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Monday, 02 August 2021 15:27

Bozo Schofield and the 5000(00) he stole "ongoing saga"

It's nothing short of hilarious, friend. 

The Bozo has given (as y'all know) my email address to the chick he stole money from "Mandy whoever" who like many others was gullible enough to fall for the Bozos scammy words and such. 

And while I thought it was 5000RMB, now it's apparently 500000 RMB he stole. 

The 0's keep inflating like the Bozo's flatulent butt... LOL. 

Anyway, whats funny is he's given her my email address, as if "I'm in some way associated with the Bozo". 

No, my friend. I am not. 

The Bozo is counting on me posting these publicly to somehow "wriggle" out of the fact that he not only did drugs in China, Hong KOng and the Phillippines - he also looted money from women, made physical threats against many of them - and finally got kicked out of the Phillippines (though he would have been thrown in PRISON if it hadn't been for "Mandy" and his friend Charles). 

A certan Roya Saaednia will bear testament to this, as will many others. 

Here's what I just got. 

Hi, Glyn,

    I am very glad that you could talk with me peacefully this time.I have dreamed this moment for long time.
   I don't want to bother your future life,just saying good bye to old life.
 Here is my bank detail:

(Beneficiary Bank): ... 
(Beneficiary Name):....
(Beneficiary Account number):....
(Swift Code): .....
(Bank Code): ....
(Bank Address): ....
     The owned RMB50000 should be around pound 6000,or US$7800.You remitte to my above account as your convenient currency. 

     I bless your parents and Families are all good.And I pray you getting someone cherish you from deep heart. Wish your business better and better in the future. :)

    Best regards!


Truly, Bozo Butts should be in for Ponzi schemes or something ... 

... Except it's just too stupid, the Bozo's way of dealing with it is as follows - 

She emails "him". 

He calls her up after seeing the email reached the address he gave her (mine). 

And then of course, she emails back thinking its "Bozo's address". 

I'm sure either the Bozo or they're both waiting for a response from me.   (though it seems it's the Bozos's usual drunken trolling goin gon) 

It won't come, hehe, but I'll keep YOU guys posted on the sorry tale... 

Anyway, it jives with a piece I was reading recently about trolls and how they are pretty much the modern day of success. 

Yours truly has dealt with them all my life, and it's like the other dude said "from the age of 24, from blog to blog, success to success, the trolls followed me, desperate for attention and spreading their lies". 

Except Bozo "Boozo" Schofield isn't just desperate for attention. 

He's plumbed the bottom. 

Clearly the 5000 or whatever he stole has run out.   (I dont know, I Thought it was 5000 yuan he stole, maybe that was from another person! Seems he stole a far larger amount from this chick. 

Or, I should say "essentially stole") ... Fraud, basically. 

Now he's "on the lam". 

And should be reported to the UK authorities anyway - wasn't he on the lam anyway on bail for drunk driving anyway? 

Yes, I believe he was - if they'll look it up, they'll find it. 

Anyway, Bozo Glyn, Jeez. 

Man the eff up, "be a man for once in your life" and at least deal directly with the girl on email ... 

But then again, that would require balls, which he ain't got. Hehe. 

Anyway - I'm out. 

But - Animal Kingdom Workouts, my friend is truly the BOMB! 

And an anti troll course if there ever was one in more ways than one. 

Grab this now, you the REAL trainee will love it!


Rahul Mookerjee

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