Saturday, 10 July 2021 08:10

The GREAT review that Kiddie Fitness just received!

I just had to write to you about this, my friend!

After rejigging that products page in the morning - I got to working on the sales page for the book on Nazi feminism. 

Which is 99.99% done - and I need to make a few minor changes before getting it live on the site, which should be very very soon indeed, my friend - be on the outlook for it - you'll LOVE IT! (both real men and if you're sick and tired of the constant mood swings, entitlement etc that women hit us with all th e time). 

I figured I'd check my email. And I got this great review for Kiddie Fitness - a book truly worth it's weight in GOLD!

Trust me, and I just updated the sales page to say this - especially in these times of dumbphone addiction and China virus and "lockdown shockdown" - this book is probably a must grab for EVERYONE, my friend - and certainly so if you have kids (of any age!). 

Trust me, it's information that is both golden and priceless, and brings results like nothing you've ever done with your kids, so if you have not already, grab it now, but wait a min! 

I got ahead of myself. I often do, hehe.

Here is the review sent in by Lee Lowder from (I believe the US?) - 


Fun and Effective!

The only thing close to a complaint I have is that there is no video - but that isn't a huge one.

The movements are deceptively simple, but give you a workout. It's presented in a way that you are more or less playing with your kids while improving their health, endurance, and strength. Suitable for pretty much all school aged children as well - some of the movements can be done by younger kids, if you can get them to follow along.... Teens may be "too cool" but start 'em young and you'll get past that when the time comes. If it is too late to start 'em young, trick them into thinking it is their idea, or show them the book and have them come up with a program and coach you on it.

Amen - I could not have said it better! 

Lee, my friend - thank you for your support, and answering the "call" I sent out in the last email (a lot of 'em) in terms of providing REVIEWS - and in terms of placing the pre-order!

I believe the system should have auto emailed you a 10% discount code - let me know if you got it!

(PS - That is a huge bonus for everyone still on the fence about reviews - remember, auto 10% discount code for leaving reviews - which costs you nothing at all but a few minutes of your time!)

And, Lee's review is posted on the left hand side of the blog page on the site too. 

More "featured" reviews at the bottom of the page!

Truly a fanatic about real reviews am I! 

And even the Bozo Schofield reviews, hehe, but let's address what he said. 

First, he's right. 

I was going to put out a video for this - with my lovely little girl being the main star (only star, most likely!). 

But she wasn't willing. Hehe. It was enough to, as he says, "get her to focus" on taking the PICTURES for the book- a video? 

That might have been a stretch too far, hehe. 

Maybe I'll talk to her again about it. 

Or, maybe we'll do some secret filming with yours truly and her while she's doing the workout, and I'm there too. Hehe. Sometimes with kids it works best that way!

And like Lee said. 

DECEPTIVELY Simple movements - heck yeah!

Some of these movements look so simple the average adult would pooh pooh at 'em, but get THEM to do the thing? 

And they'll more than likely fall fat (flat, hehe) on their faces. 

Movements tailored especially for kids - but movements that strengthen, stretch and build your kid up internally - both mentally and physically - like all my other great products do. 

And movements many adults could use too, to be honest. 

Trick them into thinking it's their idea. 

True indeed! Lee's indeed experienced at how to deal with kids, hehe. And he's right! Give 'em the credit first, and see how quickly they do what you want 'em to do! 

(same thing for idiotic Nazi feminists as well, but thats a different kettle of fish, hehe - pun intended and maybe not). 

And anyway ... 

No, you're never "too cool" for any of this, my friend. 

I said on Twitter this morning - FOLLOW THE BASICS - ALWAYS!

And it holds true. 

You are never evet too cool for these, my friend, and neither is any kid!

And on that note, I'm out. 

Be on the outlook for the sales page for Nazi feminism coming up soon - book's I believe 85% done at the time of writing this, and coming soon, along with plenty more too! 



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And yes, write back - share more reviews, folks - the more the merrier!

PS #2 - Remember to grab what should be the base for any serious fitness enthusiast - the 0 Excuses Fitness System - right HERE