Sunday, 14 March 2021 06:16

Do people "change"?

"Times change"

"So do people!" 

I can hear it right now ... LOTS of people say it. 

And they're probably right in many ways - if we're talking the majority of people out there. 

I dont know, my friend, but yours truly? 

This morning, I took another trip down one of those memory lanes I so often do. 

On another site. 

And some delighful memories they were - of me interacting with people - expressing my truest and "basest" desires - and doing so in an environment MEANT for that. 

(Note to Bozo Schofield reading this - badgering women late at night asking them if you can be their servant with wacky profile images on WeShat doesn't mean "an environment meant for expression". It's called trolling and inane, idiotic frustration laced "I can't get any unless I pay for it, and even then I can't "do the thing" if you get my drift" BADGERING). 

But anyway, change ... 

I notice it all the time. 

People keep "trying to be what they aren't". 

Could be yours truly's "lovely wife" on Korean soap operas all the time (interesting how that works, with me being in China for years, and finally she's "getting on the train too") ... 

Could be people I see around me all the time APEING me - despite claiming they don't. 

(the stretches from Isometric and Flexibilty Training are one prime example of this - people ape ALL the time, while simaltaneously dissing the fact that these exercises DO work - and how! I mean really, fella. The GREATS used them - I use them - need any more proof?? 

And if these idiots say "yes, we need more proof", and you point them to them doing it ...ah, but I'll stop. It's just ASININE, the way morons and Bozos think). 

Anyway, it could be anyone. 

Bozo Schofield wanting to be a stud, and seeing me talk to women all the time, and so late at night he gets drunk "wishing he could do the same". 

And there's a bunch of idiots out there just like that. 

They all "want"! 

But anyway, back to change. 

Yours truly has ALWAYS been a cave dwelling "anti social" sort of person - a person who you either love or hate. 

That hasn't changed, and never will. 

He's always been a bodyweight exercise fanatic, and he's only gotten BETTER with age. 

Mr Pull-up - Mr Handstand Pushup - and so forth. 

He's always loved doing pull-ups and pushups, and other bodyweight stuff, and he continues to in his cave. 

He's ALWAYS LOVED to write, and has been doing it ever since he's been a little kid, without even knowing it. 

Some of the stuff was torn apart. 

Like  Shantaram, the bestseller - when Greg Roberts wrote it in prison in Germany, the massive manuscript was torn apart not once, but twice ... and yet. 


Most of it was looked at as so what? 

"Its just writing! Anyone can do that!" 

Yet, the same idiots and Bozos who said this never "did it" and quietly aspired to be the person who DID it - me - and yet, never did. 

I've ALWAYS counseled people - uplifted - without even knowing it. 

Of course, the Bozos and morons out there would say the exact opposite. 

Thats fine. 

You either love me, or hate me!

BUt my point is this, my friend. 

Look at any great achiever - in any field - and you'll see they STAYED TRUE - to their CORE VALUES. 

Even Hitler, that jackass of the Century succeeded in a big way for a while because he stayed true to his core values - his abonimable core values if I might say. 

Of course, that great force of the subconscious he used for PURE EVIL - came back to bite him in the ass, and how. 

Same thing for trolls etc, to varying degrees, and levels (if anyone knows this better than Bozo Schofield himself, I'm yet to see it). 

But anyway ... 

Great men and women have many things in common I've spoken about a lot. 

The one thing I haven't so much touched upon is staying true to WHO THEY ARE - and THEIR CORE VALUES!

And thats why, as I told Charles Mitchell the other day, I will NEVER become a "pussy trainer" no matter what. 

True, I could have "sold first", and I'd have done a damn good job but that ain't me. 


I make DAMN SURE what I'm telling others to do is TRIED and TESTED for YEARS AND YEARS. 

And then I sell it - at high prices. 

It ain't for everyone either. 

Only the ultra serious. 

But thats me! 

And as "fake" and "wannabes" spawn all around me, and indeed EVERYWHERE, that is the best piece of advice I can give YOU. 

Be YOU, my friend. 

There is only ONE you - for a damn good reason!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember, Zero to Hero contains many such nuggest of wisdom and achievement - be sure and pick up the book now. 

PS #2 - And fitness wise, don't delay the purchase for the ADVANCED book on pull-ups. Remember too, that discount won't last forever - I'm pullin it next week. So, get on the train NOW my friend.

PPS - "When are you going to come full circle, John?" 

That discussion at the start of Rambo III when Stallone is "trying to be something he isn't - says it all!