Monday, 26 October 2020 13:23

Handstand pushups and the LOWER BACK!

 Well, well, well.

Holy Mary as they say.

Holy Moly as came to my mind, hehe.

I realize dthat although I mentioned “lower” back in the last email, I completely forgot to mention anything at all about lower back and anything related in that email!!

Being I already sent it out, here goes in THIS email.

And I will keep the heading short lest I forget again!

So lower back, yes. And muscle memory.

We got into muscle memory in the last post, eh.

But as far as the lower back is concerned, it's a weak, weak area for MANY people - most notably the pumpers and toners at the gym, but also those that “focus mostly on pounding the pavement” - or for those for whom “the bench press is where it's at” - or thos ethat do heavy deadlifts regularly, and so forth.

That deadlift, by the way is responsible for causing more lower back pain in the gym than most other exercises my friend. Because most people just don't do it right, and even if they do, it's a completely unnatural movement the way it's taught and done.

I mean, think about it.

How often do you pick up an object with a grip like that, not to mention “conveniently” shaped like a barbell off the ground in daily life and grunt your way through for reps?

IF it were a beer barrel you were “cleaning”, I'd get it ...

But anyway, point of this.

I've made NO Secret of the fact that the bridge is the best exercise by far both lower back and core strength, and getting rid of lower back and NECK pain quick.

There is a real good reason wrestlers (real ones, not the WWE 'roid monsters) and boxers for one do these all the time, not to mention strongmen (again, real ones) of yore did 'em all the time.

Because the exercise and the way it stretches the entire body is beyond comparison, and the neck and lower back benefits immensely from the bridge and all it's variations.

And being lower back pain is not just “endemic” to most people, but a “pandemic” of sorts I thought I'd say it. Bridging is a course unto itself, but for now, the variations I teach you in 0 Excuses Fitness (from rank beginner no less) are enough to focus upon (and indeed if yiou do it right, it's all you need your entire LIFE).

And handstand pushups are anothe rgreat one for the lower back, though you wouldn't think so would you?

Just like you wouldn't think or believe it's a super, super GRIP exercise until you actually do them and feel them forearms BURNING (and we're not even getting into fingertip handstand pushups, or one handed ones. Hoo boyyyyy!).

And why are handstand pushups so effective at not just building up the entire core and lower back but BANISHING back pain forever?

Well, think about it.

Most niggles and pains are due to weak ligaments and tendons (connective tissues too) - - NOT so much the muscles.

One of the main reasons Hindu squats are so damned effective and a great workout is that they focus on the inside, not the show thigh muscles. They build up the tendons and ligaments from the inside out from whence on the sky, my friend, is literally the limit.

It don't work quite as well the other way around!

Same thing for handstand pushups. In fact just HOLDING yourself in that position, and hell, even getting into it for you overweight folks will noot only get you huffing and puffing nigh quick, but will build overall strength like NOTHING else can.

Not to mention the balance required works the heck out of the tendons etc as well.

Second (or third), another reason for lower back pain is too much fat on the lower abs.

Or “digestive issues”.

Or, “the infamous “bloat”” and let me tell yo uone thing right now.

When you're in an upside down position, all of this and then some disappears QUICK.

Even if you just work on the position for a few seconds.

Thats all it takes for the magic to start working.

And your stomach muscles naturally pull that flabby belly in, and the INTERNAL stomach muscles naturally contract and you'll feel a stretch-cum-contraction all across the lower back in a horizontal manner.

Like someone was “strengthening” the muscle as you did it, literally!

And I felt it today.

Last, but not least, any good core exercise means an AWESOME lower back exercise.

Goes true for leg raises. Holds true for the “vacum” I explain in Corrugated Core. And any other similar exercise.

And that, my friend is that for now. Give these a whirl, and I promise you'll never “go back”!


Rahul mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can learn how to do handstand pushups the RIGHT way – the way that gets results – real RESULTS – Shoulders like Boulders.

Sunday, 25 October 2020 11:03

When they “don't care about your blog”

I remember getting this comment more than once on my social media (WeShat, I believe, but I'm not sure).

“I could care less about your blog”, goes the angry refrain with that “impotent” (I don't mean physcially, of course, hehe) vibe to it ...

I've never quite understood one thing.

Why people that don't care about pull-ups and diss bodyweight exercises as being useless, and the “iron being the real thing” and “nothing beats the iron” follow yours truly obsessively ...

... Why the very people that claim about “saying it like it is” go into paraxoyms of fury and can't sleep at night wondering “what he's going to say next” and “how dare he” ...

How the very people that claim being fat doenst matter are the ones that want to get that CORRUGATED CORE the MOST ...

And so forth.

Actually, I do know.

And as I conclude my latest writing SPREE, oh boy, I gotta say I do know.

It's because, well, they DO CARE.

IF they didnt, they wouldn't notice it. Simple as that (and for the life of me I really don't know why they do care when they say they do but yet they do and ...).

... I know, I know. All Useless “just talk” right?

But not really my friend.

The blog is how you most likely found me.

The “just the blog” is what drives, and has driven multiple businesses and will continue to do so in the future ...

And when you get the “I don't care” comment in terms of life, or anything you do, the best way to respond, and I've said this before is the following.



Or, say nothing at all.

Let them “not care”. I mean, really. Do YOU care?

And if you do, you shouldn't!

Yours truly made the mistake of “caring “ (a little, not a lot) years and years ago about many things ...

And now? I could care less, to be honest.

I could care less what people say, write or talk about me ... or how they troll me for instance. I actually enjoy it!

But that brings me to an interesting story.

And the reason I'm writing this.

Bozo Scofield the sociopath and myself were once part of a WeShat group I set up for a good reason - -to “keep it real in China”.

Great group, down to earth and adminstered by yours truly with an iron fist (which obviously wasn't all that “iron” as I let the Bozo in as well).

You know, you try and help certain peopel sometimes ...

Anyway, he showed his “colors” soon enough.

Being the troll he was, and i kept him in there for amusement (and the like).

And while he routinely made his brand of personal attacks against many people, put out nigh on false info about many people and much, much more, I still remember what he did to another (admittedly “willow like” guy called “Americana” (but he was a good guy, actually)).

That was his nick on the group, at least. Bozo Scofield was ... “Glyn”, I believe. Or Sir (eh??) Glyn or some nonsense of that nature.

And he trolled this guy relentlessly, all day long.

I still remember the messages coming in from the latter, and at a certain point although I was laughing, I just had to tell the Bozo to stop.

And he did, I believe, for a while, before he started sending the most idiotic and salacious texts to another girl I know who was also a part of the group (and who shall remain unmentiond here).

And more.

Why do I bring this up? 

Well, it' scurious how life goes FULL CIRCLE eh.

As the Bozo himself is throwing fits and hissies at being “called out” (rightly so) for the nutzo that he is ...

Anyway, enough on that. Fitness wise, same thing. Remember that what goes around, comes around.

And if you make that choice to neglect the fat around your waist for one, well, guess what.

It WILL come back to bite ya, and then some!

And more.

And I'll be back soon. Truly another writing binge today!


Rahul Mookerjee


PS -I thank my workouts for that, and about to get #1 in NOW. Soon, at least! ;)

PS #2 – HERE is where you can pick up another bestselling course of ours – Corrugated Core.

I woke up today feeling GREAT.

At around 1230 in the aftenoon, after not being “able to sleep” until about 6 AM in the morning, hehe.

Actually it wasn't that I couldn't sleep.

It was that I was so worked up from my workout #2 and the awesome feeling I got from the pull-ups, that I was pacing up and down, thinking of things, and indeed my new book (which has been put on the back burner as of late, but rest assured – when the times comes, I WILL GET TO IT!).

This “morning” when I woke up, I knew something good was gonna happen.

And it did, but that isn't the point of me saying this.

I've actually written posts and emails before about “when you FEEL good, you ATTRACT good”.

And I mean really, really feel good deep down inside.

We truly attract “how we feel”.

And on that note, on to point #2.

(Although I will say, I have not come across ONE single person that “feels this good” without doing a lick of physcial activity).

Donald Trump made the famous comment about never exercising because it “depletes his batteries” but the man routintely works 20 plus hours a day at the age of 74, and moves around more than most 20 year olds do!

So you gotta take the OVERALL picture into consideration my friend. And no, Trump IS exceptional – so you can't simply take that one comment in isolation and ... make excuses for yourself!

Zero excuses my friend. Coming from yours truly who was called exceptional as well a year or so ago ... anyway, enough of my “bragging”. Hehe.

Where was I?

Ah yes. I just scrolled up and saw point #2.

That being, having more than one option in your kitty.

For the past few days, some of my customers might have noticed that one of my websites is down.

Yes, I have more than one site. I have more than two, actually! ;) And other businesses as well, mostly all online.

Years ago, in the past, these sites were all sitting on one server owned by the (by far) worst web host I've ever come across.

And my current host for the fitness websites – well – I cannot say enough good things about then. In fact, as I keep telling Peter, I try and find excuses to compliment them occasionally for no reason. They're that damned good, and they deserve it!

Ditto for the other two web hosts I use for other businesses.

Ditto for most of my other business partners.

Anyway, one of my sites is down due to a “misunderstanding” of sorts if I may call it that.

And while we're working it out, it's interesting that a customer from Google of all things noticed, and emaile dme about it.

It ain't the fitness sites, but the other busines s(one of them).

And in the past, when one site was down, they were ALL Down.

Right now, I could move the “other site” to any one of my own privately administered servers. My “own” servers really if I might say that, as that is what it is now as opposed to before ...

I have choices. I have options. And all good ones at that.

And why should that affect you, especially you the fitness guy who knows squat all about websites and such, and has no intention of “learning” (and hey, it ain't everyone's cup of tea! ;)).

Because. . .

You got it.

The SAME THING applies to fitness. Yes, I know I find a way to work that in somehow.

