I've been writing about how I've been a bit sick - well, more than a bit - over the past few days. 

And how I didnt let it stop my training - even for one day. 

Maybe I went light yesterday - I did (50 pushups is super light for "Mr Ironman that routinely kills it"). 

(still too much for a lot of you reading this, I know!) ... but I did SOMETHING. 

That thing about committment, that thing about ... ACCOUNTABILITY, if just to myself. 

I long ago made a promise to myself that come rain, hell, high water or shine, I'd train everyday, if even for a second or so. 

If all I could do was isometrics, I'd do it. 

If all I could do due to health or some other issue was a gentle walk - I'd do it. 

And so I did yesterday, 50 pushups. That was IT. 

The fever and chills returned at night. 

They may or may not again tonight, I dont know. 

What I Do know is this I've been working all morning, yet, workouts were at the top, forefront, and back of my mind. 

I gotta do some pushups, the thought kept popping into my head!

As I was laying the foundation for other big - nay, HUGE things to happen - I'll keep y'all posted when they do, I did 2 pushups. 

Thats all. 

But the shoulders are still sore and hurting like someone took a hammer to them. 

So I thought. 

I walked over to the chinning bar, thought I'd do a dead hang and thats that. 

No big deal, eh. 

I pumped out 5 pull-ups before I knew it!

And from that point on, it was GO - until now. 

Now, 300 Hindu squats and 50 pull-ups might seem undoable to a lot of you. 

And for me, it's not a lot actually to be honest. 

But it's still a workout, even if you do the squats like I did in sets of 100 insead of 150 as I normally would have, and the pushups in sets of 5 evenly, instead of 3, 7, 8 and so forth. 

And it's the perfect T boosting workout. 

I figured I need all the T I can get to get rid of this nasty crap virus for one. 

And two of the exercises that get the lungs pumping, muscles working, and T ZOOMING through your whole body - well, pull-ups and squats. 


There's other great ones, of cours,e including handstand pushups, but nothing quite beats the squat/pull-up combo, and those that have done it will attest to the sheer efficacy and lung buster and feel good nature of these workouts. 

Now, the exercise that REALLY gets t pumping - and everything going - and builds muscle like there's no tomorrow, fries fat off your body like nothing else out there? 

I wish I could have done it today!

But I'm not qute THAT crazy - as yet. Hehe. 

Time's young though!

But sprints, my friend, the way I described in Advanced Hill Training take the above effect - and AMP it up by a factor like 10 or more. 

And if I had to choose ONE exercise - but you gotta do it right, and most folks don't - that really burns fat and builds muscle like there's no tomorrow, it's this one. 

Get the course above, and get cranking on them NOW. 


Rahul Mookerjee

Steel, because, well steel, rebar, because, strong and flexible - you get the photo, my friends and fellow fitness lovers / fanatics! 

I happen to fall into the latter category i.e. fanatics. 

But along with looking like a 14 year old (or was it 13, hehe) thats "not entirely a bad thing!" 

Anyway, before I tell you what I really want to, pushups are well known for giving you a core of steel. 

It could be any pushup, really. 

If ALL you did was 25 regular slow and easy pushups with proper form and breathing DAILY, you would be in better shape than and have a stronger, leaner, tighter midsection than the majority of people in this world - more than 99%, I'd say - gym goers definitely included. 

Or, if you could even do FIVE reps of the best darn exercise, essentially a pushup x 10. 

But what I want to talk about today is a pushup many call "arms extended" or arms out pushups. 

I call it the Jack La Lanne pushup - and a core blaster. 

Yet more call it a "floor humper" pushup. 

And THIS pushup is what I Really want to focus on today - because if there is one pushup that is mostly lats and CORE - and lower back - and shoulders, but especially core, it is this one. 

What do I mean? 

Well, take a gander at this link first. 

Hell yes - this IS A PUSHUP! - YouTube

One of those shorts - a clip, in fact, from the 0 Excuses Fitness workout video - of exactly this pushup. 

Most people - including seasoned fitness fanatics find it impossible to even get into position for these, let alone do them towards the fag end of a long ass workout. (250 x 2 pushups that day when I filmed, one in the afternoon, one in the evening. Had to get my "pump" on. Hehe. Nah, not really, bu tyou get my drift). 

Today, I was going to do up a brief video on just this exercise, but it's a cold, dank, dark day out there - and I dont think I wanted mud all over me in the park. 

Not to mention, other than a few giggly schoolgirls staring at me curiously, there was no-one out there - no Mr Tan, no friend, no-one. Hehe. And I wasn't going to walk up to the schoolgirls! 

Anyway ... 

You tube, even if you dont subscribe to my videos, does a fairly good job of showing you the videos anyway - if you see a video, naturally, these days, it'll do the subscribe for you without acutally doing it, and show you more of the same from the same creator - but you should definitely subscribe and like for all the updates. 

Now, this pushup. 

Most of you find it impossible to do. I know, I've had feedback on this. 

