Monday, 09 August 2021 06:12

I want two answers from YOU, friend.

This might sound a bit odd, but I've been thinking about if for days, I haven't come to any conclusive answer either way. 

And as A tom tommer recently told me. 

"You're an odd dude!"

That I am friend, but a sensical odd dude, hehe. (He broke group rules, was booted, so was bitching)

Anyway, yes, conclusive answers... 

On two questions I'm going to ask YOU, friend. 

Now, before I start please - please - do NOT get back with "you think too much". 

Thinking too much is a good thing. 

If you're thinking right and the right WAY, which most people do the polar opposite of. 

And please dont get back with silence or apathy. Hehe. 

If you do ... 

... well, nothing. You do. But I want them answers, hehe, and I want 'em from YOU. I.e. YOUR VIEWPOINT!

First question, something you might could help with. Second, maybe ... maybe not. 

Without more ado. 

First, WHY are more people not leaving reviews? 

Friend, it boggles the mind. 

You get a 10% auto discount for leaving reviews, 10% for sharing, then you get a mention on these newsletters, special coupons etc ... the whole shebang. 

It ain't that you dont love the products. 

You do!

(or, you wouldn't be buying). 

I could go on Google. 

I could wax lyrical about "why people dont leave reviews". 

I've got tons of reasons why. 

but I want to hear it from the horse's mouth - YOU. 

The review link is there damn near everywhere - most of all, in the purchase email you get. 

Some of you have bought products, not left reviews for all. 

A few days ago, I pondered if "maybe they like some products more than the others". 

But the reviews are equal amongst all, so that ain't it either. 

Apathy or "do nothing" - or "we're too busy" - well - I dont buy any of those reasons, and I hate it when people tell me that anyway, because it's not true, if you truly want to do something you'll find time for it - plus, clicking a link and leaving a review for something you LIKE - I mean trust me, if people didnt like it, you'd see all sorts of Bozo like BS out there - but it's mystifying to me!

A person, of course like me who emails Amazon back with comments on how to improve their service - unasked for. 

No, I dont have too much time on my hands, before you ask ... 

My former friend Charles did. Hehe. 

(Unfortuantely he never used it productively). 

Try writing over 10,000 words a day, working out - and doing all else I do, then tell me about "no time" ... 

Hell, try, 500 or a 1000 a day and keep it up for amonth. 

So it ain't the no time BS either. 

So folks, for this one - please, YOU TELL ME. 

Aint nothing wrong with spreading the word, is there? 

And even if the review isn't 5 star, so what?

yes, most are. 

That isn't a double edged sword i.e. I'm not telling you that only 5 star reviews will be accepted, approved, what not - hell, that link you use? With your email? i.e purchase email? 

I can't even modify that review unless I got into the DB to do it, and trust me, I'm not in the least bit interested in doing that. 

It's there for a reason, I set IT PURPOSELY so I couldn't modify it so people would feel more comfrortable. 

After Bozo Keith said this "This author only wants FIVE star reviews". 


Maybe we all want 5 star. 

What wrong with that? 

But I want HONEST above all - so folks again, write back and tell me!

YOUR words and answers are what count. 

I've emailed some of you personally as well for it, but ... 

But anyway, question numero TWO!

That being, what the hezey. Hehe. 

I even forget what I was going to ask you. 

I guess, what I'm saying is why people ignore the sensical and embrace the nonsensical ... 

Especially more so these days. 

You have Jassy jumping about her super skinny self, yet when I tell her she was "normal" in 2019 without this gym madness (trust me, she ain't doing it because she wants to be super skinny, if that were to be the case, she would have done it a long time go. Dig beneath the surface, you'll likely find that her big ticket investment clients want it, so in a tough market...) 

... which is fine, but SAY it. 

But yeah, I know y'all can't help me much with the answer on that one. We all know it, already!

People just dont want to come out and say it. 

Running scared, apathy, all those reasons... 

Anyway, I'll be happy if you can answer question numero ONE for me definiteively, hehe. 

And leave more reviews, please! 

Timothy, PLEASE - use that link you get in your email. (and the rest of you too, hehe). 

(he liked "Jump Rope Mania"!) 

"Makes me feel like a boxer doing these routines, Rahul!" 

So said the man himself... 

But anyway, yeah. 

LEt me know. 

I'll be listening!


Rahul mookerjee

Sunday, 08 August 2021 10:38

$40 -> $200


Battletank Shoulders, when it came out was priced at $39.99 for the Kindle version, I believe, if memory serves me right. 

Around $40. 

