Saturday, 13 May 2023 14:22

Never ignore the good ole FLOOR pushup in favor of handstand or other fancier (tougher?) pushups

After all the writing I did about injuries today, man - I was extra cautious when jumping into a handstand this evening. 

I haven't done handstand pushups for well over a month, perhaps a month and a half now, and being it was at the "fag" end of a 500 pushup workout (plus 20 pull-ups which felt WAY EASIER than they should, slow and steady - more on that later, lengthy splits sessions and squats, of course - 200 today) - I was extra cautious and I even figured I'd do the easy kind "top of the head to floor". Thats by far the "easiest" - if such a thing can be SAID about handstand pushups way to do 'em (chin to ground is when you really start progressing, the progressions shown in Profound "70% Gorilla 30% Human handstands" - man, now you're getting someplace w/those!!). 

INcredibly, I almost "bounced up and down", my lats felt loose as heck, and I was literally pushing "air" it seemed!

So i did 5 more - same thing!

Then I did 3 more. Same thing! 

And then I grinned, thinking about how 20 pull-ups today felt way the hell easier than they should have (interspersed as they were between sets of tough pushups). 

My friend, lots of people ignore (and lots of these people are well intentioned) the humble ole FLOOR pushup - regular tricep pushups of various sorts - in favor of fancier versions like the Hindu pushup, handstand pushup and such. 

They think "its too easy". 

Then you have nutjobs that claim high rep workouts are boring and do nothing, and all the logic in the world won't convince these usually fat and out of shape buffoons otherwise, but the point is - they ignore it too. 

Now, Hindus, especially handstand pushups are not "bad". I'd be an idiot to say that! 

They're good, damn good, and YOU best get damn good at 'em either, yet, again, the floor pushup cannot be ignored. 

I dont care if you're trying to get good at pull-ups or even handstand pushups themselves, the regular pushup cannot be ignored. 

Handstand pushups are certainly one great way to get better at pull-ups, but again, are they required for that purpose alone (they are required for many other purposes, so dont be lazy - do 'em- work at 'em assidiously!). 


If you look at people like Iron Mike, Bruce Lee and the such - you'll see something that might not make sense, but if you're a doer that does and doesnt constantly ask ridiculous questions (I mean geez, just DO the damn thing and you'll find out why!) - you'll know why and it'll make perfect sense. 

The mainstay of their pushups are body parallel to the floor floor pushups - now in Walker's case, a pet favorite of his was diamond pushups - which I can understand why, for me it's the Jack La Lanne pushup by far - but again, without feet elevated and such. 

That dont mean you shouldn't do tougher variants. 

One of the keys to getting better at pushups and fitter is something not directly mentioned in Pushup Central, but it's mentioned in the TIPS - is this. 

This might and will come across as a sock to the jaw for fat nutters (or nutters in general) claiming "they're boring workouts" .... 

... Do pushups for high reps, low reps, and medium reps throughout the 500 pushups workout. 

You might think "pah, I'm too fit for low reps". 

No. You're not either. 

I can find you pushups regardless of your fitness and conditioning level that will kick your RIGHTEOUS gluteous "el maximus" from here to Timbuktu - - no questions asked. 

For me, I'll often do Jack La Lanne pushups in high reps - 15-30 per set during these workouts, or archer pushups -a toughie, but I have gotten so good at 'em now (so should you!) (not mentioned in Pushup Central btw) that I crank those out in high reps too. 

But I'll often slow it down, and do pushups which I can barely crank out 5 without collapsing. 

That, my friend is the key to SUPER gains in high rep workouts which most people don't get... 

Last, but not and never least, the lesson that has brought home to ME many a times - never ignore the humble FLOOR pushup my friend - never ever. 

ANd thats that! 


Rahul Mookerjee