Saturday, 28 August 2021 07:12

Why frugality truly DOES drive innovation!

Another day, another Bezos quote - ah wait. 

Another email, hehe. 

"I think frugality drives innnovation, just like other constraints do. 

One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out". 

Bezos isn't the marketer I am in that I "shout from the rooftops", so I use the term "harry Houdini" or "cat with nine or more lives", hehe. 

Truly, and first, the second comment hits true. 

I've been in a spot - big time - more than you'd care to think anyone would be. 

In situations No-one could even advise me on how to deal with, in situations that looked grim, ALL was gone, and so forth. 

They say "God" - or the Universe gives it's toughest battles to its toughest soldiers. 

Like my buddy from the Marines once told me. 

"Rahul, you're one of the toughest hombres I know out there!" 

Tough I am, but not necessarily just physically. In fact, without the mental, all the physical prowress would never have come about, my friend. NEVER!

And even today, the MIND is where its at for me. It always will be! 

Ask any true doer / achiever, they will tell you the same damn thing. 

To me, as I've said before, the toughest battles appear - to TEST you - and everyone. 

Only those that pass the inital fiery tests, which most fail, will progress ahead. 

It's the ultimate winners that get the toughest x 100 tasks thrown at them, my friend. Situations that seem unwinnable, yet, win they do - somehow!

THAT SUBCONSIOUS MIND, and as Napoleon Hill wrote, the mysterious force that comes to the aid of folks that keep trying - and striving - even when the whole world is against them. 


Call it what you will, it's a thing. 

And back to frugality, and being frugal. 

Amazon till this date follows that one principle - along with others, but we'll focus ont hat here. 

Bezos himself might live in fancy mansions NOW - and jet to the moon or what not - NOW. 

Mars, hehe. 

Since women are from Venus, ah, but I'll let that one be, Jeff! ;) 

But MGTOW aside (pun, hehe) - the richest man on the planet for a long time drove a beat up Honda. 

His mangers would complain about the desks in the Amazon offices "tearing their clothes apart". 

And Bezos himself, despite the $300,000 money he got from his Dad initially - was anything but a spendthrift in his early days. 

He probably still isn't now. 

Now, these are ALL concepts I can understand - and I do the same thing. 

I've been talking som uch about how when I spend, I spend big - but at the same time, every purchase is VETTED from an investment perspetive - be that an investment in feelings, or practicality, or both. 

Sometimes it's both ... 

Nary a penny is misspent where it shouldn't. 

Other hand, when it comes time to throw the kitchen sink at it - and win - win BIG? 

Guess what I do, friend!

I win - BIG. 

By putting all I have to into it and then some. 

that is what I have done all my life. 

But frugality - to the doers - means one thing. 

Or if you're in a situation where you have to "conserve every last cent". 

It gets us to think. 

Then do. 

Then keep doing. 

Until there is NO need to be frugal, yet we learn our lessons!

And its in that spirit most of my bestsellers were written. 

Perhaps there is no better and more glaring example of this than the "astoundingly pathbreaking" book (as a certain "Hero" from Kenya called it recently) on isometrics. 

He's right, but this book is bare bones, frugal - yet packed to the GILLS with useful info everyone can use. 

The Tom Tom's bitch about the fact that the photos are bare bones, but the doers - read - apply, and DO!

"aches and pains disappearing within minutes!" 


"Rahul, I truly believe this is the missing link that ties all the other great books together!" 

(John Walker from the UK - John - hope you're WELL! - long time no HEAR!)

"I think I can get in great shape with your books!" 

(Panourgias from Greece) 

"Truly does open up the musculature" 

(Irwin from Ireland) 

And there's more, but I'm not just referring to the contents, I'm referring to bare bones. 

remember Rocky? 

The FIRST movie in the series, and still the best (though Balboa was pretty good too).

Creed series, not too bad... 

And the latest 30 minute blurb Stallone did on Rocky, pretty power packed too - if just from a motivation standpoint, which is what he world needs now. 

"Never stop putting in your ticket", says Stallone. 

That one contact you meet, that one connection you make - coul dCHANGE your life immeasurably. 

It did for me! (Stallone). 

From a movie theater usher to the biggest star cinema had ever seen ... Past 30 too, I believe!

But anyway, that movie was shot on a budget to beat all budgets. 

FRUGAL was the name of the game, so frugal they were that they could barely find bit actors when required! 