So shameless am I with the sales pitches that even my haters led by Bozo Scofield (even after being roundly blocked from all social media) seem to obsess about yours truly all day long and perhaps all night long as well (ugh, let's not even go there!). . .

 But really.

 No matter how good a fitness program or exercise is, variety is the spice of life, fitness, and is KEY.

 No matter how effective a regimen, sometimes you need to change things up either due to compulsion or otherwise.

No matter how much you love pull-ups, sometimes you gotta do OTHER WORKOUTS!

And so forth. And there's the lesson of the day, or two in fact.

Enjoy! And while you're at it, be sure to pick up the pathbreaking and truly the BEST Damned fitness system out there right Here – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Offf I go now!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I was going to say “OO raaaaa”! ;-)

PS #2 – Oh, make sure to pick up the Gorilla Grip compilation right here for those of you that want REAL world grippping strength that will have them all crying “Uncle” for mercy! ;-)

PPS – We'll get the other site back up too. Patience, grasshopper. Good things come to those that WAIT! ;) (not too long, but hey...)

Saturday, 24 October 2020 16:55

Workout #2 ... and more on RUNNING!

So as promised, the update!

But before that, a bit on running, something I Wrote about the other day.

You'll remember I wrote about running not being as bad as it's made out to be – provided it's NOT pavement pounding, and YES, there is a difference!

Anyway, being that I hadn't exercised “twice a day” for a while, I saw many old faces out there in the park at nighttime, including a guy I wrote about before once.

A realistic dude, and a business person (who does NOT buy into the mask wearing nonsense, and neither does he buy into the panic. Precautions NOT panic as I'm sure he'd agree!).

Naturally, we got to talking. I think I Was doing monkey bar work at the time, and he came up to me, and the first thing I noticed (and told him).

“Man!!! You've lost some weight, thats for sure!

And though it was dark, I gave him the once over again.

Yes! On the face, neck, and especially the legs etc. And the belly was a lot less from what I remember before (he wasn't really “fat” before, just perhaps a bit overweight, but he's positively looking slim and STRONG now!).

And he's been running around the park at a pretty brisk clip too, which is something I never saw him do before.

And as he said ... 

“you know, running really helps! It's boring, but it helps!”

“Yes”, I replied, grinning. “Especially if you run FAST as you are!”

“Well, even slowly” he replied. “I used to do it slowly for a long time, and ... “

“Yes. You do need to do it for a long time in that case!”

And the boring part, and then of course we got to talking about uphill walks, runs, and more.

 And then, of course.

 The situation.

 The plague from China.

 And I must admit, this dude gave me a point of view I had NOT thought of before, at least not actively.

 "I think once the COVID19 scare passes is when the world will really start to stick to China and demand that ... “

 "Yes”, I said. “Right now people just dont know what to do”.

 “Yes. Keeping their heads above water as it were!”

 Anyway, this dude is doing great in HIS Own business, and is a great example of something I've been saying all along i.e. The smart businessmen make MORE dough during the downtimes, and those are usually the businesses that last for the long term!

 And workout wise, it was a great one.

 50 pull-ups.

And various types of pull-ups, including those fabled rope and ring pull-ups ... oh boy!

Can feel it right now.

And no, while 50 pull-ups and 3000 jumps may sound like a lot (it is, actually) – you do NOT need to go that long or for that many reps.

Even doing something SHORT – brief and quick – twice a day gets the trick done.

In the wild, yous ee a tiger walk slowly for hours on end, but when it comes time to get the job done? ?

BAM! That deer don't stand a chance, and thats often the only real sprint the tiger does for days.

Same thing for YOU.

You could do sprints every other day, for instance. A 15 minute investment ALL IN ALL even for the super fit amongst you.

Or, perhaps 25 pushups in the morning, and 25 at night depending upon your fitness levels.

Hardly herculean in terms of time eh.

Or perhaps you jump rope for 10 minutes in the morning. Do pull-ups and pushups at night!

Key is to do something daily.

Key is to do something multiple times a day, but NOT BURN out when you do so!

And so it goes.

And thats really how it goes, my friend. More later!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Have you checked out Pushup Central as yet?? Truly the BEST DAMN course there is on pushups – do so right HERE.

When Bozo Scofield sent me that long, rambling rant (about 10 of them from what I recall, or perhaps 15) a while ago, one of the comments he wrote was this.

Mad max comment to be sure …

“There is no way to prove you’ve sold X amount of books! Actually, I take that back. I bought one for my girlfriend and she hated it. (I think he said “didn’t like”, but I’m adding spice on, hehe) Please get a gorilla grip, Rahul and stop writing about me else I’ll “

… and the rest of it descended into such pure insanity that I had to shake my head and marvel.

At the insanity of his entire rant which bounced from one of the email to the other like space in his admittedly “empty” head (he doesn’t seem to have that thing we humans call a brain, or at least not that I know of).

Now, this isn’t about gorilla grips or non-existent girlfriend. (actually, it IS about the former. But we’ll get to that in a second).

