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Why it's nigh imperative to ditch an environment of sheer and utter LACK no matter what!

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If you're serious about your success at anything, that is! 

But first, a bit of a story - one told by me, but written by the great Napoleon Hill in Outwitting the Devil

In that book, possibly and according to me one of this best despite the "very short length" (that in itself should be fodder enough for the idiots that claim "size is everything" when it comes to book - hint - it ain't size - in ANY regard if you get my drift - it's how and what you get i.e the info in the book, and how YOU implement and benefit from it is what its about!), he talks about his numerous failures and setbacks. 

He talks about family treating him as an outside and pariah - except when he has money. 

He talks of brutal beatings by his father, and how a step mom finally stepped in to, as he says, save his life by leading him to a life of writing instead of that with the shotgun (which he was pretty good at it). 

He talks about the TWO - three, actually - MOST taxing periods of his life. 

What he writes about is tough enough to read, but Ive got a feeling Napoleon left out the toughest bits!

I can feel it. 

Hell, the more I read him, the more I feel it's "me talking to the world" through his words - I could have been him in a different life, so uncannily similar are the trajectories of our lives, right up to the age!

Anyway ... 

He speaks of the second time he was truly and really down and out, a time when fear overtook him (he went into hiding because some goons were after him for him and a newspaper man exposing their dirty biz in the papers) - and though the gangsters were eventually tracked down and put in jail, Naploeon's fear never went away. 

For a year and a half, or a little over a year, he was stuck with family who as he says "I cannot see how in that frame of mine, anyone would regard me as anything other than a burden!" weren't exactly enamored of him. 

He had no money, no plans, nothing. 

But what he did have left - his MIND!

And his subconscious, and his regular walks uphill daily. 

One night, he truly had enough and decided this was going to be the night he fixed things or else. 

How I emphathize with what he says - it happened to me in ... ah, but we'll get there!

Suddenly a bolt of thought struck him out of the blue. 

He followed up on the idea. 

One thing led to another, and he - despite his "penury" ended up booking himself into one of the most exclusive hotels in Philadelphia, despite his rational mind telling him there was no way he could ever pay for that suite of rooms. 

Incredibly though, he did. 

He didnt just pay for the suite of rooms down the line - he made himself a bestseller via a meeting he had in those very rooms!

"You were directed to select this environment of luxury", his subconcsious mind told him "so you could thow off the yoke of fear, and think normally"!

(I'm paraphrasing, but thats the gist)

I can relate, my friend. 

I can relate!

In 2018, for a few months, I was myself stuck in a similar situation. 

I didnt talk about it back then. 

I haven't - as of even today - told people the exact specifics of what went down in those months, but it wasn't nice or fair - let me just tell you that!

One fine night, things changed for me as I was presented with a choice - an ultimatum - that I was not just not prepared for - I had no inkling it would happen then (hence those that gave it to me gave it to me then - element of surprise they'd use,so they thought!). 

My subconscious rose to the occasion. 

Within 2 months or a bit more, I was GONE from there - like the wind. 

Into an environment of far greater "luxury" (comparitive) than before - and remember this - the money came - through my own effort,s not by someone giving to me or what not! (though friends helped me initially, but that was just the initial "surge"). 

And everything in my life fell back into place without even trying. 

The right environment, my friend is key for YOUR success - at anything. 

Surround yourself with losers, chances are YOU will turn into one yourself, or at the very least, you'll have to really close your mind to all negativity around you!

Surround yourself with lack, and eventually - unless you FORCE your mind to believe otherwise, all you'll get is lack. 

And so forth - same thing for a mindset of plenty. 

If you live peacefully, calmy, in an environment you like, chances are you'll succeed in life - make a lot more money - be a lot happier - and so forth - as opposed to if youre in an oppressively horrible environment you HATE. 

Unless, of course, you use the setbacks to get angry - and then get not just even - but better!

Most people dont ... 

Point of me saying all this? 

If your current environment doesn't work for you, my friend, make the change. 

Be very unapologetic about doing so as well. 

And never let anyone tell you what to do with your life - or how to do it - or issue you ridiculous and retarded ultimatums. 

The joke's on them! 

I'm out - back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S - Those of you that have not yet invested in the world famous 0 Excuses Fitness System - what are you waiting for? Get on the stick NOW. 

PS #2 - I was once complaining about living standards. Big time. My wife was like, 

"Wel, what do you expect when living amongst animals"!

(Janwaro ke Beech me Rahego to Aisa hi hoga!) 

(I think my Hindi translation is corret?) 

But thinking about it. She was right!

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