It remains one of the best courses I've ever put out, a power packed little ditty basically - I dont even know if it extends beyond 50 pages!

Maybe it does, but not a lot more. 

That info though is invaluable, friend, and packs more power than 10 Tom Tom's could in 10,000 pages or more. 

And this book is one of the ones I never changed after putting out - along with Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD - within weeks!

For damn good reason. 

They dont need to be. 

Gorilla Grip, the initial book on pull-ups, and Shoulders like Boulders! - all upgraded  and updated in 2017. 

Not so the above two books. 

Neither did the length of the books change. 

The length did change (no pun intended) for the last three books, and the price went up too. 

Not by a factor of 5 though. 

(Paperback currently retails at $300)

Anyway, an idiot, whose been following me for years recently could not help himself. 

"Sir, can it oRigInal price of $39.9999" 

HE's been writing to me abuot this for ages, I ain't responded - personally, not even now. SOme things are just not worthy of my very valuable time, friend. 

I'd rathe sit on the throne, to be honest, than answer such idiotic stuff. 

But it did bring up an interesting point, one the wackos are sure to hate and "call me out" on (they're really calling themselves out). 

Price, price, price. 

Battletank Shoulders didnt go up to 5 times the price it was originally priced at simply to fill my pockets. 

Thats how much the info was worth, so it went up. 

It went up steadily, because I wanted to give ALL The doers who DO a fair shot at buying it before the price shot UP. 

And now? 

My books are priced high friend for two reason. 

One, most importantly, the sheer and unparalled valued you get from 'em - truly like nothing you've seen ever. 

And two, almost as importantly, to keep price wankers away ... 

I cannot STAND the latter category!

True, if you write to me with a genunie problem or issue, I'll almost always work with you on it... 

But if it's just Tom Tom's claiming that their "purse is empty" as this idiot did (purse??? Wallet?? And in any case, the wALLET should never be empty, period!) ... 

... yet, this same person bitches about losing weight. 

"Sir, I eat at Domino PIZZA four times a week", he sent. 

No idea if that means delivery or take out. 

(Personally, I hate Dominos anywhere in the world, Pizza Hut too. Papa Johns so so, but the real stuff, the genuine Italian pizzas!) ... 

And GREEK food- I love it (the genuine stuff, lambs etc). 

This Bozo spends lots of money on pizza and likely other stuff, when quizzed about it, he acts like "Of course! It costs that much, so I spend!" 

Then he's told, well, the book costs that much, so ... 

"Huh?? But that just book!" 

THESE, my friend, are the idiots I want to avoid ... 

They'll spend the world on inanities, yet, something that doesnt help them Tom Tom, virtue signal, look good, or "feel good temporarily" (life's tough, I'm giving myself a much needed breeeeeeeeeeeeaaaakkkkk!) and so forth. 

But the real stuff, they piss and moan. 

He's being banned from the list as we speak (third time out). 

And thats why I keep exhorting you, friend, if you ain't yet, to place your pre-order for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, because trust me, you WILL Want it later. I get that, but I also get the price will RISE. 

So should you, friend, if you ain't done it as yet. 

True, its your money. 

True, I'd be the last one to tell you how to spend it... or how to piss it down the drain, or invest it, or what have you. Hey, your money, your choice!

But I think I'm perfectly within my rights to say everything else, given the logic behind it!

I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee


The last bastion, or the last stand, I often like to call the 90's, before it all started to fall APART. 

Before the world started to go to hell and a time when men were men, women were women, men were real men that did a hard day's work and werent shy about downing a beer - or two - or ten at the end of it (well, they had the Tom Tom's then as well, but near not as many!) - women would be happy enough to take care of the child and let the man do what the man does i.e PROVIDE... 

Normal times, natural times. 

Times of great, heady optism. 

REAL times. 

I should know. I grew up during those times!

Anyway, the name Bevan probably isnt' familiar to most of you. 

Except a few of you "Poms" reading this, hehe. 

He was - is - one of the Aussie cricketing greats, and in many ways a pioneering force and influence in what was then still a novelty and not cricket for the purists ie. "one day cricket". 

Which the purists scoffed at as being "wham bang thank you Ma'am", and now weaned on an even more whammy diet of T20's and T10's, they all love the ODI with 50 overs!

Persoanlly, I thought one day international cricket provided the perfect match between wham bang thank you man IPL and other such 20-20 leagues which are over in three hours - and test cricket which spans out over 5 days - or is supposed to. 

Tests were supposed to the boring, puranitical version of cricket. 