First, why would I WANT to prove I sold X number of books?

Second, why would I care either way?

And third, the “2 followers” chant that this Bozo keeps referring to is actually something I sometimes wish I had (or 20, perhaps) as opposed to the 10 K or so people following me currently.

And growing, from what I can tell.


Well, I’ll reserve that bit for a marketing related email.

But let me just say that sometimes less is indeed more, and how!

And anyway, on to the main topic for today.

What is the ONE thing that really caused my grip to skyrocket beyond insane levels?

So much so that “mere mortals” ( I know, I know, but bear with me) shy away from gripping my hand and routinely call me out on my grip (in a good way)?

Well, it’s something that is revealed in Pull-ups from Dud to STUD within a matter of weeks. And to be kind and fair (not really, hehe), I put in the advanced book as well.

And no, I’m not going to reveal it for free in this email.

Despite the chorus of chants I’m sure to hear (I know, how dare I!!!) about “not providing value” or the righteous lot getting ticked off at “my fitness information not being helpful at all, since I say just do it!”

But hey.

More fuel to the fire.

This secret is NOT any of the following:

Doing a different type of pull-up. OR chin-up (which I don’t recommend). Or a combo therein.

It ain’t about flexing the intergalactic part of the inner forearm and doing endless curls that way with the pinkly ‘slightly more curled’ until your wrist falls off.

It ain’t about volume.

It ain’t about sets or reps.

It ain’t about mindless bozo like “workouts that last hours”.

It ain’t about pumping, toning, puffing, buffing, preening and posing.

About using thick bars (though that’s a great tip by itself right there).  

It IS this tho –

Something that everyone can do.

If you can do pull-ups, or even try, you can do it.

If you can hang on to a chinning bar, you can do it.

IF you have fingers, youc an do it (no, it’s not about how many fingers etc).

And here’s something it WILL Do –

It WILL SKYROCKET YOUR gains in ALL Exercises (upper body) through the ROOF. And your pull-up numbers too.

Not to mention give you that numbing, “kung fu” like grip I mention so often in Gorilla Grip.

And guess what you don’t have to be a Bozo, or Bozo Scofield, or his brother, or mother, or girlfriend to get it. Or anything related.

You just have to be dead on SERIOUS about grip strength my friend and getting down to brass tacks, and HOW.

HERE is where you can grab the entire compilation my friend. Do so now – truly worth it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And if you want to get better at pull-ups (and let’s face it, boys, boyo, brah, bruh, bro and everyone in between or not, we ALL Do) – HERE is the course that will get you from “dud” to STUD level very soon indeed (if you stop being lazy and just do what is required ie mentioned in the course) - -

PS #2 – There is yet ANOTHER secret I mention in the first book, but NOT the second (As far as I can recall). See if you can find it. It’s something I talk about quite a bit here! ?

Monday, 19 October 2020 12:26

When that SHOE is on the other FOOT!

It BE a most satisfying feeling hehe.

And I mean that in terms of life, fitness, biz, and just about everything else you can think of.

And the satisfaction comes not from the final result so much as NOT having jumped the gun and been “impulsive before” (although I do recommend this, there is a time and place for it my friend).

What exactly do I mean?

Well, consider the following for one.

As the great Deng Xiaoping, the one and only Chinese leader I do admire despite his faults (the rest aren’t even fit to be called leaders to be quite frank) once said.

“Hide your strength, bide your time”.

And no, tom tommers. He did NOT say “to get rich is glorious”. His words were taken out of context in that regard.

And neither did he support the current shenanigans going on w.r.t. the PRC, and neither WOULD he have. In fact a speech he made to the contrary in the UN years ago pretty much says it all when he said “should China turn imperialist, then the PEOPLE of China should support the ROW in fighting against it” (I am paraphrasing – but that’s the sum and substance of it).

Anyway, what do I mean. Hehe.

What I mean is this my friend.

Let me give you an example.

Years ago, Bozo Schofield, who by dint of his silly dancing monkey job in China (while on the lam from the police) thought he “had it made”.

Between bouts of drug usage, going insane, being locked up temporarily (and kicked out on the road – literally – by friends who got tired of him taking advantage of them repeatedly – trust me – he literally took advantage in the worst way possible and then some), he found time to troll yours truly.

With racist memes and stickers. Apparently according to Bozo Scofield (his thinking which is nigh obvious) “Colored people have no place in the American South”.


And this bozo over the years has been curiously following my every move, and getting his panties into a wad at just about everything I Write. Hehe.

I blocked him on social media. He gets around that block by “snooping” on my websites.

I blocked his IP. He used another. I blocked about 15 different email addresses he signe dup for when he emails me. He persists.

All this for a “one man show with no contacts”, as someone once so “adroitly” told me.

For someone “that would take 10 years to get his biz going” (as a friend told me).

For someone “with no ambition” (as another nutto once told me).

And the comment are numerous. The list of names I’ve been called is now past 900 (well past) and I look forward to hitting 1000. Not to mention I could write a BOOK on the comments themselves, and probably sell it too. Hehe.

