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What the worlds GREATEST salesperson thought about the Law of 250 – and how can YOU apply it to YOUR LIFE?

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Joe Girard, my friend.

Have you heard of him? Many on this list are voracious reader, and should have …

And yours truly devotes a LOT of time daily to reading – but not junk. I used to be a HUGE fan of fiction, and still am to an extent, but you can count on the fingers of one hand minus 5 how many fiction books I’ve read in the past God knows how many years.

And you could probably reverse that number to get the low down on motivational and inspirational reads.

Now ,the law of 250 you ask.

I don’t know how I came across it today, but it’s been on my mind a while.

Joe Girard, known as the worlds greatest sales man for a reason (and believe me, he didn’t start out great!) coined this phrase, and guess what – when someone like that speaks, you listen.

This guy didn’t just crack sales and marketing.

He cracked the hardest form of sales there is – that being LEAD generation in a highly competitive market.

Its one thing to sell to people that come to you.

That, my friend, is something a LOT of people fail at – for example, at THAT job I keep referring to. (amazingly enough, they faile dat closing even the "pre sold" customers!) 

It’s quite another though to generate leads “out of the blue” and sell to them!

It can be done if you kno whow – sure. I did it for my business.

But at the level Joe has done … well, that takes some doing. 

Anyway, he went to a funeral one day, and he asked the funeral or mass director or something how they knew how many cards or what not to print for the attendees.

The answer was instant.

“Experience” , said the dude. “Approximately 250 people show up for this type of event”.

Then the great man researched weddings.

Same thing.

“Approximately 250 from the grooms side and 250 from the bride’s side usually”, he was told.

Now, WHY he wanted to find this out is beyond the scope of this email.

But the fact isn’t.

And the conclusion is this, all of us over the course of our lives, at any certain point know approximately 250 people that we can “influence in any way, shape or form”.

Even the Bozos, though they don’t know it. Hehe.

And while I am certainly not telling you to market yourself to “everyone” for fear of not offending those that don’t get it etc (actually I’m telling you the OPPOSITE), ther eis a very valuable lesson to be learnt in terms of what Joe says.

And, what I want you to do now is to take that little snippet, and see how you can apply it to YOUR life – relationships – business – whatever!

Ah, but fitness you say.

Well, it’s strange how it works.

I never thought of it this way.

But those workouts I did that got me in the best shape of my life?

250 odd pushups (NO, I did not have this law in mind!)

Divide the number by 60, and you get FOUR hours – roughly the time I spent hiking hills during those LOOOONNNG workouts!

Or, you get 40 minutes. Which is roughly the cumulative time most of my workouts these days last for, if even that.

I’m sure I could think about it and find many odd ways this number applie sto me.

I’m sure you could too!

But either way, something to bear in mind , and an interesting little ole tidbit, would you not say?


Anyway, think about it – and be sure to grab Animal Kingdom Workouts while you’re at it. 250 seconds might be a stretch to last in some of the workouts when you first begin, but if you can DO ‘em for that long – thats a solid start!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – 250 seconds is about say … 4 minutes. Yes. If you can do Animal Kingdom Workouts NON STOP for even 4 minutes when you first start – guess what – you’re in elite company already. Modern day men would be hard pressed to do more than a few seconds, even the Joe Schmos at the gym on fancy machines and split routines and babes and babettes aand what not!