Thursday, 31 December 2020 07:23

On yelling like a BANSHEE, and more ...

It’s strange, but in my neck of the woods “growing up” when yours truly was “ye small”, he quickly learned something.

Not really, but he “inculcated it” to an extent.

That impotency can always be covered up to an extent by one thing.

Yelling like a banshee.

It’s sad, but I have very little, or any positive memories of my childhood growing up.

And I suspect a lot of us growing up in the 90’s (am I dated? Hehe) feel somewaht the same way, especially if you’re from a dysfunctional family like I am (I like to say WAS hehe)

Everything could be solved by one thing, according to my Dad.

Yelling like a banshee.

It mattered NOT whether you made sense or not.

Might is right. Yell long enougg, and those you can bully will “do” the thing (or so they thought. Hehe).

But it’s funny.

Anytime I remember my father getting into a REAL fight – with other men his size – he ALWAYS backed down.

I still remember an argument over parking where he yelled like a banshee, and the men told him to either “put up or shut up”.

He quietly folded his hands and did the latter.

Literally. And really.

Yours truly and sister (7, 4, I believe) were at the dentist’s .. 

(when all hell broke loose outside, hehe).

Curiously enough my father was right in what he was insisting upon, but the way he did it was the wrong way.

You dont bring a knife to a gunfight, bro.

I remember him getting into one on one tussle in a “road rage” incident.

And ... then nothing happened.

They locked arms like wrasslers, and neither man FOUGHT.


IF that would have happened to me, someone would be in hospital or six feet under, I remember thinking.

And I wasn’t even six at the time.

(in that case, I’d have either broken the guys fingers at the very least, or I’d have pulled out a ROD if I couldn’t do it myself).

OK ..... 

End of rant.

I’m not a violent person, my friend.


In fact I’ll do all I can to escape from it, as my buddy from the Marines knows.

(but when cornered and when there is truly no CHOICE - watch out. Yours truly "lurking tiger" turns into a hyena - which will do the exact same thing i.e. run when it can, but when cornered, most likely even an African lion wouldn't compare in terms of sheer FEROCITY of it's fightback!) 

Crouching tiger, hidden hyena. LOL

Couple of incidents in China stick out in mind in 2018, one when a dude and his son took pestering me too literally, and they were trying to get me to teach English (for free) when I was working out of all things, and, well, you get the drift!

Even the Chinese told the other dude to piss off, and that dont happen too often when there are foreigners involved, especially not in these hyper nationalistic, jingoistic, chest thumping “we hate foreign devils in general” in China these days. Trust me.

And the other instance when I was out drinking with my buddy, and a few drunken Bozos showed up, and the first thing I told my buddy was “watch my back” (I was sitting with my back towards them)

They were trouble.

I could FEEL it, bro.

I asked my friend to leave.

“Let’s bail, and ... “

HE didn’t/ 

Sure enough, trouble erupted ...

Anyway, point of all this is this.

Yelling like a banshee rarely, if ever does any real good.

Far better to be the knife that cuts deep and silently.

Could be me with my daily emails. Hehe.

Could be me with my daily fitness tips.

But really, no matter what I say, one thing stands out.

IF you dont agree with me, the last thing you’ll find me doing is trying to convert you and certainly NOT in a “yelling” manner.

The nuts who puff and buff in the gym and wax lyrical about the chest press for one.

You won’t hear me trying to convince these idiots of anything.

Some people are better left to their own devices!

But you WILL see me doing the thing and silently as said people slyly and jealously look on.

“Man, I sure wish I could do those!” 

(there's a reason I say handstand pushups will truly make you the ENVY of the preeners, posers, pumpers, toners, weight lifters-shifters, and so forth...)

(that strike a chord with those of you unwilling to admit you’re fat so you can’t do pull-ups?)

I bet ...

How dare I.

I know.

How dare YOU, I should say, NOT get into the best shape of your life ...

Ah, but some things are best left unsaid!


Rahul Mookerjee

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