Wednesday, 21 December 2022 06:53

Man oh man how I so wish they were all like her!

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This morning, two things happened - well, many things!

I got an email from the Bozo saying he signed up on this site with a new email address. I was going to block his ass, but we'll do that later, too much going on to worry about nutjobs for now!

Too much GOOD!

Paula from the other site wrote in with some SUCH SAGE(ess) words about some of my bestselling erotica that ... well, I was flabbergasted, DUMBFOUNDED, and STRUCK by lightning yet again, how I wish all affiliates - or partners, or people were like her - so damned dedicated to her work, so into what she is doing, saying, it shows! 

And she repenned some of my words in the spirt in which they were written - in her own prose. Poetry!!!!!!!

I'm no poet like the Countess is. 

But, Empresses and Countesses aside - and the tech issues I've been dealing with aside - I thought this would be as sage a time as any to pen some of my own words - or, bring you what is ALREADY penned, and slated to be entered into the annals of the Hall of Fame very soon (if you get my drift) from some of the best bodyweight training manuals ever written. 

(not my words, mark you!) 

From Pushup Central, truly there is NO other book of this nature out there - and 0 Excuses Fitness. 

"Pushups are the BIG DOG of fitness"

"The road to the top is a long and lonely one, but boy is the view at the top WORTH IT!" 

I was thinking about the latter last night, and how far I've come - or WE have , I should say in that we dont give a rip about nothing no more - back in the day I'd give an iota of consideration to trolls, fools, apes, copy artists, unoriginal morons that come to this site for ideas on what to write, fat apes, and so forth - the losers basically- an iota. 

I'd never care about them even then. 

Now I welcome them with open arms - truly, as our books rise through the rabble out there, it's about results, the end results not how many fools you piss off, and so called friends you lose. 

Like they told Milka Singh, if you want to fly high, you have to LET GO of the lo lying fruit! 

And that holds true for life, fitness, relationships, friends, idiots, Bozos, morons, SOs that dont get it and bitch in an inane manner like two year old's on speed - everything. If you have that goal in sight, thats all that matters, nothing else does, if something else DOES matter you ain't really serious about the goal - period - bottom line. Cut that any way you like, but it's so true. 

From Squat 101

If you ain't squatting, you aint training. 

And from the "Pushups - Reverse Pushups - the BEST darn exercise ever" - in the form of a customer testimonials - "truly this one exercise has made me feel better at the age of 64 than ANYTHING else I've ever done in my life". 

There's plenty more in my great and outstanding books, but we'll finish off with another book I consider to be OUTSTANDING - and from a real man - Brooks Kubiks Dinosaur Bodyweight Training. 

The manual has plenty of informative lines jampacked in it, but this one line is hidden, forgotten, yet, truly the diamond of all diamonds in the book. 

"If you're fat and have a big gut hanging over, then you simply wont look like an athlete. Sorry if I've offended anyone, but it's true". 

So true, Brooks, so true. 

Milka Singh remained humble till his last day despite his stunning accomplishments. 

When he was knighted/promoted to "officer" rank in the Indian Army those that commanded him before saluted HIM. Including a former trainer. 

His response was to hang the medals he won for India around the old guy's (trainers neck). 

Guru ji, I could never have done this without you, he says - as he bends to touch his feet once again (it's an India thing, the touching feet = respect). 


There is only one person I consider to be a real trainee amongst all the rabble out there - Brooks Kubik - and those that train like him!

NO PRISONERS MENTALITY - RUGGED and masculine even at his age - NO BS!

And while Advanced Hill Training sales page covers how I met him initially - well, if I were to meet him now? 

No touching feet. Neither one of us is into that, or would want it. 

I'd give him the Gorilla Grip and challenge him to better me. I'm sure he could! I do that with my buddy from the Marines all the time!

And then I'd train with him doing log carries. He could probably kick my can in it too - but who knows - yours truly is the "Khota Sikka" as they say in India!

And thats that. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - For the gaggles of nutjobs and idiots who will no doubt question "how much does he make off this". 

ZERO. I get nothing from stating his name, neither does Brooks who likely doesnt even know I'm writing this. 

Some things aren't for money, fools! 

I'll always remember how Brooks treated me as one of his own from the get go training wise. 

So he should. 

Thats what counts- and matters. 

TRAINING KINSHIP! (done right).

I'm out - back soon.

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