Saturday, 31 October 2020 12:35

Why apeing me will lead to abject failure (for the most part, anyway).

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And it certainly ain't gonna make you as strong as an ape, my friend.

If anything it might actually SLOW your gains down.

But hold your horses. Let me back up a little ...

... What I'm talking about right now ain't really fitness. That comes soon.

For now though, it's about the ever growing “tribe” of not just haters, but “lovers” ... that blindly try and APE what I do.

I see it on my WeChat all the time. People peeking into my marketing style and trying to do what I do and get the results I do ...

... which by the way has included pestering me to buy said services after I looked at their post, something I absolutely do not, have not, and will never do (and neve rhave done).

Desperation perhaps.

At their stuff not selling, or the services not getting bought.

In some cases its because their stuff is downright crappy (like the guy who recently tried to sell me “China VPN for X amount! Watch all sports on this, brother!”)

But in most cases, the products seem decent enough.

It's the marketing and selling, by far the most important part of the whole process which fall flat on their face.

The desperation shines through, though some do a better job of concealing it than others.

And it never fails to amuse me when I see “Rahul Mookerjee” clones out there that try and ape exacly how I do things and get the precise opposite in results.

Lets take the Bozo for an example.

He even apes my email style right down to the “Best,” and signing off with his full name (at least in some of the rants he sent me, that was the case).

And he's (as a mutual friend said) “obsessed” with me.

As if yours truly was a movie star, hehe, though I've been called that as as well.

But here is the thing my friend.

Apeing me in terms of marketing or even fitness isn't exactly the ticket.

First thing you know, YOUR customer have a different mindset than mine (or your list, or your “besties”, or your nikkas, or whoever you sell to) ...

... And giving them the “Rahul” treatment will likely have the very opposite effect you intend.

(Unless you do it RIGHT, but no, I won't reveal how here, hehe).

And second, and most importantly ...

YOU aren't ME.

And I ain't you.

And neither is anyone me, or neither am I “anyone”. 

I keep saying one thing, the Creator, or Universe, or whoever has made everyone unique my friend.

We all have unique skill sets and talents (look at the Bozo for instance. He's uniquely good at trolling, and yet is too lazy to make a career out of it, but apes me just coz ...).

And the minute we “ape” someone blindly, it shows.

At least, those of us in the know can see.

Unless you really, really do it well and most don't ...

And fitness wise, same thing, and I've said that before of course. I think I said it a day or so ago.

We, my friend, are unique.

Fitness ain't a one size fits all deal.

Doing handstand pushups all day might have worked for Doug Hepburn, but he had his unique situation to deal with.

So do YOU.

And thats why despit ethe barrage of workouts I give you in damn near every book, I do not handhold, and I make that very clear.

Im all about results.

And you ain't gonna get 'em if you ... ah, but we went there, didnt we?

Might not sound like music to your ears, but it's true, hehe.

And on that sage note, I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Oh, almost forgot! While “apeing” ain't good, building APE like strength is definitely what most modern men WANT and NEED (the Bozo is a prime example). Bozo even wrote in to me about how he wished I'd build a gorilla grip. Funnily enough I'm the guy that wrote the book. Fancy that, eh. But really. Train like an ape, my friend - - you'll never regret the pulling and sheer overall upper body GORILLA strength you build! ;)

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