Tuesday, 26 January 2021 07:54

Why I love Mel Gibson

So much so that I’ve shortened a lady Melanie’s name to “Mel” on a social be-dia site I post on . LOL.

Not really. That just happened. Mel. Melanie … you know.

But anyway, Gibson, another one of those admittedly and self proclaimed bad boys, and he came out with a quote recently apparently about this.

“Liberals hate Donald Trump because they hate God”.

I also believe he said “the only reason they do so”.


He did!

Now, yours truly has never made a secret of his very atheist tendencies.

I don’t believe in God, Jesus, Allah, Shiva, Parvati (and really, I can’t keep up with the sheer NUMBER of them Indian Gods and Goddesses!) - or Chinese versions therein, or ANY GOD.

I do believe there was a guy named Boddhi dharma at SOME point who traveled from India to China to spread Buddhism.

I do KNOW and believe that “Tai Chi” in China came from an ancient Indian Southern martial art, and this is fact, no matter how much the Chinese deny it.

The Chinese, my friend, are masters at COPYING and then RIGGING.

‘nuff said (the orignal martial art is deadly. Tai Chai for Duffers? Not so my friend – maybe at the highest levels it can be, but put a Tai Chi guy against a boxer, and I’ll take the latter any day.

And a Chinese UFC guy did just that, and got pilloried for it (and banned by the government and such).

This ain’t about him though (and Tai Chi is great for general stretching etc, and it “looks nice and flowing”, but thats about it. I see it all the time in the parks and such, their robes and all look pretty cool, but in an actual fight, I’d just grab one of those flailing arms and take him DOWN. Haha).

Anyway . . .

So Gibson, huh.

The archetypical BAD Boy.

A guy everyone loves to hate.

A guy that had a drinking problem. Big time. Woke up, had 7 beers, and then went on set – and no-one even knew he had those beers.

No-one knew when yours truly drank beer and took his Calculus exams, and aced them. Hehe.

But I only had two small BEASTS at most (but they packed a punch, but Gibson apparently had the “tinnies”!)

And he had 7. In the AM.

Yours truly only did it close to 4 PM, and years later, he’d hear the General tell him that “in the military we can’t drink until 4, but after that, all bets OFF!”


But anyway, I do remember a couple of college days staying drunk all day and starting at 6 AM.

But Gibson was hardly in college, hehe.

But anyway, the two reasons I MOST like him.

Hell, I had forgotten about Gibson entirely until for whatever reason I saw the quote yesterday.

(And, I keep saying quotes about that infamous “Delhi Police VS Rahul Mookerjee” kissing case way back in 2009 which the great Justices of the High Court rightly and finally THREW out. Justice Muralidhar is a man for the ages, and not just in this regard – I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, and NOT just for THIS case!)

(Maybe the Universe speaketh to me in forked tongues, but yours truly hasn’t quite gotten why and what. Any ideas? Let me know fellas, hehe. And remember – we were accused of kissing (husband and wife) – but we didn’t even kiss. LOL .It was insane, and retarded, and for those interested, I’ll be happy to share the High Court link to the entire sorry tale!)

Cost me a packet, but hey. All worth it at the end . . .

Anyway, two reasons.

One, his Trump like style (and I do this myself) of attacking back no matter what, and how many people are against him.

Two, his Trump like and Houdini like and Rahul Mookerjee like style of somehow managing to rise from the embers and ashes at the end of the day.

Bloody, battered, bruised. But a WARRIOR!

Thru and thru. I respect that!

(I haven’t seen Braveheart. But I’ve seen Passion of the Christ, a movie that gave me nightmares for days. It ain’t easy to do that either!)

(Ben Settle’s gory books that he writes and that I haven’t bought are another examples of the thin lines between GENUIS and (what others might consider) insanity. But Passion of the Christ, well, that is probably how it happened back then, and Settle probably has a reason for writing what he did in those books as well!)

(I admire both men highly, as you know).

Anyway, the last I saw of Gibson was “Get the Gringo”.

Popcorn flick if any, but I enjoyed it, if just for Gibson’s acting.

And thats point numero THREE.

I love the guy’s WORK.

Say what you like about a man, but his ATTITUDE towards life – and his WORK – are what COUNT.

I might not agree with Gibson on everything, but his work?

Is top notch, and has always been so.

And that, my friend, along with that never say die attitude is something you gotta admire.

Same thing for me.

You may or may not like me. You may think I’m extreme. You may think I am “overly this and that”.

You may think I should tone it down.

You may think I should be a “good boy” instead of bad.

But through all this, I believe the bottom line is my WORK.


And they shine through, bro.

Sure, those on my list LIKE me and buy from me.

But they wouldn’t keep doing so “unless they saw something in me” (actual quote from Panourgias, a repeat customer in Greece I believe …)

They wouldn’t do it when money was tight and products expensive … unless the books were damn good, and challenging.

And so forth.

My products, my friend are truly the best there are out there. Trust me on this one – if I say something – I mean it.

And last, but not least, the price thing …

“Why do I offer a 20% discount for your FIRST purchase off the site and not any more later”

Well, first off, I don’t like doing discounts, period. I keep my prices high to weed out the … well, wait.

On the 0 Excuses Fitness Ship page I tell you the types.

Quite a lenghty list that!

But other than that hey, I get it. Times can be tough for some people. And for those people that keep fighting and DO the thing and contact me nicely about it – hey – I work with them.

And I’ve done so in the past, and will continue to do so.

Because, as Glenn from Australia said, I CAN. Hehe.

(that was about me drinking too much beer or something)

And perhaps, and to end this …

Because it’s all about vibe.

If I feel a good vibe, thats really what matters.

I Realize that sounds overly esoteric but it truly is not.

Ok, I believe thats the end of this lengthy rant, completely contrary to what most “gurus” advocate about sending short and pithy emails daily.


Pick up what might just be my best book ever – right HERE – Animal Kingdom Workouts (from yours truly “truly offensive”, hehe).


Rahul Mookerjee

P S- Pick up the pathbreaking 0 Excuses Fitness System as well while you’re AT IT!