Friday, 09 April 2021 09:34

A sure shod sign of POVERTY conditioning

I've often said that like attracts like. 

Fitness wise, life wise, in all regards . . . 

And money, my friend is no different. It's actually (as Napoleon Hill) said much like a "beautiful maiden you're wooing" (in terms of the tips and techniques used to woo the same). 

(Think and Grow Rich, and no, I dont get anything from mentioning HIll as often as I do and yes I'll keep mentioning him, and yes, I pulled the discount, and ... OK, but more on that later). 

I never fail to be AMAZED - and stunned at the number of people I meet, not just today (these days) - but over a period of years, that when asked "how's business", get back to me with either one of the following. 

"Its great!" 

(and then they pester me for hours about buying their latest product or what not, run after me galore, and so forth which makes me think they have NO business at all) 

Or, this (more common apparently). 

"It's OK, but times are tough!" 

Amazingly enough, people say this when times are NOT tough. 

I cannot tell you the number of times I've heard people say "hey, we're doing GREAT!" (less than the number of fingers on my left hand, I'll say that. And right too).  

Apparently it's kosher to "hide" that fact? 

Ditto for those with money claiming times are tough, and wanting bargains on everything, and so forth (note - there are SOME people for whom times ARE tough, but by no means is the majority of people). 

I dont know ... personally, me, I've never shied away from saying the following. 

"I'm doing well sitting at home making money"

And if not? 

"Hanging in there, going up, up, and up!" 

(Nah, Bozo Schofield not that kinda up). 

Is there some sort of perverse satisfaction to be gained from doom and gloom mentality? 

I Dont know, my friend, but as Claude Bristol once famously said in the Magic of Believing, depressions were and are created by THINKING. 

As we think, so we are. 

I realize people dont believe this, but it's TRUE if you think about it. 

And when I see people with money saying "It's SOOO Tough for us! Business is terrible!" (while they're getting raises etc quietly) - it makes me wonder. 

Curiously enough, the money these people have doesnt "stay with them". 

It's always flowing out somehow ... 

As we think, so we ATTRACT. 

Why not think POSITIVE, my friend? 

Why not try and remain UPBEAT? 

And most of all, why harbor a scarcity mentality when there is absolutely no need to? 

Sure, yours truly isn't a millionaire ... Unlike the great Glyn Schofield, who apparently is one several times over from the email he sent me. 

Millions of  pounds or asses, you decide, hehe. 

(He actually DID send me that email haha). 

But I've never been one to piss and moan about money whether I had it or not, and I've had plenty of times where I did, and where I didnt, and either way, I could care less in many regards. 

And that, my friend is the lesson for the day (or email). 

If it sounds strange, well, think about it. 

It's... TRUE!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Letting go is key. Also what is key is that one shouldn't "expect" discounts etc for EVERYTHING. Sure, I give the DOERS that email me with genuine reasons discounts etc, and sure, I've had offers etc in the past for EVERYONE (and indeed NOW, until I pulled it) - but based on some of the idiotic replies I get such as "why is the limit not $50 and $100" or whatever he wants to be, I figured it's easier just to NOT do 'em. Sometimes, the easiest way out is to make less sales, believe it or not!

(Yes, I value SANITY over all. Heheh). 

(and dude (Paul) "no why"))