As they say, you’re indeed defined more by your haters than those that “so called” support you while privately doing the very exact opposite …

Anyway, amidst all this, the satisfaction comes from not “living life on my own terms and enjoying it”.

Bozo Scofield’s latest claim is he’s a multimillionaire (apparently he was before he turned 40 or what not). When in actuality he doesn’t have two pennies to rub together, got kicked out of his Mama’s basement a long time, and is currently apparently in “public housing” and … ah, but need I continue?

I think NOT. LOL.

And yours truly?

I’m not a millionaire let alone multi. In fact, I’m quite far away from even selling a million books! ?

(But I’m getting there)

And to be honest, I’v never quite thought of becoming a multi-millionaire (even without the multi).

Sorry, Glyn the Bozo Scofield and all the rest who must be smacking their chops with glee at the statement above.

But it doesn’t really interest me. If it does happen, well andgood.

What interests me is my freedom, and being able to live life on my own terms as I choose.

No 50, 60, 70, or 80 hour work weeks. No silly monkey jobs. No silly jobs which you get kicked out of for stating facts as they ARE …

And certainly no mooching up to your girlfriend or SO hoping she’ll give you money for your latest beer blast (on your lonesome, if you’re Bozo Scofield) and then whining about it when she doesn’t, and getting kicked out on the road in China, and running to the cops because youre too much of a you know what to to admit you stole quite a significant sum of dough from (again) you know who…

So anyway.

The person with zero contacts, and the one that “never made it” is the one being followed, trolled and way worse.

And he’s happy about it, hehe. In fact he THRIVES on it!

And as my friend from the Marines recently told me, and he’s SPOT ON.

“Rahul, you should consider that a compliment. Obviously he feels threatened by you (they – sic)”.

And they did way back then as well. The racism only started after this Bozo Scofield got to know of ONE business of mine, hehe.

And none of this would happened if I had “tom tommed” things before they happened.

None of this would happened if I claimed to have followers before I hit the mark I’m at now (and it grows by the day – how funny eh? ?).

And so forth.

Hide your strength, bide your time.

Ignore this advice at your own peril, and YES, it applies to fitness too!

I didn’t write those books on pull-ups before I could do them myself, and how!

I didn’t write 0 Excuses Fitness before I got into the best shape of my life (and no, fat doesn’t equate to ‘strong” or “big” – sorry).

(Neither does my “strength” when I was admittedly “thick” obscure the fact I was FAT at a certain point in time – this is for a certain selective reader, or perhaps a whole bunch (I could start the name of the bunch with “L”)).

And so forth.

GET the results first, and then talk about ‘em.

As Napoleon Hill famously once said, tell the world what you’re going to do, but SHOW IT FIRST!

Actions count brah. That’s just as simple as it gets.

Take this little gem and apply it if you so choose, and watch your life start to change before your very eyes!

Last, but not least, to the person who I recently had an agreement with “not to mention” (so long as you don’t hound me) – fair enough.

But neither were your “disclosures” incidental nor were they “unintentional”.

And I’ll reveal ALL in a future email.

For now, stay tuned for the next email – contains an important tip or two about LOWER ab fat!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Apparently Bozo Scofield decided he’d copy my email style as well. How coincidental, eh. LOL.

PS #2 – If you’re truly interested in getting in the best shape of your life with NO excuses, then start by investing in and USING the System right HERE:

(No it isn't cheap. No, I'ts not for free. No, I won't give it you at 10% of the price if you "just want to lose 10 kgs". Yada, nada schnada. You are either IN - or out - it's as simple as that, brah (sis)). 

…. that you need to avoid at all costs, I should say.

What do I mean.

Well I've written tomes about the “how dare he!” thoughts I get and pick up from TONS of people out there familiar with my writings. And my work. And more! ;)

 You truly ARE defined more by your haters than thos ethat love you and buy from you, and if you have any doubt on this, just look at any successful person my friend (anyone you consider successful) and you'll quickly see the TRUTH behind this statement.

 Now, back to it.

 Ever notice when people make the following statements …

 "Oh, those politicians! They're all hand in glove! They're all in cahoots!”

 "Oh, those big business men, they're all way out of our league! All in cahoots!”

 And so goes the mournful chant, accompanied by a “deflated” feeling on the part of the person saying it, and then of course IRRITATION.

 And ignorance of the fact (well, consciously, but not subconsciously!) that they themselves are as far from said person's success as I am from Mars right about now at the time of writing this, for one …

 Now, note two things.

 The above is correct.

 And the above two statements … well, in theory they may or may not be right.

 That ain't the point though.

 Point is the emphasis on the word “them” (or those).

 People making statements like these put themselves into a different bracket from the above subconsciously.

 Am I saying dont use the word?

 Not at all.

 It's there in the English language for a reason.

 But it's the WAY in which that word is used!

 As if these people are God, or someone the mourners can't emulate!

 Of course they can.