So without further ado, a few steps to make it easier, maybe - 

When you start, remember the arms should be AS far ahead of the body as they can go. 

Not a shape where you make a triangle with the floor, the body should be parallel to the floor. Period. 

Second, arms WIDER than shoulder width is a great way to start these. 

Third, if you can't hold that position without quivering and shaking - work up to the isometric on it. 

It's a GREAT way to build strength in the position, even those of you that can do 20 plus of these (like me) will find the isometric immensely useful. 

Fourth, the closer your arms are, the tougher it gets, ultimate goal should be to bring them in as close to each other as you can. 

And fifth, perhapst most important. 

When you lower, the tendency, even for super fit studs out there, will be to touch the core to the floor, not the chest. 


You touch the CHEST to the floor, slowly, exhale down, inhale all the way up - THAT is what gives you the armpit (lat) work - and lower back and core (especially upper abs) work. 

You will take a long, long time to get good at these, my friend, but work them daily, they're that important, and that worth it. 

The great Jack La Lanne did these on his fingertips, and I can think of few better grip builders than to simply hold the position like that. 

In Pushup Central, I tell you to to be damn careful doing them on your fingertips because you WILL almost collapse on your face the first time you do 'em! IF you can do 'em - otherwise, hold the isometric. 

The sky is the limit here, of course - you could take fingers away, or an arm away - but those while being real fun to do, and super hard - aren't even required. 

Just get good - damn good - at the regular version, and believe me, your core will be POPPING before you know it. 

In the tuture, it'll happen when it does, there will be a Youtube out on this - stay tuned. 

And for now, remember the pushups tutorial video in 0 Excuses Fitness, a mammoth, detail packed behemoth in its own right explains this better than any written post ever could. 

If you haven't yet got the System, you'll want to get it now. 

Thats it from me. 

Back SOON!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - While you do feel this pushup in the upper chest, the GOAL should be to feel it in the lats, lower back and CORE. More on that later. 

Saturday, 08 January 2022 07:09

Why keeping it real is what its all about!

A lot of "gurus" - fitness included are guilty of not doing just that in my opinion. 

A lot of so called "life gurus" or motivational so called experts as well ... 

Let me ask you, the majority of these motivational speakers out there for one - how often do they focus on the NEGATIVE  part of things, which to be honest makes up the majority of anyone's journey to achieving anything noteworthy? 

How often do you hear "think and you'll attract" (dont get me wrong, it's true, but...) - while these people paper over the bad, often long periods of bad - in their own lives? 

Maybe that is their version of marketing i.e. "saying what people want to hear". 


To me, I'm one of the best marketers out there - in my not so humble opinion, hehe - but me aside, to me, it's about keeping it real. THAT markets better for you than any number of snazzy campaigns, ads, airy fairy tales etc could... 

To me, it's about doing what David Goggins , pull-up stud - once said. 

"It's about putting your entire life, no matter how fucked up it is, on a BILLBoard out there on the busiest highway out there!" 

He's right. 

Fitness wise, I see so many gurus - so called gurus - putting out pictures of themselves that were taken when they were doing the exact opposite of what they advocate, for one. 

For instance, training with weights when they advocate bodyweight .. 

Or, following super strict diets - but claiming later "diets aren't the most important thing" ... 

I dont know, to me? 

When I wrote Fast and Furious Ffitness in 2012, I showed myself off in the shape I was back then - certainly not the lean and mean me you see in 0 Excuses Fitness, and thats why there is a difference albeit slight in the two books, as I told you what I did then. 

I still did pull-ups, handstands etc ...  but the two books are different, crack them both open, you'll see what I mean. 

When I wrote Eat More - Weigh Less, I had the shittiest diet ever, drank tons of beer - and still lost weight like a mo.fo on steroids - natural as ever - and I've included proof on the sales page. 

When I wrote Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD - within WEEKS! - you see me doing each of the exercisesI advocate. 

In my videos, my writings, everything, I've always belived the real you will shine out no matter how much you try to hide it  - or not. 

I never do. Hehe. 

Because to me, keeping it real is what its about. 

You're not always going to have the best days - or best workouts. 

You're not always going to pop off 500 squats at one go, even if you have done 1000 of them at one go in the past. 

You're not always going to be "feeling like doing it". 

Key is lighting a fire under your arse though,and showing up daily, and doing the very best you can. 

Applies to life, fitness, emails, anything you do. 

Do so for a year starting today, and I'll guarantee you - that looking back, in hindsight, once the year's over - you'll see yourself getting to results you previously thought completely "ungettable". 

In the trenches advice that almost no-one gives, but I'm giving it to you straight. 

Just as I do in Zero to Hero and Gumption Galore! - two motivational reads with no fluff you'll want to grab NOW. 

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

I remember my Taekwondo teacher in eigth grade praising me for my pushups - deep stretch, all the way down, all the way up, even at that young age where I was stiff as an iron dog, inflexible, and so forth - and had no-one to learn from. 

I remember him laughing as the splits hurt me - and telling my partner to "hurt me more" (though till an acceptable limit). 

OUCH! I can remember my groin almost ripping apart. Hehe. 

But that was a good thing, that flexibility is something all martial artists need. 

You might think kicking power comes from the quads - you couldn't be more wrong. 

It might contribute to it, but hips, core, transfer of power GRACEFULLY through the core - and so forth - and the HAMSTRINGS are far more important.  

Ditto for punches, while you might be able to power your way through sometimes it really your back, traps and core at play here - and your legs. 

I remember him asking me in ninth grade, when I stopped going to Taekwondo class "some stupid thing at home about concentrate more on studies". 

(while now they say the opposite - can't win for losing, eh. Hehe. 

"Rahul, why don't you come to training!" I still remember him stopping his motorcyle on the road, asking me, smiling ... 

I told him. 

Anyway, we'll get to this later. I'm at the risk of running off topic, but, as I get done with 90 pushups, all in strict form, I want to talk about something els e(the above will tie into it later). 

I've mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness, Fast and Furious Fitness, Pushup Central, my blog, my writings, my subconscious, my yet to be engraved "tombstone", hehe - that pushups are the one exercise that along with pull-ups, but more pushups - tend to lend themselves to more lousy form than anything else. 

They also attract max number of Bozos and braggarts, ruffians that claim "bouncing up an down " does the trick, and so forth. 

And then the idiots at the gym doing the same thing, jiggling their bloated pecs. 

As if thats real strength - real strength is a PACKED chest - DENSE, strong, tough muscle, now if you have big on top, thats great, but big ain't what adds strength for the most part. 

But anyway - some of the advice I've seen on sites you'd think would know better. 

"Your thighs and chest should touch the floor at the same time!" 

This must take the cake for the most idiotic piece of advice on a site I saw yesterday - ranked highly by Google at that. 

Just when do the thighs touch the floor with pushups? 

Maybe wierd Bozo Schofield "on knees" ass pushups, if there is such a thing, but I cannot recall a single real pushup where this happens. (unless you're slopping your way through reps).

"Do half reps!" 

Apparently doing a half rep after one rep is a pushup and a half. 

What the fuck. 

I can understand WORKING up to a regular pushup that way, but half reps - nah. Not for me!

A better alternative, and one I did NOT mention in Pushup Central, because I still feel it mangles form, or lends itself to so, is pausing the top of the rep, bringing one arm up to your chest while you rest on the other, and then bringing it down again and completing the rep. 

Yet, that is overkill. 

I'd rather the Spiderman pushups or the torquing pushups I mention in the book. 

Those make good form and a ball busting, heart thumping workout far more "doable" than taking limbs away which is a great thing to do if you can do it, I plan on having books out on it in the future, but it dont replace the basics, never. 


I don't know whether Clint Eastward is still doing one arm push ups at age 90 or not (I've never seen him do any) but either way I don't rate the one arm push up as a serious exercise, it's more of a skill demonstration than an exercise in my humble opinion.

that was the great John Walker, who left a great review on Pushup Central

And he's right. 

One arm pushups reqire far more skill than "strength and conditioning". 

Although they still require serious strength, as do one arm chin-ups, I'd rather do them on both limbs for most of my workouts. 

The Clint Eastwood comment, of course, was made by me - I've often spoken about Clint before. 

Gotta love the cranky ole keeping it real dude, hehe. 

But anyway - even fitness "gurus" fall prey to this. 

I regard someone like Matt Furey as a legend and inspiration - but even him, some of his videos I've seen, he actually tells you to do pushups "quickly and half reps" - "combat pushups" is what he calls them. 

Now if you can do 'em quickly in proper FORM, then I ain't got no issue with it.

But at the risk of sounding overly anal, which I am about form, period - you cannot compromise form for speed or anything else. Period. 

I can make 10 pushups harder than a 100. Period. 

Its about form over all, period, true, sometimes during long hard workouts form might be a bit compromised, but you work at it so it's not. 

You don't think "I'm still getting a workout in anyway". 

I mean, trust me, the littlest details matter. 

While doing table pushups, if you do it right, you'll feel areas like the BASE of your neck stretch and strengthen beyond belief. 

You might laugh at me for saying it. 

But, DO them in right form, you'll see. 

The arms in that case are just support in a static manner, the body does the work, and the neck "goes along" if you do it right (and you get rid of turkey neck too for those that have it or dumbphone "Hunchback of DumbPhone Dame" syndrone. 

Dumbphone dames, ugh - I have LOST TRACK of the number of times dames have almost bumped into me - so busy are they on their dumbphones. 

Of course, it's Rahul's fault these Bozos and fools can't look away for their phones for a minute. Some men are equally cuplable here (Bozo Schofield being one prime example- nary a minute passes without him trolling some inanity on the phone). (when he has a phone, of course). 

Back to Matt - I highly respect the guy for his accomplishments, and also think when it comes to pushups, he's a stud. 

Or, he was at some point. 

You can tell! 

