Saturday, 10 July 2021 06:31

Headsup from yours truly!

I've been busy with some things all morning, my friend. 

And one of those was rejigging the world famous products page for 0 Excuses Fitness - and why? 

Believe me, I didnt need to do this. Sales are going great guns - and with all the promos and special offers recently, even better. 

I'd do just fine if I never touhed the page in my entire life, but I did so. 


Well, with good reason!

Some of you have been ignoring the basics, my friend. 

Remember, you can only build a skyscraper AFTER - i repeat, - AFTER you put in the work in terms of building a strong, solid and durable base. 

That holds true in life. Fitness. Anything!

And what I've been noticing as of late? 

A LOT of you are skipping past the basics in terms of fitness i.e. the first product anyone should buy or consider before investing in anything else here - the 0 Excuses Fitness System

Truly this is the system that forms the bedrock of everything I teach, my friend, and it will for some time to come now. Hence the 5 videos on it (well recieved, and critically acclaimed too - more on that later) ... and THIS is the system YOU must grab - NOW - to start getting in the best shape of your life, pin pointing and strengthening weak areas in your body, finding out how you can get a workout in ANYWHERE without any equipment (no, it ain't just pushups either) - and so forth. 

Now, dont get me wrong!

I've been heavily promoting Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness as of late - with good reason - probably the best course ever, and the one you REALLY WANT to get your mitts on - therefore the pre-orders going on now (very frenetic rate as you can tell), and therefore the special price (which will go up next week). 

Along with that, a lot of you might have noticed the new book on isometrics "Isometric and Flexibility Training" that has despite NOT being promoted much at all, really started to make WAVES globally. 

It is truly, my friend, the MISSING link in your training as a great customer once told me. 

(and a must grab now for YOU. Believe me, these are the secrets the old timers used to boost their strength and flexbility  - and even conditioning - levels beyond belief). Truly and again, the missing link in your training. 

But back to the products page. 

It's now been rejigged - to put emphasis on the basics first. 

Build a strong base first!

Additionally, I've revamped the page a bit to show you what the current bestsellers are in any category. This might be useful for a lot of you as well! 

Then, of course, the sales page on the book on Nazi feminism. On the way, and should be out soon - pre-orders after that - for now just get your pre-order in for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness - I'll keep you updated on the rest!

Last, but not least, what can YOU do NOW? 

Well, I've already told you what above, but in addition - 

Keep kicking ass - and keep taking names!

Truly, truly what makes it all worth it, my friend. Truly so! YOU are what make all this worth it!

Oh, and please leave - I know, I sound like a stuck record saying this - LEAVE reviews, please. 

I know you love the product. We all do! 

But, leave REVIEWS. 


They really help. Everyone. IT doesnt have to be a 5 star review (although I suspect most of y'all would like to like a 5++++ Star review, hehe) - if it is - great! What counts though, what really counts though is your words straight from the heart in terms of how the product HELPED YOU!

Send 'em in - via the link you get in the purchase email, and they'll be up on the site before you know it!

And, they will help OTHERS "climb off the fence" too which is really why I'm doing all this ... 

Kindly "just leave reviews", and ... well, I think I've said it all! Hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee 

PS - Again, and I get it! 

Some of you might be tempted to buy the other products first, and then 0 Excuses Fitness. 

But despite the sales I'd make with that - Im telling you this - DONT DO IT!

Buy the basic program - FIRST!


And I'd NEVER tell you to do anything, sales or not, contrary to that mantra. 

Customer first! YOU are first!

As a great customer John once said. 

"I can't imagine why someone would buy Gorilla Grip first before 0 Excuses Fitness. Gorilla Grip is a great book, but buying it without the 0 Excuses Fitness book is like putting the cart before the horse". 

He is right, too!