And Sly had to rope in people he knew and family for a lot of it (which I dont blame him. I'd have done that anyway even on a big budget, I'm sure Sly would too. Always good to work with those you KNOW will DELIVER). 

But that, my friend, is that. 

So if the Tom Tom's are reading this, especially Typical Tom Tom's, well, this might just be a wakeup call for them, and all ... 

Some of my very best work - has truly come when times were FRUGAL!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Always think out of the box friend. It's the only, and best way! FOLLOW YOUR HEART, your TRUE DESIRES no matter WHAT MIGHT STAND IN YOUR WAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I did - so can YOU!

So says a monkey at a dancing center - a lady who I removed from one of my wechat groups once for violating rules. 

And, of course, she responded with ... this - first up. 

"fuck u" 

That is what she responded with first up, no kidding. Hehe. 

To say I didnt take the conversation further was an understatement. 

Neither did I respond back- some things, some people - are NOT worth it. 

Now, today, I saw the same person - out of desperation for SOMEONE to take her classes (given the China crackdown on illegal teachers has just intensified, as has the "all learning centers need to be NOT for profit" campaign that Xi has started recently - in short, "becoming the new North Korea" as someone told me rightly) ... posting this. 

"chinese lessons available for both Chinese and foreign citizens!" 

Interesting she used the word citizens. 

But really, in a Buy and Sell Group (where wackos pester each other to buy things on the cheap rather than GIVE - away!) ... she posted this. 

Admittedly group admin allows ads on Friday. 

But still, I wasn't goin gto reply, but it was too much. 

The Chinese learning Chinese? 

Do they do so, I asked. 

The flood of responses I got - oh my. 

People say they're "busy". 

Yet, I've always said the busier they say they are, the freer the are - for B.S. (like Charles's example in the last email). 

The flood of overhelpful responses told me one thing (while I got a warning for mentioning the person broke rule in my other group and was booted) - or two. 

Two, actually. 

One, people have nothing better to do. 

When you've got 10 people pasting group rules accessible to ALL for no reason, well that says it all - not to mention the speed of the responses. 

Bang, bang, bang!

Like Jay Roy (a certain dude from Cameroon whom Victor, a true Tom Tom in every sense of the word tried to pass off as an "American English speaker" because he wore his hat to the side or some rot) once correctly noted, send them a red packet, see how quick they grab it up!

(those are basically tiny bits of $$ for everyone in the group. Haven't seen those in a while which says a lot, but honestly, yours truly ignores it - far better things to do with my time than running after dimes or less). 

Unlike a certain "Vicky" I once knew who Gorilla Girl Sophia rightly put in her place (I believe I covered that story before!? I'vegot so many to tell you!) 

But second, and more importantly, everyone is thinking the same thing I am. 

I can feel it. 

I mean, Chinese paying to learn Chinese? 


And yet, all too scared to say it. As I told Dani (she was like if I saw a comment that stupid, I'd have to say something!). 

If I say something stupid as that I need to make a coment­čśé " - Exactly, but you're a smart girl. China mostly (these days) attracts Bottom of the Barrel "white" Bozos that think their skin color makes them Gods gift to China teaching (it's a monkey job basically - no real teaching) "A B C" to the Chinese, haha (you've heard of the ESL rubbish, I'm sure?).

Plus, a lot of them have painted themselves into a corner, left themselves with no choice but to kiss Chinese ass, and plus China - well - with all the crackdowns on expats now, people are scared to even open their moutb (not all, but most) ...

Damn, if its thad bad in first world Spain, I dont know, <chopped> must be even worse? ? But I went to the <chopped> office here, I went to another stores the other day, all A/C, but yeah, no "office" other than that and of course, I'm sure government facilities in Spain are A/C too!

(Apparently in Spain they're not running A/C in offices to save money! ) (and in China, back when I DID work, its always been a battle to turn on the A/C full blast)

But Spain ain't the only country with lunacy around these days. 

China is #1 in that regard, or close to it, hehe. 

The chinese though - I dont get it. When you turn on the A/C in the middle of summer, even hotter than now, they feel "cold". Same in India, haha. I dont get it, but maybe you've seen that in Venezuela too, since the A/C hardly ever runs, when it does people feel cold.

Or, they "open the window while running the AC to let the climate in". Or, they'll do what Ashley did, complain (when wearing a tiny mini skirt) up a storm about "how cold it is in class" ... .(in summer!).

So, Lunacy Central all over the world - the India thing was years ago, apparently girls complained "my hair flies" when I turned on the AC in the middle of summer, thankfully I had a decent boss who told 'em to ... well, you get the drift. 

