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Sunday, 15 August 2021 06:06

Am I Chinese?

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The "rainbow pimp" as a certain "Tyrone Eric Milakuwhat Blanks" once called me "You got the HAIR, RAHUL!!!!!!!!!!" ... is wondering. 

He's been in a great mood all day!

He's been thinking. 

And as I think about something, and as the Universe opens up to ME - I had this thought. 

Am I half chinese? 

My Dad said it, of course. 

"You're half Chinese", he once said. 

I have no idea whether he really meant it, but somehow, those off the cuff remarks hit home - he probably did!

"But you skin yellow!" (true comment made by Anna, a property consultant who pinched at my skin when I tried to explain that I was ethnically Indian - not red either. Hehe). 

And a host of other comments. 

True, I've always been a chameleon, adapt at picking up the signals the Universe is sending me, hiding, biding my time (Bozo knows this, hehe) ... and much more. 

True, I could be "from anywhere". 

From Arabic to Spanish to American to South American to Chinese to "Asian" - well, Indian is probably the LAST thing someone would call me. They hardly ever do. Hehe. 

Hilarious, eh. 

But thats how it is - as we think, so we attract!

And I've always been this way my friend. 

Anyway, I think I remember telling you something about a group I created - which is still going strong? 

Two, in fact - two employment groups. 

Of course, with me yin and yang never goes away. 

With employment "Jack must play, he was never a dull boy!" 

So I created a kink related group too in 2014 - around the same time I created "Keeping it Real in China" - and the two employments groups - one networking group- and so forth. 

All free services, friend, top notch groups that people literally beg to get into. 

I've spurned offers from people wanting to buy the groups - literally. 

And all this for free - the tight ship I run, and the rules I implement - everyone complains. 

Those rules are ultimately though what attract people, because the groups serve the purpose for what they were intended. 

Unlike a certain "Keeping it Real in China" which I was pretty lax on moderating. 

Bozo Glyn and the rest had fun in that. 

When I left that group I gave it to Glenn, a guy from Australia, who then handed it to the Boozo. 

As another pal Alix once said, this group is no longer serving the purpose Rahul wanted it to!

And as Charles said, "don't give it to Glyn - he will RUIN it immediately". 

Which he did - but Charles wasn't willing to take up the mantle of responsibility either. 

Remember, my friend - everyone "wants". 

As I told a lady today, "everyone is bored, but no-one is speaking up, all are silent" (she added me out of the blue today - long time since we spoke - 2014 - and I almsot didnt remember her! But, the picture looked familiar, and ... well, that smile... and well, I'll get into that below!). 

Everyone wants - but no-one is willing to take RESPONSIBILITY and DO. 

Remember, what you're doing for free - or a community service - the laws of the Universe apply just as much to free services as they do paid, perhaps more. 

Sometimes, what we do for free pay us WAY more in satisfaction and even money down the line than we realize. 

Dongguan Expat, that website we created - back in the day - it literally gave me my next job when I was almost "done" with China and had almost given up!

I found Freddie through the site I created (well, Michael created it, but we co-did it, basically - it's a long story, y'all know that!). 

Same thing with these groups, except yours truly created all of them, never anyone else involved. I've had offers of co-moderation, all spurned. 

But anyway ... "everyone is scared to speak up". 

People are content to be the "drooping lily on the wall NO-ONE notices". 

People are happy to "NOT do" the thing - people are happy to NOT say the thing. 

People are happy, most of all, not to be the "nail that sticks out, because it gets hammered the first". 

With all that said, where are we NOW? 

Ah, of course, I gotta be interrupted just as I sit down to write to you ... 

Back soon... 

Ah, I'm back - back after a break. In the past, I'd get SO irritated at losing my train of thought - now? I prefer not to, but blessed is the state of mind I can sit here, write to you, not worry about losing my train of thought even after being interrupted - something most ADVANCED writers cannot do, trust me. 

Anyway .. .

So another group I had rules for, but never went anywhere was the "kink" group - which of course turned into an idiotic porn group with idiots spamming it. 

I clamped down, but then no-one talked. 

No-one my friend, especially these days is interested in real conversation. 

"We just wana look at videos". 

Fuck, how the hell do you CONVERSE without the other person being frank about their opinions etc? 

As for kinks trust me, we ALL have 'em. 

It's a matter of whether we're smart and sensible about the, or a Bozo Schofield. Thats a choice we can all make. 


Like I told you before I gave the group to Gubo, and I left. 

I've no idea where Gubo is. 

And remember, I never hid my face - identity etc as a lot of people did on there. 

Yours truly, always transparent and open - and TODAY, as I was thinking about future plans, she added me. 

I didnt know who it was, but I knew I knew her, I asked. .. 

Turned around she was part of the group - and after we chatted, she lamented the group went nowhere after I gave it up. 

The number of members stayed stagnant. 

NO conversation, even less than before... (we had some thought provoking conversations in there, I'll tell you that!). 

And ... so I've asked her to find out who the admin is, I'll probably take the group back - and run with it. 

The time is NIGH, my friend, for miracles to happen. 

Yes, I know you on this list are thinking "he's going all esoteric on us again", but life, my friend - that is the only way. 

As I have written SO MANY times, life comes full circle. It always, always does... 

And on that note, I'm off to talk to Maria. 

Now, before I go - 

The "pre-sales" cycle for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness - is rapidly coming to a CLOSE. If you want in at the price now (I will price it FAR higher down the line) - then take action NOW. 

And second, those two copies of Fast and Furious Fitness "pure Gold" - the Collector's Edition must go, I've already had interest, but I'll giv eit a few more days for you guys and then if no-one takes action (on those books - curiously, sales are ROARING on the other books) ... then away they go. 

All for a good cause!


Rahul Mookerjee

Life's a trip, eh. The "vacation before death", a saying Dwayne use!

Thats some trippy ass shit, Holmes!


- Rahul Mookerjee

PS - "I'll leave the groups to Rahul!" Hehe - So said even Glyn Bozo "Popko Schofield" once... 

Yes, even Bozo sometimes gets it. Hehe. 

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