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Why I don’t have a relationship with my family

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Or should I say, “family” . . . There is a reason I’m using quotes.

Now, at the outset, I don’t know what prompted me to write this today of all things. I have no idea, literally.

It came to me . . . in the flow.

And when I say family, I’m referring to primarily my parents here. Not my wife or relatives or anything of that nature . . .

It’s something I’ve often talked about, of course. I’ve often said there is virtually nothing I see eye to eye with on my parents, and as Charles (the friend) said “sounds like there is a lot of bad blood for ages between y’all”.

And as Charles, another friend and CUSTOMER once said, they’re your parents. You should try and build a relationship, as they aren’t going to be around forever.

This comment was made in 2017, and it’s sitting on another laptop, so Im not sure if those were the exact words, but I’m pretty sure they WERE.

And he’s right, to an extent, or actually I should say he’s RIGHT for the most part.

Except, when I say that, I’m referring to normal parents.

Those that want their children to actually succeed.

Those that don’t want their children to turn into carbon copies of themselves.

Those that realize their kids have dreams, goals and aspirations.

Perhaps most important, those that realize the power of the subconscious, and the sheer power that parents hold over moulding a child’s brain.

Lots of people look at my kid and claim she’s “too lively” sometimes.

“You need to discipline her more”

And so forth.

And while she does indeed sometimes run amok why don’t we do so?

Because for the most part, we’re teaching her to grow up confident and strong mentally (and physically too - - she’s starting to get forearms bigger than me! Hehe) and that, by far, is the most important gift you could ever give a child my friend.

More than “education” or the joke it’s turned into these days. More than money for sure. More than the latest toys.

It’s confidence, and the KNOWLEDGE that comes from knowing that your parents will stand behind you no matter what.

What do I mean?

Well, before going to college, a well meaning colleague of my Dad once remarked to me “It doesn’t matter what happens, or goes wrong! It doesn’t matter if you get a girl pregnant! The main thing is, you come back and tell your family about it!”

And that is fine and dandy if your family actually CARES, is what I should have told him at that point.

Most worryingly, there are MANY families like this, who subconsciously hinder their children’s growth and amazing though it might sound, COMPETE with their own children!

When we bought a flat sreen TV years ago, my Dad’s next comment a coupl e of days later was “we have a bigger one!” (not his exact words, but the sum and substance).

When I was earning big bucks in mainland China, my Dad had this to say.

“You’ve got a far larger bank account than I did at your age!”

But amazingly enough, NO-ONE pointed me in the direction of doing my own thing. Or in terms of support at anything, except “work a job no matter what” and that is it.

And I think it would be fair to say they didn’t know their own son from Adam, hehe.

In fact, sometimes I wonder if . . . ah, but we best not go there. ?

My mother once admitted to me at the age of 17, “you’re the first kid, and we’ve made mistakes”, and that’s an admission she’s done EVERYTHING to counter since then and very forcefully so that she’s done it.

Anyway there is much much more to this sorry tale, hehe, and the reason I bring it up?


One, because people keep asking.

Two, because a lot of people go through the same thing, and yet think it’s just them it’s happening to.

(and yes, you CAN eventually succeed no matter what!)

Three . . . because, you got it.

It applies to fitness.

The very worst thing you can do, my friend, fitness wise is to have any sort of relationship with folks that don’t believe in you or your goals or your fitness.

It could be my Mom sagely commenting upon “he thinks he’s so strong” at a very impressionable age, or it could be any of the other army of idiots and morons that think “he’s naturally fit” (and that thought he’d never write a book, or do a pull-up, be able to do a 100 pushups etc before I actually did so).

We’re the sum of the people we hang out with the most.

We’re also the sum of the people we follow the most, and believe in the most . . .

And if you want to achieve something; accomplish something, then be prepared to put in the hard yards.

Burn all bridges.

And, as a famous iconoclastic author said on one of his sales page “Tell family, friends and non believers to go straight to HELL”.

And he’s damned right. He struggled for years big time before finally making it to millionaire status.

He knows what he BE talking about.

And so do I, my friend, although I’m nowhere near millionare status . . .

. . . as of NOW!

But my followers are doing all they can to make that happen, hehe. Judging by the testimonials I’m getting for Pushup Central and Advanced Hill Training (and Animal Kingdom Workouts) . .  . well, all I can say is I’m GOBSMACKED my friend.

Pick up the courses if you so choose, but for now, that’s a short answer to a complicated question that don’t even begin to cover all bases. I’ll write more on this later. Adios for now though; and I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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