Venezeula, Dani probably knows better. 

And China, well, enough said. 

Alright, point of me teling you all this? 

Not really to get you to shake your head and say "WTF". 

Well, maybe it is. Maybe a few chuckles!

We all need 'em!

And, stepping aside from the lunacy, here is the most down to earth, SENSIBLE - SENSICAL - fitness system you could and should ever invest in - the 0 Excuses Fitness System

See you "aboard!" 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The 0 Excuses Fitness Ship, truly a group with no drama, truly no lunacy. And thats how I like it! Hell, I vet people very thoroughly and then some, I've been known to happily decline people on this one too!


"Because he's a smart guy, it's sad..." 

"Because he's one of the few friends I have..." 

But before I get into all that and what Chuck meant by smart is that the Bozo is nothing but smart at trolling - lets face it, God gave him the same amount of "physical grey matter" up there that he did all of us. 

What Bozo chooses to do with it, much like Hannibal Lecter chose to do with his smart - super smart - genius level intellect is another matter altogether. 

Of course, Hannibal knew about the power of sexual transmuation by force. 

Yours truly does by "default" and choice. 

As Napoleon Hill rightly wrote about in Think and Grow Rich - its sexual transmutation - i.e. transmuting your sexual desires into things other than "sex" in terms of physical expression is really what elevates a man to the status of "true genius". 

Trust me, it's true. 

It isnt merely about abstaining, writing erotica, sending drozzled (I mis spelt on purpose) messages to women pestering them or so forth. 

It's about transmuation proper, a lesson and book unto itself in all regards. 

But I remember, every time I sent Chuck audio notes on WeChat, he was always too busy to listen. 

And, secretly with Glyn, he trolled me later about my complaints of "if you dont listen to me, how the fuck can we have a conversation". 

He ain't the only one guilty of this either. 

SO many times when I've explained a point in detail, when I've sent several messages across, when I've poured deep energy into saying what I am, or writing - Bozos globally don't read them. 

Or, they will listent o ONE audio note. 

Or, ONE text message. 

And just cherry pick and reply to that as opposed to the whole picture. 

There are few things that infuriate me more than that. Either have a fuckin conversation, or don't. 

"Jesus, man", I remember me telling him once. 

"I mean, if you dont listen..." 

Bozo trolled me on that one. Hehe. 

But, really, think about it - who is the one making sense? 

Incredibly, despite Chuck not having any time for real, meaningful conversation, he had all the time in the world to twiddle his thumbs and text inanities, participare in WeShat groups, and of course, the crux. 

(and dont even mention ESL, he's got ALL The time in the world for that infancy-cum-lunacy) (and the most surprising, perhaps - despit eGlyn screwing him over in a horrible manner multiple times, in a wierd sort of way, the two keep going back to each other. They truly do deserve each other! - AND EVEN MORE STRANGE - he continues to feed him money! (which of course lapdog Glyn laps up happily)) 

Listen to ALL of the Bozo's rants. 

I still remember him saying in FEIGNED - the word is important - EXASPERATION once. 

"Glyn sends me 200 -300 messages every night when drunk, I wake up, I gotta listen to them all!" 

He did. 

Yet, he never had time to listen to a friend that was actually trying to help him improve his life, sharing things only REAL friends would with each other, it never being reciprocated. 

Truly, it takes us a while to find out who our REAL friends are!

Its about if the person uplifts, motivates, inspires, all in a way that might not be palatable to you at the moment, or you dont even know its happening, but it is. 

THAT is a person that is really helping you, whether they're trying to or not. 

Most aren't that sort, unfortunately. 

And much like the horrible events unfolding in AFghanistan (though with this idiot Biden in office, was only to be expected and worse) ... 

The Teleban - pun intended - claims they never did it. 


I somehow, don't buy it... 

They might not have directly done it, but I bet they know very well WHO did it, and THEY provided the breeding ground for them to do it, and always have and continue to do so. 

what a bunch of LOSERS. 

And of course, Hiden Biden refuses to confront 'em. 

Wonder what itll take, an utter and bigger catastrophe again?

Trust me, even China - historically always on the side of terrorists (like their support for Hamas) isn't entirely comfortable with the lunatics now controlling the country that borders the restive and occupied region of Xinjiang for one... 

Thats China for you, Hypocritical to a T. 

