hope it isnt even though it's clearly a trolly review. 

Some monuments to idiocy must stand. 

And on that note, I'm out. 

Get this book - truly one of the best out there for building SHOULDERS - like the proverbial BOULDERS!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - His review subject was "Do not buy this book" along with the one star rating. Geez, about as useful as the rest of his so called review.. hehe. 

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