Rahul Mookerjee

I remember my buddy from the Marines once saying the night after a solid beer drinking session, the same night I wrote about to you earlier today about the mock fighting session "monkey style" long levers throwing opponents nigh off base... 

"You can fight like a monkey", Rahul!" he went, and believe me, monkeys can fight - BIG TIME!

And HIT too. 

One thwack from a tiny monkey's paw, most grown men would go down instantly. 

Anyway, he got emotional that night. 

And started crying. 

To me, that was alright.

IT happens, it's happened to me many a times, but "men dont cry", eh. 

"Men dont have emotions":. 

Of course we do. 

Just this societal BS of men should be this, women should be that. 

Admittedly yours truly has steeled himself to a point unconscously that I never get drunk or lose control - even if I'm physically out of it - but that was not always the case. 

And I told my buddy the next day, nothing to be worried about!


I rememeber Dr Lamar for one getting pissed off when I got so drunk I started bawling and crying on a trip to Memphis which started off just fine with me popping beers at the back of the car, and the good Doc handing them to me too!

No-one, myself included knew the emotions would all come out, they did at the most inappropriate times when he was visiting his Mom. 

Dr Lamar and his daughter never got along. 

And his wife - her mom - truly a Nazi feminist of the worst nature that took her to ASHES in a fireplace once when she was 8, big eyed, waiting for her X mas present, and that is what Mom gave her for being a bad girl. 

Thats just cruel, some things just are, as my friend TEMB remarked (as well) when he heard about it. 

Hes right, they just are. 

That night, I remember my girlfriend telling me "honey, my dad is not always an asshole!" 

Coming from a girl who spent the entire time together telling me he was, and the stories, well, I remember the feeling I had when I was 19, standing out there half or totally "out of it" - like WTF. 

Prosaic, eh. 

Anyway ........ 

"I aint' gonna leave you here!" said Dr LAmar, I remember, as I was aimlessly "hiding behind some bushes" or something, just because I was embarassed at that point. 

He's a great guy - was - but the spirit lives on (his wife, can't say the same tho!). 

He was unfortunately also another one of those men for whom "wife is always right", hence Emily's upbringing ... 

And hence the massive fights where she kicked him square in the nuts occasionalyl, where - on that trip to MEmphis, two days later, the two of them yelled at each other like nothing I'd ever seen before, and we were sent packign back home - which I didnt mind. My own apartment, home sweet home! Hehe. And plenty of "beast ice" too. 

(Plus, that was the house in which it was old fashioned in that, kinda like my own upbringing "sex is horrible, and not meant to be done anywhere near openly", so even sleeping together in the same bedroom was not on. 

The ex gabbled about "its so romantic, like we're dating all over again baby" - your truly Lothario was thinking something quite the opposite. Hehe).

Anyway, crying. 

Happens to the best of us. 

Happened to me in a company get together once of all things if you can believe it, and my wife, some of the people there etc were pissed. 


It's happened to the BEST OF US!

The best of us are the ones that let it all hang out, wear our hearts on our sleeves, but this whole nonsense of men not having emotions etc, it's all utter baloney to me at any rate. 

My friend for one is bigger, stronger and tougher than I am and could probably take down three of me at the same time. 

Yet, emotionally. ... 

Sometimes, you just gotta be there for the other person. I was that night for him ...

Anyway, yet more recollections. Nov 11 seems to be that sort of day!


Rahul Mookerjee

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PS #2 - Ive often wondered why people got pissed when all I was doing was "crying". 

I wasnt'. Hehe. 

I was also sayng it like it was, if it was just Glyn's sissydom coming to the fore, they'd never have gotten upset. Hehe. 

So be it... 

But that was back in the day, of course... 

Thursday, 11 November 2021 05:40

Is life "online" superficial?

I believe that was what my mom told me, i.e."thats a very superficial existence" - back in 2003 when I told her how I did everything online, etc. 

No reason given, of course. 

"Because she said it". 

Now, despite most of everything else I says - this one? 

I think it DEPENDS - on the PERSON. 

Let me start out with a quote from a girl Helen I often chat with online. 

"Why is that every conversation with you starts out easy, then descends into SUPER SERIOUS stuff I dont even talk about with my husband"? 


I think not... Hehe. 

Or, the various ladies in various sorts of relationships I've chatted with ... been with ... and so forth ... 

I know, I know. 

"Lothario", as I've been called. Hehe. 

Or, as Helen told me. 

"you're really so bad!" 

Bad boy I've always been, since birth. Hehe. 

Maybe I attracted so many women to me, because I never tried!

Thats the secret right there, except no-one will believe it. 

Anyway, point of this .. 


These days, we're seeing people trot out the "we like to meet offline" and talk "in person" nonsenseical excuse, now if they really MEANT IT? 

I would agree. 

Trouble is, they dont. 

If you talk to them in a way it benefits THEM? 

They'll talk to you online all day, and never ever want anything offline. 

Try it, and see. Hehe. 

Money, business whatever it is. 

It is the fact that business is down, people are panicked and scared - and many other things that people are not acting normal, and are making all sorts of silly excuses about not getting back to messages, etc. 


These SAME people that are too busy are watching videos on Instagram from morning till night - THAT is what people are really doing (or the Wechat equivalent). 

THAT is what it turning people - into more of a Bozo than ever before (remember, videos, dumbphones- all of this kills your imagination). 

But more than that, back to superficial. 

Is the phone superficial, Mom - I wanted to ask her at the time, but never did. 

Is flirting online superfiicial? 

Is flirting to begin with superficial? 

I dont know why I used flirting as an example, but you can replace it with what you want . . . 

The answer is, NO. 

It depends upon the PERSON. 

True, in most cases for the Bozos out there, meaningless conversation. 

But if everything not in person is superficical, then why not discard the good ole fashioned phone too, where you literally twirled the "lovely" dial and "dialed up people"? 

I'm dating myself, I know. 

But I'm sure YOU guys remember those days!

My grandfather had one of them on his desk, I'd often call my aunt, I dont know, old fashioned, but with the "HMT" watch he gave me, it will always be a prized memory!

Old school, old fashioned I am, but UBER modern too in most regards. 

Therein lies the dichotomy, or perhaps none. 


I'm just too brutally honest, which is why people cannot stand me - the vast bulk. 

Those that can, dont just stand me - they love me. 

And on that note, I'm out. 

Be sure and pick up the MOST NON SUPERFICIAL, yet results producing (and how!) fitness system right here

And remember, these superficial comments come from people who imagine life "to be a grind" and "nothing comes "easy"". 

And so forth ... 

Apparently the easy life is "bad". 

Again, two sides to that coin. 

Nothing comes easy, but the goal should be to work your tail off so it DOES come easy! 

Fact of life, and if you sitting there reading are saying you want a life "we have SOOOOOOOO Many problems!" - as opposed to a hassle free existence, well, I'm sorry to say, but you;re lying. 

OK, out for now!

And that link again!


Rahul Mookerjee

Thursday, 11 November 2021 05:27

On the days of dial up internet, and more ... !

Does anyone even remember those days? 

I'm sure a lot of us old timers here on the list do, but not sure about everyone else!

The days where you got "free internet" almost willy nilly from AOL for one ... those lovely CD's you got, hehe, damn near everywhere that you could just pop into your laptop - wait, laptops werent even there in 1998! Hehe - and voila, you were online for a free 30 day period. 

No credit card required, nothing, just a phone line and you were set. It would cost you nothing but what a phone call would ... as you'd dial in locally to a local number!

I still remember lugging up my bulky desktop computer I got second hand from She Bay with a friend "Rujul" (who looked like a dud, wanted to be a stud, hehe, and ended up being a bit of both!) ... five floors up to "Bond hall". 

Pre fitness days, that got me out of breath, big time!

But, many thanks to Bruce Clark and his mom that gave me their address to have it delivered to. Hehe. 

"My mom gets enough spam anyway" he laughed, when I asked him about the promotional mailers etc (remember those days, when you actually, you know, checked a physical mailbox??) that would follow... 

Those still come, by the way!

There's a damn good reason behind it, just as there is a very good reason I offer not just digital versions of my books on the site, but PAPERBACKS - and HARDCOVER TOO! 

Something for everyone, and the latter two really hit home. 

Most of my best customers prefer the latter two!

I feel you, folks. 

But anyway ... digital is great too ... 

I'm the guy they used to laugh, and still do, when I said "it can be done online!" 

Especially my Mom who would make fun of my Southern Accent hehe - and the twang . "awwwnnnline", she'd go. 

I'd laugh back. 

I wonder who is having the last laugh now, hehe. 

Always a visionary and a pioneer, yours truly. 

But anyway (she told me online wsa a very "shallow life" - for a woman that has no friends, has never really stepped out of the house...!) ... 

Those CD's. 


You could always extend their free service - just call 'em up, and in most cases, their reps would offer it themselves. 

Sometimes, they'd yell at you about "abuse" if the rep was in a bad mood. 

But I cannot recall paying a dime for interent all through college, hehe. 

came back home at the age of 23, got on ... ICQ, I believe it was? Or msn? Or Yahoo Messenger, YES! LOL - the groups, the messages - remember those guys??? with the girlfriend (still in the US) and a two hour long phone call culminated in Dad complaining about phone costs, which at the time in INdia were apparently a thing.  

Shortly thereafter, I got DSL installed, and paid the bill. Hehe. 

When I moved to China, they kept it... 

 I love recollections, friend. 

They're so ... to put it in "girly terms" - romantic!


And thats why I put out the book on recollections, which really, every serious fitness enthusiast must grab NOW. 

And old is indeed gold, as is evidenced by my training style - and the RESULTS, the sheer results, the CHEST THUMPING RESULTS - that follow!

I'll be back. 

Get you some NOW


Rahul Mookerjee

Thursday, 04 November 2021 11:37

I done forgot my manners again ... hehe.

Well, after that last email I sent y'all, a rather long one I believe (short by my eye watering standards though) - I remembered. 

I was going to just put this out as email, somethign made me post it here too. 

But anyway, much like one never forgets to take presents to birthday parties, hehe, one shouldn' forget to wish others happy whatever - even though I might not necessarily "celebrate" any of it myself. 

So, a very happy - and prosperous Diwali to ALL Of you reading - and may 2022 bless you with ... well, whatever your heart may desire - wishes, gold, Bozos, whatever you want, hehe. 

Freedom to all is what I really want to say, I realize all may not agree, but that is my take on it. 

And, while yours truly doesnt celebrate Christmas, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Eid, or any of it - I believe in the Universe, Universal spirit, and I damn well enjoy the holidays. 

And "Glutton Papa" as I keep telling my daughter, hehe, she never fail to crack up "my FAT FIT Papa" she calls me (she LOVES the fat me, and the fit me both hehe) (when she was young, I literally used to hold her on the then burgenoning and humungous tummy, hehe) ... surely does his bit of gluttoning on all festivals. 

come to think of it, I do it damn near every occasion I can. 

Eating up, drinking up, living life kingsize, the only way to do it. 


Along with king size bouts of WORKOUTS!

And, before I forget my manners again - well - Happy Diwali! 

Whether you celebrate it or not ... 

And remember to check out the rewards page too, bro. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - If there is a discount you WANT, but do not SEE on that page, email me, I'll see what / if I can do about it. 

PS #2 - Daughter is more right than she knows, you CAN be fit - and "fat" at the same time - but you can't. Hehe. 

I dont know if this makes sense? 

But a lot of people with normal body fat - that do 0 Excuses Fitness - are FAR, FAR, fitter, stronger, and healthier than the idiots spouting 12 packs at the gym and pumped pecs, yet, get them to climb a flight of stairs and they drop dead from heart attacks when trying to fix photos on walls. 

Not EVEN kidding you. 

That isn't an excuse to be "Glyn the phat phocker", but I'm just saying, there is a Corrugtated Core, and a healthy core - and an unnaturally waspish NOT healthy one. 

In other words, NOT all about looks. 

But then again, if you're on the list, you know this by now, eh! 


I truly never heard the end of it. 

Funny part, actually, the NORMAL part - this is how it happens when you truly honestly "forget" - I had the gift all ready and packed. 

I was like 10, I think ... neighbor's birthday party or something a few houses down the block. 

"Anshul" was his name, I believe? 

I dont know how that name popped up in mind, or why - there's probably a reason!

But anyway, I forgot his gift - and remembered when I got there. 

Turned back, but unfortunately, my Mom wasn't at home - door was locked, yours truly did not have the key either. 

So, I had no choice but to walk into the party bare handed. Hehe. 

I apologized to my friend, he could care less. 

"I'm not greedy", I still remember him saying, and I remember feeling dumb - obviously no-one wants to or likes to forget those things. 

My Mom though when I got home, my word. 

You'd think I commiitted a sin of the gravest order, or murdered someone by the way she reacted - for DAYS after the event. 

Including explainining the meaning of the word "etiquette" to me - i.e. you "dont forget presents when going to someone's party!" 

Maybe you dont, Mom ... 

I agree. 

But then again, I REMEMBERED, and would have come back and got the damned thing if the door wasn't locked. 

Happens to the best of us, and I never see women complaining later about the numerous times they forget the keys in the apartment. Hehe. 

That, for some reason has happened to me - sum total of ONe time in my life, and my phone died. 

Luckily Carol was there with me, so I could input the real estate agent's number into her phone, give him a call ... 

He came, pried open the damn lock so easily by jiggling a wire in it I wondered what I paid 100 RMB for. Hehe. 

(And thats a lesson to those of you complainig about book prices and such - expertise COSTS money my friend. That is just how it is! It may or may not be easy for me, but I worked my butt off to get the skills I now teach, I should not even have to explain this shit anymore, but since there are so many Tom Tom's complaining anyway, I explain it anyway! When I'm in a good mood that is, otherwise I just tell these people to basically sod off elsewhere). 

Anyway ... some things, you gotta give kids leeway. 

I never got much, if any growing up. 

I still remember my mom coralling me against three walls, literally cornerning me because I committed the even graver sin of throwing up in a horribly nasty anyway swimming pool, fille dto the brim with folks peeing in it secretly for one - during an afternoon lesson after lunch. 

I mean geez, Mom, I was like what, 3 ? 

Anyway, Bozo apparently lost his keys all the time. 

Though with him, knowing his madness, he probably lost them trying to unlock his hoo haa after dumping bleach down it - or up it, if you get my drift. 

I still cannot believe it, how STUPID some people can be. 

All Trump said was "the virus does a number on the lungs, now if we can maybe get some powerful UV that kills germs in there - you docs figure it out ..." 

And he spoke about disinfecting the lungs. 

Truly, that is all he said. 

And Bozos globally, including a certain Schofield for one ended up in the emergency room for dumping bleach up their hoo has. 

I wonder where Glyn is these days. 

Haven't heard from him in a while - that last trolling he did for Shoulders like Boulders had his name written all over it, though ... 

It's supposedly Diwali in the subcontinent today, hopefully Bozo hasn't shoved firecrackers up his wazoo or something. (last when he was drunk, I remember him posting a video of him - NO KIDDING - with "fireworks hanging out his tail" if you get my drift, and daring others to do it. If you've seen Tik Tok, you'll believe there are folks idiot enough to do these things, Bozo included). 

So glad I ain't on Tok Tok ... 

Anyway ... (Tok being "sour" in Bengali, hehe) ... forgetting presents, and such. 

Good news is, HERE? 

At 0 Excuses Fitness? 

Always a party, my friend, and I NEVER forget to hand out the presents. 

They're all there here anyway!

I view YOU as the invited guest, and do what I can - my best - to make checking out the most fun and comfortable process ever - checking out i.e buying. 

And online makes it all the more easier, of course.

So, to recap - 

It's November now. 

And I've updated the rewards page accordingly - be sure and check it out NOW. 

Some great, great rewards and discounts in the offing, including for Animal Kingdom Workouts, and Battletank Shoulders, two courses it seems nigh EVERYONE wants. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Sunday, 24 October 2021 10:10

"What he thinks, what he DOES!"

"Baba, ki bhabe, ki bole, ki kore Tito, oo yi jane" .. .

I can remember an Aunt of mine saying that (Bengali, and if Glyn is reading this, "Babelbhat" ain't it, hehe) about my cousin Tito. 

"What he thinks, what he does, only he knows! was the general drift. 

Given he's the only member of the family that was just like me growing up, as naughty, hiding under the bed flashing torches at a cranky Granny, hehe - and getting ears pulled by the same, hehe - he was me to a T - except 4 years younger. 

I still remember the verbal hammering I got when I accidentally once "injured" him while (mock) sword fighting. 

The way my father hammered me, you'd think I committed bloody murder 

I mean geez Dad I was only like what, around 10 or so at the time, maybe even les!

Much like the hammering I got for DEFENDING myself with a Taekwondo kick right to the knee for a guy in fourth grade who was being an ass. 

I remember the hammering I got. 

Apparently it was all ok for him to do, not me. 

Hey, I'm proud of that till ths day. 

I am equally proud of the GORILLA GRIP I put on someone in the 8th grade - with a WEAK GRIP - yall know th story! - and that guy, a man now, probably remembers the marks on his neck until this day.  (and given the same circumstanes, I'd have NO hesitation in doing it again, regardless of the hammering handed out at home, and no, while I wasnt "beaten with an iron rod" as Dad said, if I was I'd do it double over again. 

NEVER BACK DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

But anyway, I've no idea if "Tito" is still the same rebel he was growing up, hehe. 

Most of my family makes it a point to not just studiously ignore me, but skirt a very wide line around me - or circle, for which I'm very grateful! 


I do the same. 

(Oh, and that statement above "what goes on inside that HEAD of yours, only YOU KNOW!" was my Mom's refrain about me, she likely still says that, hehe). 

