Tuesday, 08 December 2020 12:27

“I have other choices!”

I’ve been yammering up a storm with Christina, a lady I know from wayyy back inthe day.

I dont know why, but I said hi, so did she, and we continued to talk.

And she’s a lady that for some reason keeps repeating the same thing, something that annoys me no end.

(Though in her defense, she’s trying to get freebies. Nothing if not persistent in that regard, hehe).

But I laid into her a bit, before backing off. She’s actually cool!

“Madam, try and say something ORIGINAL for once, not just the same thing. It’s so damned boring!”

(I believe those are NOT the exact words, but thats the gist).

She giggled.

“I’ll try and improve my memory”, she went.

I dont think she will!

But anyway, here is the nub of this.

Every time we chat she asks me what I do.  

Though I’ve told her a bazillion times and it’s plainly obvious.

Every time after that, she “wants to see my books”.

“Where can I go”.

Though I’ve told her.

And then of course.

“Can I read them”?

Although I’ve told her “no free” about a 1000 times, she keeps it up.

And then the most hilarious part of all this.

“I have other options! I dont need them!” she goes.

Well, if you do, Madam, by all means GET ‘em.  

Why constantly ask me, hehe.

No reply of course.

But this sort of thing is typical for the freebie seekers and those that NEVER have any intention of DOING the thing (i.e. those that may buy, but will never DO the thing).

Tyre kickers.

Wanting something for nothing.

And so forth.

And I suppose it’s no wonder I dont get on social media anymore?


Anyway, enough on that front.

To find out which books she’s so eager to read, go right HERE bro.

Pick up a couple – best investment you’ll Ever make – both fitness wise and life wise (one and the same thing at the end of the day).

I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee