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Why I ain't made a million dollars ... as YET.

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The three letter - not four - word at the end is KEY. Like I keep saying in Gumption Galore, and people are picking up on that thankfully - it isn't what it is. It is what it is - for NOW. 

That applies to every area of your life, now this question I keep getting "you're doing well, you've been around for so long" "yet you haven't made a million bucks as yet" - that I keep getting from folks - both struggling and not ... I thought it was time to address it, and I have via a video on youtube - after doing that, I thought I'd put some words down in writing - which has always been my preferred means of communication. 

Napoleon Hill's book Outwitting the Devil is a great answer to the question, if you can read between the lines. 

Guy made tons of money in his life, but just when things were going swimmingly well, something "happened" - and - he was back to square zero or worse. 

I remember my own father's comment about ME - what I spoke about in some of my videos the other day "it all always goes so well, then it messes up - there must be something in your mind that causes it!" 

They even - back in the day - wanted me to go to counseling for this, which was the stupidest thing ever - I ended up counseling the counselor (Basic Instinct Two - she wasn't that sexyyyyyy though, but cute tho) - and they flat out said I did not need any sort of "counseling" which I already knew, try reasoning with Mom though ...

(even Dad was like, just get it over with once and forget about it - haha) 

Anyway - Napoleon Hill speaks of this. 

SOMETHING made him quit the job where he was making history - and bank. 

SOMETHING happened that made him STOP making the loads of $$ he was, and brought him back down to EARTH. 

And a lot more, what was that something? 

As he writes about an inner voice telling him, until and unless you truly DEVOTE - not just DO - DEVOTE - yourself to what it is you were truly MEANT TO DO IN THIS LIFE - and we all have a purpose we were put on the planet for - you're going to keep experiencing this. 

It's not about money, my friend. 

THe money is a means to an end and energy that comes, ebbs, flows ... 

Most people dont get it. 

You have to be happy FIRST - and find out what it is that makes you HAPPY - and then DO what it is that makes YOU unique. 

Your USP is something only you know, if you're HONEST about it. Sometimes it might not "sound good", even to you - but like Colonel Trautman said in Rambo III, "thats too bad" - you're stuck wth it! 

Focus on the USP, go through the ups, downs, trials, travails, it is only then you will discover true happiness - and that isn't linked to money - or a million dollars. 

Back to that - I realized that a long time ago. 

It was never a goal for me. 

Charles Mitchell once made the comment about me not having as much money "the only reason you dont have as much money as" Jeff Bezos, because my books and products dont cater to whiners and pansies looking for the easy way out and feel good crap that doesnt work. 

"Never turn into a pussy trainer to sell more books!" 

"just so you can sell more books" ... 

And I never have, never will - to me, staying tru to myself is what counts. 

Giving you advice that works, whether you like it or not is immaterial, whether you pay big bucks for it is also, to an extent, irrelevant (many do) is whats always been numero uno priority for me, all else falls into place itself. 

A million? 

Why not a buck more? 

Or a buck less? 

Does it make a goddamn bit of difference? 

I Dont know, its great if thats a goal for you, most would claim it is (while having no inkling of their true goals that would get them there) ... 

But again, it's never been one for me. 

Then, the "yet" part. 

I started THIS website in 2010. Yet, I was working a job at the time, I wasn't doing this full time or even near it - I still remember being thrilled with my first $6 sale - I was doing digital back then too although no-one else was. 

I had three products for years. 

Fast and Furious Fitness, Shoulders like Boulders! - and Pull-ups - from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS! 

The latter two are not what you see today either - watered down versions of that. The first is, and remains, and always will remain the same, an all time great that has been hailed as such. 

I quit the job - or was fired - or both. 

I went to China. 

I started 0 Excuses Fitness in 2017 - I Still remember Cindy and I creating those vids! Haha. 

Hell, legally we weren't even around till 2018 - when 0 Excuses Fitness became a sole propreitorsheep (in India - the China plan did not materialize - ugh - so much paperwork there) ... not really, hehe (sheep). 

