Wednesday, 27 May 2020 11:39

Drums of FAT and why losing weight NATURALLY Is always the BEST IDEA

Over lunch, something interesting happened.

My wife and daughter were chatting from what it seems . . . about yours truly who was truly “lost” in himself, and thinking about something else.

Over a plate of boiled egg and rice, and for that don’t know, twas delicious, hehe.

On that note, HEALTHY CAN BE delicious, my friend and usually always IS if you do it right.

And though I love Chinese food as well, my course on Dish Delicious contains NO Chinese dishes.

Mostly all Western and Indian dishes – super healthy dishes at that and then some – and delicious ones you CAN eat day in and day out without dreading, hehe.

Youll never even feel like you’re sticking to a diet if you eat these, and as I ate today, I sure didn’t feel like it.

“This is what they call a foodie”, I remarked laughingly to my wife.

Or, a Chi Huo as Cindy once called me, hehe.

Anyway, back to drums of fat.

My wife was telling my six year old, soon to be seven daughter about the ROLLS of fat that I had when she was born.

Yes, back during my lard ass days, hehe.

“Papa literally was three times the size he is now”, she said.

“Really?” exclaimed my daughter. “But I want him to be more!”

I want him to be soft and cuddly, she went.


That she does, as every little girl does!

And after that, my wife said the following.

“You could literally fill DRUMS of fat from him before” she said, giggling no less than NINETEEN to the DOZEN, hehe.

And its true my friend.

Its true, and since we think in pictures, I thought of a big blue nasty vat (the sort that the Chinese use in “slaughterhouse style” lunch rooms – ugh, that’s a memory from back in the day that ain’t nice at all! ?) . . . and a vat filled with FAT at that.

Human fat, and if you think that’s gross, well, that’s precisely what people pay big bucks for in terms of liposuctions and other (to me gross) cosmetic alterations.

And believe it or not, certain cases involve the patient “wanting to look at their fat” after it’s taken out.

Gross perhaps, but par for the course for folks these days!

Funny part?

It’s not so much the gross nature of this that I’m against as the unnatural nature of it, and the fact that these results NEVER EVER LAST!

Liposuction may make you look good temporarily (albeit with stretch marks due to the fat being “suddenly” taken out and previous tight skin becoming saggy).

Weight loss “belts”, all the latest rage won’t even do that. All they’ll do is a burn a hole in your POCKET – NOT your waistline and the fat deposits around it.

I once saw a machine that claimed to “jiggle your fat for you” and if there ever was an excuse to be lazy, that machine was IT. It promised the moon and probably delivered the exact opposite, and probably made sales aplenty as it is, as it said exactly what people WANT To hear, that being lose weight – the EASY way.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it don’t work that way my friend.

The good things in life are neither free nor easy.

I mean, they’re easy if you set your mind to it, but you can’t just show up and expect to get results. You have to do THE thing.

Other hand, if you want lasting results, then THOSE routines and exercises are the WAY TO GO, my friend.

For real.

And if you don’t believe me, look at the scores of people who show up for liposuction – AGAIN – after the first or second treatment.

That fat comes right back on, and so it should, as you have NOT increased either the T levels in your body – or the levels of HGH – or the levels of muscle – by doing precisely nothing other than lie under a surgeon’s scalpel.

And so, your body’s “chemical” balance was NOT altered the way it is, for instance, when you workout NATURALLY – and build a ton of strength and muscle (while releasing that all important HGH for HOURS after your workout) while at it!

Moral of the story is this – if you want lasting results – then do what LASTS.

Don’t look for the easy way out, my friend. It don’t exist.


Rahul Mookerjee

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