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The true measure of a GOO-ROOOOOO!

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Ben Settle, you beauty. Hehe. 

The "goo rooooo" should probably be trademarked by HIM. He probably picked up the "style" from Matt Furey, another great guy and definitely great RESULTS too ... 

But anyway, what am I on about now you ask. 

Well, "yours truly unpredictable" is on about this - the "goo roos" and the "so called experts", or the "sh-experts" as I like to call 'em (and no doubt others do too). 

One of the ways you really know though that someone is a GURU at his work - that his stuff is truly the (this is what a customer Charles Mitchell said) "REAL DEAL" - and (fitness wise) - that (this is what another customer said) he truly is the "Best there is, Best there was .." (ok, I said that ...he said "Stella Aortis" of fitness - and "bodyweight exercise guru") is not so much from tom tomming, sales etc. 

It's how many people QUIETLY learn from you, and th enumber of people that troll you, and yet copy you. 

We all aspire to be what we cannnot, hehe. 

(I should say what we THINK we cannot). 

And some of us buckle down - and well - concieve, then we BELIEVE, then we turn that belief into a DEEP conviction (Claude Bristol) and then we achieve (on auto pilot - I say this on another sit e- that is yours truly trademarked, hehe). 

Bozo Schofield, for one signs his rants off with "Best" now. 

No doubt something he quietly copied and thought I wouldn't notice. 

Not to mention the way he copies my WeShat profile picture, right down to the sunglasses. 

Except his are cheap imitation glasses, and really, anytime someone "Copies", its nigh evident, hehe. 

Poor Glyn. 

And my style of signing off with a huge "Thank you!!" so much so that you can FEEL the energy in many of my emails? 

Well, I got that from a certain Trumpinator .... 

(no, I dont copy people or try to ape them, but you can LEARN from the greats my friend. It's what I've done all my life and continue to do, and it's what my STUDENTS do too i.e learn from ME. It's a circle!)

And that, my friend is being picked up by some great, great guys (my emailing service which was down today, but they got it back up - kudos!) as well ... 

I won't mention them publicly here. 

But they got a five star review from me "straight from the horse's mouth" - because guess what. They deserve it!

Several lessons in all of those for YOU, the budding marketer or even perhaps if you're "just into fitness" (no-one ever is, hehe). 

And I'll end here, but takeaways - 

One, as I've said before, please DO email or otherwise leave GENUINE or honest reviews (even if they aren't "5 star"). They really help! 

Again, honest is what counts. 

And two? 

Well, pick up some of my great products HERE my friend - and start getting in the best damned shape of your life now. 

I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I actually included the part about my books being EXPENSIVE on the main page now. Lets see if that keeps the trolls, nutjobs, wack monsters, and Bozos away. Probably not, but we'll see. 

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