But you dont have to agree with someone on everything to respect them either. 

And there are some areas I disagree with him, most notably all he says about pull-ups, and the fact you've never actually seen Matt, either back in the day or now do a single pull-up himself- its always Ed Baran who does 'em. 

Thats fine if that works for Matt and his base - hey, its probably why he's putting out videos on pushups like I spoke about above. 

Gotta do what a man's gotta do, gotta eat. Hehe. 

But I truly hope Matt, if he ever reads this takes this as CONSTRUCTIVE criticism from someone that has always admired him and wished him the best mentally. 

Those things transmute, I'm sure he will. 

And hey, he's a legend. I credit him in 0 Excuses Fitness for one for bringing Hindu squats and pushups "to the masses". Credit where it's due. Respect! (amigo)

But writing books like "Primate Power", and chapters like "pullups that make your lats scream with pleasure", then not even doing them himself because he's out of shape, or maybe "too much spread around the midsection" (Furey admitted as much himself in an email, so it ain't me saying that) - not on for me. 

If I write a book, I want to be the one doing the exercies, workouts, period. 

Not saying you cannot teach without doing yourself, you can, but you only impart a quarter of the benefit if even that to the student in that manner. 

My base - and me - demand - and aren't satisfied with anything other and less than me giving it to you straight, brutally frank and honest. I would't tolerate anything less from YOU Either! 


As Iron Mike said ... 

Ah, but anyway. 

Do pushups right, or don't do them, period. 

Plus, how much do you ever hear from the so called gurus on BREATHING right during the exercise? 


Big mistake, you're robbing yourself of most of the benefit of any exercise if you don't focus on your breath. 

Your breath is indeed your power, many an old time strongman has said it. 

I'll quote John again on this one: - 


With regard to numbers, it is not the numbers that are important it is how hard you are working that really counts, yes high numbers are great for the ego but you have to wonder how many of those ultra high numbers are quality reps.

If you've ever seen some of those Navy Seal training films on t. v. you'll soon realise that it doesn't take long for the form to breakdown and the recruits form just goes from bad to worse until the exercise they're supposed to be performing is totally unrecognisable.

From my own personal perspective I only count the reps I know were completed correctly and with good form, this is not to suggest that other people don't but it does give one pause for thought.

I cannot abide watching someone performing a exercise sloppily it makes me want to slap them and tell them to do the thing properly or don't bother doing it at all.

What is the point of performing exercises in a half-arsed manner, you get nothing from it and you open yourself up to injury, the trouble is these days so few people actually know what good form should look like that people just accept that what is being demonstrated is how it's supposed to be performed.

Yes Sir - my point exactly! 

Hey John

Well, you and I are on the same page in terms of doing exercises in proper FORM with the right breathing as well - especially pushups, as that (as you've no doubt read in my books) tends to be the exercise which lends itself most to chest thumpers and braggarts - I hate the way many people do them as well, "bouncing up and down" (I know you know what I mean there). Truth be told, I've been called "anal" by some because I constantly (according to some of my detractors, as you know there are plenty) "carp on form", but Id rather be anal on form and do it right or not at all as opposed to sloppy (but given how lazy the world has become in general "shying away from the tough stuff" it doesn't surprise me, the number of people slopping their way through reps just for the "rep count").

Anyway ............... 

I dont know, but here's something else. 

How often do you see people calling exercise TRAINING - or practice? 

My martial arts teacher back in the day would always use the term "practice", he's right.

That is what makes perfect. 

"I fear not the man who practises 10,000 kicks one time, but I do fear the man that practises ONE kick 10,000 times". 

Bruce Lee!


You TRAIN the body - and the mind to adapt, improve, and overcome through your physical exercises, martial artists, Marines, Navy Seals etc know this better than most. 

You PRACTICE until you get good, damn good at what you do, and you never stop learning ... 

I know. 

I'm anal about all this. 

(And it tiesinto the reason most people call my books "books" - and not "manuals". 

I have spoken about this before. They're manuals with illustrations, and examples - and instructions, both in the written word and pictorially.

They turn you into a beast, a machine. 

Much as you wouldn't call an instruction manual for opening a car engine up "book", same thing for my books that literally "open you up from the inside out"). (no pun intended))

But I will continue to be till the day I die. 

Because I'm RIGHT, and I know it. Hehe. (I got that from my buddy in the Marines once, we were discussing something and he told me something, I said you're right, Vincent, pat came the rejoinder, I KNOW I Am, Rahu!). 

Enough said? 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

If you do a Google on the legendary Matt Furey (to me he's a legend, anyway, if just for his marketing and "Combat Conditioning" book, and several of his other training methods) ... you'll find a lot of criticism on him. 

Mostly about how he markets - from Bozos that are jealous of his bestselling status (the book above was one of them). 

And about his condition. 

Matt was a weightlifter back in the day, and one of the pictures on his website shows him lean, mean, ripped and shredded to bits. 

I've no idea how functionally fit he was back then, going by the picture - NOT AT ALL compared to what he is now. 

