Monday, 28 June 2021 13:14

The Indian club workout that almost shattered my cheekbone!

Like the recent email about "do I train with beer kegs" - this one will be short! 

Hopefully so, at least. 

But while training with my clubs today, I remembered an incident that happened a few days that I don't know if I wrote to you about it or not. 

I believe I mentioned it in jest. 

"Smacked on the head with a clubbell", or something like that, I believe I said? 

Well, thats exactly what happened!

And as I was twirling my 12 kg club today like a magician's wand, one handed, back and forth, slithering in and out like a coiled snake ready to spring (no puns intended - I'm talking coiled strength) - I remembed what happened a few days ago when I thought (or didnt think, hehe) I was too good to follow my own advice. 

Advice I give you in Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness is this (well, part of it) - LESS - is MORE!

I repeat this multiple times throughout the book - probably yet another one of those things along with my incessant ,heartfelt and PERECTLY TRUE rants about Nazi feminism that you'll find inscribed on my tombstone when I "pass". Hehe. 

Yes, less is indeed more!

Most of you weightlifters - and those good at bodyweight too - I'd suggest starting out real light for the first month or so with these clubs. 

Yes, 3-5 kgs per hand is ALL most people need and can handle when they start (much like 3-5 reps of the Hindu pushup is all they can do when they begin!). 

(And it's a long time before the numbers increase on either one). 

Believe me, these clubs have a way of making numbers look meaningless, and magnifiying pre existing conditions/weaknesses beyond belief. 

If you've got weak tendons, for instance, from piling too much weight onto the bar while lying flat on your back, these clubs will expose it. 

So will maces. 

And some of the swings I teach, done traditional style? 

No, not just that NO-ONE out there teaches them like I do. 

They're also super tough to do in high reps and require immense concentration, stamina, and GRIP!

Trust me on this one - GRIP and then some!

And while I was twirling my 12 kg the day I got 'em - or the next - (it was after a while that I was training with it again) - OUCH!

It smacked me one on the cheekbone!

And luckily, much like the dog licking me on the tip of my nose when doing handstand pushups, and me getting a nasty blow to the chim as I "tumbled" downwards, no permanent damage was done, but the cheek stayed sore a while. Hehe. 

The worst injury I've picked up by far is still the thumb injury I sustained on that cold, wintery night in January in China (2018). 

Anyway, this time I was basically twirling the club counterclockwise and clockwise rapidly. 

It slipped out of my hand partially, and BANG!

Like the jump rope smacking you when you first begin - it reminds you to maintain proper form, and that easy is sometimes super tough (what looks easy) - and less - is often and indeed more!

There "endeth" the lesson on this one. 

And it reminds me - Jump Rope Maniia

An old favorite I haven't promoted much in recent times, but I am now -because it goes great, super great with training with implements "lodestone lumberjack " style. 

Which, of course is the book I'm curently promoting, and the price will go up maybe next week or so (it always does when I say it, so no, not just marketing) - - so be sure and get your pre-orders in NOW. 

I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee