Sunday, 14 March 2021 07:26

Why you should be "an arrogant and pompous DIRTY INDIAN" (insert equivalent) - and the key to PULLING this off

This is going to be personal, even more so than a lot of my posts. 

But you know the REAL reason that - other than incompetence, and the knowledge that these sniveling pansies couldn't get it up if they tried, and haven't done anything remotely resembling what a REAL MAN would do other than trolling in the darkness of the basement with grubby Cheetos bags and empty beer bottles strewn about (and panties if you're Bozo Glyn Schofield on public assistance in the UK) these idios troll and attack? 

Its HATE, my friend. 

They hate - truly everyone and everything. 

Like Hitler did. 

We all know what happened with him, of course! 

Claude Bristol said it in the Magic of Believing. So have plenty of others. 

"Do NOT use the power of the subconscious for evil, because it will come back to BITE you in the ass". 

Those are my words, but that is the import. And the drift. 

Speaking of drift, and drifters ... oddly enough, that is exactly the impression I got of Bozo Schofield the first time I saw him. 

A guy willing to drift along with the seas of life trolling away, drinking until the next monkey job, sticking his tongue whereever allowed, a guy that was and is AIMLESS and GOALLESS in life, has nothing to aspire to, and so forth. 

The sort of guy who in Rambo I the Sheriff didnt want in town (except of course, there the Sherriff miscalculated, and how!). 

"First thing you know, we got a whole BUNCH of guys lik eyou in this town. Thats why!" 

So says "Sheriff Rahul" with his Texas cowboy hat on (to the Bozo). 

But I remember feeling it. 

When I first met Charles and Glyn in person ... 

It was sutble, but it was there. 

The hate, the jealousy ... "how dare this "dirty Indian" speak English better than us". 

How dare he be in top shape and FLAUNT it. 

How dare he ... 

India, for those that dont know is a country which most people outwardly "admire". 

But talk to a lot of these fools, and you'll see what they REALLY think of the country. 

"those dirty black people". 

Oddly enough, the Chinese are at least honest enough to say it!

Probably why Charles kept saying "even a Chinese born in America couldn't teach English as well as "real Americans" can". 

When quizzed on his definition of real Americans, he kept silent. 

Bozo Schofield, to give credit where credit is due, was far more sophisticated about it. 

True Hannibal Rising! 

I wouldn't have guessed the first time we met, but when the two of them trolled me with those memes, the racist memes, I KNEW. 

It wasn't just jealousy - The Bozo trolled the picture of me on Shoulders like Boulders, hehe, and many others - but it was the RACISM that stood out. 


And this happens to achievers of any race, in any country. 

The minute you try and (do) break out of the "bunch of crabs in the bucket", the rest will subconsciously try and pull you BACK. 

But anyway, "he's so arrogant!" 

He's so confident!

So pompous!

That V shape to the back! 

ALL - LACED - with a feeling of utter inferiority deep within (hence the books on pull-ups getting the most flak from the Bozos along with Pushup Central , hehe, and hence Charles telling me petultantly "your emails dont help!" - like the Chinese telling their ESL teachers "how to teach", hehe). 

Well, my friend, thats fine for me. 

I thrive on this. 

Lesser people woudl wilt. 

I dont - I attack back x 10000. 

Always have, always WILL!

How dare I. I know. But I did, and WILL!

And will - NEVER - be a pussy ass trainer either, hehe. 

Anyway, I hope this provided you on the list with some insight into the Bozos mind. 

What people do NOT say openly is truly what you need to FEEL and CONSIDER!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Oh, and remember to pick up the book on pull-ups I've been "ranting" about all day. Do what I tell you - and you'll turn into a super duper stud at pull-ups nigh on (so it will "seem") overnight, willy nilly ... 

PS #2 - Oh, the key to pulling this off? Be sure you can BACK that SWAG up, bro! THAT is how you can truly attack back x 10000000. 

I could probably chokeslam Bozo through a brick wall if I wanted to (I dont - I'd rather not get my hands "dirty". I'd rather "take it out without trying to get any of me" - thats a dialog from the movie Recoil, hehe). 

But really, as Karl Gotch said. 

"Talk's cheap, but MONEY buys WHISKEY!" 

So true, my friend. So true! 

Get on the train NOW

PPS - Here is what Bozo sent me a while back. 

(around a couple of weeks, I believe,except his dumb ass forgot that he sent it to me before). 

How dare a person like you slander someone like me? As Chuck said you are just jealous because of everyone who makes it in China. Chuck hates you, Kate too. Everyone you've sucked ass and then betrayed hates you.

Chuck hates you. Kate hates you. Glen too. Charles. The gorilla. The marine. The high powered lawyer.

Nobody buys your books, you have 4 followers- one is me, the other Chuck, the other you, the other a shell account.

You have no friends, no life, your wife is sick of you bullying her into English.

Chuck told me all. I have your number and address so if you don't stop acting trolly, Rahul I will be laying hands on you and fuking you up,



Poor cuck - oops, I mean CHICK - I mean CHUCK - no, this ain't aimed at "Chuck" is all I can say. The Bozo did send me this too. 

"You are a typical beta cuckold!" 

(notice the part about "sucking ass". LOL) (then he signs up with a nick "IpaidtolickKate'sass"). 

Poor Kate...

But really. 

"How dare you!" 

"Everyone hates you!" (poor Schofield and the self projection, and he forgot I THRIVE on it. LOL. 

Anyway, point and case. 

Or, if you're not Bozo Schofield, case and point. Hehe.