Curiously enough, the only members of my family who actually liked me and complimented me, are no longer with us on the physical plane. 

Well, two aren't - two are. 

My maternal grandfather (with whom I was the only one brave enough to wak up at 4 am in the morning to go swimming in summer holidays. Even Tito wouldn't make it most of the time, hehe - that LAKE, thank you, SIR!) 

My maternal uncle, who everyone chided for his smoking and drinking habits, yet, look at him until before he passed, you wouldn't guess the battle he waged with lung cancer. 

He had the look of a man who lived life to the fullest, KINGSIZE - as his smokes said!

Man after my own heart. 

The other two are still with us i.e. my maternal Uncle (another one of them) - and my paternal Uncle ("wolf", hehe). 

The latter two kinda like me as well... but we rarely, if ever, speak. Even they have their limits! 


I dont know why I felt compelled to tell you this!

But after 500 rope jumps in a coupla minutes, I gotta tell you THIS TOO. 

Lots of you are not into - so you thnk - Jump rope Mania becuase you either think it's for advanced athletes - or "only boxers" - or "we can't do it" - or some other nonsense. 

Well, I'm here to tell you this. 

Speed is king, my friend - you see that on the Animal Kingdom workouts page, where cantankerous Mickey says it BEST. 

Better than I ever could. 

And it's not workouts done quickly - it's workouts that take up minimum TIME - and deliver max BANG for buck. 

Hindu squats - fit the bill!

But so pushups - so do animal workouts - but most of all? 


You can ltierally fit in jumping rope between session of writing - or a quickie before lunch (pun) - or 5 minutes before bed. 

Or, so quick that you're raring to get back going again (as I am to my Lumberjack workouts). 

You'll be nigh soaked in SWEAT too. 

And you'll burn fat like crazy, like never before!

What goes on inside tgat head of mine, eh. 


Only I know, dats for sure!

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Saturday, 23 October 2021 08:31

Thoughts truly do CREATE - and DESTROY.

I have been saying this forever, and a day, my friend, but most people - even on this list - dismiss it as "just spiritual stuff" - or "we dont understand these things" despite me breaking it down into bare bones form. 

I say iti in ALL my books- the MENTAL is the most important - witjhout the mental, you wont get anywhere. 

Actually, you'll always get SOMEWHERE - because the subconscious mind is ALWAYS WORKING!

Trust me on ths one!

Read the Magic of Believing - you might not believe ME, but believe Claude Bristol, eh? 

Of course, the Tom Toms will claim "he isn't famous" so ... 

Well, he should be - and Napoleon Hill - he most definitely is! He said the SAME DAMN THING!

I just went to the bathroom, and was thinkiing about "how nice it would be if a certain type of light for my room which I couldn't find online could be delivered to me anyhow". 

That is all I thought, I dismissed the thought after thinking it would happen. 

Lo, a couple of minutes later, someone DID deliver it. 

Despite it not being available online, and the person that delivered it - you'd say she was my enemy subconsciously in most regards, and she is, yet, she did it!

I've often thought about "how nice it would be if I could have that pizza - or chicken - or what not". 

Back in the day, when I could not afford it - mysteriously, friends would call me up out of the BLUE and order these things for me - or invite me out. 

Now, what happens is either I do it - WITHOUT any conscioius plans to do so - it just HAPPENS!

Ever notice sometimes you "wish something would happen" - really happen -and it DOES - either by hook or by crook? 

The other night, some woman I didnt know from Adam (or Eve) showed up at my doorstep. 

I had NO clue who she was, perhaps a lady of the night. 

But I had been oddly enough thinking about a woman with her exact features ... NOT for "sexual" purposes - and bang, there it was. 

She wouldn't tell me the name of the person she was looking for, hehe. 

BUT - the address was mine!

Trust me on this one, this happens ALL The time for me, my friend. 

Thoughts do CREATE. 

Think it's just positively? 

No, thoughts DESTROY TOO!

Your DESTRUCTIVE thoughts will create just as much as CREATIVE, constructive ones will!

And if there is ONE lesson I can give you amongst all the doom and gloom being spread around, which the only reason it's being spread around is that PEOPLE dont believe in "the mind stuff" - it is this. 

Fitness wise, same thing. 

You have to SEE yourself do the thing - you have to see yourself positively first!

You have to keep going despite all obstacles, physical, mental or what not!

Unless you do that, nigh NOTHING will happen - no matter if you buy my books, or if you buy someone else's. 

Trust me on this one!

And that, friend is the lesson. 

Ponder it for a while without dismissing it as airy fairy bunkola. 

It might just benefit yo umore than anything else I've ever written!


Rahul Mookerjee

Friday, 22 October 2021 05:34

"Like me, like my dog. . . "

It's a Chinese saying, my friend. Im sure they have the equivalent in India ... after all, it all "originated" in India originally (as anyone with any sense knows). 

Much of the "mystique" about China, my friend - in fact all of it - comes from India. 

Right down to green tea and TaiChi ... 

Just ask the Tibetan for one ... 

But anyway, I have lost track of the number of people, usually women, who've told me this - "love me, love my dog". 

In Chinese, I dont know what that transltes into i.e. the Pin Yin or how to say it. 

"Guo"? For Dog? 

I dont know, thats what this dog thinks, hehe. 

Since it was mostly women with the thinking "men are such dogs!" - that told me the same thing, funnily enough. Women, indeed a funny "beast"! 

But anyway, that aside... 

It means when you like something - or someone - you dont go in "halfway". 

You dont pull your pants up and dip your feet in that river. 

You jump in headlong - regardless of whether it's a river in the Northern Territoties in OZ (my buddy from the Maines, I believe, has an alligator - or croc- I believe croc - tootth from there!) (since OZ doesnt have alligators as far as I know) ... brimming with hungry crocs. 

Basically, you go the whole humpty. 

Like her, like her DOG too - has always been part of my "mo" - and how it has worked out for me my whole life - women or none. 

Remember, with me, either this or that!

No dithering in the middle. 

And if I like something, or someone, I DO go the whole humpty. 

To me, I dont see how it could be any other way. 

Anything else is wishy washy BS. 

Charles the former friend and many others kept praising India and how "the INdians are the one that know it all" - and how "I'd love to visit India one day" - but guess what.

They never DO. 

In Charles case, of course, it's his girlfriend that "those are dirty black people" - so they dont go. 

In another friend's case, he knows how much of a pain in the ass it can be. 

Which the latter might be true - it is. 

The former, well, I'll let Glyn answer. He's the best person to ask for such things. 

But really - my thing, and I've told Charles many a times... 

"You dont really like India, you just talk". 

Now, dont get me wrong. 

Many times people have GENUINE reasons for not being able to actually follow through on what they claim. 

Travel wise, North Eastern India to me is a HIDDEN - and still pristine and much unexplored GEM - not just in india - but the ENTIRE WORLD!

It's a part of the country which is still hard to visit, for everyone - paperwork is one reason I haven't settled in that part - as yet. 

But I sure do WANT TO!

And I will someday. 

With Rahul Mookerjee, no dithering about - when he wants to do something, eventually, somehow, he does it. 

I LOVE that part of the country, and despite what some idiots say, NO, they're not CHINESE - theyre INDIANS!

Bottom line - ask them themselves if you dont believe me. They make some fierce, valiant soldiers there too!

But with someone like Charles, he's got every opportunity over the years to visit the country, yet doesnt ... 

...i.e. you dont "really like". 

I dont know, to him the PICTURE he sees in his mind when he thinks India might be the things that are paraded about, but not "real life there". 

And of course, his girlfriend due to that very reason would never go, and him, well ... 

I dont know, I'm extreme in that way too!

But ................. 

Like me, like my dog, eh. 

Good news is THIS, my friend. 

Fitness wise, you aint gotta like me. 

You can hate me, dislike me, troll me, whatever you want. 

But fitness wise, even if you hate me - but DO what I say - you WILL get into the best damn shape of your LIFE, my friend. 

And that is an ironclad guarantee from Rahul Mookerjee, and he doesnt make those too often ... 

Out for now. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee 


And it's a mistake I've made in the past, NOT focusing on this business as much as I should have - though I never quite "gave it up either". 

But middling effort in the middle years meant, well, middling or declining results, and now, well, the results show. 

But anyway ... I've spoken a lot about a lady named Carol. 

Others too. Hehe. 

Yes, so sayeth the man "with no sex life": - "and too much of it" - depending on how you look at it, LOL! 

You know what this girl Carol asked her "center" once? 

(where I was badgered into doing a Sunday morning class, which to be honest I accepted only because of the girls, hehe). 

Carol was a student there, that is how I initially "met" her. 

I forget her face, of course, and the second time I met her she was in a mask. 

So, I couldn't recognize her - and she oddly enough recongized me (HA!). 

Yes, my face stands out in a crowd - always been that way - good or bad - and when Chinese immigration cannot recognize me on my passport, I've always wondered WTF. 