A lot of folks mistake him for "soft" now. 

Truth be told, the man's aged yes, but he's still kicking butt though (at least in my opinion). 

And tons of people make the following comments about him. 

"Ever since he stopped lifting weights, you've never seen him shirtless". 

ie. they claim his bodyweight routine didnt work. 

Now, I dont know about Matt - he could answer why himself. 

But personally, me, I've often been asked that - back in the day especially. 

The 0 Excuses Fitness videos were taken in a vest, but thats as far as I was willing to go. 

Cindy did take pictures of me "Stripped to the waist", and I put them on the cover of 0 Excuses Fitness - initially. 

(And one of them is still floating about on Instagram!). 

But, I dont know. 

It felt unnatural to me ... 

It felt like I was "showing off". 

I'd rather display my phat phocker status more as it MOTIVATES and INSPIRES if you are a DOER. 

And - so - especially after I got the snarky "you can do what you are in China, being a porn star!" comment from the wife - and others "you're an Indian pornstar!" - I removed the picture ... 

(but mostly because it felt unnatural to ME). 

I dont know, I just prefer filming myself with a T shirt on, or more, or vest, but nothing less than that. 

I believe your shape shows - regardless of what clothing you might try to flaunt it in - or hide it in. 

Strong legs, a strong NECK, forearms, traps, all these things just SHOW regardless. 

And the reverse too. 

Now, interesting bit? 

I've often TRAINED shirtless - in public. 

But it was on the hill, either in the blazing hot afternoons "I dont see how you do it!" - or rainy, cold weather (I know, hehe) ... or when people weren't around. 

Or, during the times I mentioned in 16 Inspirational FItness Recollections during those tropical thunderstorms when it would soak you to the bone one minute, next minute you'd be sweating - literally. 

I'd be drippng sweat,quite literally. 

"THIS is hill climbing", as Kathy, a student I was training at the time once remarked. 

So I'd often do shirtless then. 

In the past, I've written about a secret "core cooling" technique - even when you're in top shape (especially then) it works. 

Its called lifting your shirt up to your midsection, and going like that. 

Looks goofy, I know. 

But it WORKS. 

So I've often done that outdoors, yes. 

But pictures wise, I dont know ... 

I'd rather do natural. 

I always will!

And I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - PIck up 0 Excuses Fitness HERE

PS #2 - And Ive gone shirtless on beaches during my phat phocker days as well. Hehe.  

Tuesday, 04 January 2022 06:50

350 and counting. . .

Man oh man, what a RUSH. 

"When you're face to face with yourself in your cave - darkened room, no dumbphone, no computer,no friends, no NOTHING - then you find out what you're truly made of. 

Just yourelf, and the floor - and wall, period". 

- Rahul Mookerjee, Jan 4, 2022.

And perhaps David Goggins, Mr T, Iron Mike, Stallone, and a host of other achievers down the ages - Jeff Bezos always included!

Anyway, I thought I'd pause at 370. The orignal goal was 250, one name though kept popping up. 


I'm doing this for him. 

The body is capable of so much more than what you think it is consciously - we only operate at like 30-35% most of the time - less if you're the average excuse of a male (like Bozo Schofied). 

John Walker understands this!

"IF you're like me, (if bolded for a reason, most aren't a real life hero like him!!) - when the mind will not allow the body to quit, period, no matter what". 

- Pushup Central. 

A man who lives life in the flow, gut feeling, all that ... 

If he were here, he'd be egging me on to do more, I'm sure!

Mark Taylor, the great Aussie captain of yore, old school Aussie - give RESPECT, get it back in spades - REAL MAN!!!  during his famous innings in Pakistan when he once surpassed Sir Don Bradman, was about to in fact - and stopped. 

He respected the Don too much!

Hats off, Mark!

Matty Hayden "Big Matt the Bat" went on to surpass the record. But I'll always hold taylors innings in higher esteem, done away from home, against a far stronger bowling attack (none of this takes away from Big Matt the Bat though who punished India in it's own backyard in 2001, in the dustbowls, the TOUGHEST environment ever!!) ... 

I stopped at 350, I was planning on doing so at 370, since it was at the age of 37 0 Excuses Fitness was created, I got into the best shape of life around 36. 

But 35 was when I receieved my "second chance" at life - something I have not written about a lot, but will in upcoming emails etc, and in the book I might still put out "120 - 60 kgs - CONCEIVE - BELIEVE!- ACHIEVE!". 


John Walker keeps poppng up - kept popping up in mind when I Was doing them pushups. 

I'm off for more soon. 

"When you're in that dark room, face to face with yourself is what you find out what you're really MADE OF". 

ARE you a real man? 

Only you know the answer, friend. 

Lets do it for John, all of us, who at the age of 64 is an inspiration to men years younger!


Rahul Mookerjee 

P.S - Edit, half an hour later ... 

I'm done with 410! 

41 years of age, so I had to do it!

And, this wouldn't be complete without mentioning my little girl, always there for me consciously and subconsciously, ever since the little bundle of joy was born, I still remember the tiny little bundle wriggling about in my arms, to me, that is what she will always be i.e. Daddy's little girl. 

Much like John Walker, always there for me ... 


Didnt hit the 500 ... as yet. 

Maybe another time! 

Or, maybe I'll crack off 90 more soon, hehe. 

The old man that looks sometime 13 years old, sometimes not a day more than 25 or 26- mentally, he never progressed beyond kiddie status, hehe, in many regards (hence his achievements) - is now 41. 

And always as the lovely Irene, timeless and ageless once told me.

"You're always helpful, Mystery (my nick on  a certain forum) - and you're wise beyond your years!" (I was 26). 

She had me pegged - pun intended, and NOT - hehe - so right. 

The square peg that refuses and never will fit into the round hole. Hehe. Again, pun intended, maybe not ... 


What a journey,especially the last two years. 

The last somewhat normal birthday I had was by my lonsesome out there on the hill hitting it hard and heavy. 

Of course, that was pre-Show Vid. 

And two years down the line, oh my. 

Yet, here I am again - caveman by my own in a dark room. 

Some things never change. 

As David Goggins, pull-up super stud and more once rightly said, "in that dark room, you really come face to face with yourself". 

And if you're knocking off 250 pushups daily, and more, you become a man, and find out what you're truly made of when it's all said and done. 

"If you're like me, when your body wants to quit, but your mind won't let you" - John Walker, Pushup Central. 

So true!

Like yesterday, this is being written during the workout. 

100 pushups, and I barely felt it, yet, I'm sweating. 

THAT is training - hard training at it's absolute best i.e. Pushup Central again. BRUTAL. 

And yours truly caveman doesn't get wished Happy Birthday by many people. 

I dont want to either, I think. 

The best gift IC ould give myself is pushing myself to the limit daily - fighting - surviing - at an age and in circumstances (no, not just money for those of yo uwondering) that would have most men on their knees and beyond by now. 

Stallone would know!

It's about being accountable - daily. Goggins would know!

About knowing it's not always the physically toughest man that wins, the man with the strongest MIND does. 

Mike Tyson, ole Iron Mike would know!

And Michael Moookerjee, as Alan once famously called me, says this. 

The best birthday gift I could give myself is not so much the pushups I'm doing now i.e. the exercise, but the ability to do 'em - that I've built on the back of plenty of years of hard work, sweat and toil in the trenches. 

The sort of gains that don't go away, period. 

How many people can do 250 pushups at any age, lets say 19, or 25? 

How many can do ONE? 

How many can get in position? 

Case and point, friend. 

And I'm grateful - super grateful. 

As if on cue, a long overdue tax refund from Uncle Sam ie. the IRS finally is "on it's way". 

I've no doubt it will show up soon, much appreciated!

But I'm grateful - again. 

To have customers like friends, old friends, really. 

John Walker, Charles, Panourgias, all these guys you keep hearing about are more like old friends than just customers!

Ditto for the two great hosting companies I work with, they've both been and continue to be so helpful and accomodating that sometimes I even neglect taking backups. 

Not recommended, always have a backup plan. 

My point though is this - these guys are like old friends too , I know I can always count on them no matter what. 

It's never about money. 

It's about caring for the customer. 

it's easy to switch to AWS etc, but I would never get the feeling of being "cared for" as I do with these guys, and I will stay with them - period. 

The best ever, and my reviews reflect that!

So thats the bottom line, friend. 

The best gift I could give myself! 

And as for you, friend, if you're reading this, pick up some products, and leave some reviews, thats the best gift you could give me!

And down a cold one or two for me, hehe. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee (back to the remaining 150 pushups, more than that if you count 20 handstand pushups and pullups to end the whole damn thing - for now - before I jump rope!)

Monday, 03 January 2022 11:20

When to drink WATER - and when NOT TO!

When I was a young lad growing up, part of it being Sunday meant "wake up early in the morning". 

No rest for the wicked, hehe. 

This time though it was for what I didnt like then, but later realized it was a good thing i.e. to play tennis (I still preferred swimming, but tennis, especially on different courts, clay, cement etc - great!) . 

I used to play with my Dad on Sunday mornings and train with a coach (a not quite so committed coach) on weekday evenings. 

Those were the days where I'd guzzle water like nobody's business. 

It was a running joke that if the old flask in the house was empty, Rahul's done it. Hehe. 

I'm the same with beer these days!


I still guzzle a lot of water - and green tea. 

But I do it differently. 

Back in the day, I'd guzzle tons of water WITH meals. 

I'd drink a ton of water WHILE working out. 

"Wash down the meal". 

"Stay hydrated". 

The above two habits might not sound wrong, no? 

At least, so I thought ... 

When I met my wife, I remember her telling me not to do this - especially #1. 

Years later, I found out she was right i.e. it had been messing my digestion up all along, and was partly to contribute, along with my lack of physical activity/prowress, of course, to my IBS and such which I've had for a long time (no more though). 