They say they do all they can to eradicate terror to justify the worse than Nazi atrocities being committed on the Ughurs daily. 

Yet, they support the exact same thing abroad. 

Maketh nil sense eh. 

ONe of those facts no-one wants to talk about "because", but I just did ... 

anyway, fuck these losers. 

Stop - if you are - enabling them is the only message here. 

And, stay AWAY from them - as far as possible. 

Remember, you truly are the sum of all the people you hang out with the most!

And on that note, make sure to pick up the fitness system WINNERS are globally, and WINNING big time - the 0 Excuses Fitness System



Rahul Mookerjee

Some bozos, my friend - just dont give up. 

Nor do they listen to advice - even when it's good for them. But thats ok, if they did - they would not be Bozos! 

(such as lot of people on this list who won't buy products "because they're too expensive" - anyway, more on that below). 

I can still hear Chuck telling the Bozo, despairing of his million rants, and perhaps even, as he did all those years ago, sympathizing with the But(t) Buttling Butler "once" - or a little. 

Poor guy, chuck probably still thinks. 

and therefore, Chuck, you enable him again ... 

But anyway, despite what he's done to Chuck and Chuck's weird obsession with Bozo ("he's one of the few friends I have" - well, the fewer the better, but hey, who is yours truly to say eh. Hehe. I certainly ain't Rockefeller, Chuck!)

He was great. 

But, he doesnt make it into the list of greats - top greats for me. 

Ford and Bezos do. 

And the advice, you ask 

As you read this, remember what I said about Bezos saying about PASSION. 

You dont choose your passion. IT chooses YOU. 

Remember what I said. 

You don't chase your passion. It chases you. 

(consciously you don't, unconsciously it does, hence RESULTS!!!!!!!) 

Trust me on both fronts, it's true. 

"Just ignore him! He'll get bored after a while!" 

Except, Rahul didnt ignore the Bozo. Hehe. 

I might consciously ignore him, and did all those years ago even subconsciously i.e. "let bozos be bozos" after he trolled, but these days, while I might pull that act again, I'm not quite ready to do so yet. 

But, that isn't important, really. 

Whats important is this, friend. 

Bozo will never forget me - because he's literally OBESESSED with me. 

PASSIONATE about seeing what "Rahul is up to". 

Perhaps even more so than some of my great customers, hehe. 

And I can feel him looking on as I type this. 

Believe me, silence is golden, so many people dont say much these days, but they ALL READ. Hehe. 

And for the Bozo, trolling and hating Rahul (an dothers, but Rahul bieng #1) is a passion. 

He will never outgrow that, hehe. 

IT will chase him, as will the ass whippings that I enjoy - dispensing so much - and he loves getting so much. 


I better not go there. 

But yeah, other than those things, and being Josie's toilet, or servant, or other rubbish, best not go there - again. Bozo loves some things about me that you REALLY don't want to know about. 

And I REALLY DONT want to think about, it makes me SHUDDER. 


El creepo is the Bozo, and thats putting it lightly for Schofield, as many of the women he's cheated would agree. 

Or, lunatic par excellence. 

But it brings up that point I brought up before, friend. 

IF YOU on this list "want" to get something but never do "because of money" - then YOU, I'm sorry to say are NOT passionate about fitness, and will never get into the best shape of your life. 

I've recieved emails for months on Animal Kingdom Workouts from people "that would buy if the price wasn't so high". 

I never reduced the price an iota. 

I increased it. 

Because if you're truly passionate, friend, you'l find a way - and likely have already. 

If you truly want it, you'll fork out the bucks for what matters. 

And those that arent, and no, it isn't about the crazy world, finances, or any other nonsense. 

It boils down to this. 

DO YOU want it? 


Then come get it!

And that, friend, is all there is to say. Come to think of it, if you really want it, I wouldn't be asking you this right now ... 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Sorry, Luke. I'd love to, but nothing doing! 

(An extremely polite dude, but price, it will remain what it IS) 

(it might even go UP - probably will). 

(no I aint worrying about if people will buy. Like I said...) 

Friday, 27 August 2021 05:46

"Dont tell me about those people!"

I'll never forget a conversation - an utterly one sided one I once had with my Mom in terms of "what I do". 

(which, until this date, she still doesnt know about what I do here - and the other sites, and if she does, she does a damn fine job of pretending "its the crappiest thing ever" without even letting it show. Hehe). 

But along with all the other battles with wife, family etc, I once mentioned the tale of Ford's struggles. 