And our current US present "Inc"  only happened last year (I dont believe in legalese etc until the situation WARRANTS it, now there are those that do it the other way which is fine, but I'd rather test the idea first and see how it works and THEN go all in as it were). (for the most part, at least).

All this while, my main focus was on making MONEY. 

And I made tons of it - not mainly through this biz, which was always a "side deal for me". 

(On a side note, I told Carol - the chick you've heard so much about all excited and such about the new biz I started, her first question was as dumb as bricks - and what 99 percent of the populace would ask. 

I'm a month into something, and she asks "well, how many customers do you have". (how much money are you making). 

To me this was the dumbest, stupidest, most boring thing one could ask someone that "just started" - but it shows how most people think, why people will never understand the one percent amongst us that strive to be the best we can, the folly of announcing your goals to the world, especially those "so called close to you" and so forth - I've been guilty of that way too often!) 

Yet, all that while, I kept going through the sort of tumultous ups and downs Hill mentions in his book, and it was only a few years back that I understood the wisdom of his words, which took him more than two decades to truly understand. 

You gotta be in it *your life's purpose* ALL the way, or not at all. 

You've got to go through the ups and downs, the latter downright mean and nasty. You, the greater your goal/calling is, have to be prepared to SUFFER - eat humble pie - all of that - in ways you never imagined possible. YOu have to PERSIST, and not look for "other ways to make easy money" (which for years I Did, and found). 

I'm making money NOW. 

Not a million, but I definitely outsell a lot of the bozos and complainers out there, but again - I had to learn HOW myself. 

And it's an art. 

A skill. 

And those only get better with practice. 

So no, my dear "wife" that keeps asking "when will the million dollars come" - I ain't been doing this for "years and years". 

If you were to ask me full time, seriously, mind to it - I'd say 2017 onwards. 

Except, I took a huge break from it - big mistake - in 2019. 

Not that that impacted anything negatively, but I felt repercussions in other areas of my life as punishment. 

The Universal Court of Justice sees ALL my friend. 

Its always complicated - there is no "one way". 

My spartan surroundings are part of me, they always will be regardless of how much money I make. Like Michael, a friend of mine once told me "I'm the guy dressed like a bum on the road". 

People have compared me to that as well. Hehe. 

And so be it, as I could care two figs less about what dont matter. 

If that bum on the road makes more money than YOU, and helps more people than YOU - then isn't that COUNTS? 

To me it is ... 

For those ROOTING for us to do better and better that a lot of you silently are, well, speak up - and thank you! 

You'll be the first to know when I hit the million - or billion - dollar mark. 

And that, friend, is that. 

Its about living life to your fullest potential. Most dont scratch the surface. You're not going to take the million with you when you pass, but you WILL take the spirits of people you've HELPED - ultimately, people remember what you did for them more than the money you made doing it. 

And that, friend, is what COUNTS. 

OK, I'm sure I've missed a shitton of things here. So be it. 

I'm sure there's be more to come! 

Zero to Hero! - and Gumption Galore - are MUST grabs. Do so now. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - One of my original books ideas was this "From 120 - 60 kgs ... from Zero to HERO! - from LOSER in every area of life to WINNER" and so forth. 

That turned into the first book mentioned above. 

But, this book is in the works, my life story basically - stay tuned for it! 

PS #2 - Again, it's never been a goal, it isn't for now either. You are here to make a DIFFERENCE - thats what COUNTS. 

PS #3 - Learning in the trenches, getting the CONFIDENCE that goes with it - never comes easy. It came doubly hard for me. If you're struggling, and constantly thinking of "what if I had secure income", then you're not the right person to be reading this, or benefiting from my coaching

You gotta be willing to let go FIRST. 

Take the HITS first. Henry Ford took them well INTO, not ON his way - to success. So can YOU - if you choose to. 

There simply is no other way. Having a backup option, a fail safe, is NOT an option. 

It took me way too long to learn that. 

I hope I can teach YOU these things so you get to where you want to be quicker than I did! Haha. 

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