Sunday, 14 February 2021 11:58

Bozo Schofield, "breaking the bottling", yours truly, BEER BOTTLES, and more!

The sound of the glass shattering, my friend - has been turned into an iconic sound by Steven "Stone Cold Steve Austin" Williams a long time ago. 

If you ain't heard it, you have truly been living under a rock, hehe. 

But really, he started off with a different entrance song I believe, but now, the lovable Texas rattlesnake we ALL love is associated with three things. 

Beer, the middle finger, and breaking the GLASS! Hehe. 

And these three things, along with a host of other stellar performers (DX being #2) and the brain behind all this (Vince Mc Mahon) truly catapulted the WWE to levels that no sports entertainment biz anywhere has ever reached and ever will. 

The 90's were indeed a special time- I should know - growing up! 

Heady optimism and realism as opposed to the rubbish out there TODAY. 

Anyway, beer bottling? 

Well, the good ole Bozo was once accused by his management (at a dancing monkey school - apparently he was on the 11th floor or something and was tossing beer bottles down when trashed) of "breaking the beer bottling and causing a good ole mess". 

Apparently they wrote it that way. 

Gotta love Chinglish. 

In addition to this, he was accused of "bringing women of ill repute home regularly". 

"He bring the woman home" was how they said it. 

Now, the latter was confirmed by the Bozo, and he steadfastly denies the former. 

Who knows. But Chinese "gardens" can be wierd about that, I'll tell you that, hehe. 

Cut to a scene where yours truly once recieved a stern notice from management saying the following (for reference, I was on the first floor and couldn't have tossed bottles out if I tried) (and if I did they'd land on GRASS) . . . 

"You are breaking bottle and disturbing the peace of man. You are cauing mess for cleaning lady, and us have the great headache, please do no, the neighbors is disturbed during the beautiful time of rest" 

There was more, but (and I've got the actual notice still) - but it ended up with them having a hissy about "we'll call the police if you dont stop". 

Now, what was THAT All about? 

Well, in China, they have garbage CANS - not dumpsters. 

Which are often empty. 

And late at night (caveman) would often throw his beer bottles - into, well, the trash. 

Sometimes they could clank against each other and break. 

Management wanted me to "reach in" and put them in gently. 


Only in China would someone say that! 

I never did. 

And my lovely Taiwanese neighbor threw a hissy, and probably someone in management was on their period or what not, and so that notice. As it turned out, all that happened was my landlord gave me a call through the rental agency, asked if he "might request something" - I said sure - and he told me - and I said sure, I won't put them in the trash. 

Only in China do you leave trash lying either on top of the bin or OUTSIDE it. God Forbid you put it inside. 

Lest you think it's just beer bottles, think again. 

I recieved a similar notice sans the police part from my management a couple of years later about .... my TEA leaves of all things in the ... how dare I. Trash, hehe. 

Apparently Rahul didnt "straining well enough first please". 

China, you beauty. LOL. 

All true stories. 

The lovely Qin Kun, who you have read of before, told me the following when I informed her of it. And sniffed dismissively to boot. 

"This not USA! China police have better work to do! "

And she didnt say it just once. 

"Police have other job in China!" 

Well, she was right. If you call the police in China "because your neighbor's TV is too loud", or "he broke a beer bottle in the trash and it woke you up", they'll likely laugh at you and hang up, hehe. 

Worlds apart from what we know, and expect in our "Western" civilizations. Hehe. 

I'd choose the latter,but hey, to each his own! 

But yours truly wild and beer bottles have always been a great match, hehe. 

And many a beer bottle has indeed consciously shattered if you get my drift, but never in an apartment complex consciously. 

More on that, and graveyard beer bashes later! 

(yes, that has happened too. LOL). 

Anyhow ...why do I tell YOU all this 

I dont know! 

Brain dump, plus a bit of light hearted banter. 

And to learn how to life in the flow like I do, do what Zero to Hero tells you, and you'll be well on the way to doing so! 

And to learn how to fry fat off your body effortlessly, WHILE on the infamous beer pizza diet - go HERE

And thats it. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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