Tuesday, 02 February 2021 10:42

BE the MAN that most women WANT

Before the flames and hems and haws start coming in, let me tell you the following ... 

This email is NOT about doing pull-ups willy nilly, and how those muscles look oh so sleek against his skin ... (though that might help to a degree). 

It ain't about the mental part of things - and that bro is the MOST IMPORTANT - I repeat - the most important - by far - you can be a fuddy duddy in all regards, but have your mental game down pat, and you'd still be getting more than the studs at the gym if they dont have their game down pat, and most dont. 

It sure isn't about the Kamasutra either, for those wondering. No tantric "shantric" methods, no tai chi to work your balls, no this and that rubbish, no special herbs to get your little brother standing up SMART and tall, and so forth. 

Maybe that's important too, I dont know. Given the number of "men" that take Viagara, I'd imagine it is and it's a real problem and I could probably tell these people how to solve it, but I won't. 

Lets also cuts past the SALES "shales" on this one. 

Let me give it to you STRAIGHT. 

Physcially, what most women do NOT want is the following. 

- Big flabby bellies hanging over your midsection. 

- An unnatural six or twelve pack. 

- Muscles that belong on Mr. Olympia and look like they are about to burst out of your shirt (and yet can't, ah, but we wont go there)

- STUDS in the gym - and DUDS in bed (studs at pull-ups too, you might argue, hehe, but I'm yet to see a single stud at pull-ups who fits that category!) 

- Massive bloated chest muscles. 

- Pelican legs (possibly the most massive turn off) 

- And calves that look like they belong on a chicken (I know, but believe me, it's true). 

Again, mental is most important, but we're talking PHYSICAL things here. 

Ask any woman, my friend, and you'll know the above is true. 

She will probably give you a "laundry list" of the rest of the things I haven't said here too, hehe. 

Dont get me - or them - LOL - started. 

But really, point of me saying this is most men train for looks, which ain't how it should be, but whatever. 

Can't preach to the choir. 

Or should I say, can't convert those that dont wanna be ... 

So, if you train just for looks, and have the bloat, the puff, the buff, the muscles, and you're still, well, unable to ... you know? 

Sound familiar? 

Well, obviously what you're doing ain't workign my friend. 

And thats all I gotta say on this one. 

Not a single link in this here email either. Hehe. For a reason! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The ONLY other thing I'd say is if what you're NOT doing is what works, and you know it, maybe it's time to drop the pretence of being "a real man pumping weights at the JIm Shim" and get on the REAL STRENGTH TRAIN - NOW

I'd say yes ...  (and no, I wont be introducing women to anyone, male, female or in between on this list, or any list! I mean, really. The things these idiots (some of 'em) think of! LOL)