Odi's were supposed to be for the hipsters, slick shysters, dashers!

Anyway ... 

Bevan was a pioneer fitness wise in an ear where beer bellies and drinks galore after a game were still rampant in cricket. 

But more than that, it was his attitude towards chasing tall, tall targets - and WINNING - which was nowhere near as common as is on the batter friendly highways they prepare these days for cricket that really in my books sets him apart - and the way he went about it. 

The Aussie cricket team of that time was probbaly the greatest ever. 

Led by Ice man Steve Waugh, they had dashers and stylists at the top in Mark Waugh, Ricky Ponting, and hitters galore like Andy Symonds and so forth - any ONE of whom could change and turn a match on its head on his day. 

Someone always seemed to!

And down at the last of the specialist batters - they had -well - another ice man - Michael Bevan! 

He was not a six - or boundary hitter. In an era where clearing the boundary is the norm (today) - that might sound pedestrian. 

In HIS era, hitting the boundaries was considered "required" to keep up with chasing tall totals. 

Indeed, it is in a way. 

Bevan though hardly ever hit any - - and his record stands out as - STILL - being a batter that has helped his team win MOST times when chasing - or damn close. An average to be damn proud of, even when compared to today's batters that are molly coddled and provided with every form of assistance they can get, right from rules favoring them - to pitches - to balls - to heavy bats that can be swung very easily - and so forth. 

Thats not criticizing today's great guys, it's just me "saying" what is . . . 

But anyway, Bevan won many a match for his team when chasing tall totals, when the rest of the dashers had failed!

He did this in a way most people could barely understand. 

He did it by running - and focusing on the 1's and 2's - which down the line, turned into BIG ones! 

When chasing 300 plus run totals, which was HUGE back then, you didnt see Bevan focus solely on the big goal. 

He had it in mind, yes. 

but he focused on the 1's and 2's!

He understood, better than most, the truism of two things. 

One, a big goal can be taken care of if you focus on the small victories and tasks that add up to a lot. 

He focused on converting each ball into a run. 

ONe run into two. 

The 2's into 3, boundary if possible. 

He literally, my friend, ran the opposition ragged!

Two, that a bear can be eaten - one bite at a time!

A target of 300 in 50 overs was HUGE Back then, and you'd need to get 6 an over for it to happen. 

Which was tough back then too. 

Bevan focused on each ball ,and the runs he could milk from each ball! 

It was sheer genius, the way the Aussies started with a blaze, then consolidated in the middle overs, then went for one final push in the end. 

And usually won. 

From impossible situations. 

I remember a match against the Proteas in the late 90's where ... the target was 284. 

The Aussies were 90/4, ALL their star batters gone. 

Bevan And Steve Waugh, hardly a one day batter - were there. 

I still remember turning off the TV saying "oh well" - though I didnt think they had lost, I didnt think they would win either!

I remember my Dad saying "all over" as well!

Next day, we woke up - and lo!

Bevan 100, Steve Waugh 90 something - they won!

Another mammoth chase in that series, 333 was done in a similar manner by grafting 90's from Ponting and Darren Lehmann - another classic!

This is not to educate you on cricket, friend. 

It's to tell you the value of GRAFTING, something often ignored, but something leading to HUGE results if done with persistence. 

The Aussie cricket team of that era had IMMENSE Self belief. 

It would NOT be overstating to say they "knew no defeat". 

They truly never thought about it - and the results showed. 

POnder all this as you start your day - go about it - or head on to bed. 

You might achieve some spectacular things, my friend, if YOU take these lessons to heart!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Do also read the 10 Commandments of Physical Success in the 0 Excuses Fitness - to me, thats the most important part of the entire book!!!

PPS - It's the small actions that lead up to big things being "normal" friend, and even bigger goals being set, which is how it should be. 

7 - 10 emaisl for me a day is normal while most people struggle with sending one daily without fail! 

Think about that - and how I GOT THERE! 

I didnt get there by starting out this way. 

I started out with one a day. 

I wanted more. 

I upped the ante some. Stuck with it 

Then before I knew it, I naturally expanded my "area of comfort" or comfort zone or whatever it's called. 

Stuck with that. 

And so forth! 

There is a very valuable lesson to be learned in this - fitness wise too!

Saturday, 07 August 2021 09:05

The best thigh isometric (stretcher) ever

Another short one this, friend. 

And it's one of the best stretches ever. 