I've noticed one thing, my friend. 

The Typical Tom Tom's could care less about stories, facts, and other folks's experiences. 

Tell them a story, and they ho hum it away - or worse. 

Even if it's one of the most inspiring stories ever. 

These are also the very people who believe "grit" and "working like a donkey" all your life is what brings results and riches down the line. 

Dont get me wrong. 

PErsistence at anything is key. 

But it's these people that completely overlook the mental, my friend, and the MENTAL is what is most required in order for you to succeed - at anything. 

Just trust me on this one, friend. 

I've told you why a bazillion times before! 

But anyway, I started talking about Ford, the numerous failures, bankruptcies, and of course, was rudely cut short. 

"Don't talk to me about those people!" 

What was left unsaid - "they're special with some much ambition" - you're not. 

(curiously this same standard isn't applied to other Bozos, apparently they have all the ambition in the world to wank off and do squat all - it's only the DOERS that get targeted. 

Bezos is so spot on in terms of "if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time. 

Note the adjective he used. He wasn't referring to quitters!)


My Dad did once say quietly to me over email the following. 

You have this ambition of making a lot of money, which is not a bad thing. 

That was at the age of 23. ...

(then I had Charles the former friend once tell me, just when he was STARTING to make money at the business he quite despite me telling him so many times NOT TO - "I dont want to be Rockefeller!") 

Thats fine if someone doesnt want to be rich. 

But why the heck would someone NOT want to be rich is what boggles the mind (to me at least) and confounds me. 

it's this thinking about money that keeps it AWAY from the reach of the average Shmoe, if you were to ask me.

But anyway, the typical Tom Tom's make typically stupid remarks. 

Attempting to counter stupidity with either logic or intituion is pointless. 

It ain't gonna happen. 

As a customer rightly told me. 

"That brick wall will likely make more sense, Rahul!" 

But there are plenty of brick walls globally, I suppose this is why I write this now. 

Just why the heck can YOU not mention anyone you like - and aspire - and then DO - to be one of the GREATS? Who the hell is anyone else to tell YOU how to live your life and not be the BEST at what you DO - WANT TO DO - really want to do? 

The best at your passion? 

Jeff Bezos once spoke about "you dont choose your passions. your passions chase YOU!" 

Actually, he used "choose" both times. 

But you can use chase too!

If it's a passion, something that you MUST have, you'll get it. 

It'll chase you. 

ultimately, if you really want it, (and then it's a passion) - you'll GET IT. 

Note I said ultimately, not "tomorrow" or next year. 

Which that line above, of course is what puts most people off, including and especially Bozo like Typical Tom Tom's. 

But anyway, Tom Tom's aside... 

Fitness wise. 

Why the heck can YOU , my friend, not become as good as fingertip pushups as I am - or better me? 

Give me one good reason, and I'll eat my hat. 

Why can YOU not become a Battletank Shoulders machine - even leaner and meaner than ME? 

Why can YOU not bang out Hindu squats daily in high reps? 

Why can YOU not achieve anything you want, at the highest levels? 

Just some questions for you to ponder!

And if you can give me a conclusive answer to this - hell, if there is a "paralympic" Olympics - where is YOUR excuse? 

Sometimes, really, the toughest battles are not just given to those who can take it. 

They're given to those that ultimately MAKE IT. 

That, Rahul Mookerjee is willing to sign his name to, and he doesnt do that too often, hehe. 

He did it for the Fast and Furious Fitness - Collector's Edition series though, again for damn good reason. 

I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Tuesday, 24 August 2021 16:50

Sometimes, you gotta hit rock bottom to...

I was speaking to my friend Dwayne the other day, and we were rapping about things - mainly how shit's hitting the fan everywhere, and nowhere more so than Afghanistan. 

And he had an interesting take on the whole Biden inspired mess. 

"Sometimes you really let it all go to shit so even the liberals understand how damned STUPID Biden and the rest are". 

That was the gist. 

Now, thats an interesting way of looking at it. 

Probably not the "preferred" way for either one of us, but yet, he's right - and I've often thought about this i.e. in life, fitness, and as you can see, international relations which end of the day, they're run by PEOPLE ... you gotta hit rock bottom to realize and go - the only way UP. 

In life, it's happened to me multiple times. 

Fitness, y'all know all about the phat phock days (admittedly I did more during those days than a lot do during their lifetimes in the JIm) ... 

Business - same thing. 

A combo of the first two got me moving in the right direction - and only direction - UP - in 2015, and I never looked back. 

If you'd asked me then "would you want this, Rahul" - I'd say yes to the good parts - NO to the bad ones, yet its a package, friend. 

And I'm happy I went through all the experiences I have thus far - no matter how bad some might be. 

Because, learning from the school of hard knocks is the only way to go - at least for me. 

You can get advice all you like until the cows come home - sometimes you should too. 

But nothing beats doing the thing, and the school of hard knocks. 

And the way the world is around  us now (although I believe the worst is yet to come by a long shot) - well, no better time to share this! 

Rise - up - my friend!

The only way... 


Rahul Mookerjee

Tuesday, 24 August 2021 07:11

More on the power of GIVING.

... that most people don't DO ...

Over the past few days, again. 

I've been giving, my friend - without a thought. 

A couple of days ago, I gave away an old oven of mine. Still functional for the most part. 

Yesterday, I gave away (gasp!!) - an old flat screen T.V. - and a perfectly functional, almost brand new DVD Player (yes, some people still use 'em!) ... 

I believe I also gave away a laptop and camcorder a few months ago - both working. 

Then if you add in old mattresses, old clothes, all stuff people would normally sell at garage sales or what not - hey, I get it - the combined value would probably be a lot. 

BEcause remember, the time is "now" when people are hurting - therefore its now that things are valued more - and therefore, to me, we should help more -those that can, incredibly people globally are doing the opposite, trynig to get more. 

Dont get me wrong. 

Nothing wrong with being a blase capitalist. I'm one myself!

But, there is a time to mint money - and a time to give, and the latter can, should and must be done first. 

Within a few hours of giving away the TV / DVD set, probably the most valuable of the lot, a business deal I had been postponing for a while just came to fruititon. I could have done it before, I didnt. 

I've heard stories like this galore. 

Matt Furey was once trying to sell an old van of his, I believe, couldn't or something - and then he just I believe GAVE it away. 

Again, functional van. 

And within a day or two of that happening, hell, I believe later that night, same thing happened to him - a business deal on the backburner for a while he had forgotten about came to life. 

Trust me, "it's not just Rahul". 

Dreams, Universe, all these are very physical and tangible concepts!

Anyway, phases end - new phases begin. 

And if YOU are ready to end the "unfit" phase in your life, and make giant leaps into the future, my friend - then start by investing in the 0 Excuses Fitness System right here. 

Trust me, best decision you'l ever make!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I blessed all items in my own special way, I truly hope they're helping those that need it (I know they are). 

I wrote last night about how it's usually the "bodyweight exercise experts" that have done plenty of other training (and continue to along with their bodyweight stuff) before coming to the conclusion, after years of work, observance of the body and it's internal processes -and how bodyweight exercises AFFECTS the entire body from the inside out - how old time strongmen trained - and so forth - that there is no better overall form of training than the bodyweight training I promote so much. 

And will continue to for as long as I am on this "earthly plane". 

As Charles Mitchell in particular once rightly said. 

There is no better time to promote the type of training you do - your body is your own gym!

Perhaps it was apt that a medly of dreams last night ended up with someone giving me a "bear hug" - and then running away - or "sprinting away" in the quadruped position. 

INSTANTLY upon waking up, I knew I was going to write about this to you (sans the shaking ass, hehe). 

"Marc the African Silverback Gorilla's infatuation with the bear crawl " was what first came to mind, but he loves pushups

"I do 'em close grip, 30 at a time" was what he once told me. 

Being the boxer he is, a superb one at that, I'm sure he does!

The bear crawl, perhaps not so much - so the title of this email being what it is.

Anyway, it's bodyweight guys that have usually done it all - those that are master of their crafts that is. 

Not so much the boobybuilders the other way, though a lot of them come to their senses eventually. 

Bodyweight stuff really shows the "gym sorts" that weights ain't what its all about - especially not the regimented curls, pushes etc that move through ONE Plane of motion and one alone. 

That tax "one certain muscle a certain way" but not the body as a whole which is how it was supposed to move, and be trained. 

Hell, even the so called isolationist moves I teach in the elementary section of Corrugated Core for one tax the whole body - or core!

And there is no better exercise to introduce to the weight trainees than the bear crawl to start off with (overall body exercise). 

You could argue "dips" maybe - and have their upper arms shaking like maple leaves in a Toronto gale in the UP position of the exercise (a stellar one) as opposed to "down" which most cannot do anyway. 

Not without ripping a muscle or two out ... 

Or, climbing stairs which makes people's legs literally quiver the next day - going down. 

For some, thats the only exercise they get cardio wise!

But the bear crawl is a superb movement, my friend, and it's simple enough to do - yet is advanced enough to KICK your ass - regardless of the sort of shape you're in now. 

In great shape already? 

Great, try some of the advanced bear crawls I teach you in Animal Kingdom Workouts - or the Noah's Ark workout - or any of the other superb workouts in that book. 

Starting out? 

Go for Advanced Hill Training, where I cover the basic version of the bear crawl, albeit done up hill. 

It's easy to get into - just get into the quadruped position, and you're done!

But to actually DO, thats quite another thing. 

I'm not kidding you when I say this simple movement has gone many a strongman into great and better shape- but has whipped his butt FIRST - within 20 seconds flat. 

Dont believe me? 

Try doing the bear crawl properly (elementary version) at your house for 20 seconds - if you can last that long - and then tell me how you feel. 

If you're not breathing up a storm. 

If your whole body isn't burning from head to toe - especially the back of your body (back, shoulders, hamstrings) - and of course the CORE. 

The bear crawl, my friend, is just ONE of the superb movements I cover in Animal Kingdom Workouts

There are 68 in all, and 10 great workouts to follow as well. 

I dont care if your goal is to build muscle, or burn fat, or just get in better shape overall, or strengthen your upper body, or a combo of all the above, or some. 

THIS course is the one you need - it will truly fulfil all those goals i.e. help YOU do so and more. 

Get your hands on this course right now if you haven't already - its a mammoth, yet so understated course, but will serve you well your whole life. 


Rahul Mookerjee

My friend, 

It might sound insane and incredible, but if you'd ask my "wife" about my fitness prowress, she'd scoff. 

Him! She'd say. 

What does he know about fitness. 

I know, I know. 


But, for her to say that sounds incredible anyway doesnt it? 

Her claim - or "logic" behind that is "he once used to be SOOOOOOOOOO phat" - and not the results that followed thereafter. 

Certainly not the fact I could do way more at that phat phocker status than either other phat phockers or the average Shmoe at the JIm could in a lifetime - or tries to in one. 


(oh, and to the other person who wrote in asking about "why I bring up the bad things also" (he was referring to women etc) - well, because I write about it all. The good, bad, Bozos and the Ugly. Hehe. And personally, I think what I write about, especially when it comes to these damn women affects WAY more of us than care to admit).

Anyway ... thats neither here nor there eh. 

So back to it. 

"Its just bodyweight exercises!" 

Just pushups!

Oh, those, just squats!

Oh, thats just a book ... 

And so forth. 

Yet, how many books have THESE bozos making the comments written - or done pushups - or squats? 

Nil in most cases, and less in the rest. 

Dont get me wrong. 

I'm not for blind Tom Tomming of any nature (one reason why I dislike the China Tom Tom's so much). 

You'll never see  me writing or advising you about "how to be a Bozo" (well, I can on that, hehe aka "The Glyn" - but seriously, no) - or "how to make a million dollars" - until I make it myself. 

Or whatever goal or result it might be. 

And if the other person is damn good at it, a damn sight better than ME, I'll say that. 

You'll never catch me saying something -ve about my wife's cooking - because she's so damn good at it!

Funnily enough, this "it's just ..." thing doesnt apply to all the astrologers she follows with their only claim to fame being "x number of followers" - which I call out, because as I've said before, they can be deplatformed at ANY TIME. 


Happened to Trump, can happen to YOU - or them. 

Hell, you ain't gotta be Trump - its happened to me on LinkedIn - no "1 million" followers - but I had a hefty 6 k or so - all gone - just like that - with the wind. 

Writing, articles, everything...

If I didnt spread it all out over other platforms, and focus on my own stuff, Id be wailing right about now. Hehe. 

(not really, but you get my point!) 

But to simply claim what the other person is doing as "just this or that" and not be able to do it yourself is a fuckin copout, friend, and anyone that does that knows it. 

And saying like Chuck once did "I was zero before, and zero now" - well, true ... but it's also a statement that smacks of LOSER. 

Sorry, friend, but it's true. 

Show me the man who says I was zero - and less - and I TRIED my ass off - failed - tried - failed - and keep trying - THAT IS the man I respect!

In other words ... 

I can tell you how much I deadlifted back in the day, Chuck. 

You won't see me making silly remarks on (if you ever) your posts on that. 

