Saturday, 20 February 2021 07:40

Why not be the one that RISES - UP!?

One of the reasons I shy away from long term "relationships" and indeed marriage etc is ... well, at the end of the day, it's never really an "equal" partnership as the feminists and femi Nazis (along with the cucks and SJW's) claim it is and should be. 

I'll never forget the time my wife (years ago) yelled furiously at me when all I did was bring up a question and say "how" (much like it were a discussion). 

"I always have to figure out a way!" she yelled. 

Astoundingly enough she has not figured out any ways for us in terms of finances or plans, and yet, when all I needed was a "discussion" (some support would have been nice, but really, all I wanted was to DISCUSS) - I got that response. 

"I'm not asking you to decide", I said. "I ..." 

But I quickly realized the futitily of dealing with the vagaries of the female mind. 

No, yours ain't different either bro. Fact. 

And while the "ideal" one may exist, I'm yet to meet her. 

But this isn't about women or marriage. 

Its about "decisions", and thinking "how" rather than "oh God!". 

It's thinking how to find solutions to problems rather than think of problems and attract more of those. 

Carol, a lady I met (lets say "back in the day") wanted me to decide nigh on EVERYTHING. 

Thats what is strange about Feminists in general - their own brethen does all they can to NOT follow their advice when they truly like a man! 

I did things with that girl that you wouldn't imagine in your wildest dreams. 

I mean, quite literally. 

(Which is another reason the Bozos get pissed off at the "super stud", hehe, although the title in the book has got nothing to do with girls - it's about banging out pull-ups like a super stud). 

But again, quite literally. 

And though she "agreed" to what I decided - HERE is the astounding part. 

Every time a decision had to be taken, I asked HER FIRST. 

Thats right. 

I asked - HER. 

"What do you want, Carol?" 

Her reply? 

I don't know! You decide! 

Fair enough - nothing wrong with "following" - especially in terms of relationships (no I'm not some sort of hidden "Christian Grey" - the polar opposite actually if you think about it) - but what I dont get is this. 

And Carol told me this herself. 

It was something Napoleon Hill, someone she has never read about and likely never will said too. 

It might have been Hill speaking to me! 

"The presence of the right woman in a man's life can stimulate and goad him to accomplishments beyond his wildest dreams". 

That Madam Carol did for a while!

Before it "fell apart as it always does", as I spoke about on the other site. 

Yes, I visualized unconsciously to attract her, but this email is not about that. 

It's about -- why not SOLVE a problem or at least think HOW? 

No, women are by far not the only ones guilty of this - there are craploads of male idiots out there like this too . . . 

I truly do believe that there are great women out there too, just like there have been througout the ages (curiously enough, you'll never hear the Nazi Feminists bring up any one of them. In fact, chances are excellent and second to none they won't even KNOW who these women are if you ask 'em!). 

(But they'll know the men. Convenient eh. Hehe). 

Anyway, point of all this is for YOU to take charge of your life and fitness TODAY my friend. 

Only YOU can make the decision. 

If you want to vacillate and get fatter by the day, and more "unhappy" with the general direction your life is headed in, by all means, go for it . . . 

Like I keep saying, I'm not in the business of forcing horses to drink when they don't want to! 

But if you WANT to turn into that horse - that STALLION - that raging BRUTE you've always secretly wanted to be but thought you couldn't - well - there is hope. 


Go here to learn how. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Another course that will turn you into a raging stallion is right HERE