In the ADVANCED book on isometric i.e. Volume two of "Isometric and Flexibility Training" ( a book that has been fantastically well recieved by EVERYONE barring a single Tom Tom from ... I belivee Italy? Not sure, but I think it was Amazon Italy he left the "ridiculous retard" review on)... 

Look, fella, I dont care about stars or not. 

Well, we all do - I love 'em as much as you do! 

5 star reviews? 


but HOnEST is where the rubber meets the road, friend. 


And that review was neither one of the above - a typical whiny Mama's boy tom Tommer review about "the photos are terrible" . 

I mean really, like John Walker said on the Animal Kingdom Workouts book, "training books aren't about grammar" (there was no grammer mistakes in the book, I believe, he was replying to Bozo Schofield on yet another inane comment of his). 

And the stetch, without further ado? 

The Rahul Mookerjee patented squat is a MUST to do with this - along with another "one leg" hamstring stretch the doers know about ... while squatting. 

with these two, here is the stretch that works wonders. 

Your thighs will feel NEW - like nothing you've ever done before. 

If you're huge into Hindu squats, climbing, high reps etc - all of it - this will stretch those sore quads out like NOTHING you've ever done. 

It's tough, mark my words. 

But doable. 

Get your hands and knees on the floor, and then place your legs so that heels are under your BOOTOCKS. 


I didnt say Butt, because Bozo will be back if he reads that (he's disappeared for the nonce, maybe Mandy kicked his gluetous maximum once and for all MAX) ... 

Then, in that position, keep the spine straight. 

Lean backwards as far as you can go

I dont know if I mention the "thighs at right angles" version to the lower legs version of this in the book. I believe I do ... ? 

But THIS one, my friend, is the one you should aspire to. 

SLOWLY, breathe IN and bend back as far as you can go, for a lot of you, that wont be far at all. 

Thats OK. 

Work at it. 

The sheer "release" you'll feel in your quads - well - that will tell you all. 

And again, caution. It's very easy to overdo it and tear a quad or two. Don't do that! 

Safe, sane and consensual, whoa, wait a minute, wasn't that supposed to be on the other site. hehe. 

But, safe and sane applies... 

Go for it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Oh, and do the calf stretches along with it. So thats 4 that will give you the lower body stretch of your LIFE like nothing else will , can , or ever did!

(No Schofield stretches, thats on the other side, hehe). 

Saturday, 07 August 2021 08:49

It's all a bloody mess, friend.

And of course, there's no better quote of the day for 2021 than that. 

Thats probably what a lot of you think too looking at whats going on. 

I rarely read the sh-news. It gives me things to write about occasionally, but after the past few emails with the Joe Biden rubbish, I'm OFF it again. What a nightmare!

Lets stay sane, safe, and sensible, and fitness wise, which is why YOU are HERE - well, this is the link we need to ALL focus on. 

And if you gotta share something, via social or whatever, share this. 

Remember, another one of those great 10% coupons for dong so. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

I'll never forget a comment my "elder sister" from China Maria made the other day. 

A girl I've never met. 

A girl thats uber cute ... yet, ... hehe. Smart as heck too! 

And a nice, nice person to boot (I haven't met her husband either, but he seems fairly sensible too, I dont know...) 

But anyway, she was in Shanghai where I think there's been a typhoon, so I asked her if she was OK, etc. 

She was. 

And I kept talking to her. 

Chating to her. 

She kept giggling. 

Finally, she couldn't hold back. 

"Facepalm. (the emoji)

You just like girls!!!" 

She said. 

So sage(ess). Hehe. 

Chinese girls, she could have said I guess, but I love all girls! Hehe.

Anyway ... 

All my life I've not been giving much of a choice as to what I wanted. 

It was either fit into a mould or apparently (because of my penchant for long hair) "there'll be hell to pay".  (My Dad)

It was either go with the flow or "how dare you!" (that was Mom, and tons of others. Hehe). 

And of course, school wise, no-one once asked me what I wanted to do. 

Just "study Science". 

When, "all I was good at was History and Math" (from the horse's mouth, not mine). 

Makes a lot of sense, eh. 

Apparently "arts" are for "girls only" and here I am, doing what I am, not just here, but the other sites too, heh..

Of course, what I wanted was something completely different. 

In college, be a typica Tom Tom Engineer "to be safe". (apparently those jobs never go out fof style? I dont know? Is that true? HA!) 

Luckily I switched to Computer Science without too much resistance, though oddly enough, the girls I so loved were more in "mechanical engineering". 

Computers were the realm of the nerds back them, who according to Bruce came to school to ... 

"You're here to drink beer and smoke weed!" 