 The fact is, most people are too LAZY to buckle down to brass tacks and DO what it takes to get to where they want to be, rather preferring to focus on social media shmedia, “follow” their favorite people, and in general do everything but that what is required to get THEM to the point that THEY can …

 …. ah, but they don't even believe they can!

 And therein lies the crux of the issue, and why most people in this here world do NOT succeed (and no, it ain't their “fault” either in many regards).

 We've been fed a crock of shit my friend.

 We've been all spoonfed the crock of “getting a good job”, for one, and living a steady life, but what about the virtues of “doing your own thing” and the satisfaction you get from finally getting there, not to mention being able to make LIFE MARCH TO YOUR OWN TERMS?

 How often do we hear that?

 No. We don't.

 We hear “oh, you have no ambition! You can never do it!”

 And being our minds believe anything that we're told enough number of times, (subconscious mind that is, and therein lies the SEAT of accomplishment and true power) …

 Hey, look buddy.

 These guys were the same as YOU once.

 Donald Trump for one has been broke and has FAILED way more times than he has succeeded and sit down with him and have a chat, and he'll be the first one to tell you.

 Jeff Bezos was nothing but an unemployed office worker who was told NOT to create Amazon when he first started!

 And this holds true for ANY successful person. I cannot remember the other example I had in mind this morning, but the above two should suffice.

 It aint about you're not in their league. Anyone can be, if they try!

 When I hear statements like the above, incredulousness jumps to my mind, not because “they aren't in cahoots” necessarily.

 They might be.

 But because of how the person says the word “they” …

 As if they themselves can never get there.


 The human mind if harnessed correctly can perform MIRACLES my friend. Nigh on miracles, and this is as true as the sunlight shining outside the window in the late afternoon as I sit here writing this …

 (Nah, not really. I'm in my cave. Hehe)..

 And yeah, it applies to FITNESS too.

 “You look like am ovie star!”

 “You're super fit!”

 “I wish I had great genetics like you!” (newsflash, the idiots who say this have NO clue; it's the exact opposite!)

 And while I've written about all that before, the MENTALITY of the person saying this is something I wanna mention today.

 “I can never get there”, person is subconsciously thinking (if he's the lazy loser slob type).

 The DOERS, on the other hand look at me. Or anyone they consider to be at a high level.

 They say NOTHING in most cases.

 They get down to brass tacks. They invest in the PRODUCTS they need. And they just DO IT.

 Pretty sure, they're at the same level themselves, or better in some ways!

 And thats what it's truly about my friend.

 You have to stop making excuses to yourself my friend.

 You have to stop trying to convince yourself that you “cant”.

 And most of all, you gotta stop bickering and JUST DO IT (one reason I love Trump so muchj, and one reason that while I didnt even mention politics etc before 2020, I do now, and a lot, because he's a goddamned businessman, not a politician, and he gets thing DONE – high energy, high OCTANE!!)

 If you're too fat to do pull-ups, then just lose weight my friend.

 I dont care if that means you starve or don't drink beer. I don't care if it means the latest keto-sheeto diet, or what not. I don't care if you feel tired and rundown. I don't give a shit about any of that.

 What I care about is you getting down to brass tacks and just doing it my friend.

 Believe me, simple approaches work the best, and this one approach will reap RICH dividends, if you just let it!

 And thats that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

 PS – Again, make sure to GET ON THE fitness train right HERE my friend. Truly the best fitness investment you'll ever make and one that just flat out works!

 PS #2 – Ah, I just remembered. I was going to talk about Herschel Walker!

 Charles who moaned about my info being useless said the following about him.

 “But he's got great genetics! Muscle sticks to him like shit on a ...”

 (Um no it doesnt brah. And he's said it himself plenty of times. He's a hard gainer with terrible genetics!)

 “He's 75 lbs bigger than you!”

 (This when doing a discussion on how according to Charles big guys couldn't do pull-ups.)

 (I mean, really. Not only does it have nothing to do with the price of fish in Germany for one, but it's a ridiculous statement to make anyway in the context of the discussion. Big small, yada, nada, schnada. Who cares! Just get off your ass, lose that weight, and then just do it BRAH!)

 … And Yes, you CAN get to his levels if you believe, but you won't, but this is not for you, it's for the others reading that can, and WILL BELIEVE!

 PPS – Be sure and pick up the PATHBREAKING course on pull-ups rigt here. The latest edition is PEPPERED with tips that will BLAST your performance sky high and right through the gym roof. You'll never want to gym shym again once you get good at PULL-UPS!!!!!!!!!


Pet peeve indeed, and it’s one of the reasons that I (for years) haven’t bothered to get on the phone with ANYONE, because it’s just so damned AGGRAVATING.

And the problem has just gotten accentuated these days. I don’t know what it is with a lot of folks these days, but “leech” is the term that comes to mind.

Literally nothing going on in their own lives, and an attempt to “vicariously” live through “this interesting person” (yours truly) and that is fine, but only until a level!

Hey, I get it.