Of course, each of my photographs is decidenly not photogenic or perhaps a lot so - depending on how you look at it (I've been accused of "Stealing pictures: too. That picture you see on the INspiratonal Fitness Recollections page - a certain idiot Maggie accused me of stealing it! LOL). 

I forget her face (Carols) again - and the first time she met me outside class, was oddly enough, when she was helping me find a "cleaning lady" (not Glyn, no!). 

Bozo was raising hell in "Keeping it real in China" at that point. 

But I couldn't recognize her, and she giggled. 

'I like it when my teacher recognizes me!' 

This girl Carol till date has been one of the two women - or perhaps the only one - that without trying (I doubt she knew it herself) BROKE through the wall (in many regards) that I built around myself from a very young age, and let nary a person through. 

And she did it so damn expertly, no wonder it happened and turned out the way it did. 

but anyway, she asked the "boss" at the learning center this behind my back (when she thought I wasn't looking). 

"How can he be native English speaker, his skin not white color, he brown!" 

(right down to the grammar. LOL) 

Now, credit to her - after "three months with me" - she was speaking English better than me perhaps, a better "education" than she could ever have paid for if you get my drift. Hehe. 

As she later said. 

"Because I have no choice!" 

She didnt. Hehe. I spoke English to her, none of the sissy crap about "I'll learn your language Ma'am" like a lot of Bozos keep doing. 

Nothing wrong with learning another language, but, well, you know how it goes!  

Anyway ............. 

That question by itself, of course sums up exactly what I hate most about ESL, other than the Bozos there, and why I dont do it despite being propositioned almost daily to do it (big bucks). 

It's not so much about the moronic factor - well, it IS. 

I can't stand FOOLS. 

It's about the disrespect too. 

And when I Do this business, or any others I do? 

Most people that buy my books do so either to "enjoy them" - or because (mostly) they want to LEARN the skills I have. 

"you can do things people can't, but want to, which is why people buy your books". 

and there endeth the discussion. 

And a few idiots, Bozos and price shoppers aside - most of you? 

Thats what it boils down to, plain and simple. 

You buy my stuff and learn from me - not because of the color of my skin or how long my hair or what not is, or how many hills I climbed (well, thats MAYBE one reason, hehe) - or how many women I've been with - or how many beersI downed - or ... well, you get the point. 

It's a simple BUSINESS transaction based upon MUTUAL RESPECT!

And thats what I always wanted to do all my life. 

Hence, I never stuck around in any job for long at all.  

My trading, my business here, the other things I write - people could give a rip less (i.e. real customers) about anything else other than what I BRING to the table, and thats a hell of a lot fitness wise. 

And, I would never let my guard down - or my standards down. 

Many women Ive been with wonder "why I dont care about them being with other men" (they think I dont know it. Hehe). 

I truly dont. 


Because I'm uber selective about who I really choose as a partner, as opposed to "bed fellow" if you get my drift. 


And the Carol sorts don't come along too often ... 

It's all about respect, to me. 

And its about intelligence. (true, Carols question was rather racist and dumb, but thats China, so .. gotta make allowances. She was actually and is blazingly intelligent...) ... 

And that, friend, is what I love most about doing real business. 

Back soon with more... !


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - 16 Inspirational fitness recollections (0excusesfitness.com)

Those long hot summers, those little birds (I forget the name) that trill ONCE in the heat and stop - I just heard one of them now. Celestial sign? I think SO!

Tuesday, 19 October 2021 06:53

"What you gonna do NOW?"

Marc the African Silverback Gorilla often had this to say when we were discussing "TIC" *this is China". 

"What you gonna do" he'd often say. Hehe. 

Which he was right, a lot of the "This is China" things... there's not much "a single person" can do. 

It's about collective thinking, when peoples mindset as a WHOLE changes - right down to the idiocy about skin color, foreign devils, dancing monkeys, idiotic rules set up to oddly enough, shoot themselves in their own feet ... and so forth. 

But I dont know, to me, it's also another memory, that of my Dad's friend once telling my Mom when she was (at the age of 17, before going to college) (as usual) "stop me from drinking beer" (which I hid and did anyway - including smoke fags etc - pun intended, and not, hehe - without anyone knowing about it. I suspect Dad knew a little, but as long as Mom didnt know, he didnt give a shit either way. oddly enough Dad's house was one when he was growing up, "all was allowed"!! Mine? Think AGAIN!) ... 

"How will you stop him when he leaves the house" was what this guy said. 

