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Would you rather friends and family "call you good" - or are you more concerned about how the WORLD sees you?

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Coming from someone who could truly and honestly give a rip less about what people in either one of those two categories think,this is an interesting one, you might think! 

But first, a interesting tidbit. 

I dont know if y'all noticed the Trumpinator's recent trip to the US/Mexico border? 

A border that is raging with migrants shoving their way in "willy nilly", sometimes illegally, and usually by all means possible - the exact opposite of what a country's borders - ANY borders - shoudl be like. 

The Donald did his best when he was Prez to do what he could to stop this flow of illegal migrants into the country. Let me tell you one thing, friend. I've got nothing against LEGAL migration - it helps the country - any country. 

However dregs showing up with no marketable skills, and presumably to "live off social security" or whatever for a long period after showing up - while that might sound politcally INCORRECT - that sort of thing dont help any country whatsoever - you'd rather have someone in who can help the country, as opposed to mooch off it (and I'm not even getting into crime, illegal voting etc). 

Point being this - Trump is no longer Prez. Sure, he wants to get to the post again in 2024 ... but for now, something the media hasn't publicized a lot is his recent trip to the border where he saw how it was on the ground, and spoke to the great Men in Blue (Border Patrol) and asked them what THEIR thoughts were on all this. 

Ever see Hiden Biden or Harris doing any of that? 

They're too busy trying to UNDO The good work Trump did in that regard. 

And he did a LOT! 

And it's no surprise that the borders ares are swinging firmly "red" now if you get my drift. 

There's a limit to everything - that limit has been reached, and breached now it would seem. 

Anyway, what benefit does Trump get from this ? 

Other than a bit of publicity which his comments would have attracted anyway, nothing at all. Yet, he still did it! 

The man truly CARES. 

And could give two hoots less about anything else. 

Trump never got credit for much, if anything all, positive when he was in office, yet, he did so many good things. 

HE was the one that called China out - brought them to the negotiation table - and brought them to "heel" as it were. NO other Prez has been able to do that. 

His simple yet brilliant strategy (and no, for the idiots and Tom Tom's reading this -"Trumps not my guru" - I've been saying it for a long damn time too) of "they need us more than we need 'em" got it done. 

Then his position on the Paris climate accords. He called the WHO out - rightly so - for being China's lapdog. 

And of course, Border Security! 

There hasn't been a better Prez in many regards - I'd put Trump right up there with Raegan, if you ask me. 

Trust me, without Trump and his brilliant team - Pompeo, Bill Barr, Mike Pence etc - that was a great, great team he had there - we'd all be firmly on our way to Hunter Biden inspired speaking Russian or Chinese ... .

As it stands right now, that is a distinct possibility unles more of us stand up to this China virus and the panic everywhere!

Anyway, I was going to title this post "if you think you never get any credit, and get pissed off over that" ... 

But I didnt. 

Yours truly, my friend, all his life has been a visionary and pioneer - done things differently - has been fiercely independent despite the calls to stop being a wolf and join the hordes of the civilized aka SHEEP. 

I never have, never will. 

And to a lot of you, reading this? 

A lot of you trying to do your own thing - a lot of you that have DONE so much for all your lives, yet never got the recognition? 

Well, this isn't a post about "angry white man" or whatever they call it (curiously enough I'm also called that - no idea why!). 

This is about - I dont know, let me give you my own examples. 

All my life, if you look at my family - privately , they're all uber and ultra curious to see ":what I do". 


"He's a loser", they'll say to friends and relatives. 

Believe me, I've heard it!

Not that I care. I've said plenty of things about them too "in return" I suppose - though they're true - but the point is this. 

As a kid, I was multi-talented in many disciplines - all quashed for the "study bug". 

Yeah, my family keeps telling me now "if you wanted to do it, you should have done it". 


With no background, no-one to teach me, and most importantly, NO encouragement at home? 

I still remember the comment about soccer boots when I wanted some. 

Heck, no-one even taught me how to kick the damn soccer ball right with the side of my toe, not the front! (hence the nasty ingrown toenail problem I've had for years until I finally got it resolved in China). 

No-one taught the guy who takes LOOOOOOOONG road trips - often times in countries he's never ever driven before (thats another long story!) - cars hes never driven before getting into them to drive - to drive in the first place!

If anything, I was ridiculed "those boys your age know it all, you know nothing". 

Well, Mom, they were taught. I wasn't! 

"You can't choose your parents" is the response. 


But we can all choose how we treat our children, no? 

