Wednesday, 17 March 2021 06:46

What "RB" knew about the value of LISTENING!

Fitness wise, Sly Stallone might never be the paradigm of "bodyweight exercise guru", but he's an inspiration to many! 

And I'll start this one out "from the bottom" as it were. 

The Bozo Bottom, hehe. I cannot stop cuckling - I mean chucklin - as I think of him! 

But anyway he said this about achievement in life - and this holds true for fitness too. 

"You've got something great to bring to the world! It might seem no-one is watching, but just keep on doing it anyway!" 

"The reason I succeed isn't because I'm the best, richest, most talented, and so forth. It's because I keep going!" 

(like the Energizer Bunny, hehe). 

These are a couple of Sly quotes I'm pulling from memory, and it applies to fitness too. 

It might not seem at the time I did the hard slogs up the hill that anything was happening. 

People called me crazy left, right and center and still do, but the results eventually? 

Same thing for you, and say pull-ups. 

You keep trying, people keep "pulling you down, or trying to". 

You keep AT IT, ignoring th eBS out there and especially the moronic pull down machines etc. 

You become part of a select bunch of ACHIVERS and DOERS! 

And eventually, you succeed at a grander level than you ever thought. 

Anyway, what does have to do with "RB", you might ask? 

Well, first off, I've had a great affinity with and for "RB's" - ever since college, hehe. 

Dr Bisland, that great Prof of mine I've always admired (along with Dr Kolibal, another great dude) used the name "Arby Bee" quite often in his great teachings. 

The same guy that once told me "You've got a strange way of doing things - but does it WORK? Hell yes! And if it does, well ...

Brings to mind what another person Michael told me (he of Dongguan Expat). 

"It might not look purdy". 

"But does it WORK? Congrats, Rahul! There is NO plugin for PHP-Nuke as of yet with this functionality. YOU might be the first one!"

All true quotes, bro. 

Any of that ring a bell with YOU fitness wise

Hopefully it does! 

Unfortunately at the time I didnt believe " I could be the first at anything" despite having all the proof to the contrary and a very hefty bank account to back it up too, and - most importantly - NO "strings" in the form of relationships etc. 

Young, single, the world was my OYSTER. It still is, of course! 

But anyway, lets get to RB. 

He was my boss at "that job". 

And he knew the value of LISTENING. 

I still remember a time when yours truly along with the HR Manager and Operations Manager, both earning way more than me (I was woefully underpaid there - I DID get some other benefits, but I had To "wrest" those rather than get 'em!) were discussing sales (obviously my forte). 

I spoke up, was interrupted, didnt speak again. 

If I'm not wanted ... hehe. 

The BOSS spoke up. 


He silenced the rest. 

In his own polite manner. 

"Wait a minute! Let me hear what Rahul has to say!" 

A few weeks ago, I had (since I was new at the job) - for once in my life "asked if I could do something". 

"No, it's your call", said the boss. No need to ask anyone! 

My type of guy, hehe. 

Anyway, he knew the value of listening, and that is the job that I've mentioned in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales, which if you on this list WANT to achieve, you want to get - grab - NOW!

But, here is the point. 

He didn't listen because "I was his favorite". 

Maybe I was at that point,  but that wasn't the real reason. 

The reason was this - he knew I gave it to him straight - and he knew if I said someting in that regard, it was TRUE. 

Which is why I was hired in the first place. 

Same thing with me. 

When I go to seminars, when I read books, when I listen to people talk about how they did things, I dont sit there and say "I know it all". 

Even though MOST of the stuff they say is stuff I've been doing naturally all my life, I do NOT say that to myself. 

I simply check the "do" list. (i.e. I've done it). 

Then I absorb like a sponge, and move on. 

There is a time to listen, and there is a time to learn, and a time to talk . . . 

And right now, I hope THIS particular talk with all it's quotes helped you! 

Anyway, I'm off. Back soon - and in the meantime - if you workout today - make it a super one!


Rahul Mookerjee

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