Build a bone crushing grip

Grip training is an often ignored component of modern day trainee's workout. You hear of folks wanting to build their chest, develop their back muscles to the fullest, and so forth, but how many guys do you really see training their grip hard? I'll bet not too many, probably none if you are training in a commercial gym.

The funny part about this is that most folks actually WANT a strong grip (let's admit it, we all want to be the guy with the bonecrushing grip), but aren't, for whatever reason, willing to put in the effort required for same. Note I did not say "time and effort" required, as it it takes very little time to really torch the forearms and grip. In fact, a FIVE minute routine is all you really need to build a super grip - and if you are doing some of the other exercises I advocate, you may not even need that five minutes - you will work your grip into the ground just by doing the other exercises.

As I've noted in Fast and Furious Fitness, I usually train my grip after I finish my usual workout. Today's grip portion was a LONG workout by my standards - 8 minutes total as opposed to the usual 3 or 4, and believe you me, my forearms were fried by the end of it. You know it's been a good workout when you literally feel the blood rushing back into your "swollen" (they aren't really swollen, but they feel that way) forearms after your done!

Grip training should be an integral part of any serious strength trainee's routine. Even if you aren't interested in a strong handshake, a strong grip will transfer over to your other exercises and allow you to perform better on these. Additionally, remember the old saying "Strong hands + Strong core = Strong body". There is much wisdom behind this saying. So, train your grip hard, just as hard as you would any other body part, and let me know once you develop that bone crushing power in your hands!