Wednesday, 27 January 2021 07:34

Why reinvent the wheel, my friend.

Growing up, “easy” (especially when it was accompanied by “money”, hehe) was something (a topic) that while not explicitly “forbidden” to talk about, it might well have been.

There is “no such thing as easy money”, I was repeatedly told.

And every time I actually did something and made (decent) money it was either “useless” or “I didn’t do it the right way”, or, and most of the time (how dare I say it, I know. But I AM, hehe) it was the usual nonsense of “earning money needs to be a lifelong GRIND (as life does apparently too according to some people)”.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

This isn’t the MAJORITY of people in my family.

Those that were smart tested the waters globally, and moved where it was EASIEST to make money as opposed to making half of that, but doing so in a grinding annoying manner that never really “works” – and then saying “if you do it in this country or place you’re better”.

Maybe at putting up with a lot of BS you are, yes.

But I’ve NEVER – I repeat – NEVER understood two things (and with my immediate family and myself, that has always been a bone of contention).

First, why life – and earning money needs to be a GRIND.

The bank accepts a deposit of $1000 just the same my friend.

You could grind for a month and make it, or you could send out an EMAIL and make it, almost in the same breath. No-one is going to ask you “how much time” you took to make that money, eh.

The proof is in the pudding!

And even when I showed that proof (which was always a losing battle, and I gave that up a long, long time ago to be fair) to these “people”, they’d sniff and reply with “I haven’t seen anyone like that”.

Well, great, but I just showed you one, and many, I’d say, and then of course they’d yell like banshees.

“We don’t want to discuss all that!”

OK, Great.

Second thing?

This morbid and idiotic fascination some have with reinventing the goddamned wheel.

Por ejempelo, I remember an instance when I was “ye small”, and crowing about my achievement at some silly video game or the other.

It wasn’t so much Nintendo and Donkey Kong as it was another one of those bulky computer games we had BACK in the DAY.

But anyway, I did well.

I said it.

Much like I say it HERE, hehe. 

Much like I say and SHOUT from the rooftops that my products are INDEED THE BEST OUT THERE – and my customers – most of ‘em – are the GREATEST!

Matt Furey I believe it was who very truly said you can’t be shy as a dormouse when selling your stuff, and yet that is precisely what the vast majority of people in THIS here world are told to do, either wittingly or unwittingly.

(Hence the brief snippets from my background. You guys can probably relate to the poverty conditioning! (and the “oh, they’re rich, but we’re not!”)) …

But anyway, my mom shrugged her shoulders.

“Why not build it, Rahul”, she asked. “Whats the use in just playing it?”

Um ….

Because it’s already built?

Because other than a few silly plaudits, what would I GET from building it?

The same way I’d get nothing from working Bozo jobs I’ve been badgered to do all my life …

Ultimately, for me, it’s always been about the PRIZE – the POT OF GOLD (it better be genuine too, hehe) – at the end of the “rainbow” or slog.

And if I don’t see that, guess what.

I ain’t gonna do it.

Nothing against those that DO, but it ain’t me – sorry.

And the same thing fitness wise.

Like, does your BODY really CARE how long you pound it into the ground, and how many injuries you get on the road to getting “so called” fit?

Does your body display them as a badge of honor?

Is it not better to do BRIEF workouts throughout the day that get you into super duper SCINTILLAING shape in the privacy of your old home with NO investment?

Maybe a chinning bar, but you don’t even need those if you don’t want ‘em!

And so forth.

Just why everyone has bought into the garbage of life being a hassle is BEYOND me.

Maybe in certain countries like Venezuela, and to a certain extent countries like India, life IS a hassle in many regards (daily life).

You can’t control that – sure.

But you CAN control your own life – and your own thinking!

Your thinking, my friend, is indeed your CITADEL.

And in these times of plague “shague” and all this other rubbish (hint – I recently BLOCKED the Google news app on my phone because I was getting tired of all the BS that shows up on a regular basis. I mean, really. Denzel was RIGHT when he said “it’s 90% bullshit”, but it’s entertainment, but now? It’s 100 percent PROOF horseshit, and it’s NOT entertainment either, so STUPID has the “sh-news” become these days. I know some of you out there feel the same way!) … THAT is the best thing I can tell you.

Life, my friend, was never meant to be a slog. You were meant to ENJOY life.

Thats just as simple as it gets, and you KNOW IT!


Rahul Mookerjee

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