But how many pull-ups can YOU DO? 

How many extreme pull-up or grip workouts have YOU DONE? 

And so on and so forth. 

The "its just" brigade is way more common than you'd think, pal. Avoid 'em like the plague!

Oh - and one last night thing - those claiming I am a hypocrite because I "once did weights". 


I never denied I lifted weights - when I was a phat phock!

I never did boobybuilding though, no. 

Hence, no books on that (though I've been asked, I wont do it, not because I couldn't write one on it, but because I dont like it or support it, and would therefore be piss poor at it, and plus it's not good for you, period) ... 

But you'll find, Chuck, most bodyweight gurus have done some sort of weight training - either in the gym or "irregular weights" such as in Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness (far better IMO) ... not to mention kettlebells, barbells and the lot. 

The reverse isn't necessarily true. 

Most weight lifters may MOVE to bodyweight only - or in conjunction with other things once they get tired of injuries, lack of progress, or simply wanting to try it. 

I dont know why thats the case, but it is!

And that, friend, is that. 

Stay - away from the Tom Tom's and its just's - your life will thank you for it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The best damn fitness system - right HERE!

Glyn Bozo's rants in "Keeping it Real in China" aren't just famous, or infamous. They might have just gotten him kicked out of the PRC too - back last year. 

Or year before that, I Dont know. 

He was in jail I believe for a short while too, but not in China/HK. Probably the Phillippines, and of course a certain Mandy and several OTHERS are hot on his heels too. Hence the relative silence from the But(tlet) Bozo... 

(though he's reading all of this, teeth bared, believe me). 

Seriously, this guy's obsession with anything "Rahul Mookerjee" Or "Michael Brown" is truly OTC. 

And it's a Godsend too, hehe. 

I couldn't have asked for a better "stimulant" in many regards. 


Hey, just look at the Bo(o)zo, inspiration galore!

Best part, it's all true. 

Like that infamous rant he once went on. 

No sex involved, no Madam's, no idiotic "I want to be her toilet" or whatever he likes. 

Just a day long bender, and oh my, the cussing... 

I remember wondering what set the Bozo off THAT much. 

He's always nuts, yes, but wasn't quite THAT batty ever - till then. Of course, little did I know!

But apparently what this idiot was doing was pretending he was a maid or cook for some girl, taking pictures to"show her" - and was chopping chilis or something. 

As he told Josie "he's into pain" - I'll spare you guys the gory and vivid details, but if you think "things inserted into orifices, not necessarily all solid either, you get the drift". 

People love that sort of pain too! 


But anyway, in his excitment Bozo forgot to apparently wipe his hands on the apron, and then rubbed his ... 

I know. 

But I'm not going there, because that ain't what happened. 

Although he does "that" quite often what happened THEN?

He ended up rubbing his eyes. 

What a genius, while they were full of red pepper "Cayenne" powder (Bozo apparently even showed up at a "Jack's" (foreign owned") Deli" or something to buy it). 

I can't remember the name, ah, now I do. 

Corners Deli I believe. 

And the rant that ensued ... my oh my. 

Like a four year old, to be honest, you might say, but these sorts have that kinda mentality, and no, I didnt write to you to tell you just this. 

Thats the tip of the Bozo iceberg. 

I wrote to you to tell tho, as in the last email, this guy is a godsend. 

I told you how in many regards in that email. 

but for this one, fitness. 

Know the #1 requirement I have for any book? 

It isn't how much it will help you, it isn't real man training, it isn't REAL training, it isn't building insane levels of power and strength the Bozos can only gawk at, it isnt fitness from the inside out, any of those thing sy'all know... 

Nah, I just giggle and ask myself another one of those questions. 

If you can imagine me giggling that is, but when it comes to Bozo...

"Will Glyn Schofield in Brum troll this". 

And, as a great customer once said, "if the trolls troll this the most, it must be worth getting!" 

Pushup Central certainly is! (on both fronts). Hehe. 



That ain't #1 by far. 

But it is #100... and it's on the list, yes. 

Trolls, my friend, are a true indicator of your success or lack thereof. 

ANd the minute you know you got something (or someone) like Glyn Bozo obsessed with you, and his posse, well... 


Anyway, I'm out. 

Remember to pick up the best damn fitness system here. 

You will LOVE IT, friend!

(no Glyn Bozo in it or any of my books, dont worry. He gets a mention in the book on Nazi feminism, but thats it). 


Rahul Mookerjee

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