Thing is, many people could use a tutorial or two on WHEN and how much to guzzle - water. 

First thing you know, and I tell you this in the Simple and Effective Diet, yours gratis with a copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness system, there is no substitute for water. 

No coke, no soda, no Diet coke - all of that is fit for car engines. Literally, they've done studies showing how these beverages CORRODE car engines - the insides - think about what they can do to yours. 

Green tea is great but sometimes, and often times, good old H20 is what is needed, and a lot of it. 

I often have a bottle with me while I'm writing. I'm always SIPPING it, not drinking it all at once, but I keep drinking from it regularly. 

When working out though, I got myself to the point, and I said this in the KIddie Fitness video today as my daughter headed straight for the water bottle after a round of sprints -  that I can literally work out hard and heavy for hours, and not drink a sip of water. 

Then I Come home, and I drink - a whole bottle of it!

When I wake up in the morning, my first activity is to - you got it. 

Drink two liters of water, no matter what. 

Hot, cold, full, not full, I drink it anyway. 

And before meals, and after, and during? 

During - NO. 

After? I wait at least an hour, this allows the digestive juices to start working and digest the food as opposed to diluting them with water. Maybe if all I've had is fruits, I'll sip some water - but not a lot - right afterwards, but I try not to. 

The right time to drink water is one hour BEFORE a meal, and two hours after. 

I'm not quite that extreme, but you get the pint - ah, point. 

Best to avoid pints too during meals for the most part, unless it's Guiness or something which has nutritional value by itself. 

Did I just turn the book upside down in terms of when to drink water, how much, etc?

I bet I did. Hehe. 

Most can't do without drinking a ton of water during their meals, for one. 

But it's a bad habit, one best avoided. 

And the Simple and Effective Diet, my friend, gives you tons of tips that if you apply along with your fitness routine will CATAPULT your gains like nothing you've ever done before. 

Again, yours gratis with the 0 Excuses Fitness System. 

And you'll want to grab this now. 

Back soon!!


Rahul Mookerjee

The great Bruce Lee once made a comment about MASTERY, my friend - and practice, daily practice, loads of it, which ties into mastery. 

"I fear not the man who does 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who does ONE kick 10,000 times". 

Now, what did Lee mean by this. 

The answer should be obvious if you're reading between the lines i.e he was referring to "mastering a skill". 

Along with that, what remains unsaid is this - ONCE you master something (although Lee would be the first to tell you never really, despite how much you might think you know about something or some skill - master anything - you keep learning your whole life!) - you cannot just sit easy and "rest on your laurels". 

"Success is a fickle bird, if you pause to rest on your laurels, it flies away to go to another - plenty more waiting to take your place!" 

I keep having to remind my daughter of this, whose English is admittedly far better than her peers - but she's falling behind when it comes to the REAL deal, pretty much because COMPLACENCE sometimes takes over. 

We constantly get her to read new books - more advanced words - and new phrases, figures of speech etc - that she may or may not have in her current environment, but she NEEDS. 

Thats how I did it - albeit on my lonesome when I was young. 

And thats how she must too (in all regards). 

Everyone has to. 

Back to Lee - the man who is a legend bar none, and in terms of fitness, a true fitness freak - and fit like no'one's business. 

A man who could .. 

According to the available data, Bruce Lee could do around 1500 push ups with both hands in one go, 400 on one hand, 200 on two fingers and 100 on one thumb.

Now, thats some going, I'd say. 

And if Bruce Lee was a huge, huge proponent of the Hindu pushups and fingertip pushups that I myself cannot rate highly enough - that the Great Gama of India swore by - then there must be something to them, no? 

A man like Lee, I dont know about you, but I'd stop and listen - very hard - to what he says about training. 

Even if you're not a martial artist, even if you dont fight for a living, even if you all you want is to get into decent shape - Bruce Lee is a role model for almost anyone given the right situation. 

And pushups, my friend, along with jumping rope and some other movements in the 0 Excues Fitness System - or all, actually - formed the bedrock of Lee's system. 

Take to heart what I say about MASTERY in that book; I dedicate an entire chapter to it. 

Take to heart also, the exercises I teach you in both Jump Rope Mania! - and Pushup Central - because they (and the workouts in them) are modeled on what the GREATS did, and what the greats of today do. 

And if you're looking to get in great shape, you simply must get both those courses too - period. They make for an unbeatable combination, my friend. 

Get them now, and join the pantheon of the superhumans and greats TODAY. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - That little thingI keep telling ya about doing something everyday - I'd say Bruce Lee agreed, and then some!

Friday, 31 December 2021 15:11

On body(phat) shaming - and more.

You hear it all the time, especially from phat phocks who coudn't hang on pull-up bars for more than quarter of a second to save their lives if they had to - and people globally that are fat and out of shape, yet get pissed at people "saying it like it is". 

Back in the day, I sometimes did too. 

Note this wasn't when I was "fat" or a phat phocker per se. 

This was when I was in fairly decent shape, but eating and drinking way too much, and not working out enough (definitely NOT doing what I advocate in Eat More - Weigh Less) - and it showed. 

A friend of mine once made the comment back in the day. 

"I've never seen you like this, Rahul", he said, pointing at the core which at the time was admittedly flabby. 

"You always had such a strong powerful aesthetic core - it was really nice!" (note, I didnt train for looks - but still - that was a welcome byproduct). 

I was slightly surprised at the time. 

"Me? Fat?", I grinned back. 

"Oh, you're not fat", he replied. "But ... " 

Upon reaching home, I introspected - and saw he was RIGHT. 

And I made a promise myself to lose the extra (few, admittedly kgs - and I did within a couple of weeks - and how. 

Or, a guy around 5 years ago when the podge was starting to pile on a bit (for a period I was not able to train normally due to extenuating circumstances). 

At the beer store, he pointed to my gut - which to be honest, most wouldn't have noticed, "there was nothing there" - but there was, a little... 

His trained eye caught it, and he asked WHY. 

Now, most people would have got upset - offended - and me too in the past. 

(I didnt - I just nodded, and next day, I was hitting it 2x as hard again, soon enough, whatever little was there WENT away). 

Hell, if taken to an extreme, I probably still would too. 

Not for me the idiots who touch Charles (a former friend of mine)'s stomach as he walks down the road apparently (admittedly he's obese, but shit, that sort of thing is not on!) - and ask his girlfriend "how they do it in bed. 

Idiots incaranate, that pisses me off too. 

But other hand, what the world needs more than anything else is a return to being tough - long overdue, along with a kick in the pants most people need. 

To me, if someone says something like that, and they dont obviously NOW, its just a push to get in even better and even leaner - and stronger - or more flexible - condition. 

If I see YOU contorting yourself in positions that would make an octopus envious, if I see you fighting in an arena, if I see you walking up stairs - on your hands - and then back down again - I dont just sit back, pat my tummy, cradle my beer, and marvel. 

I want to be able to do that too, and I work on it, and pretty soon - I can. 

Thats always how I've been 

All around though, you keep hearing cries of "body shaming", and how it's supposedly a mean thng to do, bad for the person, and so forth. 

My opinion? 

Taken to extremes, yes, not on. 

People need to be ultimately UPLIFTED - not brought down.

But there is a fine line between (molly) coddling, and giving it to folks straight. 

Get down right now my friend, and give me 20 good pushups. 

Or, 5 straight pull-ups. 

Or, 75-100 straight squats. 

Or, bridge back and forth a while. 

We haven't even gone advanced as yet. 

Hold a plank, do a dead hang. Whatever it is - if you can't do any of the above - then you're neither fit nor are you strong my friend. 

(and, you need to get on the 0 Excuses Fitness System ASAP)!!

I hate to say it, but it's true. 

That ain't body shaming either. 

But if someone is a phat phocker, I've found the doers would rather be TOLD they're fat so they can work on it. 

Sometimes, we all need that kick up the ass... 

Enter "Iron" Mike Tyson, a legend for the ages. 

From the man himself, before his bout in 2020 with Ray Junior ... (which ended in a draw I believe?) ...

"If somebody's with me, I find out he thought I was a fat motherf***er and didn't tell me, I wouldn't be his friend no more.

"You say body shaming hurts some people, it helps me. I never looked at it as fat shaming."

Tyson at the time was WAY fat and overweight - due to booze and coke use (according to him - Mike Tyson claims being fat shamed 'helped' him make incredible body transformation ahead of Roy Jones Jr fight (thesun.co.uk)). 

And, along with the upcoming fight - that body shaming ultimately inspired him to drop almost 40 kgs! 

Thats something, at his age. 

Sure, 120-60 that I did is nothing to scoff at either. Took plenty of doing that! 

But there is reason Tyson is featured on the sales pages for both Pushup Central and Jump Rope Mania, my friend - not just because the rope is an essential part of not just Iron Mike's, but ANY boxer's regimen (along with lots of pushups). 

Fat Bozos like Glyn whose spindly arms couldn't support them for a nanosecond in a quarter plank troll it by saying "Rahul Tyson", while the doers BUY the book, and do - because they know very well the sales page is what it is for a damn good REASON. 

Even if you look at Tyson's most recent workout when he was out of shape in 2020? 

The ROPE features ... just take a look!

Not to mention, his mentality. 

Iron Mike didnt sit around bitching about "I feel so bad that people are saying that!" 

He took it like the man he is - and got into scorching hot shape shortly thereafter. 

Now THAT, my friends, is the sign of a real man. 

A man that doesn't back down from a challenge, and can hear the truth when it needs to be said!

And the workouts, the routines that will do it for YOU TOO, my friend, are in both Pushup Central - and Jump Rope Mania - and all my courses. 

As we head into the New Year, if there are nigh two courses I'd recommend you to get, those are the ones. 

Get them NOW, and start becoming a real man again, my friend. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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