Monday, 29 March 2021 18:46

Why Rahul Mookerjee and 0 Excuses Fitness don't welcome or cater to lily livered poltroons

Got the first of many comments today to share wth you (I'll be sharing all in future emails, but for now, lets go in order) for my new book "Profound Handstands "70% Gorilla 30% Human". 

James from planet Venus apparently wrote in to say this - 

"Not a bad book, but the author forgets he's not training us to become Army members. Just way too tough! One of the workouts left me depleted for days! While it's not a terrible book, the price! It's too expensive. I wont be buying again". 

Honestly, man (or woman, given the tone of his rant), I dont get it . . . 

If I give it to folks easy, they complain it's too easy (though really, I don't do easy - what I teach LOOKS easy,  but is anything BUT - though it will look easy to you too when you can do it). 

When it's tough, stuff that gets results people bitch about "we dont want to join the Army". 

Like dude, nowhere in any of my books do I say you need to or want to join the Army, but really, THESE are the workouts which not just stalwarts from the Army and Special forces globally use, but also champ boxers, wreslters, ironmen, martial artists etc - - and believe me, my workouts have FLOORED many a great man and woman from those above categories, and thats saying a hell of a lot. 

The price, well, I've spoken a lot about that before - and I'm not going to get into it again. Suffice it to say though that the price on this will go up, up, and UP. 

And for "why" - well, I dont feel like typing it all out again - there's plenty in that regard on the blog etc. 

But by and large, this guy speak of being depleted for days. 

I suppose he means ONE day, since he bought the book on Sunday, a day (or night) after it was released . . . 

Second, isn't that a good thing? 

Why the heck would someone want workouts that don't challenge him or her? 

It befuddles the mind, at least mine, as to why someone would buy a fitness product and expect to be mamsy pamsied and handheld, but apparently lots of folks do. 

And that brings me to a point I keep emphasizing. 

Rahul Mookerjee doesnt cater to wusses, Mama's boys, lily livered poltroons and Bozos of that nature in general, and the above should be reason enough why. 

If not, well, get your brain checked. 

And I do ALL I can to REPEL the above. 

With good reason. 

One bad apple truly DOES spoil the bunch . . . 

Anyway, some great comments still to come - watch this space for more!

And you DOERS and real men out there - you'll LOVE this course. 

Grab it NOW


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Jay, a friend of mine when he saw the Facebook page for the biz made the comment about "I train, I go to the gym, but not like YOU! Macho man!

What I wanted to tell him was this -well, why NOT like me, my friend. 

Ain't like you can't work up to it - everyone can - I did - and if I did - so can you!

And the workouts he was referring to were here - Pushups - Reverse Pushups - the best darn exercise EVER!

An oldie, but a goldie. Another one is Animal Kingdom Workouts - which is a MUST grab too, my friend, if you're in ANY way serious about your health, strenght and fitness.