Friday, 05 March 2021 05:28

Lumberjack fitness - and SHOULDERS!

I believe I wrote a lot before (well, over the past few days) about the James Hadley Chase book "Believe that, you'll believe anything?" 

In fact ,last night I had a re-read of it "just because I wanted to". 

I LOVE James Hadley Chase. 

I dont own all his books, but I want to - if I can ever find them in print! Not that easy apparently ...

Which of course, is a theme with my customers as well, many of them telling they want to own all of MY books - except for fitness and motivational reasons obviously. 

It truly is a roundabout!

Anyway, the "villain-cum-sort of good guy" in the story "Vidal" is a pygmy basically. 

Less than 5 feet tall, but he's built like an APE. 

MASSIVE barrel chest - and TREE trunk like legs - and though he's short, he's got a grip that would make most grown men cry Mama within seconds. 

Like mine, I'd say. Hehe. 

(Nah, that ain't an idle boast either for the "Doubting Thomases" out there - there is a reason I wrote Gorilla Grip and named it what I did - because it truly WILL give you that ape like GRIP you want). 

Anyway, Chase describes his shoulders as being "MASSIVE shoulders - the shoulders of a wrestler". 

And talks about "the man's brute strength and power" as well. 

And for good reason, as you'll find out if you read the book. Not easy to fight against a hurricane for one! 

But anyway, lumberjacks ... 

In the "Rambo" series, Stallone was asked how he chose his look for the fourth movie (which in my opinion is the best of the lot). 

The last one is ok, but they kinda overdid it on the gore, I thought. 

But IV "Rambo" is a CLASSIC in my opinion, and again one I saw in the theater. 

In the first movie, Stallone looks "in shape. 


Though he looks good, it's the unhealthiest he EVER was in his life (STallone admits as much himself). 

And the third "look" was "boobybuilder central" look - except he marketed it damn well, and Stallone can cary pretty much any look off, because he does it right. 

But anyway, when asked about IV, he said the following. 

"I wanted a big, lumber jack like look". 

And then he goes on to reveal the SECRET behind looking big even if you ain't naturally. 

(No, it isn't just training the back and legs for those of you that might be thinking - and YES, if you've been paying attention, I've TOLD you the secret in these emails). 

But anyway, I love his look in that movie. 

And lumberjack style training will get you in great shape and every movie worth it's salt has it in some way, shape or form .. 

Could be Rocky II

Ghayal (the Hindi movie). 

Or ... many others!

Rocky IV! 

Chopping wood outdoors will give you a physique most people would KILL for, and you'll build lumps of muscle so quickly you'll wonder "where they've been hiding". 

And this sort of thing WILL be on the book with training with implements. 

Along with medicine ball training, and a host of other equipment (the ab roller for one, and jump ropes of varying WEIGHTS too). 

And much, much more(yes, Gada and Jori too). 

That book will be MASSIVE indeed ... 

But anyway, if you want to build those barnstorming shoulders - like Doug Hepburn had? 

Well, I've got you covered in Barnstomer Shoulders. 

And if someone like Doug Hepburn puts his seal on the approval on the ONE exercise the course really "pimps" along with pull-ups - - then , my friend, you KNOW it's the real deal. 

Yes, ole Doug credits handstand pushups for his STRENGTH - and he did them all day long out there on the beach on a log while workin gas a lifeguard too !

Turning yourself upside down regularly is something I highly, highly advocate ... 

And the physical benefits are beyond belief. 

So if you're looking for a course to build shoulders like they look like they belong on an ape, or lumberjack, or combo therein, or WRASSLER - go HERE

And I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Pull-up COMPILATION along with the much vaunted FAQ section available HERE