Saturday, 26 December 2020 12:28

Why catering to bozo like bottom feeders is NEVER a good idea, and why “at least a little money” coming in type of statement should be a MASSIVE, MASSIVE RED FLAG!

So, it’s interesting!

Wayyy back in the day, yours truly worked in India and he “quit” a job without being asked to.

Sort of by mutual consent. The boss was a great guy!

Not so much the nutjob he hired as a “consultant” who never expected me to quit.

After I did, he sent me a voice message (well, I called him up to tell him and he told me then) saying this.

“We dont want to lose a talent like you! How about you work at REDUCED pay?”

You can well guess my reaction to that , hehe. Funnily enough depending upon your mindset, perhaps some people would have jumped at it, he’d have saved the company some dough and gotten paid MORE as a result. Hehe.

Lose talent. Pay less. My hairy ass.

Pity the exact same thing happened at the NEXT job – THAT job (pity for them, certainly not me as i went on to do my own thang, hehe).

Anyway, I told Mommy about it, and she ranted instantly

“you should never have left! Take the reduced Pay!”

“At least something is coming in!”

Now, if we were starving to death, perhaps.

But yours truly wouldn’t do it even then.

It’s a matter of thinking, and being valued.

My wife’s been in a foul mood all morning along, and all week long, because an employer she works with (not for) hasn’t been paying her dues for a while.

I keep telling her to do her own thing, but she says “it’s not possible”. Ah well. Can’t make the horse drink, hehe.

But either way, this employer apparently takes on clients at rock bottom or even less “money” and then never gets paid, and then bitches about it, and then doesnt pay my wife (who is NOT connected with sales in any which way either – she’s supposed to get a fixed sum and that is that).

Now, the specifics of the situation don’t matter. I gotta create another product, and I’m in a hurry, and it’s cold, and my fingers need a warming, so I won’t get into it all here.

But really.

(and then apparently “Madam” went into all her WhatShat groups and complained about my wife in a most girly and unprofessional manner)

(sort of like mom in law and wife complaining to each other’s friends (sometimes non existent ones, LOL) about their mutual dislike of each other and how it’s always Rahul’s fault hehe).

Unprofessonalism aside though, it’s about thinking, and thats what I told my “lovely” wife.

Her thinking is bottom of the barrel, I said.

So guess how clients treat her.

And that bro, in a nutshell is why I will NOT reduce the price of any of my books and courses, especially not considering they’re the BEST – by far – damn books on fitness, health, strength and conditoning out there. NOT necessarily in that order either, eh.

Ditto for when people ask me “why my prices are high”.

To keep out the bottom feeders, of whom there are SO many ...

Truth be told, it’s all about thinking.

You attract – as you think – as you ARE!

And on that sage note be sure to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System right here (but remember, it ain’t el cheapo deapo, so do think about it hard and long before investing!).


Rahul Mookerjee

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