(edit, I remember those "famous last words", hehe. 

Verbatim - 

You're here to get drunk and get high! 

Bruce was a smple guy!Hehe. Great dude too.)

Never got into the latter, did plenty of the former!

(Nothing purantical about not doing th elatter. Tried it so many times, high quality pot too, but it never had an impact?? Some say I didnt breathe it all the way in. I beg to differ. That damn bong, I could barely see anything with all the bloody smoke swirling around). 

Anyway - I myself didnt know what the hell I wanted to do, except FREEDOM

In one word, one damned word, if I could encapsulate what the US of A means to me? 



FREEDOM TO PURSUE ONE's GOALS, speak one's mind, and so forth!

Way too many people don't appreciate what they've got in that regard either. Like I said until it's taken AWAY from you ... 

You only understand the true, real and LASTING VALUE of something once it's taken away from you - i.e. GONE.

- Rahul Mookerjee (sager words were NEVER spoken)

Oh, and to be fair. 

Growing up, I did get a choice on SOME things, that delicious Tandoori food on birthdays for one, hehe, even though it often caused tummy upsets sometimes for some others. Hehe. 

Wasn't all bad ... 

But anyway, lets assume something. 

Let's assume "an offer I cannot refuse" fall out of space. 

Something the Tom Tom's love, like a "golden and stable job" (Something I've been against my whole life. If I could rewind the clock, I'd quit college right there, cute Southern gals notwithstanding, hehe). 

"I'm sure the gals will still find you attractive without your long hair, Rahul!" 

Dad again, this time when he couldn't dispense the hell to pay, said in a despairing sort of tone. 

Hey, of course they will. 

They still do! 

Hehe. I still do too, lol. 

Anyway, attraction and long hair (as TEMB once said "you've got the HAIR!!!!!!!!") aside ... 

Lets assume that happens. 

The typical TOm Tom's whove been criticizing me all along, and continue to do so as my stuff being "useless" - and "just bodyweght training" - will jump on my side. 

Believe me, it wil happen. Mr Seer tells you. 

And when he does, it happens. 

Always has, always will.

Not even Tom Tomming myself there - it is a FACT, brah.

"Oh, thats why you did all this!" 

It ain't either, friend. 

I do it because I - at the core of it - WANT TO!

Much like I did everything with girls and continue to because I want to. 

Rebellious and free spirits - try and tame 'em all you like 

You might think you succeeded. 

True doer? 

You'l never succeed at taming a true rebel, visionary and pioneer and pathblazer, not just fitness wise, but many other things too. 

All of which of course would be as useless as banging my head against a wall if I didnt have and ain't got persistence. 

So again, folks. 

Persistence is where it's at above ALL. 


Even Donald Trump knows the value of it. Any DOER DOES!

And uber persistently, I keep reminding of you two things ... 

One, reviews, reviews, reviews, folks, I know I sound like a stuck record. 

But please, break out of the apathy and "it doesnt matter" mode, it DOES help, it matters a hell of a lot! 


And two, that pre-order for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness

Look, you're going to want it later. 

And at that time, the price WILL increase. 

It would have now, but for what Irwin asked me this morning ... 

So make hay while the sun shines, friend. 

Do so now, and let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee 

Saturday, 07 August 2021 04:40

Why woke will be the death of us all

I simply don't get it. I thought the word "retard" covered it all, but apparently not ... 

Check out a couple of instances . . . 

Yeonmi Park says she was robbed by three women, bystanders stopped her from calling police (

If you don't want to click, and really, it's utter garbage - last year, during the BLM madness in Chicago or what not, a North Korean woman was robbed by three black women. 

Incredibly, though bystanders saw the incident - they didnt want her to call the cops!

And even more incredibly - 

The three black women were whining about the following. 

"Im not a thief just because of the color of my skin". 


I mean, these women rob another lady (so much for Nazi feminists loving their own????) - and then are SEEING robbing - and claim they're not robbers and thieves - but astoundingly, they have the "cojones" to turn around and say "the robbed is the problem, not them!" 


Fuck that. 

I'd call them robbers to their fucking face regardless of color!

OK, the cops eventually did get 'em. Credit to the OUTSTANDING men in blue that are hardly ever allowed to do their job right!

But still, it's unbelievable that the public - bystanders, even would do that?? 

Even in China, that would never ever happen, friend! The bystanders if anything would take the thief and either pound him, or hand him in to the cops. 

I mean, pathetic really, this woke culture when the entitled and THIEVES themselves are Tom Tommed as "moral and righteous" and all of the rest of us are the problem! 