(And if a certain someone is reading this, dont worry. I still remember the quiet comment about "maybe we made some mistakes. You're our first!"

No you didnt make mistakes. You wanted me to do it your way or not at all, and that ain't gonna happen - not now, not before, not when I "after 5 years of age which is apparently when I turned into Frankenstien-cum-Dracula because I had - gasp! - a MIND and WILL of my own I chose to EXERCISE - and not ever). 

Anyway, go to college - I never heard "he was the first guy to major in Computer Science in our family". 

I kept hearing Tom Tomming going on about my sister though whose apparently a lawyer and the "pride of the family" (although she never worked full time more than a few years, and part time - well! Dont ask, it's a very strange and complicated Nazi feminist mess, but Nazi feminism is not the point). 

Think it's just me - think again. 

Anyone in my family that doesn't fit Nazi feminist ideals is called out . 

My younger cousin brother once came to "stay" at our (well, I should say Mom and Dad's, hehe) house because he was going to college or something. 

He was like me. He "sat at home". 

You should have seen and heard the complaints all day long!

"He sits at home!" 

I mean, geez, Mom, so what. 

Let him! 

His life!

Then some nonsense about him applying to some college and complaining about the line or something, and my father proudly saying "I have a girl and she stood in line herself". 

Like, really. 

Whats wrong with wanting a bit of extra "comfort"? 

When asked about all this, my familu either yells like banshees or says " so what! We resolved it all!" 

But nothing ever gets resolved, my friend - unless you resolve it if you get my drift. 

Those feelings still persist, deep down inside. 

Anyway, flip side of all this? 

Brick bats aside, I'll tell you this muchj. 

I've truly done so many things that no-one in my family would ever THINK of doing - and I've lived a lifestyle and done things MOST people only dream of. 

The China virus has put a temporary halt to that, yes. 

But in many ways, the travels, the adventures - no, this is not your typical "travel blogger" if you get my drift. The Bozos, the fights, the sites, all of it ... 

Do I get the credit? 


But I get the lifestyle!

Does Trump get the credits? 


But he WAS the US President - which no-one can take away from him! 

Same thing for yours truly. 

Back on a more logical level. Lets look at Henry Ford for one. 

If you look at what his family said about him "an ill tempered nasty person" they call him - and thats only the start. 

The world, however, knows him as a genuis bar none (despite failing till the age of 45). 

Same thing for Edison, Napoleon Hill, any of the rest. 

Modern day, lets look at Steve Jobs. 

Family and friends? I never even hear of 'em, hehe. 

Jeff Bezos. 

Do we ever hear what Bezos's family says about him - or did say? 


But these men did what I do - and vice versa - and ignored the BS - and finally made it out on top. 

To me, what matters is I do something meaningful. I leave a lasting impression on peoples lives - for the better. 

In more ways than one! 

And so forth. 

How I'm percieved YEARS after is what matters to me - not so much the here and now!

And certainly not what wackjobs intent on destroying me at any cost think ... 

So should YOU, my friend. 

I'd give you a long laundry list of things I did FIRST - writing books, doing tons of different things work wise - writing on topics you wouldn't even dream of - sales careers - part time jobs - ESL - teaching different things - I've even taught yoga, if you can believe that - being a fitness coach - starting a brand from scratch - two in fact, and there;s a third I'm working upon ... 

Thats just the start. 

Dont even get me started on the girls, hehe. 

But the more important point here is this - if I had bothered about what people thought - I'd never have got the lifestyle I did. 

I'd never have got the benefits I did. The swag I do now (I'd be a cuckolded nutter living under wifey). 

And so forth. 

Take from this email what you will - but thats what I wanted to say. 

I've said it now. So i'm out - but remember, pre-orders coming in thick and fast for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness - if there was ever a book of mine, along with the upcoming one on Nazi feminism that WILL Make a difference, it's this one. Unlike anything I've ever done before!

And if you use the book and the routines in it, you'll be catapulted to ELITE FITNESS status - mentally and physicaly in ways you never dreamt possible. 

You'll truly learn about the hidden and forgotten secrets of oldtime REAL training from one that has been there, done that ... 

The benefits you'll reap will be like NOTHING you dreamt of. 

And therefore, if you have not already ,make sure to place your pre-orders for the book NOW. 

I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Also, and remember to get your copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System - truly the purring Rolls Royce of Fitness that WILL - I repeat, WILL turn you into a beast incarnate!

PS #2 - Speaking of beasts and related courses...

PPS - And no, I ain't a follower or a shill for any of the people listed above. I keep getting accused of being that, but I aint. HA!

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