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Jahapanah, tussi GREAT HO!

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So went the line ... and in English, I believe it translates into “your honor (said in a funny sort of way – or Emperor, actually now that I think about it) , you’re GREAT!”

Accompanied by a podgy little man pulling his pants down at Ladakh in them snowy heights with “three idiots” and a gorgeous Kareena Kapoor looking on.

And that was the end of the movie “3 Idiots” afte which the credits rolled, but NOT before the following line showed.

“do what you love, and the money will FOLLOW”.


Neither did I like the movie, and nor do I entirely agree with the line.

I’d add on MANY caveats to it!

But the movie was a massive commercial success (which prompted yours truly to at least give it a look see). And Aamir khan say what you might is a class act, and one of the by far most professional actors in the entire wide WORLD.

Really, he is ... and versatile and capable too!

I’m more the action thriller “Ghajini” fan when it comes to Khan (that Khan, at least).

But anyway, the movie revolves around three college students.

And two of them are subject to the usual guilt trips and doing what they dont want to do career wise from their parents, of course.

“We bought you an AC with our savings, and now this is what you do with your grades!”

Cameth the guilt trip from one’s Mama when he flunked exams in the first year.

(Sounds familiar to me both in terms of flunking and guilt trips etc. Hehe.)

Not much different for the other boy.

The third, Aamir is something of an engima, and a mystery. 

Not only does he NOT spend any time studying (the other two dont either) – but he TOPS every exam.

Pure genuis, they say, and we never see his parents.

Years later, after they all graduate, Aamir disappears, never to be seen or heard from. But a mysterious employer and supposed billionaire if I recall right “Phansuk Wangu” or something calls the two idiots up, and another Bozo like guy (the guy who finally pulled his pants down to acknowledge the other man’s superiority – some silly college prank that!).

No-one knows who he is.

They set off to find out with typical Bolly wood drama added in- - more than I Care to recant here.

But they finally find him.

Their long lost friend, that is.

And picture their surprise when they find out that THIS is the mystery employer!

Dude #3 used to call out Aamir all the time in college for this and that, and say he’d earn more, etc etc.

And he always came in #2 in the exams.

And when he finally tried to upend Aamir one last time ... well, he couldn’t.

And he finally acknowledged it in the way described bove, hehe.

Like I said, I didnt much like the movie, but it was a roaring success, so they must have hit a raw nerve. HA!

And looking into my crystal ball right now, I see the infamous Bozo Schofield doing something like that very soon. Not the exact physical action of course.

But something like that.

And when you’re truly “sees” somethign in a crystal ball either while dreaming or awake, you can bet your “Betsy” that yours truly “seer” sees RIGHT. It usually comes true.

That don’t mean I want the bozo or anyone to DO that to me, of course (in front of me) 

I’m not that sort of dude.

Really. I dont rub it in generally!

(And more so NOT with the Bozo because he LOVES that sort of thing privately. Youd just have to ask him to drop the soap and hed drop the towel too. UGH).

(But since he’s the Bozo, I’ll use him on the other site to ramp up sales – been doing that a while actually, and no not just he fitness sites either. Hehe.).

But anyway ...

Often times I’ll get into disagreements with friends and thats fine.

I only really say something definitively when I know I’m right. If I dont know, or I might be wrong, I keep my big mouth SHUT.

Por ejempelo, a friend of mine recently disagreed big time with the reality of the Trumpinator not being re-elected.

I Explained patiently to him.

But he didnt get it.

So I let it be.

Hey, we all have our own opinion.

Mysteriously, now that Jan 20 draweth near he never talks about it any more given whats going on.

And no, I ain’t gonna rub it in either by sayin g”I told you so”.

That is NOT me.

In fact, it’s the opposite. If I’m proven wrong on something, I’ll be the first to admit it – man up – and say it!

But most aren’t that way.

And fitness wise, same thing.

There’s been a lot of fools running their mouths about pushups for ages.

Then they buy the book finally to see what “ole Rahul is all about”.

Grudgingly, they get on my pushy path and follow my pushin’ ways ...

And they ACKNOWLEDGE that my stuff works, and better than their previous stuff!

Do I name them here?

Have I?


Will I?

Doubtful, unless they want me to.

That aint me!

But really, thats the lesson here.

If you’re wrong, sac up, and TAKE it – and move on.

And if you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground, and have NO clue in terms of what you BE talking about, best not to say anything at all ...

Alrighy, enough of this brain dump.

Remember one thing.

The CLOCK is ticking.

That 0 Excuses Fitness SHIP membership gets you access to everything, the whole shebang for a pittance of $799.

You know that already, I’m sure.

But what you may or may not know is that the price goes up by two hundred SMACKERS come Jan 1.

So hurry now – and get in while the going is GOOD.

Or risk havin to ... nah, not that, hehe.

But you get my drift!

Do it, my friend.

I look forward to welcoming YOU aboard!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Ahoy 2021! I can’t wait!

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