That reminds of a certain Bozo Schofield who is of course the very definition of woke except he's such a lunatic that even the woke run away from him. 

But his entitled and all untrue rants, his blatant racist behavior and then turning around and Im saying "I'm not racist! I'm not a thief!" despite all the proof to the contrary and claiming he's not abusive despite all the proof to the contrary - THIS - my friend - is what the Woke culture is doing everywhere!


(then you had an older Karen in the link above point to the Korean chick and claim "thats the problem we have with racism". 

Again, wtf. 

True, East Asians are amongst the most racist in the world, even to their kind, but in this case - case by case! The girl did nothing wrong!) 

And a store owner did ... 

'You are not a chick': Video shows argument between trans councilwoman and store owner over anti-transgender sign (

Apparently a store owner in Washington had a sign saying "if you're a dick, you're not a chick". 

He's right. 

You ain't! 

Ladyboy or third gender perhaps. 


Even on the other site, where I write about sex, erotica, fetish and everything so hot that it makes "studs and ladies alike blush" (I was recently told that by a 6'3" muscle monster) ... I write about MEN And WOMEN.

Not "in between's" or other nonsense. 

I mean, perhaps that plays into the mental side of the games etc a little, but by and large, all about MEN and women even at it's most "blase and debase" as I put it there (for a few books). 

I'm 78 fucking years old, dude said. 

I went to Vietnam to fight for this shit. 

I'm supposed to care about some asshole's feelings? 

Absolutely not! I've got FREEDOM OF SPEECH!



The way to win, friend, against this lot - is fight - and KEEP FIGHTING. 

Not necessarily upfront either, as in the book on Nazi feminists ... but when you CAN fight upfront, DO SO! 

President Trump is doing it. Those of us with any balls and REAL MEN are doing it! And so should you, friend, if you see this sort of lunacy around YOU. 

I mean, when you have idiots impersonating you and asking you (or your colleagues, or what not) for your views on the Chinese government and such ... 

Gorilla Girl Sophia recently asked me that. 

I thought about it - was she being "paid to do so". 

Somehow, I doubt it ... Hehe. But one never knows! 

It's actually true that a lot of Bozos from China's low level spam factories have been impersonating people and writing to their colleagues etc, asking them for their views on China and what not ... Anyway, more on that later. Boozy Bozo would probably tell you about that too, except even his spam factory kicked him out "too much trouble" was what they said. 

I feel ya, folks. LOL. 

A great customer from the UK said it best when he said the following when it comes to views on the wokey lunatics above. 

"When you estabilish Deli as a seperate country, you could make whatever law you wanted for the Nazi feminists, SJW's, faggots and other Bozos out there - throw 'em in jail forever - or bullet to the head if you wanted to!" 

(He was being facetious to make a point, but he was right on this one "if there is anyone that could do it, it would be you!") 

And he was spot the hell on in terms of the POINT he was making i.e. REAL MEN are needed NOW more than anything else!

Not that I would - hehe - as I mentioned here. I dont even like LIVING there!

(not because of the city per se, but certain things just aren't available - other parts of the country are far better, far more liveable. Much like I wouldn't really want to live in Beijing or most parts of Guangzhou in China - Shenzhen, perhaps - but I'd rather a so called tier 2 City with a far better lifestyle and a more relaxed pace, the outdoors etc!) 

But really, folks. 



For what is normal and right. 

And keep doing real man workouts. 

And if there are THREE books I can tell you to get NOW, friend are these (in the real man regard). 

Pushup Central. 

Animal Kingdom Workouts (truly, this one will really bring out the BEST BEAST in you). 

Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness. 

And on the last note ... 

I said I'd pull the pre-order by today. I was going to, but after getting this. 

"Money's a bit tight, can you hang on a bit for this please! thanks mate!" 

This from a great "potential" customer in - I believe - Ireland!

I dont know if we've got any Irish on board here? 

Probably people with Irish blood etc, but Ireland proper, not sure!



Their cricket team did a fine, fine job of whomping the Poms in the World Cup in India "wayyy back in the day", hehe. I still remember Kevin O Brien whacking them out of the ground!

Plus, Irish beer, can't say enough good things about that either. Hehe. 

So - - OK, we'll extend it by a few days. 

But get your thang on, time's a ticking, folks. 

And thats that for now. 

Remember, to encapsulate - 


And do what it takes to win. 

Train hard, train BRUTAL - train real man - and gET the books above if you haven't already!


Rahul Mookerjee

It's hilarious, isn't it friend. And it transcends politics - into LIFE. 

