Tuesday, 20 April 2021 09:02

The hallmark of a SUPERB trainer!

For Shoulders like Boulders!, a customer left a review - a great one!

"An excellent book by a superb trainer/writer. If you're at all interested in bodyweight conditioning, you need to get your copy of this book"

That is a quote not quite verbatim, but from memory. 

And as I sit here, still dripping with sweat after brief workout #2 (Animal Kingdom Workouts leg special - in fact, I did 30% of one of the workouts from the book), I not only feel like an animal, but I'm GONE. 

I have nothing left!

For now, hehe. 

Until my bridging mini workout later. 

And I'm getting ideas galore for all my different projects I've got stacked up, ready to go as it were. 

And I'm sweating buckets. 

My legs feel like JELLY. Literally. 

And that is why I'm writing this to you. 

When I used to train my daughter, and indeed when I do (well, when I do it) NOW? 

She says the same thing!!

And she complains up a storm, hehe. 

Yes, I could sit here and tell you everything is perfect, especially given SHE is the STAR of Kiddie Fitness. 

But, it sometimes isn't. 

She needs to be pushed. 

YOU do too, my friend. 

I do too, and I do it daily!

The hallmark of a good trainer, in my NOT so humble opinion - and I'm RIGHT (how humble eh) is NOT what the lovely Jassy asks her trainer to do, and he does ,salivating while he's at it in the Jim. 

"Rub my shoulders after each set", she instructs. 

Which may work for Bozo Schofield and his "femdom" posse ... (though they're not really into femdom. They're into "topping from the bottom" and trolling, which is a completely DIFERENT Thing, hence the women RUN away from them as fast as .... well, the Jim from me!). 

Or me from chrome and fern. 

But anyway, thats the reality of modern day trainers most of whom don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. 

I once asked one of these dudes, a strongly built man, to drop and give me 50. 


(great question that - if I asked YOU - could you do it?) 

And note - I didnt just tell him to do it - I was going to do it WITH HIM. 

I'm not the sort of person that tells YOU To do something, and then wimps out myself. 

No sirreeeeeee.... 

The "Trainer" couldn't get past 10 proper pushups, and the extended arm pushups? 

Forget about it!

That, my friend, is the sad reality of the JIm Shim where they pander to clients, but don't get them fit and strong - and supremely HEALTHY. 

Yours truly doesnt. 

I dont pander to anyone. 

I PUSH people - to their limits, and beyond!

I go hard - brutal!

And I say it like it is. 

Most of this does the opposite of "endear me to everyone". 

So be it. 

And the results I give my clients, my friend, even the most grudging one of them - and even the crankiest ones of them . . . admit are out of this world. 

And that, my friend is that. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS- To answer the question posed in the title? 

"It's when your clients are CURSING you throughout the workout, hehe, to make it EASIER, and you don't!

"And then praising you to the heavens after that!" 


But it's true!