I have an unconventional lifestyle. Some say bozo like. Some say rock star like. Most say “I wish I had this kind of lifestyle” And so forth.

And as my fans grow globally (and I’m very grateful to them), so does the other category I mentioned above, and I’m grateful to them too, albeit for a different reason, hehe.

This afternoon I posted something on my Facebook account about the PRC’s insistence on going to war with everyone in the world.

One fine reader piped up. Again. He’s asked me the same question and in the same irritation manner about a bazillion times already via PM, mind you.

“Will they go to war with India?”

My first response was to tell him, dude, I’m not exactly sitting on the cabinet of Xitler am I.

And even if I were. I mean really. Dude. You’ve asked me this about a dozen times, and it ain’t nothing you can’t research yourself and find out.

Basic common sense. And when someone says it like is with the right energy, along come the LEECHERS to leech off your time, and energy.

For freeeeeeeeeee ….

“I’m just worried, so I ask”, he replied in an equally lame attempt to not address the point I made above.

“Worried? More like bored”, I laughed.

“Have a whiskey on me”, I quipped. “Done!”

And this sort of thing happens all the time, more so these days.

Remember the lady who messaged me out of the blue wanting to “just lose 10 kgs, so pay 10% of the price for the 0 Excuses Fitness System”?

I bet you do!

I told her no. Figured that woul be that.

But it wasn’t. It led to questions. More questions. More incessant pestering and badgering. And more rubbish from a person that neither had any intention of buying, even at 10% nor any will to improve herself.

And it is THESE energy leeks that irritate me the most, my friend.

Yes, I spelt “leek” correct!

It isn’t so much the annoyance, the waste of time and so forth, or the repetitive nature of certain BS questions.

It isn’t so much becoming (these people want it) a “question box” for bored idiots (Bozo you know who comes to mind) with nothing better to do than to sit and home and twiddle their thumbs all day, aimlessly either Tom Tomming or listening to the sh-news …

It is that they are looking to get more and more and more from you – for FREE!

“Rahul, please provide your opinion on this!” went a comment on Twitter (apparently I was supposed to judge a T shirt someone made, and for what?).

You guessed it.

Zilch. Zip. Nada. Zero. Ughhhhhhh.

Folks, there ain’t no gravy train here. I’ll tell you that much. ?

You either got it or you don’t, and if you GOT IT, truly have what it takes to succeed and make the best of yourself, then you don’t ask meaningless endless questions. (all questions are answered on the site anyway for those that bother to READ).

You pull out that credit card, and you get the product – and you get to WORK.

That’s just how it goes my friend. Anything else puts you on either the “ugh” or (growing by the day) BLOCKED list – and for a damn good reason!

Ok, off my soapbox for now, but it’s TRUE. Hehe.

Last, but not least, seems that old favorite “Advanced Hill Training” is going GANGBUSTERS these days with people being stuck at home yet again (did we ever leave, Ihear you asking, and I know. I know!). If you’re looking to lose weight RAPIDLY, grab this course NOW.

And that’s that from me. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Check out our course on pushups, another great little course “to do at home in your living room” right Here – Pushup Central.

Tuesday, 13 October 2020 10:13

You have to take the long view

And it is TRUE.

I don’t care if youre thinking life, or fitness, or business, this applies. And how!

Recently, a friend of mine commented on a new business venture I started a couple of months ago.

Actually, I should say an “offshoot” of an existing business, really. To be honest. Pun intended. In more ways than ONE! ?

Maybe I just started doing things differently (and remember, I KEPT doing them the old way too).

“Hmm”, he noticed (best intentions at heart).

“Why do you want to change things up if they aren’t failing?” he asked curiously. “Why the new slant?”

Well, I didn’t change things I replied. I merely added a new twist to it, a new business offshoot as it were …

More potential, more opportunities.

Yesterday, this person asked me how much money I made from the “new way” and old.

Old? Its going great, I said.

“And the new way” he eagerly asked.

ZERO, I replied.

And I meant it.

That new business, or offshoot of an existing one has netted me a grand total of ZERO as yet, and probably won’t net me anything until next year, recession or not, Chinese plague or not.

You could have deflated a balloon, so disappointed he was …

Listen, my friend.

Some of the most successful businesses were started when the person starting them was at rock bottom, and then some – or during some of the worst recession or global depressions ever.

I don’t care what your situation is right now, but it boils down to this – when you really, really gotta do something you’ll either sink or swim (as a former boss of mine said).

Might sound harsh, but the tough times are what separate the doer from the dreamers my friend, and the achievers from the has beens.

And you gotta take the LONG view here.

If you’re starting a biz in the depression, for instance (such as now, which is easily the most turbulent time of our recent lives … and EASILY a time that could lead to another massive World War (despite what the nuts on the left think)), then profit?

Forgetttt about it, my friend.

Unless you’re already established, or selling something essential, it ain’t gonna happen and even then it’s dicey and up in the air.

Down the line though, slowly …

Thing is, most people don’t GET to that point.

