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Why I do what I want to, and not what the Typical Tom Tom's want me to.

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I'll never forget a comment my "elder sister" from China Maria made the other day. 

A girl I've never met. 

A girl thats uber cute ... yet, ... hehe. Smart as heck too! 

And a nice, nice person to boot (I haven't met her husband either, but he seems fairly sensible too, I dont know...) 

But anyway, she was in Shanghai where I think there's been a typhoon, so I asked her if she was OK, etc. 

She was. 

And I kept talking to her. 

Chating to her. 

She kept giggling. 

Finally, she couldn't hold back. 

"Facepalm. (the emoji)

You just like girls!!!" 

She said. 

So sage(ess). Hehe. 

Chinese girls, she could have said I guess, but I love all girls! Hehe.

Anyway ... 

All my life I've not been giving much of a choice as to what I wanted. 

It was either fit into a mould or apparently (because of my penchant for long hair) "there'll be hell to pay".  (My Dad)

It was either go with the flow or "how dare you!" (that was Mom, and tons of others. Hehe). 

And of course, school wise, no-one once asked me what I wanted to do. 

Just "study Science". 

When, "all I was good at was History and Math" (from the horse's mouth, not mine). 

Makes a lot of sense, eh. 

Apparently "arts" are for "girls only" and here I am, doing what I am, not just here, but the other sites too, heh..

Of course, what I wanted was something completely different. 

In college, be a typica Tom Tom Engineer "to be safe". (apparently those jobs never go out fof style? I dont know? Is that true? HA!) 

Luckily I switched to Computer Science without too much resistance, though oddly enough, the girls I so loved were more in "mechanical engineering". 

Computers were the realm of the nerds back them, who according to Bruce came to school to ... 

"You're here to drink beer and smoke weed!" 


(edit, I remember those "famous last words", hehe. 

Verbatim - 

You're here to get drunk and get high! 

Bruce was a smple guy!Hehe. Great dude too.)

Never got into the latter, did plenty of the former!

(Nothing purantical about not doing th elatter. Tried it so many times, high quality pot too, but it never had an impact?? Some say I didnt breathe it all the way in. I beg to differ. That damn bong, I could barely see anything with all the bloody smoke swirling around). 

Anyway - I myself didnt know what the hell I wanted to do, except FREEDOM

In one word, one damned word, if I could encapsulate what the US of A means to me? 



FREEDOM TO PURSUE ONE's GOALS, speak one's mind, and so forth!

Way too many people don't appreciate what they've got in that regard either. Like I said until it's taken AWAY from you ... 

You only understand the true, real and LASTING VALUE of something once it's taken away from you - i.e. GONE.

- Rahul Mookerjee (sager words were NEVER spoken)

Oh, and to be fair. 

Growing up, I did get a choice on SOME things, that delicious Tandoori food on birthdays for one, hehe, even though it often caused tummy upsets sometimes for some others. Hehe. 

Wasn't all bad ... 

But anyway, lets assume something. 

Let's assume "an offer I cannot refuse" fall out of space. 

Something the Tom Tom's love, like a "golden and stable job" (Something I've been against my whole life. If I could rewind the clock, I'd quit college right there, cute Southern gals notwithstanding, hehe). 

"I'm sure the gals will still find you attractive without your long hair, Rahul!" 

Dad again, this time when he couldn't dispense the hell to pay, said in a despairing sort of tone. 

Hey, of course they will. 

They still do! 

Hehe. I still do too, lol. 

Anyway, attraction and long hair (as TEMB once said "you've got the HAIR!!!!!!!!") aside ... 

Lets assume that happens. 

The typical TOm Tom's whove been criticizing me all along, and continue to do so as my stuff being "useless" - and "just bodyweght training" - will jump on my side. 

Believe me, it wil happen. Mr Seer tells you. 

And when he does, it happens. 

Always has, always will.

Not even Tom Tomming myself there - it is a FACT, brah.

"Oh, thats why you did all this!" 

It ain't either, friend. 

I do it because I - at the core of it - WANT TO!

Much like I did everything with girls and continue to because I want to. 

Rebellious and free spirits - try and tame 'em all you like 

You might think you succeeded. 

True doer? 

You'l never succeed at taming a true rebel, visionary and pioneer and pathblazer, not just fitness wise, but many other things too. 

All of which of course would be as useless as banging my head against a wall if I didnt have and ain't got persistence. 

So again, folks. 

Persistence is where it's at above ALL. 


Even Donald Trump knows the value of it. Any DOER DOES!

And uber persistently, I keep reminding of you two things ... 

One, reviews, reviews, reviews, folks, I know I sound like a stuck record. 

But please, break out of the apathy and "it doesnt matter" mode, it DOES help, it matters a hell of a lot! 


And two, that pre-order for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness

Look, you're going to want it later. 

And at that time, the price WILL increase. 

It would have now, but for what Irwin asked me this morning ... 

So make hay while the sun shines, friend. 

Do so now, and let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee 

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