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It was right under my NOSE, and I ignored it.

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We often don’t realize the very treasures that lie before our EYES, do we?

Could be life. Could be biz. Could be relationships. Could be anything!

Ole Napoleon Hill said it the best.

“Your big opportunity may be where you are NOW!”

Unfortuntely back in 2003 I hadn’t read Hill’s books.

Or Claude Bristol’s books.

Do my own thing?

I was just happy to have a great job (well, it paid me well, that I’ll say) in china!

I was just happy NOT to be home (you on this list know about my childhood, why etc).

And I was happy to go straight from college to China basically, and more.

But hell, one of the best training tools was right there inf ront of me.

I still remember standing there on the fourth floor of my apartment building (no elevator).

And looking at the red lantern on top of that hill ...

I’d look at it. I’d stare at it.

But I never bothered to find out (despite my love of hills) to find out where it was!

I’d run around the block. 

Those were my smokin days.

And I’d fail miserably. Couldn’t do two rounds, and I’d wheeze up the stairs after that and I’d think I got a workout.

I’d get frustrated as heck with (despite the positive notes about my forearm strength etc from a lot of people) the BALLOONING weight (despite me lifting lots of weights).

And my lack of flexibility, endurance, and deep down inside I knew, as “Maria” once told me.

“You’re fat inside!”

Well, she was RIGHT. And I was nowhere near the tubbo status most people out there are (I mean those that are fat, or unfit, or what not).

She bodyshamed me.

But she did it in a cute way, hehe.

My Jie Jie is nothing but not honest (elder sister, hehe).

But anyway, life has a way of taking us to where we HAVE TO BE.

Our destiny.

We all have one.

How we start and get there is the “intrigue and SPICE” – of LIFE!

And for me, that first date in Qi Feng Park in China did it.

And the spectacle remains in my mind.

Ann Lee floating up the hill, yours truly gasping, panting, wheezing and barely making it up as other girls giggled at the foreign devil (admittedly a “handsome” one apparently).

And the admonition later as she gave me a massage.

“You can do this daily!”

That look in the eye !

And that set it all off ...

But remember, my friend.

Fitness wise ,same thing.

Do you realize, for instance, that the ONE exercise you can do to get in and stay in great shape doesnt require a chinning bar?

Yes – pushups!

Do YOU know that squats (Hindus) done right will fry off lard off your body quicker than every before?

HAVE you EXPERIENCED the sheer thrill and exhiliration that comes from doing BEAR CRAWLS and other ANIMAL KINGDOM WORKOUTS?

For most people, the answer is no.

And for them, I’d say ... you’re ignoring a fitness treasure right before your very eyes!

There is NO better time to say this than now, with the plague and what not sweeping everywhere globally.

Plague Shague.

My rear end.

I’ve never been in better shape and FELT better – without a mask. Hehe.

And thats it from me.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW, my friend. Really. Don’t postpone it thinking “money will come in later”. Nothing ever DOES. IF you gotta and wanna do something, strike while the iron is HOT. Get it DONE – and NOW!

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