Thursday, 05 November 2020 10:07

Is what I do not “real work”?

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I remember Uncle Bob laughing about something once, way, way back in the day ...

.. .about a certain mutual friend of ours.

... the “Major General” (not really, hehe) as it were.

And while specifics aren't important, let's just say Michael did the very thing back then that I do now (and I daresay made a ton of money while doing it).

(Is it any surprise my English name is Michael? Or my other “names” are ... ah, but we'll wait until the other site is back up to go there. ;))

But either way, he made the following comment once ...

... “and get a real job” (he was referring to our friend).

Not necessarily in a BAD manner either.

But get this.

While both of us (uncle Bob and myself) were bored stiff in the corporate world aching for a change, the 'General' was living the change (self created for the most part).

He was working from home. Working his own hours. Drinkning a ton of beer and having a ton of fun (that bit applies to me too, but hey! ;)) ... and most importantly, perhaps, at the tim eI met him making more money than either one of us was for the “hours” he put in (and enjoyed!).

And so forth.

And I get the same thing thrown at me all the time.

“I'm working”, I'll tell someone. Could be anyone.

Oh ok.

Where's your office? What do you do ?

I tell them.

Oh, you write. Great. But whats your real job?

And so forth ...

... Apparently writing and producing the amount I do on a damn nearly basis, and high quality stuff all of it isn't a real job?

What would these people tell me if I told them what Ford once told others?

“Thinking is by far the hardest job”.

Thats right.

Sitting still, focusing your mind on ONE THING WITHOUT DISTRACTIONS – and thinking – ruminating and on that ONE THING – for hours.

Is indeed one of th etoughest jobs out there!

And one that I can lay claim to being pretty good as of late.

Anyway, the same thing happens fitness wise.

Oh, pushups, you hear them sneer. But what about fitness?

You know you need the gym to get fit!

And so forth.

The comments pour forth from the brainwashed, and perhaps more surprisingly so, during the lockdowns everywhere, people haven't figured out to find a way, and are instead ranting on about closed gyms, “depression”, and the like.

Fiddlesticks my friend.

I just got a brief little stretching workout in that would floor most gym goers and Crossfitters from the word go.

Took me about 3 minutes in all, and I BE BUZZING now.

With energy, verve and vigor, and ready to go ... again!

Nah. Not what you think, hehe.

But really, the point stands

These preconcieved notions about “what it is” and what it “should be” are just stupid my friend.

Ditch them today – especially fitness wise. Best choice you'll ever make bro!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is the best fitness system out there (to put it simply and plainly!) - the 0 Excuses Fitness System. And yes, you DO need to grab it NOW.

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