From a lifelong drinker and smoker, and quite like an Uncle of mine who passed years ago, so SAGE!

My Mom, of course, the next day complained about it.  

"What if it were his own son!" 

Well, he woudl probably have said the SAME thing, friend. 

True, his "own son" wasnt a rebellion "do it my way" sort. 

Much like my older cousin wasnt. 

And therefore, both of them were the "ideal sons" for my Mother. actually, everyone was for her - except me. Hehe. Bozo Schofield would be too, I'm sure!

But anyway ... 

I remember an instance in middle school where I was WHACKED - hard - by Dad (who claimed "I should beat you with an iron rod like the police do!") when I did nothing but "push back" against an idiot girl in school taunting me. 

Not being content to make me stand outside class for the whole day in the heat, apparently "she was a girl" "so she could do anything". 

And of course, my mom fed into this too, and growing up, in my family, it was all about "what made Mom happy". 

The sheer rage I feel NOW at it when I think? 

It isn't because he was physcially stronger than me at that age (physically my Dad has never been "strong" in any which way). 

It was the way in which that sort of thing shattered my self confidence. 

Right from the age of 3, when my mom pushed me against the wall - three corners closing in - I still remember it - for the cardinal sin of puking in the swimming pool (havent we all done it at some point??) - at the age of 3 - right after lunch (when I told my wife, she was like "jeez, at least go a bit AFTER lunch!") ... it was always that way. 

Now, why do I bring these two instances up. 

Because, as I've said before, a LOT of us feel this way ... 

A great customer of mine once emailed me saying he had an abusive father too - who once told him "not to take more milk" from the breakfast table. 

All the abuse caught up, and this guy, at the age of 13 bopped him one straight on the NOSE. 

Needless to say the abuse stopped thereafter. 

My own confidence was too shattered to do even that tho, plus I was always a "small specimen" (no, Vincent, I was not always a big dude, hehe) physcially... 

But it was things like "women can do it" but men can't that always amused me. 

In school us eighth graders would make boobs out of handkerchiefs, we got found out. 

Routine guy thing, you'd think. 

Yet the hammering I used to get at home for it - oh boy!

I remember asking Abhishek Raathi, a friend of mine about it - what HE got at home. 

Beyond the routine scolding, nothing. 

And dont get me wrong - I Dont condone disrespect - but neither do I condone NO goose and gander. 

Look, "just because he's a boy" doesnt mean he can be whacked and brutally punished - while women get away scot free. 

Especially if you're a kid doing what kids do ie PRANKS! 

But that was life for me growing up in a Nazi feminist household. 


If physically or otherwise attacked by anyone - woman or man - or in between Bozo - I'll go after them and then some. 

I could care less if they are weaker or stronger. Like Charles once famously told me. 

"I dont care who they are - woman, man or child - if they deserve a whack, they're getting it". 

Its sad the world has come to this, of course. 

But as my own wife said, people have no feelings anymore for anything - or anyone. 

And a lot of it is due to our experiences growng up and such. 

But anyway ... 

I grin every time I think of it "what are you going to do now" statement. 

It's so fuckin true ... 

And lesson herein for YOU with kids. 

REmember, you can beat them NOW. 

You can berate them until the cows come home!

(Speaking of which, my Mom oddly enough never said a word against the makers of the super hit Hindi Film Khalnayak which WOMEN loved too! - which really made the "boobie" thing popular in school at the time) 

(She took it out on me though for sure!) 

Anyway, you can do all that - now. 

But what exactly will you do once they grow up, friend. 

They're going to do what theyre going to do, and the more extreme the abuse growing up, chances are in many which ways, the more extreme the PERSON becomes. 

To me, I have channeled my own "anger" into succesful businesses - and indeed, when someone attacks me, my first thought is "how can I profit off this"

And I usually DO!

But not everyone is like that. 

Look at Glyn - look at the criminals globally - look at serial killers, the "worse than scum" paedophiles etc, one common thread amongst them all is a very unhappy and turbulent childhood. 

And, look at the successes - a LOT of them have the same thing. 

All depends on what you DO with life, and the lessons it imparts, but if you have kids, I'd say you should bear all this in mind, and then some, when dealing with them!

My Mom often asked me if "we should have let you run wild!" 

Oddly enough, the fascination I had with running wild would probably never be there if that were to be the case. Hehe. 

Fact, as the Bozo would say as well. 

Anyway ............................ 

Lifelong fitnes is another lesson ya'll should impart to your kids. 

And Kiddie Fitness does the trick very well indeed. 

Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Adult version of the above course here. If you want some, come GET some. 

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