Sunday, 18 April 2021 08:22

How the China Health Organization finally caught up with yours truly "pioneer"

Actually, my friend, it isn't so much just me that has pioneered what I am talking about, or any of what I talk about. 

I've learnt from MANY people either directly or indirectly - and I've gone on to better some - and some not as yet, but I will. 

Not that it matters. 

I will still give credit to each and every person I've learnt from and that has truly helped me for as long as I live - because thats how it should be!

But anyway, the W.H.O - one of the most profoundly USELESS and SPINELESS "we love kow towing to China commies" organization (and even they've come out and pretty much said China spread the plague - I mean duh! Now that took a while! Wonder if the Bozos there actually you know, THINK and have a brain and some common sense. Those of you and us with the above have been saying this forever, and it's only now some of the world is STARTING to wake up) there ever was, is, and will be - which I like to call the C.H.O - China health organization has woken up to some things health and fitness wise. 

I did not know of this before, of course but I received the following from John Walker, a DOER And a great customer in the United Kingdom today - - 

Back to training, in this month's Men's Fitness magazine there is an article about how the W.H.O. is now recommending what is being called "exercise snacking" in which you take small "bites" of exercise throughout the day, to combat our "sedentary lifestyle" seems I've heard this somewhere else "ah yes" now I remember, isn't it how you've been exercising for awhile now, must be nice to have W.H.O. finally catch up to with you and underscore what you are doing as a great way to keep fit.

Now I must admit, I didnt know that. I believe I once sent in an article in 2017 to Men's Health and Fitness or something in Oz, I dont know if it was accepted (I never heard back) but thats all I know about them. 

But yes - I've been doing and advocating brief "mini workouts" forever!

And I have been doing them forever too. 

YES, even when I climbed the hill all those times per day, I'd do bridging as a mini workout at night before dinner!

And these days, stuck or chained to the keyboard as I am? 

I do these as a primary means of not just keeping fit, but keeping the motivation and ideas flowing. 

Lots of people get their great ideas in a shower - so do I sometimes - but I get most during my workouts when I'm focusing on something else which is how the subconscious works anyway. 

And of course, it's a great way to keep fit. 

Dont get me wrong - you can do one MASSIVE workout per day and then nothing that day other than maybe gentle walks and errands around the house, stretching and isometrics or what not. 

And you'll do GREAT. 

But mini workouts hit you differently, and cannot be beat either. 

Heavy lunch, you say? 

Well, do 50 pull-ups two hours afterwards, and tell me where it went ... 

And so forth. 

Not to mention they're TIME effective if you do it right. 

It' amazing I gotta say this, you know. The entire world has nothing but time at home right now and people still complain about having no time, but anyway, time effective as well. 

So where is YOUR excuse, my friend? 

Hell, even the WHO - or CHO has endorsed the Rahul Mookerjee way now!

High time, hehe. 

"About time" as most people would say. LOL. 

On that note ... 

I was telling John he's an incredibly articulate and erudite person - unlike most other people these days. I think we were discussing Wacko Schofield or something, and how he got left behind when they were "doling" the brains out (on the dole - pun intended, heeh)

Here is part of what he said. 

Erudite, now that's a word that you don't hear often these day's, in fact I doubt many people even know what it means, why do I say this? Well in an interview for a job I was applying for there were many tests to see if you were worth employing, one of the tests asked the question what does erudite mean, according to the HR Manager who was interviewing me, of all the hundreds of people she'd interviewed over the years I was one of "four" people that actually knew what erudite meant, one wonder's what people are being taught if only four people out of several hundred know what erudite means.

Now, he's right on that one!

And it's a pity. 

Much like REAL old school training producing real results, same thing is happening with language and everything else around us (society included). 

Anyway, for those of you staying sane during the hen basket madness going on - check out one of the very best books I've writtten on exercise - that will literally make you join the ranks of the super humans  if you do it right. 

Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

And I'll be BACK!


Rahul Mookerjee