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While getting through my 500 pushups today (which has again become a goal for me daily after ... I think 10 years? Hehe 2011 - 2022 and going strong... 11, OK) - I was super sore from yesterday's workout which y'all know all about. 

And I was "easing" in this morning - not with regular high rep "sets of 20" (my preferred number) pushups in slow mo form to work up to 500, but sets of 5-10. 

With super strict form and super tough movements, now, as I've done 30 this way, and the blood starts to flow (I'm already through 25 pull-ups and a few stretches) - i'm getting ready to rock - and ROMP - and PUSH. And pull, hehe. While pushing!

The pike pushup is a pushup I mention in Pushup Central, I think, but only the BASIC variant. 

This, my friend - I dont mention this as a pre-requisite to handstand pushups in Shoulders like Boulders!. 

I really SHOULD though - because this movement is one of the best ones you can do to condition your shoulders - and build huge lumps of muscle on them at the same time - while simultaneously getting a solid, great workout in. 

And the very angle of the movement, a "Triangle" shape is what you'll have to get into - Hindu pushups x 100 I'd say - gets your shoulders ready for vertical pushups i.e. handstands, and then the pushup from that position. 

This movement is also way too tough for most to do off "jump street" - thanks Charles! - therefore, it's not in the pre-requisites in the book - but Hindu pushups sure am, and they should be done galore as well. 

I haven't been working Hindu pushups at all as of late, I'm more into the "floor humper" I spoke about yesterday - on fingertips, working up to one arm. 

So should YOU, if you're truly into core fitness and overall strength and conditioning. 

Anyway for pike pushups, your body forms a triangle - a very inverted one - on your tippy toes, then you bring the head down in a straight line. 

Sounds easy but it's anything BUT. 

Fingertip versions are even tougher. 

Now, something else people have been asking me about as of late ... 

A style of pushup which taxes forearms big time. 

And one which ... I don't do too often, and have not included in the book, because I believe it's overkill and isn't really "required". 

And not entirely safe starting out either, or even when you're advanced. 

Thats the "back of the hand" pushup done on the back of your hands. 

Look, I can do these, I sometimes do them - but the very angle of them makes it a bit of an unnatural movments, pretty much like chin-ups aren't the natural way to "pull or grip" i.e. supinated is what you do normally, not pronated. 

Same with pushups, how many times do you push with the back of your hand? 

Of course, you can do these if you want, but be very careful not to injure your break your wrist. 

These tax the forearms differently, but again they are not REQUIRED - hence, I haven't really devoted a lot of attention them - and probably wont in the future either. 

Focus on what works, and max bang for your buck ... 

And Pushup Central, and all of our other products sure do deliver on that front. 

And they always will. 

Whether or not YOU, my friend, take the required action after all this is entirely up to you ... 

I know one damn thing though, if you're into fitness of ANY nature, then Pushup Central is just a must grab, even if you never get anything else from us. 

Really, I'm being honest. 

And that is that - back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee 

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This series is the "Battletank" series - or more appropriately, it shows the sequence in which you should read my world famous trilogy on building shoulders strength and power - for max benefit. 

Remember, if you're a price shopper and skip past the sequence "just because of money" - it ain't gonna work. 

The first, "Shoulders like Boulders!" teaches you how to do the almighty ... well, we'll let the book cover it! - exercise that will turn you into a stud from a dud, from weakling and pansy to real man - from a POSER at the gym to a REAL STRONGMAN - and more. 

This exercise does so much more than build strength and AWE INSPIRING power through the entire upper body, core and back - it also makes sure you melt fat off your body at warp speeds. 

And that i.e. the fat melting and muscle building effect is magnified x 10 in Battletank Shoulders - which is truly a classic for the ages. 

I challenge all you strongmen out there to ONE Battletank Shoulders! workout - and then get back and tell me - this is an OPEN CHALLENGE. 

(hint - even half of half of a workout in this book is more than enough to put the average puffer and buffer at the gym out of commission for weeks if not more). 

And last, but not least - "Profound 70% Gorilla 30% Human" Handstands - the title of the book came from a customer review of the SECOND BOOK. 

Except, this third one really does it. 

Rarely, if ever, has so much OOMPH, strength, POWER and bang for your buck been packed into ONE BOOK - THE book, I should say - and this makes it ultra special - which is the BRIDGE from moving into handstands and such against the wall (or support) - to FREESTANDING handstands, the Mecca and Medina, the "Ram and Shyam", the "Christ and Mary" (as you can tell, I ain't religious, hehe) - or whatever you choose (maybe even buddha in a lotus pose? ) of UPPER BODY STRENGTH AND POWER!

Get the books now - in the order mentioned. 

​​​​​​​Rahul Mookerjee

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Friday, 05 March 2021 05:28

Lumberjack fitness - and SHOULDERS!

I believe I wrote a lot before (well, over the past few days) about the James Hadley Chase book "Believe that, you'll believe anything?" 

In fact ,last night I had a re-read of it "just because I wanted to". 

I LOVE James Hadley Chase. 

I dont own all his books, but I want to - if I can ever find them in print! Not that easy apparently ...

Which of course, is a theme with my customers as well, many of them telling they want to own all of MY books - except for fitness and motivational reasons obviously. 

It truly is a roundabout!

Anyway, the "villain-cum-sort of good guy" in the story "Vidal" is a pygmy basically. 

Less than 5 feet tall, but he's built like an APE. 

MASSIVE barrel chest - and TREE trunk like legs - and though he's short, he's got a grip that would make most grown men cry Mama within seconds. 

Like mine, I'd say. Hehe. 

(Nah, that ain't an idle boast either for the "Doubting Thomases" out there - there is a reason I wrote Gorilla Grip and named it what I did - because it truly WILL give you that ape like GRIP you want). 

Anyway, Chase describes his shoulders as being "MASSIVE shoulders - the shoulders of a wrestler". 

And talks about "the man's brute strength and power" as well. 

And for good reason, as you'll find out if you read the book. Not easy to fight against a hurricane for one! 

But anyway, lumberjacks ... 

In the "Rambo" series, Stallone was asked how he chose his look for the fourth movie (which in my opinion is the best of the lot). 

The last one is ok, but they kinda overdid it on the gore, I thought. 

But IV "Rambo" is a CLASSIC in my opinion, and again one I saw in the theater. 

In the first movie, Stallone looks "in shape. 


Though he looks good, it's the unhealthiest he EVER was in his life (STallone admits as much himself). 

And the third "look" was "boobybuilder central" look - except he marketed it damn well, and Stallone can cary pretty much any look off, because he does it right. 

But anyway, when asked about IV, he said the following. 

"I wanted a big, lumber jack like look". 

And then he goes on to reveal the SECRET behind looking big even if you ain't naturally. 

(No, it isn't just training the back and legs for those of you that might be thinking - and YES, if you've been paying attention, I've TOLD you the secret in these emails). 

But anyway, I love his look in that movie. 

And lumberjack style training will get you in great shape and every movie worth it's salt has it in some way, shape or form .. 

Could be Rocky II

Ghayal (the Hindi movie). 

Or ... many others!

Rocky IV! 

Chopping wood outdoors will give you a physique most people would KILL for, and you'll build lumps of muscle so quickly you'll wonder "where they've been hiding". 

And this sort of thing WILL be on the book with training with implements. 

Along with medicine ball training, and a host of other equipment (the ab roller for one, and jump ropes of varying WEIGHTS too). 

And much, much more(yes, Gada and Jori too). 

That book will be MASSIVE indeed ... 

But anyway, if you want to build those barnstorming shoulders - like Doug Hepburn had? 

Well, I've got you covered in Barnstomer Shoulders. 

And if someone like Doug Hepburn puts his seal on the approval on the ONE exercise the course really "pimps" along with pull-ups - - then , my friend, you KNOW it's the real deal. 

Yes, ole Doug credits handstand pushups for his STRENGTH - and he did them all day long out there on the beach on a log while workin gas a lifeguard too !

Turning yourself upside down regularly is something I highly, highly advocate ... 

And the physical benefits are beyond belief. 

So if you're looking for a course to build shoulders like they look like they belong on an ape, or lumberjack, or combo therein, or WRASSLER - go HERE

And I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Pull-up COMPILATION along with the much vaunted FAQ section available HERE

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