Monday, 06 February 2012 05:05

You don't need an hour

Caught the tail end of a conversation on one of the local radio channels this morning. this was about a "get people fit" sort of deal they've decided to promote for a while on their morning broadcasts - at least that was what I understood given I just heard the end of the talk. The "show" in question was being hosted by a couple of guys and a lady, and apparently the first candidate they've "selected" is a member of the local constabulary.

According to the hosts, this particular gentleman has NOT exercised for eons (if ever) and has unhealthy eating habits as well. Fried foods, unhealthy snacks, excess drinking, the list goes on and on. And this is nothing so unusual - a lot of folks these days are in dire need of a complete diet overhaul before commencing an exercise program. My Simple and Effective Diet routine would be a great place for them to start.

The lady on the show then piped up with something like "What are we getting ourselves into here? If he's really that out of shape, we're going to have to get him to run for at least an hour every morning, and then do other exercises". And so forth - that was the last I caught of it. Dropped my wife off at her workplace, went home - so that was my radio "fix: for today.

And the point of my telling you this is not to catch you up on my favorite radio shows - what I am trying to say here is that though the hosts of the show are doing a commendable job by trying to get folks fit - they are going about it the wrong way. You do NOT need one hour daily - in fact, if the gentleman in question is so far gone as they claim he is, even FIVE minutes of exercise would be enough for him - provided he exercises the right way.

Yes, thats right. Just FIVE minutes will do him a world of good - likely more so than pounding the pavement for hours, which would not be advisable anyway if he's that out of shape. In fact, my own "cardio" routine lasted for precisely SEVEN minutes today, and it wasn't a particularly easy workout either.

If it were me, I'd start the gentleman off with some gentle stretches and warm up routines - and then start him on some of the exercises I mention in Fast and Furious Fitness - at a beginner level. I'd tell him to clean his diet up, get enough quality sleep - and within a couple of week's I guarantee you he'll be ready for more. And all this without spending hours running daily and THEN doing other things.

Anyway, I commend the radio channel once again - as well as the gentleman in question. He's at least made the CHOICE to get into better shape, which already puts him ahead of 90% of the modern day world.

Now, what about YOU? The choice is yours, and yours alone - but if I were you, I know what I'd do.

All for now - if you train today, do it the FAST AND FURIOUS way!

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