Thursday, 25 March 2021 06:56

Why I often refer to the Bench press as a "Bozo Press"

Press the Bozo, hehe. 

An interesting thought, but I'll stay away, but anyway, back in the day, a person we (Bruce, my old friend and I) knew was named ...ha, I wont kick ass and take names here. 

Jolly, jovial dude, but (and especially when drunk) he diidnt seem to have all his marbles in order "up there" if you get my drift. 

But he's a great dude!

But anyway, I was skinny as heck back then. 

And Bruce's roommater - this dude we referred to - was BIG. Well, so it seemed to Bruce ... 

And another skinny friend of mine "Tim". 

Back then, we were all so skinny that anyone with ANY size seemed "big". LOL. 

And anyway, when Bruce spoke about him, I was like ... him? He's strong, yes, but BIG? 

"Of course he's big", replied Bruce. "He could bench your skinny ass!" 

Perhaps he could, hehe. 

But he was and is a great dude. 

But the point of this being? 

Well, the bench press is what so the so called real men at the gym tout as the test of real strength. 

Lying on a bench, grunting out reps or assisted reps with inane amounts of weights that blow shoulders out of their clavicles before they start for one. 

That give you lifelong injuries that in some cases make it so painful you can barely lift your shoulders up to put your SHIRTS!

But let's not get into how many injuries they give you, and just how unhealthy the bench is, second only to the idiotic lat pulldown machine at "Jim Shim Pump Dump La La Land". 

Let's get into function. 

Like, really, dude. 

How many times in life, or combat, or anything, do you lie on your back - do nothing except . . . push a weight. 

Maybe in bed. 


Not my favorite position even there! But we won't get into that here, hehe. 

But really, imagine this - you're wrestling a guy - and are trying to throw him off you. 

Straight off you. 

HOW MANY times do you think he'll "play dead" and just roll ove rand let you press him? 

How many times do you think you could get away with a weak grip like you can on the bench press? 

How many times do you think you can get away with an ultra weak sodden CORE lik eyou can on the bench press? 

How many times do you think you could even TRY to push him off before your lower back gives up, and upper back and arms SCREAM - not with pleasure, but pain? 

You get the point, my friend. 

If you really have to lift weights, do so - on your FEET, and hoist 'em overhead like REAL MEN did back in the day. 

But the best thing, by far, my friend, is learn the one exercise that these real men said GAVE them the strength to do what they did. 

Even Doug Hepburn, champ weightlifter and Olympic Gold Medalist (no, he didnt have good genetics, he was born with a club foot) said that handstand pushups were what got him to the insane levels of strength he had. 

And there is a damn good reason he features on the cover of the book for it!

On another note, a great customer once asked me about another fitness guy who put together a course he didnt consider "great" and that he "put together over the weekend" (so it looked like), and I wont kick ass and take names, but after perusing the course, I gotta admit he is (my great customer) - RIGHT!

(Finally - it took me like ages to rifle through that one!) 

Dead on right, although I highly respect the author who wrote the course . . . 

And one of his comments was about the cover, containing an even more respected wrassler of yore. 

"I wonder what <insert name> would think of him using his picture as the cover!" 

Well, I dont know - but I'll tell you one damned thing - if Doug Hepburn was HERE? 

He WOULD put his seal of approval on those workouts - thats for damned sure!

Anyway, thats it from me. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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