A perfect example of what I mean here would be a person who is probably the MOST unfit a person has ever been to be President of the United States of America ,the "leader of the free world that forgets where he is half the time" - and is a doddering old fool apparently that doesn't like any of his opionins challenged even a LITTLE. 

Look at the out of control crowds when he speaks, and look at Biden desperately trying to control them when protestors show up. 

"Let him speak!" 

No-one DOES let the protestor speak, of course!

The most baffling, or perhaps not, thing with Creepy Joe is his tendency to look like he's going to have an aneurysm anytime actually, you know, ASKS him something or challenges him on something - anything. 

"Come on!" is his angry, baffled response, like a cranky Grandfather woken up from a siesta. 

Or, he'll challenge other old men to pushups and running and what not. Crazy! 

It's hard to believe that (in my book) one of the, if not THE best damn Presidents the US ever had, the Trumpinator, is only a few years younger. 

True, he got upset too, but he didnt throw a fit - never!

He engaged with people - very vociferiously and vigorously, but he kept the conversation going as opposed to Biden who you can just see HATES being challenged on his BS. 

He ain't the only one either. 

I've seen a long list of Tom tom, assking Bozos and liberals act this way. Especially those who think "their way is the only way in life". 

"Maybe you know another way, but I haven't seen it!" 

OK, so why not let me explain it!

"I dont want to hear it", they holler. Be sensible!

Sensible my ass. 

When sensible is refuted logically, these Tom Tom's take refuge in yelling and theatrics like Creepy Joe does. 

Advances, or tries to advance bloody mask mandates while ... he pays people more to stay at home than actually, you know, go out to work. 


It really is!

I cannot believe even Liberals are that stupid (maybe they are?) to believe that lockdowns aren't the real killers in terms of economies. A third grader knows this!

Yet, the vast majority of sheeple don't know it apparently - or don't care anymore. 


And why just Biden, friend. 

You've got a sitting VP "Hyena Harris" who blatantly lies when asked questions half the time and cackles like a hyena to boot as if to say, how dare you ask me!

Of course, Biden was probably the one she got it from. Ever seen the debates in 2020? 

Every time Biden was asked a question he couldn't answer, he first laughed in a "guffaw" sort of manner (cross between a hyena and an elephant with a fish craw stuck in its throat) - a wierd, creepy sort of "haw haw haw" laugh (Harris is no less creepy though to be frank) ... and then blew his top. 

Boggles the mind - truly the mosy dysfunctional admin ever this!

How we ALL miss not just the Trumpinator, but the uber solid and dependable Mike Pence...

Anyway, I'm glad to report there are still plenty of us sensible folks out here. 

Yours truly being one. 

Precautions, friend, not panic!

Governor Ron Santis in FL - has my highest recommendation - GOOD MAN!

Governor Abbot in Texas. 

And other "conservatives" who really should be called "sensible folk". 

I dont get it, this constant panic, madnes. 

Just what the heck are people thinking, friend. 

It boggles the mind!

Anyway, yours truly has always been up for an argument. 

And usually I win it - because I'm uber logical. 

The tom tom's call it "useless logic". 

Because it doesn't agree with their Tom Tomming and Tom Foolery, hehe. 

So be it. 

I am going to continue to rail FOR what I consider is the most important thing for all of us - FREEDOM!

Remember, folks. 

Bottom line is this - when America does well, the rest of the civilized world does too. 

So no, to the Tom Tom's claiming "it's just US politics", it ain't eitehr. 

It's LIFE!

Anyway, had to say that. So I did!

And remember, the pre-order for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness WILL end by tomorrow, given both phone and laptop are back to "normal" - for now, heeh.

So get your orders in while you can before the price goes up, up, up!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Thursday, 05 August 2021 15:30

Panic Central... ?

I cannot believe the lunacy I'm reading about. 

A nurse told her husband to get vaccinated, or move out. 

Alarmed Louisiana Residents Turn to Vaccines in 'Darkest Days' of Pandemic (

Like, hell what about the guy's right to CHOOSE?? The Nazi feminist forgot that one, it seems! 

(you can bet if SHE didnt want to take the panixine, and the guy forced her to move out - oh boy - what a huge hue and cry it would cause, both "because she's a woman" and because she's got the right to choose. 

But guys don't? )

Phock that, friend.

I mean, really!

Yes, LA is experiencing a surge, but have these idiots and Tom Toms forgotten that Israel, very proudly Tom tomming itself as a leader in vaccinations, 95 % rate or what not - THEY are now havin g a huge resurgence as ever? 

Have these medical professionals ever considered the FACT that a) these panixines are not fully tested, b) there are side effects, sometimes FATAL - and c) you can still get the damned China virus anyway?????

Anyone that dares to speak out against the mask nonsense - is labeled "spreading misinformation", yet Fauci who spreads more rumors than an old lady on speed every day (his latest is that "new variants worse than the Delta variant will come" - is thought of as "sensible"? 

The very same guy who most likely sent money to the CCP to MAKE THIS Damn virus?? 

I mean, folks, have YOU considered that despite the Tom Tomming the CCP is now doing i.e. "shutting down borders so people can't travel internationally" - have yo uforgotten what they did when this whole damn thing started? 

They covered it up at home, silenced voices that dared to speak out - THEIR OWN PEOPLE - and they let peopl etravel willy nilly to spread it to the rest of the world!

Amazing how people forget these things so quickly, eh. 

Then again, the Bozos, Liberals, and Tom Tom's dont think a lot at all ... 

My stance on this madness is the same as it's always been . 

Precautions, not panic. 

THe minute you panic, the minute you're GONE. 

And the minute you join the ranks of the sheeple, friend. 

I mean, I dont get it - at least if the damn vaccine would work, I'd take it probably - or I wouldn't be critical of the idea, but with the Communist City of New York considering mandating EVERYONE to have a vaccine or else, the country of Bangladesh (a friend of mine is there) saying they'll do it, The steps taken in France and ITaly ... I mean, it all alarms me. 

I'd rather a free state like Florida - and preferably one like TEXAS!

Anyway ... 

Had to get that insanity off my chest. 

I've got it off now. 

But really, when parents of young kids are moaning in parks (my wife told me this one, I dont know if she said exactly what the other lady, but I think she did). 

"Why don't we all just die once and not suffer!" 

This from a housewife apparently whose lifestyle staying at home wasn't even that much impacted - except - gasp - she had to actually take care of her kid as opposed to fob it off on someone else. 

Pathetic, just so frigging pathetic, the way a lot of people have "given up". And "await death". 


FIGHT my friend. 

RISE UP - its the only way!

And remember, that pre-order - time's a ticking. Countdown starts now, there's about 4-6 more hours left I believe before I pull it. 

Get in while the going is good - NOW. 

See you "on the other side" - I mean that in a good way, hehe. 


Rahul mookerjee

I've written enough about this, I think. 

But I remembered a comment my wife often makes to my daughter (talk about WEAPONIZING kids against their own parents!!) about "cooking". 

"He never helps me in the kitchen", she moans. 

To my daughter. (if I got that right). (i.e. what she said). 

Fair enough. 

I'm not huge on cooking ... 

But here's the thing, friend. 

What does SHE help ME with? 

When I needed help with finances - money - you think my wife was there for me? Fat chance. 

When I needed help with something as simple as "support" in terms of not having to leave family etc, you think I got any help? 


When the money ran low (when things were tight) - guess who got the brunt of it all? 

My wife talks and complains all day long about not having maids and so forth (Bozo Schofield, you listening? Hehe). 

Yet, the facts are these ... 

I do my own damn laundry (Bozo must be having kittens reading this. Hehe). 

I pay the bills. 

Yours truly paid everything HIMSELF every time he was away from family - AND paid for family too. 

All those laptops, phones, all of it that I bought - all conveniently forgotten!

More - 

When I stay at home - I do an equal job in terms of taking the trash out sometimes, unloading the dishwaster, et al. 

Where I finally drew the line, and the reason for the extra hostility towards me Nazi feminism wise? 

I figured out how to hit - where it hurts the most . 

If you'd think mental, you'd be spot on, except, NO, it's not "talking or engaging with her" on ANY issue. 

In fact, I'm openly telling her (when she asks or rants) "that she is right all the time". 

In the book on it, I constantly talk about how it makes NIL sense to engage directly with a Nazi feminist, because you'll never win!

Instead, the ways to do so are sneaky and THEIR OWN WAYS!

Which of course, they can never combat - because they believe in them themselves!

Anyway, just a brief rant, but it'll ring true for a lot of you!

"I agree with all you say about women. I've had trouble with them too!" 

Hopefully not NOW, P. 


Anyway, get the book on not just combating, but BENEFITING from this pestilence as well, friend. 

And on that note, a few more hours left for the Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness pre-order to end. If you want in, GET IN NOW! (before I pull the offer tomorrow). 


Rahul Mookerjee

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