People don’t understand that businesses that LAST make SACRIFICES, often times for YEARS that the average joker isn’t willing to make.

Note I said WILLING, not able. Everyone is able. Where there is a will, there is indeed a way. For everything!

Often times, way back in the day I had to choose between putting food on the table and keeping my businesses going.

Not an easy choice, is it?

But it’s a choice we all face when we START something, and often times down the road as well.

It’s a tough choice, my friend, but you have to make that business a priority (no, I don’t mean don’t put food on the table, but I mean, that biz has got to come before anything else).

It is only IF you have this mindset that you can progress, and eventually succeed – lasting success, not a fly by night and “rapid” success that most people hope for.

Fitness wise, same thing.

Often times, while the most rapid succeses come within days or weeks (and usually they do if you’re doing things right) … the LASTING successes come from YEARS of hard training done right.

Muscle memory comes from YEARS of hard training done right!

So does your overall conditioning, how quickly you bounce back from injuries down the year, how quickly you get back in the groove, and so forth.

There was a point I didn’t do pull-ups for ages.

Months, actually.

But when I started doing them again?

‘Twas like I had never stopped.

Sure, took me a few days to get back to 100 pull-ups per workout.

That’s a FEW DAYS to get back to something I hadn’t done for months, and something (a level) most people won’t reach in their entire LIFETIME.

Mostly for lack of real trying…. (and of course, hiding behind the big guy can’t do pull-ups silly excuses).

And so forth.

Take the long view, my friend. That’s how it works both in terms of life – and business – and relationships – and fitness – and damn near everything you dabble in!

Unless you’re Bozo Schofield, of course, but even he seems to have taken the long view to becoming the most useless and most ignored “troll of the century”, hehe. Or unless you aspire to him which I highly doubt!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Apply for life coaching right HERE if you so choose my friend.

So, it BE Wednesday in this here neck of the woods wher eI’m at.

And it BE  a great, great day. Some call it Hump Day.

And probably rightfully so in more ways than one given what I just got done doing, and no, before you ask, neither is the training nor what I just got done part of what you’re thinking, or anywhere near it.

My other list on the other sites may think something in that regard, and they’d be RIGHT. ?

But here’s the point.

What I said above is one of the best visualization techniques ever, especially if you’re doing tough workouts.

And WILL catapult your results through the ROOF, my friend.

Lets say you’re embarking on a tough tough workout (for you, lets say) of 100 pushups.

Your previous best was 50 in one workout, and that was ONE Time . . .

So you’re aiming at 100.

You get to 30.

The fatigue kicks in. The sweat drips off your brow. And you think about quitting.

“OK, lets just make it to 50. Then we’ll see!”

And yet, a better way of looking at this is as follows.

“I’ve made it to 50! That’s half out of the way!”

Way back in the day, I did this when I followed that punishing and grueling hill climb regiment I so love.

Let me tell you something, boyo. It ain’t easy for one climbing up steep hills in the middle of the day in Guangdong style heat and humidity, and that’s made it to the book on fitness recollections as well for a reason, but the point is it ain’t easy.

Often times, I’d use visuals to get myself through.

Sometimes I’d compare my slow (and last) walk up the hill to the Undertaker’s as he slowwwwwlllly walks to the ring.

And other times, after I got done with 2 climbs, I’d talk to myself.

That’s two done, Rahul. Just two more left!

I don’t know why, but this gave me a huge, huge mental boost and I needed it. Trust me!

And the same thing applies to you, regardless of what workout you do or if you pump weights or do bodyweight or do that “other” workout (well, not really in that case, hehe).

Anyway, more on training half bore you ask ?

Well, the Bourne Series comes to mind again! One of my favorite movies ever is the Bourne Identity (Supremacy is by far the best in my book) and while the book is much better obviously, Matt Damon doe a stellar job of portraying an ex CIA assassin whose “mind is broken” (memory loss, whatever).

ONLY Damon could have done it. And I’ve written tomes about him and the movie and his TRAINING for the movie as well before!

And as the Identity starts, we see him doing pull-up on a wooden ledge on a boat.

Pull-up purists including yours truly may have a thought here.

That he’s neither going all the way up nor all the way down, which NO, I do NOT recommened.

I do not recommend kipping either and have said why.

But other hand . . .

If you’re already cranking out 5 pull-ups per set, for instance, but can’t quite seem to get to the magic 10 a set number, then you may want to try half pull-ups – on occasional.

Go all the way down, and pull-up, but only half (even if you can do a bit more) and then hold, and then go DOWN again, all the way.

That’s ONE way of doing it.

And count the half rep as a rep, because you’re doing it AFTER your max 5 rep count (note – do NOT do it before you max out).

Believe me now, and trust me later, you’ll benefit GREATLY from adopting this one technique into not just your pull-up workout, but overall workouts.

And that’s that for now (yes, again). Back soon! (yes, again).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Take a gander at the 0 Excuses Fitness System, plenty more such great, great tips including one on how to recover QUICK when you’re out of breath right HERE.

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