Tuesday, 16 August 2022 05:47

Swinging dem clubs. . .

Well, so a great question came in a month or so ago, with all that has been going on, it completely slipped through the cracks - as I review my emails, I find it again!

He's basically asking a very basic question on training with Indian clubs - the "joris" as they call 'em in India (the "gada" is the mace, which is a close cousin to the club, yet, I prefer the clubs over the mace, but you should do both - more on that in the upcoming book Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness!). (which has been SO delayed. Hehe).

Basically what his question boils down to "will it reduce fat" - and "how many reps".

Now, with clubs two things - and I've said this before -

Most people need to do LESS when they begin - NOT MORE!

Let me repeat that - I do not necessarily mean lesser amount of REPS, but the WEIGHT, my friend.

I dont care how much you curl at the gym or what your bench is, these clubs will make men out boys, and humble the strongest of strongmen if used RIGHT.

You focus on FORM - more than anything else, and you dont just do that when you start, you continue to keep that focus as you build up.

For most guys, even "strong people" (and gals too, by the way, yes, like with pull-ups - girls are often better at these than guys! - at least the lighter weights) . . . a weight of FIVE kilograms, approx 10 lbs or so is more than plenty to begin with, and you might even need less than that - ideally, I'd start you off with like 7-8 lbs on each side.

Second, these give you superb, supreme cardio in a way most other exercises cannot.

You might not think so, you might not think "simply swinging a club around will help me burn fat".

But that is where focus and reps come in, bro.

Most people wimp out at 20 reps per arm.

If you use the 10 kg, which is too heavy for most people, trust me (to do right) - and do a 100 reps on each side, clockwise, counter clockwise, believe me, you'll not only feel that heart thudding - but you'll feel a tightness across your entire core (not just abs) like NEVER before.

Those CRISS CROSS abs I talk so much about in the book "Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD within a matter of WEEKS!" - well this is yet another way to get 'em!

Yours truly trains with 20 kgs in each hand, but I've been doing it a long, long time my friend, and I STILL use the 10 kgs and 8kgs on occasion - or more than occasionally.

And remember one thing - or two.

While a set of these clubs is more than enough to give you the workout of your life - legs included - end of the day, this isn't pure bodyweight training we're talking about, and bodyweight ALWAYS reigns supreme.

If you think you're going to skip the pull-ups "because these work the upper back big time" - you're wrong.

Do BOTH - and you'll find your pull-up performance increases dramatically as you get better at these (for those of you weak at pull-ups to start with).

Not to mention, if you're looking to lose fat around the core, with a sensible diet and some isometrics, this is the way to go.

And once you get to the level of doing pull-ups five at a time or more, slow and easy with THICK GRIPS like I do, well write back to me - and let me know, and I'll share it with the world. Thats something, doing pull-ups in high reps with those thick grips especially if you're doing heavy clubs too.

Last, and back to reps.

Dont "get bored" or wimp out on the number of reps.

Like with Hindu squats and pushups, THESE were done in high reps, often for stretches of half an hour or more by the Indian wrestlers of yore, and still ARE.

There is a reason the high reps are there.

And you'll see as you keep progressing . . . why the Gama for one valued these tools so highly.

Alright, enough for now - oh, one more thing. BIG changes coming to THIS site, we're going to be completely revamping it and bringing the layout more in line with the other site.

Ive been working the tech aspect of it for days now, almost done there.

Thats it, eh . . .

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee